Capricorne The Comic Book

Why have I never heard of this?! A triple Capricorn – Andreas Martin – has a whole series of graphic novels starring a protagonist whose entire narrative IS (kind of) about being a Capricorn. And not only that, a Capricorn Astrologer!

Even this Google translate version of the Wiki sounds legit.

Capricorn arrives in New York on a full moon night, he meets three old women who give him six cards of fate and warn him: he must never say his real name otherwise New York City will not recover…Capricorn decides to become an astrologer while regularly rubbing shoulders with fantastic phenomena that lead him to ever more dangerous adventures.

Described as “the avatar of Capricorns,” his mission is to protect the city from a mysterious paranormal influence emanating from a rock of unknown origin beneath a particular building. It appears to be connected to the magnetic core and it powers, well, beings.

He has a nemesis named Mordor Gott who is, in fact, part of his spirit. There are ninjas, librarians capable of memorizing entire libraries, and something called the Mentor Cult. There is also a love interest – a heiress with paranormal powers following an encounter with a demon but Capricorn is too busy to talk to her.

It all sounds super-plausible to me. Thoughts?

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  1. Ooh I just saw a very Lilith- mars- Pluto thing unfolding on instagram so not sure how current it is but my guess would be very. A woman was seeking a protection order from a judge presumably for domestic violence and things got out of control with the judge being extremely dominant and what looked super unfair. I’ve got to investigate this a bit more but the footage was pretty unsettling.

    1. I’m going though a similar situation. Got the DV Protection Order, now access to my belongings is being disputed. Justice is supposed to help this along. I’m to blame for COVID19 too. Trying to remain sane in and insane situation, I’m very aware that I have evolved from this cycle in my life.
      I love that you have been sewing, that tactile experience is a bliss point for me too. Hand sewing and even deconstruction of clothes to see how they fit or reconfigure them for me.

      1. Wow S
        that sounds difficult AF
        well done on getting the DV in place. One step at a time and your safety is more important than your stuff. Sounds like a brilliant time to sew for your sanity-)
        I always find myself looking at my clothes differently after I get them back from whichever dude or living situation I’ve evolved out of. It’s as if they remind me too much of who I was then and don’t represent who I am now. Im planning my capsule wardrobe for autumn and it’s is going to be all my own handwork. Up cycling garments changes the energy in a beautiful way too and reusing fabric is like shining up an old treasure. Wishing you strength for this new chapter in your life S. keep us posted 🧡

    2. so it turns out the incident I saw on Instagram was Cassandra Jackson and Judge Buckman and it happened in 2018.

      1. Thank you Invicta, it’s be a long time this process. I had left him in 2018. It’s all about the money (he claims he paid for a phone which he has not credit to be eligible for). I went without to feed him and his mates and offspring. Then has been dodging the cops and causing me further grief.
        His ex stalked me and works in the Department of Justice a Capricorn with an ID crisis and would even try and wear similar clothes to me. Got my apology letter from her sub branch and will be seeking an effective order once more financial. It’s been slander and against all ethical conduct. He also attempted to murder me while I was in Hospital awaiting further skin graft. I love children and my own reproductive years have been spent raising other people’s and then getting destroyed by cheating on me. This year has been so beyond the complexity of pain.
        Take care 😇 and I’ve got a little hand sewing machine, a friend gave me and some mending to do, once I’m able to focus up close.

      2. Thank you Invicta 😇 I didn’t watch the Instagram but I did read about it. Holy cheap low rent stuff. Tonight I sit with knowing I did the right thing and his unlawful actions and a go slow Police Station means a breech of the order and an arrest for stolen property. I was on the run because of his actions, which fall under the Cyber Act which is a Federal Crime.

        Mind blown time, my dear friend an absolute kindred in life whom is a self styled goddess and served time for an incredible amount of time. Has her family and I hope my secret about her youngest child is something I can find therapeutic and protective guidance one. This current astrology needs to set the way forward for sure. Much love for you expression and thank you for giving me support, it really helped.

        I even managed to support someone with the review process for correct income support. She a 20 year DV cycle and needed assistance with Child Support Exemptions due to extreme DV etc. One person can do the work and clocking off ain’t easygoing. Namaste

  2. like the way the personal horoscopes are evolving btw
    I just saw that my mercury is moving into the 9th house today when I checked my scopes and it makes SO MUCH SENSE

    my brain is switching on in a way that feels new and exciting
    I’ve noticed I’m more emotionally stable than ever
    yes, exhausted by the mayhem & turbulence obviously
    like everyone but I feel like someone is tapping me on the shoulder sometimes. It’s a quiet sense of “pay attention “. And I’m into it.

    1. I recently soaked up my personal scopes and feel this way also. Finally moving towards me rather than away from my authentic self, only serves the impulsiveness of others. It’s similar times to my fav period in time but with so much more at stake.

  3. A) this reeks of puca,though he had the virgo vibe? But still…hope he’s faring well.

    B)I went into a thrift store the other day and found 30 unused tarot/ divination decks, several of which were imported (to the us) and vintage.

    I couldn’t be arsed to make that up. The astrological decks, muchery’s
    Le tarot astronomique, is so beautiful I was struck giddy.

    Life is entirely too short. Unless, of course, it isnt. We’ll see. I’m still entirely too under the effects of the conditioning. For the best I think. Gentle gentle. Wake up with the sun, not an alarm clock.

    Bowie’s Capricorny line tonight “I don’t want to go out, I want to stay in, get things done”

    1. That is awesome that muchery deck – lucky you!

      Last week I went in search of treasure in an old institution in this town: a trad playing-cards & tarot shop (selling both new and vintage), but shop is now a frozen yogurt parlour.
      Because there’s only 5,000 fu*king frozen yogurt parlours in the vicinity.

      1. Yeah don’t get me started on the snack world. Mango and chocolate peanut bar in a Wizard Whip (used to be delicious, you needed extra chocolate pieces to get it right) and it was on ice cream. Glad you enjoyed the search that sounds very exciting. Makes me want to wander through the graves, write poetry, drink red a smoke Marlboro (when you could get the Light ones). Happy travels Skarab and the strange things we see are indeed a sign of the times. Perhaps I’m in a semiotic wet dream and I forgot my way to the laundry or I’m still driving in a State of Strangeness. .

      2. Your semiotic wet dream reminds me of film “They Live” (John Carpenter, 80s sci-fi horror) with Nada as the main character who finds a pair of sun glasses that allows him to see who or what is real/fake. Pertinent like a hammer blow.

      3. Mystics piece about the lost witchy wares shops cones to mind. The acceptance we had of virtual reality and now our enforced solitaryness- i did luck out and wandered into *gasp* a record store yesterday.

        These two tasks have the weight of *I’m risking my life* on 11. If I’m going to put on a hazmat suit to visit people it’s be fantastic, future self, if we reverted to having parlor rooms instead of requiring ourselves to have retail Establishments as “socially safe gathering spaces”

        But I guess we’d all have to get over ourselves and be open and trusting and hospitable and allow strangers into our homes to break bread

        There I go again, being all old fashioned. I now perfectly accept my virgo rising. I get it. I get the value of an open door. I get the inherent gift of sharing. The exquisite sensuality of not having to convict a meetup, the art of a drop in visit and a cuppa tea.

        Kindness of strangers without needing a crisis to elicit it.

        Sorry, not sure how i got to here. There is a witch store in the town where I have been living and m now fleeing. And they 0ver charge for tapestries to cover rent and they are a close group,

        The orders and the covens will always stay guarded I guess.

        If I had the confidence in my vision, I’d leave the front door open and a true welcome mat on the porch. I desperately wanted beauty and found every church door locked, but the stores, open. Either way I’m just, whats the word, trespassing? I get it, people piss in corners when they’re safe. A well lit retail establishment selling frozen yogurt is metaphorically apt for how guarded we can be. Now a room full of decks and broken up rocks, as gorgeous as they are just reminds me we pillaged this planet for decoration out of boredom and fear. So I get it. Frozen yogurt is innocuous.

        This Capricorn series though reminded me of a dream I had where the only real water left was at the top of a huge skyscraper, the water people drank was “water”

        We really messed up. Maybe that’s wrong or maybe I’m judmental still, if I did this, if I was an old alchemist, Im sorry.

        Don’t mind me I’m only trespassing through.
        Jesus this is weird. Sorry.

        I actually don’t know how to connect to people here off of here, never figured it out. But when I land somewhere legitimately safe and get my bearings maybe I’ll send out some care packages. Maybe I’ll throw that party we once talked about.

        2022, I’m looking at you.

      4. I get what you are saying. Party for me is ticking off my to do list and trying not to be cranky about bad call centre advice, retail fuq ups and play my tunes and keep a vibe of being alive in the lens of the global anxiety disorder. I was living with this pre-pandemic situation since before my conception (the last out of a wounded warrior who protected me into being).

        COVID19 is basically how I’ve had to live with complex PTSD (it was originally acute and then developed once the unpack of my other traumatic memories surfaced). My bladder is my nervous one, as a kid I’d find the perfect hiding place then need to pee (damnit now, not when your playing Jail Break with your pals from across the road).

        Try researching the compassion exercise where you actually hold yourself it’s like a hug but with magical intentions to self soothe and heal.

        I like what I like and I’ve done years in retail. Don’t tell me there is no chicken salt, I could cry right about now (my life is f’d don’t say

      5. Frozen yogurt parlours may be innocuous meeting points in your neck of the woods (i hope) but the ones i talk of are nothing but a money laundering racket for nefarious eastern crime organisations milking & working the mass tourist trade that this city has sold it itself to – and in doing so, laying waste to traditional businesses which were one of the pulling points for visitors in the first place.

        2022: you could aim for the Uranus-Mars-NN conjunction. It’ll be a hoot.
        (& opposite my Jupiter to boot….. exact…. omg)

      6. The only “well actually” moment I’ve had innocuous is the perfect front yes?

        I’ve learned in the last three years how absolutely dumb as a post I have been. Neurologist I actually liked called me, affectionately, clinically naive. The book would tell you about “and then I found out she was on four psychiatric drugs while I was in utero…” And was drugged til zap zone, so this all is basically a really bad trip that I generally assume I’m responsible for so I don’t slack off in my self care. I’m sure it’s not but in case it is, of course. Was generally convinced all this was just story time stuff, but apparently everyone wanted to act out the fables and the collective unconscious is out completely? Ok. Cool. But here I am again oversharing with data points that may or may not be people.

        So nefarious everyone’s were not touching me while I detoxed in the woods, I ended up in a small city researching real estate,people owning lots of homes just because is still peak weird to me, rich is so relative. Spending time learning forgiveness for men drinking rum trying to make deals since time immemorial while wanting a safe home. Today is so intense that if I lived a million years I still know 8d no nothing and if I died tomorrow it’s be truly tragic because it’s all so beautiful. I just don’t know.

        I’d pour all this music and poetry in my head somewhere if I didn’t think it would just add to the din. Swimming.

    2. I have an Indigenous series and I love them. Toss my synchronicity stones and the world is good. Then I’ve discovered if I lay in a different position the Oracle (on this site, are just outstanding).
      How good is Bowie’s Blackstar (damnit, that man is like Prince and just add some kinda magical dust all rolled up into a legend in so many artistic ways). I believe he and I share the similar Aqua rising placement.

      1. If I’d picked one person to over invest in it would have been him or Kate Bush. But yes black Star was so, damn, 2016. If his sun Mars mercury Lilith Capricorn placements we’re all. 12th house, my gosh what a trip. I called him an uncle once, someone who did things so I didn’t have to. I was probably wrong, but him leaving felt like being orphaned somehow. Maybe just to the 12 year old in me. That girl in glen Hansard video giving the Ziggy stardust poster to her little sister as she runs away.

        My god where is my head at today.

        No filter.

      2. I feel a huge space missing musically with Bowie and Prince being in the great songbook in the sky. Thank you for sharing.

    3. One of them was an avengers deck, it has doctor strange on it. I have lost the track of things I think. Or maybe I just found it. It’s very complicated this world.

  4. One of my guilty pleasures Comic Books. Manga espesh due to art work. Yes plausible. Always thought The Phantom comics very political.

    1. Adore comic books! Yes i realised recently that my values have been in part shaped by Phantom when i was a kid. Weirder, that my father and friends gave them to me for that reason.

  5. … after defeating the baddies he starts a hedge fund specializing in investment in unethical corporations. Swapping his motor bike for a Lear jet he now lives comfortably in a variety of properties situated in Caribbean tax havens. In fact after purchasing a particular island in the Bahamas he has become the titular head and financial consultant to the worlds largest Voodoo Organisation ‘Vudu’. By turning Vudu into a not for profit charitable Organisation it’s believed his net worth has tripled.

  6. Penelope Darling

    Fun! I’m dating a Capricorn and recently discovered most of my closest friends have prominent Capricorn energies in their charts. What is it I like so much about these goatfish?!

  7. Well this is some kinda strange so it must be legit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cappy I met years ago, has these books. How to be a Capricorn in any City (without detection). Yeah this checks out, I might have to pass on my newly discovered job of proofreading PHD material to lifting the lid on the medical world.

    I’m sure there is some magnetic force around this Cappy I know. Almost falling over lookalike versions of him in the City, chasing after a Sylvester The Cat who’s a designer (mentally I did that but not actually, because that would be assault or something else all together).

    I want these books, I must know how to exist myself when I encounter this sign again. Even sleeping with a Leo (he said he was a Capricorn), I heard Capricorn and that was all I needed. This Leo impersonating Capricorn is a professional golfer and the location of that one night shag was the house he was selling and featured on the local news. He took off his wedding ring, I then Wiki the shit out of this clown and he has a wife. He quickly had to wash the sheets and move me along the next morning after he made the comment “You rode me like a naughty school girl.” To which I replied “No. That’s your fantasy, not mine.” I was innocently ordering food at an Italian restaurant and he probably filmed it too. I wouldn’t be surprised, totally mortified by this deception and to lie to me is a cardinal indeed.

    Thank you for this MM, how do I get a copy of these. It could be the Capricorn cure. I need that. I’m thinking about a Capricorn who is not the first Cappy but damnit hot as a wicked wing. Astro informed sex is good stuff. You have made my day with this post. 😇

    1. Loving this so ! And your writing !
      “a Leo (he said he was a Capricorn)
      …professional golfer…the house he was selling…
      …I then Wiki the shit out of this clown…
      ‘naughty school girl’ *vomit giggle from me*
      He quickly had to wash the sheets and move me along”

      Ah where would we be without our fail tales turned wickedly humorous 😄

      1. No it was totally horrifying to be watching the Local News on said commercial network (and my folks in the room). It was run right after the sports and before the weather.

      2. Yes i do understand the horror, very much, and that is why i can appreciate with dark humour since i feel a deep empathy in your sharing the tale. OMG with your folks, watching tv??? Right after the sports and before the weather?? Where is your Sage, S, because you turn terrible crap into channelled gold. You articulate it in a way an audience can appreciate. We can share and emote quietly, remembering our own mishaps. That is pure art.

      3. Thank you Milleunanotte. You are sweet and much too kind.
        Well you mentioned Sage: I recently added my sage smudge stick the little broken pieces into my organic nicotine to add some protection. It was a great roll and not to be mixed with White Ox (that’s pure psycho moose and you don’t mess with institutionalised classics).

        The colour of comedy has to go through all the shades. Thank you for discussing art. I miss the creative space and the natural high of getting into the creative process.

        My beloved hairdresser does tell me “That’s crazy. Your life is never boring.” Yep but I don’t Court these dances with the devil. This year has pulled over everything that was and dear loved ones lives lost along the way. I have not had time to grieve for them and the truth is I can only do that in my sleep. I’ve cried but the repair is still there needing to happen. I don’t believe in the manifestation of your life, when trauma takes away your rights and innocence is taken. This topic and the current Dark Moon phase have reminded me of the magnetic mysterious moth to the flame and the tele-connection of those with a similar lived experience. No need to equate myself with that bird that rises above the smouldering scene. It’s more like I’ll stick around here until I know I’ll be able to extrapolate myself into the next instalment.

  8. First thought: cool
    Second thought: Capricorn looks a lot like old Rotten Ronnie Reagan in the first cover. Weren’t the Reagans known to consult astrologers?

    1. I guess the song by great Aussie band The Cruel Sea “Black Stick” – insane corruption and the insanity of sin in governance, is my vibe on this. It’s still applies globally you know, election fraud here by a top end of town charlatan. Wheeling and dealing in deception – stack flat fresh votes sent out with a number one on the card. Rotten to core. I don’t know much about their astrology connection. Just tossing up the US and Australian connections and undeniable truth. Agents for change. Greed leads to deceit and a decent into the underbelly of societal ills.

      1. Aye. It is in fact a story as old as time, repeated everywhere. Maybe though a new age is upon us? That is my hope. That we are in the dark throes of a major transition that will eventually lead to true reform (what can I say? relentless optimism via Saggo sun + mercury 😬)

      2. I’ve seen the photographic evidence of electoral vote tampering. I’m disgusted by this but not surprised considering the Major has already been investigated by crime and misconduct commissions. Indeed stacking the deck in your favour is as old as politics itself. It’s not isolated it’s apart of known and accepted behaviours and people need to open their eyes to this. However that’s not the way the world is and that’s what ticks me off.
        I would be the one in high school holding a silent protect (today “I won’t talk because there is no point, my voice doesn’t matter”). Politics was always a dinner table conversation until I started to ask certain questions and then I was told to stop talking. That’s personally been my greatest learning from this life, you are valid and don’t let the person silencing you hold all your power. Switching gears in the line of Mercurial winds…is the task. My inner strength is there however I end up allowing others to mess with my frequencies and that’s not right in my mind and heart.

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