The Capricorn Zodiac Symbol Proves They’re Magic

The Capricorn zodiac symbol has been the Sea-Goat for centuries. It only became the Goat in more recent years. Yes, Capricorns climb. Their first impulse is to scale up. But they are also esoteric.

This gorgeous illo is a 500-year-old depiction of Capricorn – as is customary with the ye olde astro pix, Capricorn is the magical Mer-Goat. Or, Sea-Goat. You know what this means, right?

If you look at the basic Zodiac symbology, Capricorn is the only magical creature of the pantheon.

Yes, they’re good at worldly precision. They’re tooth & bone, gold not glitter and self-disciplined calculators. 

Yes, you can take them anyplace and they’ll behave with aplomb. BUT what if all that is just to disguise that they’re actually witches?

Capricorn has the weirdest origin story of the Zodiac. The Capricorn zodiac symbol ties them into traditions from Babylon and before. What’s more, there are three distinct types of Capricorn.

Image: Book of Hours (15th-16th century)

44 thoughts on “The Capricorn Zodiac Symbol Proves They’re Magic”

  1. Mountain Sea-Goat

    Capricorn pics are often beautiful, and the Mountain Sea-Goat or Mer-Goat sounds so romantic. But Capricorn descriptions sound so offensive and negative. Many people, including me, say that the Capricorn descriptions don’t sound like us at all. They need to revise Capricorn descriptions to describe us much better and in a more accurate/positive way. Or maybe what commenters are saying is true. I’m seen as boring, analytical, and conservative on the surface – but fun, creative, and forward-thinking inside.

  2. Jacqueline Jennings

    Hi , I was born 6 Jan lost both parents early, so don’t know time of birth. But have a strong pull towards anything paranormal. I do t feel I’m anything like caps.

  3. This is so Satisfying! Yes, this is totally true in my books. I have not had many other Caps in my life until about the last 10 years, but all the ones I am close enough to to know well are like this. Including myself (Cap sun, Virgo moon, Cancer rising).

    Quick, calm, analytical on the surface, tidal waves of intuition, mediumship & assorted psychic mayhem under the surface. The one Cappy moon I know is a natural medium too.

    It is immense fun to let that peek out every once in a while & blow people’s wee minds.

  4. Love the Pic and Love the write up … I am Cap, Cancer moon, Leo rising – I some how in my life always seem to be surrounded closely by capricorns and they are ALL a little bit bent ! which is why I love them so …. I spent so much time not understanding the dry description of capricorn .. caps are funny, wicked under that tres cool exterior .. why because it packs a bigger punch with the element of surprise …

  5. Maybe it’s a 2 hooves in the ground a tail in the cosmos rule of thumb?

    Pan energy is amazing, but I am bias maybe as I have pan rising.
    Cap energy can be so beautiful and magical but they also value the ground and the road there.

  6. “BUT what if all that is just to disguise that they’re actually total witches, if not a bit, you know, bent?”

    Yes. Yes, it is. And yes, yes we are.

  7. My first ex hubby a goat a solicitor and a con man. Never met anyone who could lie quite so easily. Or takes such joy in it.
    My daughter is capi too. She’s not adverse to a wee bit of a pork pie and some devious actions to get her way. Manipulation ??? No that’s me, the chiro cancer. !!!

  8. Poncholicious PAC

    With my Cap moon/merc conjunct in 9th and my MC Cap in 10th, I would say, yes, what bubbles beneath is not always reflected on the surface….in fact, one could say that it’s a ‘secret weapon’ of sorts…..I often get underestimated, generally to the detriment of the ‘underestimator’ lol, esp. since I also have such a Plutonian natal chart.

  9. You know what – Saggo iS a magical animal – the Centaur – BUT I always think Centaurs (along with Dragons) are real. Unicorns too.

    So sorry about that lol.

    I know, Pisces, right.

    1. I was scrolling the comments to see if anybody was resonating along the lines with me, and of all people, it is you Mystic hitting at it *giggles*

      Yes, Pisces stuff *giggles* and yes, i belive too, that all of them, the ´magical´ creatures mentioned, existed on this plane, factually, within some historical frame of time, at least.

      I myself have both a Pisces and a Cappy stellium … the Piscean part craving for the weightless magical, multilayered totality, beyond human-only-deemed-and-aprooved reality, the Capricorn part craving to pin down the infrastructural basis on wich the acess to those ´higher grounds´ is made widely avaliable and permanently possible. I´m an Aqua Sun, fgs *giggles*

      Grumbling over and with my Cappy part, i had my share of pondering over the weight of that ´Sea´-in-the Sea-Goat symbolism .. By far, it raised no little confusion by me :/ As this – by elemental and qualitative definition – supreme earthly king, the Cardinal Earthly Goat, the mountain climber (not to be confounded with dweller, in symbology semantics maters, lol) THE ascension earth-sky´s-stars HYPERLINK itself (Saggo-Cappy-Aqua progression) .. and being deemed a Sea creature primarly by the ancients, well .. wtf ?

      But, simply looking at the Sea-Goat visual, seems to me, what we have here is a western(from greeks to middle ages) distorted visual of that one very interesting ancient creature that we call dragon =:) And that ´Sea´ then would be a descriptive meant to identify it´s primal roots.

      In western culture, dragons ´muted´ into creatures of the earth, dry, rocks, sky and fire – in fact, they ´became´refugees of the mountains, interesting, after humans banned ´free roaming´ and started to hunt them down as unholly creatures. Or so the theme goes. In more ancient times and cultures, almost without exception dragons were spoken about as creatures of the seas and water dwellers …. The knowledge imparted to us about Cappy today could be more than well fitting of the basic nature of a dragon ihmo .. but, who knows ?

      Anybody has other thoughts ?

    2. Haha, that’s great! I feel that way about dragons, unicorns, centaurs, nyads, dryads, sea nypmhs, mermen etc.. too. 😀

    3. Funny. I think all animals are mystical creatures. They all sort of amaze and frighten me. They all think LOUDLY. And they listen to everything.

  10. I reckon I’m bent hehe. Cap sun, Sag moon and Aries rising. You know I’ve often found that I can see both sides of a situation, person, dilemma, conversations, like there is a hidden part of me that knows things that aren’t spoken, the truth behind the chatter. I very very rarely speak of these things as they seem to not make sense and sometimes freak people out. It allows me to see the undertow in almost everything and yet I don’t know what I am to do with this information except teach my children how to look beyond what is presented to them. And it is by no means new, these things have been known forever about life and yet it seems we have drifted away from our knowing, hard to hear above the hum of information overload and look at me on you tube, but I hear it or at least sense it. I love my Capricorn mystic magic.

    1. Omg I’m a cap w sag moon and Scorpio rising and I feel the same exact way. It’s hard to explain to other people and they don’t usually get it but you articulated it very well.. Kind of like being able to see past everything. People tend to only talk about capricorns work ethic and grounded behavior but there’s a lot more to us than just that!

  11. Random question from a Venus in Capricorn (just to be somewhat relevant to the topic) …

    I wanted to use the new leo moon for a visit to the hair dresser, get a new color etc (hey even zee oracle just told me to glam up, gotta obey, non?) … do it just a few hours before, or the day after?

    1. No way. I’m a venus in Cap and I’ve been thinking about dying my hair too! What color if you don’t mind me asking

      1. I’ve been orange red for the last two and a half years, let it wash out recently, but my natural blonde is that kind of mousy meh color that’s a bit boring on short hair, and since a couple of weeks I’ve been eying going towards a platinum blonde.

        1. Nice. Platinum blonde is so glammy and bombshell to me. When I was a little girl I used to be obsessed with all platinum blonde celebs, from Marilyn Monroe to Courtney Love.

  12. I’m a Pisces with almost every other planet in Capricorn, but according to my chart at astrodienst my dominating sign is Scorpio. I feel like this placement makes me come off as a total ice queen; however, my Gemini Asc. makes me bubbly and quirky. It’s like I’m a monster on the outside, but a fluffy bunny rabbit on the inside. Anyway, my best friend is a Capricorn with Scorpio rising. She’s a total goody two shoes to the untrained eye, but actually quite cold with an acidic tongue if you get close enough. The truth is this is what I like best about her, but I don’t know if that is what would also classify someone as “bent”?

    1. Hey just a question re astrodienist which part did you go to to find out your dominating sign is Scorpio would love to know

      1. First, I went to the extended chart selection and pulled up my birth data, you know that whole thing. Then, in the section that says Methods, I clicked on the “Pullen/ Astrolog” link. Once I was directed to that page I pulled up the list next to the “Please select the chart you want” text. There I clicked “Simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen” and loaded my chart. It should pull up a long ass page full of text with a bunch of astrological shizz that I’m slowly trying to interpret. Anyway, about 3/4 down the page there are a bunch of charts and the one that I think means planet/ sign dominance has the names of planets and signs with their percentage next to them. Hope this helps!

  13. Scorporation, Inc.

    Somewhere between witch & bent there is a line. A very thin line. The zero degree point on an axis separating negative & positive values. I think it is a matter of measuring degrees then of witch & bent from a center of reference that is neither, all of which is Capricorn.

  14. Capricorn men are my favourite species and yes, they can be quite magical as in make things happen while others just coast along.
    I like that determination. Are not the women supposed to be THE Hot Lovers of the Zodiac.

  15. Love the pic. As a Pisces with Sagg moon, Capricorns frustrate me, but I admire them for many of their traits. By the way, is zodiac emblem for Sagittarius not also a magical creature – i.e. half human (torso and head) and half deer (body and legs/feet)?

    1. That half deer is actually a half horse. Myth has it that the Centaurs used to mate with the Amazons, they kept the boy children and the girls went to the girls.

      1. The Crazy Crone

        Had to laugh at your comment, Mermaid. I’m holding a Tarot class at present with a Capricorn and a Pisces who are driving each other NUTS. The Capricorn is gobsmackingly stubborn in refusing to recognise emotional baggage, while the Pisces is going bonkers because she can see into the emotional depths. I think it was a knock-out for both of them last week, had to have sleep for a couple of hours to clear out the emotional leftovers.

        1. Perhaps the Capricorn is feeling attacked by someone else prying into their emotional depths? I’m a cap who likes to work on my deep emotions in the safety of my sanctuary were my intuition can guide me through the various steps of healing/transformation. I have Pisces friends who often jump on emotional wounds and triggers at random and are very chaotic in their mining of other people’s emotions and can be very disconcerting.

          1. Seagoatess, I know Exactly what you mean! While I don’t think this is what the Crazy Crone was saying, I have come up against what YOU are saying a couple of time. “I’m well aware of my depths, I’m just not willing to go there with YOU.” Some people cannot grasp privacy!

            I admit, the flip side is that sometimes I am totally stunned at what baggage/history people are willing to bare in public, and I can see that sometimes they get benefits/healing from this that I would likely not.

    1. Surly Capricorns run the food-agri business for sure, that would have to be a modern grain in that pastry alright! Lol, eel.

        1. electric eel libran

          yeah both! i can’t wait to be done with crab moon. just started my cycle too!

          i swear i was watching James Deen cooking videos. i think im probably the only person in the world that prefers to watch his cooking vids instead of his porn. He’s wasted on porno…not saying it’s not good…just i think he can do better.

          1. Deen cooks? What’s his astro? I don’t watch porn, I find it a bit traumatic tbh. I feel like everyone could do better than do porn. But I have never heard of one porn type movie people have said, “It’s genius! The plot twists, it’s so sexy too!”. And I can’t imagine 50 shades of greige will be any good.

            1. OMG, I saw his site, I am so not part of the porn generation or wotnot. I just wanted to see cooking… 🙂

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