An Aries Does Saturn Return In Style

It is all too easy to make fun of Aries characteristics – I know I do. But they’re seriously inspirational characters, as this email from one of my Mega Mystic members shows.

The context is that she’s talking about my April Of Awe rant but hey, how cool is this?! 

What happens when Aries Peeps face Saturn Return? Smackdown.

AHH mystic, this is such a blessing. I am turning 30 on April 9th, and to celebrate I am walking to base camp on Everest. As in, WTF WOAH!   I am currently the most heavy, stressed, unfit I’ve ever been, but I’ve already shifted the paradigm. I am welcoming paradise, getting out of a too-long body/mind funk.

I’m now (past few months) like, na huh, enrich, engage, empower girl.

Thanks for your blessings, a 4 week trek, when I have never done a walk longer an a few hours will be amaze, I feel supported knowing the stars and I are ready for my hard spiritual work to be ram boomed with a physical mountain climb metaphor of awesome.

You’re the best, thanks for being you. x

“But if you have been trying your heart out to be more real, original and work on your own schizz – APRIL WILL BE AWESOME. If could even involve an affirmation of all the hard work you have put into evolving your schizz.” YEAH YEAH YEAH!


Making Mt Everest your first stop for a weight loss strategy? That’s not on my list of Aries characteristics but from now on, I’ll think of it for sure. 

Update: She did it!

That is her on the right, above. With a Capricorn friend. No better companion for a spot of Saturn Return mountain climbing, right? And you can trust two Cardinal Signs to devise a scheme like that – not a hill but a mountain. Not just any mountain, Mt Everest.

The Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) zapped and they responded with more Zap.  Respect.

HOLLER! Zap Zone and Saturn Return helped me get up a mountain. Really.

You might remember that at my highest weight I decided to turn 30 by walking to Everest Base Camp last month.

Oh, duuuudes – what was I thinking? Aries girl you called me, you were all so supportive.

It wasn’t hard hard, as in, I didn’t get any blisters, and my knees and muscles were all happy (I’m thanking the gemstone pendulums for that one… ). There were moments of sit down and cry and feel sorry for myself, fat girl up a hill moments (3 in 30 days, not bad). The fit trekkers all gawked at me, and one even said I was ‘ridiculous’ to try – I was by far the most chubby person I saw up the hill, and the most out of my depth, except for some Russian gals who were wearing hot pink short shorts and pony tails at 40ish.

At the start of the trip my nick name was bastari bahini (slow girl in Napali) by the end it was bolio bahini – strong girl, so I’m happy with that!

But every morning I’d be petrified of how hard the trek would be. How high it would be, how steep, how rocky, how unknown – Because I had no control, no groove, no idea; that was the struggle, for me to ‘let go and let god’ and by the time that lesson had really lodged itself in to my heart, things started turning around. Because it came down to some simple truths, every day I was walking, and I was walking uphill to 5364m. A week in to this (and I feel for my 30th birthday), a group of shy Bharal Blue Sheep walked across my path, I was in awe of the shy Rams. Then, (finally) a clear night so that I could see all the stars shimmering above Everest – GOSH GOSH AWE-some, absolutely breathtaking, better than a cake, a big party, presents, better than everything I wanted for my birthday.

 On making Base Camp itself, it was a 10 hour trek day, walking on glaciers in a blizzard was exhausting – but the view, oh the view, it was how I imagined being on a moon. It was gorgeous, and it was fine. I’d made it. I didn’t feel some big WOOOO, or some big shift, it snuck up on me and felt like a mere and odd occasion, surreal.

 Home now, I was sad that I didn’t get any birthday cards, and there wasn’t a puffy dress and some fuss. I’ve lost 8 cm off my waist, and my body wants to move more in a way that is very unfamiliar. I’m the same, and Saturn Return feels still quite quiet. But, maybe that is “it”, it is what it is, and whatever it is, becomes was. Impermanence perhaps that was the gift, or is the gift?

I hope you all had a transformative April, I thought of you all, and of Mystic and sent some mountain magics to you all. Thanks for the love.


54 thoughts on “An Aries Does Saturn Return In Style”

  1. Thanks all, I’m swinging between YEAH and somewhat terrified. My Saturn Return has been mighty kind thus far. Let’s hope that continues, it was a short one this time around.
    <3 <3
    Shall report back, x

  2. You can’t help but love Aries they are such amazing people. Full of life, willing to try new things.My daughter-in-law is an Aries and she is like no other. Full of inspiring ideas and so upbeat! She is confident, pretty a nice girl…

  3. For some reason I am reminded of a local fellow who is infamous for his attempts to climb Everest. He is an elite class athlete with decades of mountain climbing experience. He has a formidable team of sponsors who have funded state of the art gear, and plenty of porters to carry his gear. So far, 5 attempts to get to the summit of Everest, 5 failures.

    Then I think about the legends of our old pal Aleister Crowley, who claimed to have climbed the Matterhorn with no gear, no ropes, dressed only in his shirtsleeves.

  4. Well fq me. If this is the attitude I should have right now, I’m currently the embodiment of what thou shalt not do during your Saturn return, Uranus zapped 30th birthday.

    I turn on the 13th. My plan is to lay low, undercover quilt style and bemoan the state of my life thus far.

    Considering the astroscape of the times, I can’t say I’m surprised that it’s come to this. I’m still nursing the emotional wounds collected from my two year disaster of a relationship that ended with him walking out on me in a cafe, and texting me it’s over as I watched him walk away.

    That was sept 15th last year and I’m still mourning and raging within about all that transpired. Wish I wasn’t. But anywho.

    Career needs a massive change and my current contract is almost life. I should dive into the more authentic inspired life I’ve been wanting to create for years now, but fear, trepidation and self instigated distraction has me feeling stuck in a quicksand of doubt.

    Bah. Must try harder.

    Glad to hear some of us are coping better! Strength to those who aren’t quite there yet.

    1. I remember once finding myself railing in the shower at an ex-love (in my mind – it was long over) for the way he behaved towards the end. I was quite shocked because it was about two years later! And i had already loved since then and was in love. I realised it was about carrying the injustice, since i didn’t know the full extent of it at the time. I appreciated my time with that person, but didn’t miss him at all, so it took a while to work out what my psyche was doing. I have lots of Mars squares, and you’re an Aries, so I don’t know if there’s a commonality there, but Aries energy is not deceptive and does not like deception or to be blindsided ( i was involved with a lo Libra 0_0 ). Sometimes when i’m really hurt and processing, the astroscape has not matched my capability level at all. But i think that’s ok in hindsight, as frustrating as it was at the time, because without properly processing those emotions and psychological flaws, there’s no point pretending to move forward. It’s like bodysurfing – you don’t need to catch every wave; there’ll always be good waves. After two years, it could be good to enlist a great counsellor, a no bullshit warm-hearted person who is like your army (mine was an Aries!) and is part of your strategy towards being the best You possible, winning at life. You’re pretty honest about where you’re at so i’ve no doubt it’s just a matter of a bit more time ’til you’re back on track.

    2. ARIES LOVE – babe, total strength to you. And please don’t try harder. No way. I turned my 18 under my bed base, as in, wedged, with 3 bottles of gin and a straw crying listen to tori amos. When I turned 21, my parents got me a pumpkin, that’s it, a pumpkin (it was a kent pumpkin, still haven’t got the significance) and was equally devo, things have slightly, and the word is slightly improved between then and now… I had a text after 5 years, it took me 5 years to get over her. Forgetting that this comment isn’t intending to be about me, tl:dr I get it.
      Aries are born strong, and because of this, I think we get quite a whack between lamb and ram. Sending you MUCH love, and shall send a blessing from the mountain. Don’t force it. Feel it. <3 <3

  5. Super amazing Aries girl. So happy for you. My saggo moon screaming for an adventure like that. I remember there being a post mentioning Wild by Cheryl Strayed…reading that felt so liberating since I couldn’t do a trek but could just read the wisdom and realisations the author had gained. Was so what I needed at the time.

    Wanted to share with you all…just submitted my application for an MSc at Oxford. Became teary as I pressed send. Liberating. New chapters which will feature me as a bold heroin of a story that I write and isn’t written or dictated by anyone else! At this stage I don’t even care if I don’t get a place on the course/don’t secure scholarship…just the process of applying and doing something for myself has cheered me up so much.

    Last night felt this ball of emotion and grief for what has ended. Don’t quite know where it came from. Tears and sobs. Heavy ache in the heart. Saturn square Venus?

    1. Venus square saturn by transit

      Venus square pluto natally. So i guess the zap zone that involves pluto is affecting my venus (leo/11th house) and its also being hit by saturn. But shouldn’t that affect my friend zone seeing its 11th house?

    2. Venus Rx near Pluto opp Jupiter.

      Same thing happened to me, I felt my old lover strongly and dissolved into tears. It seemed like an important process so it was very welcome!

  6. I feel a huge change oncoming, I am not going to climb a mountain or anything, but compared to just a few years ago even remaining the same as I am now and giving up on changing any further I would still be radically different then I was.

  7. Scorporation, Inc.

    1st house. Yeah my asc is in Pisces, but, well, it’s a spacious pad. For me it’s as if I have a Ramzilla in my front pocket: now you see it, now you don’t! My Scorp bits find that little game amusing 😉

    Rock out on the Everest trek! I too have contemplated it… It’s an endurance & intuitive challenge from what I understand. And a financial one lol. Listen to your sherpa & your gut! x

  8. Go you!!! That is amazing — SO Aries, and such a wonderful way to take on/embrace this astro! This + Mystic’s emails and horoscopes is making me think the literal is the way to tackle this astro — no fuzzy-wuzzy goals or “ideas” about things I should get around to, but concrete, measurable, quantitative goals, with a major metaphorical component (mountain climbing, cleaning out my closet, tackling my debt with set budget and a plan that becomes my new religion) is SO the way to go right now and my new version of chic! Thank you both!

  9. Aries Girl, this is fabulous. There is nothing like doing a walk to the ends of the world kind of thing to mark such a significant birthday. Kudos! You shall emerge on top of the world, well, literally in this case.

    That is the one thing about Saturn Returns (says she who loathed hers at the time). It’s all that task-mastery sh*t that is a pain in the a** to do but helps you acquire untold skills meant to serve you for years to come.

    I think the Zap Zone definitely deserves credit too.. I was feeling totally wooden and creaky last year when somehow the advent of the Bionic Cancer in September coincided with the sparking off of some long forgotten hyper-activity. To survive all of it I’d decided I needed to regain flexibility and promptly swapped my dry as dust gym membership for a prepaid 14 month yoga membership, which was by far much more expensive but immensely worth it. Voila yoga 3x a week or more.

    Though we’re just friends now, he’d ended up hiking me up the merciless hills of Griffith Park and nagging me about mud runs which I refused to do, mainly as I hate being told what to do (he has Mars in Scorp, treats everything like its a war and has 4% body fat). Naturally I promptly signed up for one the week before I broke it off. I still don’t think of myself as anyone that hard core about being athletic…though signing up for one to benefit cancer and NOT embarrassing myself by being there 5 hours later when everyone’s gone home now finds me at the track a minimum of three times a week.

    I haven’t worked out this hard – not even when I had the Hot Geek Trainer. Though it’s so typically Cancerian that I should end up doing it in this weird circular way with my focus more on not being shamed in the run and getting off on the endorphins. If someone told me to make official goals back then, I’d have scoffed.. but now it’s like, I can’t imagine not being this active and really appreciating the difference it makes.

    1. Holy Mother, YES! haha.. you’re absolutely right. That and vanity unfortunately. I once went on a “nature walk” in Fiji where I’d casually rocked up in flip-flops, a white bikini and a bottle of water..except I’d no idea it was more of a nature “climb” as such.

      There were 25 people behind me (all kitted out in hiking gear btw), the guide had feet like they were hands and all I could think was I CANNOT tumble down this freaking hillside in nothing but dislocated scraps of clothing and my bits/pieces all over the damn place. Shudder. We made it to the top, sweaty, breathless and dusty. The bikini was brown.

      But the Canadian behind me, who obviously was witness to my struggling, caught his breath and went, “you’re amazing!”. I really wanted to puke to be honest, if he only knew.

      1. LOL

        Hiking boots: $150

        Guided group trek up Mount Tropicana: $25

        Being the guy next to the Venusian babetastic Katakan hottie climbing mountains in nothing but a white bikini: Priceless

        that was a pretty good feat, I have to say. Testament to your toughness 🙂 xx

  10. The Leo Socialite

    “I’m feeling tired, over weight and exhausted – I know, I’ll climb Mt Everest”

    God Love Our Aries. I mean that. I am actually jealous of them at times.

  11. Ha I too am an Aires going threw Saturn return! I decided to do the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu last year with out training for it and being super unfit. It was spectacular! However since then I have decided to start a new excersie regime and cut out the carbs and sugar. All the best xx

  12. That is perfect imo. Way to shatter old ways of being, Aries gal! 🙂

    you know, it occurred to me as I was still lying in bed delirious with the flu at 1.47pm today (thank you, fear of change [wtf] for the illness thing), that the only way to make myself get out of this rapidly-steepening-slide-into-a-shit-pit, is to create some kind of unavoidable deadline. So that circumstances really have the chance to stick the boot in and force change.

    Now, nothing says “CHANGE, YOU MOTHER F*CKER* like a Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square across my MC-IC and mars retrograding over my pluto-IC conjunction sometime around April.

    So this is inspiring. thanks aries. Set a ridiculous goal, then book and pay for the airfare so I can’t get out of it. Usually the best way 😉

    1. Hope you feel better Pi..the flu = elimination of nasty toxins of all sorts. Including the toxin of inertia 🙂

    2. Love it Pi, just do it.
      Hope you feel better soon!
      I am going to start (minimally) packing my bags later this week as next week I jet back to spend two whole weeks making peace with MY FAMILY OF ORIGIN in South Africa. This includes my totally adorable, incredibly successful and kind overly responsible & living in denial about so much younger brother -Capricorn sun, Pisces moon, my “guitar dude” dad who is always either stoned or drunk, usually both & his cool young gf -the one he hooked up with a few months post my mom’s death and my now sister in law (previously ex “wife” as in my gf for 5 years who is now married to aforementioned brother). He, my guitar dude dad has moved to the depths of suburbia, electrified white picket fence and all and regards anyone who does not get drunk and stoned with him with extreme suspicion ….I shall be carless and penniless, the ticket cost me ENOUGH. I shall take my yoga mat and presents for my little niece who is turning 5 while I’m there. It’s been 7 years since I was last there and so much has changed in my world. I’m a bit scared and quite excited. Expect updates! lol it’s only 2 weeks 😀
      My Network Chiro says I’m ready. I thought I was at stage 2B (resists the urge to say or not 2B- not quite) but wow- apparently I’m at stage 5 and have heaps more trust in the universe than I previously thought. Hmmm Lots of lemon and ginger for you Pi and CHILL OUT on yourself. You’re awesome!

    3. I got the flu last year and didn’t/couldn’t get medicine right away and had the worst fever of my life, the flu is the worst. Hope you have a speedy recovery pi

      1. thanks D53 and FA.. yes i am feeling much better actually. 2 nights of max sleep ..

        raw garlic, stinky as it is, is like nuclear warfare on germs. Seeing as I don’t leave the house anyway, I ate some of that. Gah it burns. die, germs!
        And a good quality hi-potency Vit C pill or two. A huge bowl of vietnamese duck broth with rice noodles. and extra chillies 🙂
        I said thank you to the duck for its little life and helping me feel better.
        woke up feeling less like crap.

        not sure why i am going into such detail.

        David are you sure you didn’t have glandular fever maybe? I never knew I had had it until a blood test showed it up a couple of years later. and I was like, “oh, right, that must have been that time when I felt like death warmed up and couldn’t leave the bed for a week straight.”

        1. I have no idea, I thought it was a cold at first, so I just thought I would sleep it off, then when I woke up I could hardly walk, was sweaty, hurting all over, and felt extremely weak. Probably the worst I have felt in my entire life, I could hardly walk let alone walk to the nearest place to buy medicine, lucky a roomie happened to get back and I mustered all my strength to get out there and ask him for some medicine before he left, luckily he had some and they didn’t find my dead body or something yeesh

    4. Hello lovely, you sound really frustrated. I hear your Cap moon/Venus in Aries screaming ‘get the fuq ON with something’. How long ’til you go back to uni? Perhaps you are missing the structure.

      I don’t know how it is for you but in la vie en Chrysalis, periods of horrible inertia as you describe absolutely always precede a massive action/move towards change. So I have come to accept it as part of the process (my Mars in Virgo / Cap moon HATE this phase.)

      Coincidentally a friend sent me a link to this blog this morning…. I thought you would like it. xxxx

      1. thanks for understanding chrysalis…! so much i could say. I think this time / phase is about making my OWN structure, building from within to support a new thing. i could go all metaphorical on this but basically i think it’s about actually facing the realities of a different direction, making this shit actually happen, finding fellow travellers, accepting not everyone’s really on my team or gets it but who cares, I know what’s going on, somewhere inside.

        I might be reading way too much into this. I was thinking this morn – even if I had no idea about astrology, the same things in my life would be happening right now. I’d still have a creative deadline in April. I’d still have had to visit part-time-poisonous-part-time charming pisces with strong leo influences in April. I’d still be planning to leave the country/something if not in April then shortly after that. and that’s just me. not even taking other external factors into account.

        I’m just not someone who has the same regular habits and routines year in, year out. So my life habits are like a sine wave – up down up down
        Hell I have never even lived in the same place for longer than 2 years, since I was 18, other than my family home which itself is not ‘my home’.

        too much computer time, have to log off this thing.. xxx thank you again

    5. DO IT!
      I booked and paid 200 days in, it’s 60 days to go and I’ve only just started to panic walk up Mt. Kozi, and all mountains I can find. A mountain a day.
      Deep end baby, deep end!

  13. My bday is in April 6th and I am nervous and excited about it! So many things going on at the same time! I have Asc. 25′ in Virgo and I cannot analyze this! Pff.

    Anyway, I don´t have any big plans for that day, but I am starting to feel that is going to surprise me big time.

    Anyone having a birthday on those days??

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