Aries + Aries Rising Preview 2021

“Surprise, b**ch…”* Aries struts into 2021 like the maverick protagonist everyone thought had been written out of the show. Twenty-seven weeks of Mars was way too high a dose, even for you, but you managed the side-effects. Actually, no fuq it. You’re Aries. You turned the side-effects into ‘command features.’ 

Martian Lifestyle Secret #1: Velocity concentrates focus and aids productivity. It’s a mathematically verifiable fact. Or it would be if you hadn’t smashed the calculator. Anyway, the neurotransmission was epic, and it set you up for 2021 – a year in which your most significant astro-influences are Venus, a rogue comet, and an interstellar object that may be an alien craft. 

Aries 2021-  Significant Influences Include An Interstellar Object

Venus is in Aries from March 22 until April 15, an annual phase that usually refines your aesthetic and relationship nuances. You tractor-beam out Venusian love rays, pulling in romantic opportunities, new inspo, admiration, and proof of affection. All that functions as normal: no retrogrades, Eclipses, or funny business.

But Venus will be unusually far away from Earth, hidden on the other side of the Sun and – on March 25/26 – conjunct it. Invisible most of the time she is in Aries, Venus emerges as Evening Star in Taurus. Does this mean that you can’t even catch a break from Venus now? Pleasure? Intimacy? Fun? New clothes without your Inner Critic as stylist? A year without your relationships being like a strange sub-genre? 

Algorithm-Breaker – Mystique

No, but it melts habitual tastes and desires, leaving only the real. It could be the revelation of a cosmically profound affection – not necessarily romantic – or that you’d cross the galaxy for a decent root: a stealth makeover or the sudden & drastic dropping of an image that cramps your soul. Don’t strain to explain or make anything creative/romantic public between late March and early May. Weird yet cool phenoms occur that you can’t boast about or perhaps even mention. Bonus: Mars in Gemini for most of it means that people will adore an elusive you. Mystique is always thrilling in an Aries, as it’s so unexpected. 

Saturn is muted this year, at least for you. A sync to Chiron in Aries affords you virtual immunity from 2021’s signature catharsis – Saturn square Uranus.  Think massive cultural dissonance only you’re harmonious and more supported/understood than usual. There is a new-for-you link between inventions/inventive enterprise/clever hustle (Uranus in your $$$ sector) and the community/your social scene/an audience. 

Neptune In Aries Is Coming

Chiron is a rogue comet that somehow got drawn into our solar system and an actual orbit. You can probably relate, and even if you can’t, Chiron has years to go in Aries, so acclimatize.  By the time Chiron moves to Taurus, it will be 2027, and Neptune will be in Aries. You could open an astral travel agency. Shamanic detective? Either would work. Stretch out or remobilize the old scar tissue. Shake off the Saturn in Capricorn detritus, along with all the authority, self-governance, and worldly hierarchy issues it helped you solve. 

This year and for the entire year, Chiron is accompanied by Oumuamua** – the first interstellar object to enter our Solar System and one that some scientists think could be an alien craft. Obviously, it’s impossible to make anything so plebian as ‘predictions’ around such an unusual scenario. But, combined with the other factors, it suggests a galactic-level expansion of your consciousness.


* Referencing Madison Montgomery’s comeback in AHS.
** Oumuamua is Hawaiian and means ‘first distant messenger.’

Image: DeJ Loaf – No Saint

33 thoughts on “Aries + Aries Rising Preview 2021”

  1. Having had Mars now in my first house for the past (seems like three years) months and it doesn’t leave until mid February. I have to state my health has simply improved and improved. Lockdown was incredible for me to recognise I need some me time and I thrive on quiet reading writing and learning. I also brought my body back to function with frequencies, guided meditations and a vegan diet, gluten free and sugar free. Plus I started walking then hiking and now I’m running again and it feels awesome. So this year of 21 I’m going to drop the menopausal weight, take my herbs and vitamins and get back to 10km off road running in the foothills of the alps. Oh and I’m hoping to find a market for my incredible olive oil I’ve produced this winter !

    1. Going to start juicing to heal the lungs. Also doing the healing frequencies, they surely elicit change in the atmosphere.
      My visualisations & colour breathing has helped along with 5 minutes of face to sun around 5pm or bit later daylight saving time, feels like it is soaking into the body and pineal. Olive oil? I almost drink the stuff!

      1. Then you must try Taggiasca Olive oil from the hills above the Italian coast of Liguria. If you were closer I’d drop you a bottle round to try !
        Frequencies are a must and you’re right I’m much more aware of colour these days. Happy new year Pegs.

      2. Emmie you went to live in Italy didn’t you? Liguria where the special bees are from i think. My father was from Taormina/Guiardina came to Oz aged 18 to escape WW11 (was told), was interned until he wasn’t which turned him into a radical
        (so mother said) probably connected to the M word. So Italy holds a hand full of my heart. Lived in Belgium for 2 years & meant to go to Sicily but got waylaid in London as you do.
        Wishing you an abundance of goodwill for The Good Oil & the emerging wellness you are manifesting. xxx

      3. Thanks pegs. I’m in Liguria yes. And no wonder italy has a hold on you. It’s just spectacular in an understated way. Liguria is a tiny piece of undiscovered delight. But yes london could be a touch distracting after Belgium. Although in Belgium I learned that French fries and mayonnaise was a thing !

  2. Today I looked at the mirror and for the first time I told myself you are brave, you are an Aries. And then I accomplished an impossible task

  3. Happy holidays to all not on permanent holiday and those that are not.
    My xmas day was spent with Aries god daughter who was on a massive dose
    of ‘go-fast’ to amplify her already speedy persona who then managed to drink
    10 Peroni’s & half bottle of rose and smoked 10 Dunhill fine cut navy 20’s ciggies.The darling took up most of my air and couldn’t breathe in the 7 hours with me, luckily it only happens once a years since she moved further away. Am the mother she never had as booted from home at 15.
    Strangely i prefer xmas day alone with my gone-to-god family, esoteric books and maybe a glass of good champagne =perfect peace.This Aries is now 45 going on 18 but very loving but exhausting to be around. Had been hoping she had dropped those habits as it’s such a juxtapostion to my absorbing interest in the bodymind workings and healing foods.
    Was repeatedly asking her: ‘please talk more slowly so i can understand what you are saying’.
    Guess i could listen faster?
    But it was a beautiful bright sunny day to be outside under the huge trees with glass table, umbrella, birds & my Daisy Dog.
    Problem with having visitors is that i have to wait on them, prepare, serve, feed and clean up. Why do i think, because they are much younger that they would help if i supplied all their needs, instead of back and forth, inside and out. Love my friends and remember my mother saying ‘your legs are younger than mine’ on a few occasions, now i know WHY. She always booked a restaurant table for xmas dinner…wise woman.
    The reason i’m telling this is because it is an Aries thread 🙂 Gotta love ’em.
    Stressmas much?Hope others had a special day in these unusual times.

    1. Awww Pegs, I would have definitely served and cleaned up! She probably doesn’t know how lucky she is to have you xxx Merry Christmas to you and Daisy dog

      1. Thank you Ronnie, am still in recovery from that massive burst of energy around me, she one whirlwind, if that energy was directed into obtaining skills, the whole world would benefit.
        A creative & content New Year to you. x

    2. Aw Pegasus.. 🙁 Hope you okay.. This Aries would have not let you host! I unfortunately can’t even drink beyond a glass of wine, maybe 3 times a year due to inability to stomach it – and I have coeliacs to boot = boring guest!!… happy Christmas/holiday/solstice season Pegs, I hope next year is super 😀 <3 <3

      1. Yes I gasped at the consumption list. I can have a glass of bubbles or a gin and that’s my limit. Folks ask if I’m AA but like you I just can’t take the stuff. It is my liver’s worse nightmare, that and caffeine ! Pegs May your new year be peaceful, introspective, esoteric and absorbing. And May you thrive in 21.

      2. Emmie, yes the consumption list is insanity! Like you a small glass of something well made with care is suffice. As half Italian do love A good espresso. Would rather have a thimble of quality that a truckload of mediocre. A brilliant NY to you x

      3. Hi Emg, Happy New Year to you!! Wow I can’t believe you live in Italia – wonderful!! Hiking near the ALPS?? 😍 Yep Spanish heritage here so olive oil is in my dna 😃. And yeah the alcohol conundrum. I have no idea whether it is an MC conjunct Mars in Pisces but am super-sensitive to EVERYTHING – the air in a room full of people (as in, vibe/emotions), perfumes, sulfites/preservatives blah blah. It has taken me to my forties to appreciate that it can be a gift (I still wonder..) but with wine-loving family & friends (it’s a healthy custom – mostly), saying no to a glass is akin to growing reindeer antlers overnight and trying to act unobtrusive and chic. So I sometimes have a wine at this time of year to hide the antlers/see if my body can hack it again.. 😳🤣 Anyway maybe I should try non-alcoholic wine – but where is the fun in that?? Have the best year yet! 😊💗💗

      4. Hi Pegs, just forgot to mention – I grew up without my Mum too (for reasons best known to her – full respect) but it has definitely made me appreciate those non-biological mothers the Universe can grace you with. I hope this friend/surrogate daughter realises what a gift she has in you, I am sure she does on some level but like all of us struggles to feel worthy of the gift?? I don’t know, but – biggest hugs for 2021. Thank you for shining your light !! XOO 💛🙏🙏

  4. I think Mystic meant Saturn square Uranus is the 2021 signature, not 2020. And yes Chiron is welcome (I have a natal Saturn/Uranus/Mats/Pluto similar to 2020’s major transits but even I can see 2020 was too intense and earth shattering for humanity experiencing a collective vulnerability… )

  5. This is a total treat amidst all the Yule cognitive dissonance and weird poignancy – thanks Mystic!! Xx Venus combust Sun on my bday – will report back. 🌞🍎

  6. Got Chiron in Aries. Funny painful, self critical, transformative power I hope can be merged into a general wise sparkle of consciousness. With my spanking brand new NN in 1st House echoing the vibe, a little Alien off gassing its rock monitor way through the galaxy accompanying Chiron seems mysterious and poignant.

    1. Not to be crass about the little alien off gassing but i am recalling a corner of this morning’s yoga studio, at the beginning rise and six eighths of the way through. It’s the very first time i haven’t giggled at that. Maybe a bit of There by the Grace of the Goddess, and my being older. Anyway, came home to realise the top i was wearing is backwards, one of the few tags i haven’t removed on any clothing i have that doesn’t scratch. Had an amazing teacher, tho!!!!!!!

      1. Haha! That’s kind of the vibe I was feeling from this little rock too! Release! Namaste! As it pootles off past Neptune.. Grace & Goddessiness to you this Christmas Mille!

      2. To you, too, Sphinxy! An incredible travel to good family home you have had. And, yeh, i am so glad i didn’t laugh at the farting fellow yogi in the corner 🤣 Pretty good Saturn vibing from Sage Rising me at the front of the room, where i wouldn’t usu be. Maybe that’s all i’m taking away from 2020, feel i’ve ‘learnded’ too much and it’s all too heavy big guy with a scythe or soldier with a sword stuff. Goddess Grace is lighter and nicer, and maybe i sometimes have a place at the front of the room xxx

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