Daily Mystic For Friday April 1 – Sunday April 3

Happy April Fool’s Day and (soon) Aries New Moon!

The New Moon and the 12 hours following are fantastic to redeclare yourself – any Aries New Moon is a revitalizer, but this one is amped. Redelineate everything and remember that your words are extra-potent with Mercury in such tight conjunction with the Sun + Moon.

The Moon moves on relatively quickly, but the Sun stays in proximity to Mercury + Chiron until Monday. Consider returning to your Zap Zone mantra (from 2012 to 2015) and apply “fix it or fuq it” to ailing dialogues and limp thought patterns.

When the Aries Vibe is this good, you don’t need drags on your momentum. The planets in Air Aquarius fan the flame of Aries: you have sufficient ingenuity and resources to solve/create whatever you need – believe it.

As for the April Fool, his origins go way back, and he holds an esoteric secret or several beyond the contemporary meaning of “pranks you play on your friends.” There are elements of the Fool woven through The Epic Of Gilgamesh, the oldest known work of literature, for example.

If you’re seeking a New Moon ritual or line of thinking, remember all the moments you did something “foolish,” It worked out brilliantly. Have a genius few days!


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Thank you Mystic for this information about April Fool’s day. Once again, I find it sad that something once sacred and powerful for that matter has been reduced to something superficial and flippant. I will use this day now in its true spirit. Your information pinged me off to a trip years ago that I took to Europe to see family. I stopped over in Paris and was determined to visit Sacre Coeur before the hoards of tourists. I got up at five in the morning to arrive at the Basilica at 6am. There were already half a dozen widows deep in prayer there, some on their knees and not one looked under eighty years of age. I sat respectfully at the back to not disturb them. As they left one by one, they looked transformed and so at peace. They didn’t even notice me. When the last one left, I burst into tears and could not stop sobbing. Here’s to living life in a sacred way!

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