Virgos With Virgos

Virgo and Virgo? Double the chic composure or non-stop pickiness? Mystic advises a woman who has begun dating another Virgo.

Dear Mystic,

I am becoming more Virgo, and as any person of my Sun Sign would attest, that’s a terrifying thing. 

I have been seeing a Virgo man for a few months He also has Moon in this sign. So I get it’s like looking into a mirror and seeing your own faults/skills/talents and he is working his Virgo Vision just fine. he’s not the problem, it’s me. This is having a very odd effect of making me hyper Virgo. Virgo on steroids. Or after a vitamin B injection.

I now have not only lists but lists of lists. I can’t sleep thinking of what needs to be done on those lists. My house/office space/appearance/existence is being scrubbed and polished to the nth degree. Everything is now declared ‘clutter’, even the cat (I obviously won’t hurt the cat, but my god is he messy).

Is this normal in couples astro? He seems totally fine, in fact, impressed, with my mania, the more the better. I, on the other hand, think there should be a rehab program specifically designed for one person’s astro ramping up the other’s.

Please tell me this is normal and will plateau eventually?!  

The Accelerated V Woman

Dear Accelerated V Woman,

Virgo and Virgo hype one another up into being more, well, mercurial and analytical. But could it be that you’re finally able to relax and go Deep V?

It is normal for a person you’re bonding with to enhance or aggravate various bits of your natal chart. If his (say) Pluto is on your Mercury, being with them is like having a constant Pluto-Mercury transit.

But as for your super-hyped Accelerated Virgo Syndrome, what’s the problem here? Sure I speak as a Mars in Virgo woman who finds shredding therapeutic and decluttering cathartic. I make lists to achieve a more mindful Zen serenity.  

Also, it is better to have a partner turned on by you being organized as opposed to you being drunk or hysterical, is it not? You know, there are plenty of lovers out there who prefer you anesthetized or disempowered.

My tips for learning to live with A.V.S.

* Don’t so much declutter the cat as have the cat up to date with worming, vitamins and vet visits. If the cat goes out at night, join one of the new study groups where they put a camera on their collar. You can analyze your cat’s nocturnal movements via catcam. Feline tracking is the new frontier of e-stalkery.

* You can NOT let your lists of lists of lists fetish interfere with your precious power-sleep. Get a grip on this by reminding yourself that quality sleep makes you MORE not less productive. Innovate the listing process so that you feel you can let-it-go, trusting that the data and tasks are still there. An interactive whiteboard? 

The relationship may manifest as self-acceptance and amazing vim in mutual projects. But I would not like to witness an argument between you two – Virgos in conflict zing out hideously observant little bon mots. And it’s never nice to have your pronunciation corrected mid-rant.

What does everyone else think?


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32 thoughts on “Virgos With Virgos”

  1. interesting about his moon on her sun!!! I’m dating a double aqua (moon/rising) whose Libra sun is exact on my moon… I guess I do bring out his more libran tendencies, but it stresses him out!!! His desire for harmonious situations is a source of frustration for a mega-aqua who prefers to live in his head (by which I mean, in the future) where he doesn’t have to deal with the frustration of the messy work of actually creating a state of harmony in a relationship.

  2. Libra with Scorp planets

    I always know I am getting tired after 10pm when I feel the urge to clean suddenly – after staring at mess/washing/dishes all evening!
    I put it down to my Moon in VIrgo. I wish my Virgo-ness would make an appearance earlier in the day!

  3. Is it possible that Virgo is using this obsessive organization as a crutch? Sounds like she’s feeling (healthily!) vulnerable in this ultra-compatible love scenario and is perhaps using the organization as a means of feeling more secure/in control.

  4. I cannot believe this! Since I moved I have been laughing at myself wondering if this move has turned me into a Virgo. I’m a Leo who has been folding up my shopping bags into nice neat little squares!!!! What the?!!! And I have gone totally Zen too. What’s going on?!!!

      1. Scorporation, Inc.

        I grab my plastic shopping bags by the seam at the bottom, directly in the middle, whip once to get it all pointed in the same direction, smooth it down with the other hand so it’s a long narrow point, then roll it from the bottom seam into a tight little ball that doesn’t unfurl. I can pack many shopping bags into a little bin this way, & when I need to reuse one I can pull one out without ten other bags coming with it.

        Also, all labels in my pantry & beyond need to be facing out. Efficient & aesthetically pleasing.

        Nothing in Virgo.

  5. I think this has a hint of love zombie, sorry, but if you’re staying awake at night wondering what to improve (anxiety) while he’s chilling, there is an imbalance, take time to really check in with yourself and what you really want, don’t waste your time on someone else’s agenda!

  6. I am a multi-Virgo with sun, mercury, venus, AND mars all in virgo (2nd and 3rd houses). Now, will all of that, you’d expect I would have been extremely neat and organized and stereotypical Virgo all my life, right?

    Wrong. Growing up I was a slob. My room was always very messy. I rarely kept up to-do lists. My outer surroundings reflected my inner state… I was a mess. It could be I was working other parts of my astro, my cancer rising or moon-conjunct-neptune. I was pretty watery and/or fire-y.

    At any rate, I have only recently embraced my inner Virgo and earthiness. I went on a massive decluttering overhaul this summer and now my room is airy and relaxing. The more I accept that I am a Virgo, the higher functioning I become. I accept I am anxious and a bit neurotic. That means I accept I need self care like meditation or yoga, stuff like that. I am working WITH my chart and not trying to change it!

    Now that you feel you’re becoming more Virgo you might not like it, but your partner clearly does, so don’t worry about it. I’d recommend exercising or taking a walk if you feel it’s out of hand.

  7. Scorporation, Inc.

    I’m feeling the Virgo push as of late. Kind of tricky energy because it’s also a waning moon, and I don’t want to be fried come the new moon– which I seem to have knack for doing. Started this day with yoga & a nice walk through the countryside: stimulating & relaxing at once. Some kind of physical activity seems to balance out the energy.

    1. It’s the Virgo time of year. If you’re in the States it’s the get organized and back to school blitz in the media.
      I love buying new pens, paper, organizers, but I hated school, but love college. Love learning do not like crowds or silly social games people play.

      1. Scorporation, Inc.

        Ditto, & my son is the same. This is week two of virtual 2nd grade for my little one & it’s going sooo much better than the usual brick & mortar school for him! *score* Education – drama = happy kid 🙂

      2. i agree scorp rising, love to learn but high school in itself generally sucked as a social activity. Uni (aka college) was SO MUCH better. When I stopped caring whether I fitted in or not.

  8. 12th house virgo

    I have been talking to a guy lately and he is a Virgo. Being that I am Virgo, Virgo rising, I don’t think I can take more Virgo-ness in my life. I empathize. I suggest the Jupiter binural beats to help you get the task list list off your mind and get some sleep.

    Now, where can I buy a camera for my cat?

  9. I don’t really believe in the hyper-organized, cleanliness obsessed Virgo. My creepy-stalky Virgo exgf has all this in Virgo: Neptune conjunct Mars, Sun, and Venus conjunct N Node. And it’s a Bowl chart, everything is within the 2 houses on either side of Virgo. SuperVirgo, but she was a totally disorganized slob. She did, however, enjoy making organizational rules and setting cleanliness standards for other people.

    1. The two messiest people I know are Virgos. I am also a triple Virgo and not exactly clean and organized. Could be worse, but not great. And when I was little I was a complete slob.

  10. shinefromtheinside

    Synastry, co-creation, it all makes so much sense!

    My partners Saturn is sandwiched between my conjunct Mars and Jupiter. His Scorp sun is conjuct my Uranus. The combination of these makes our life exciting, unusual, yet with a very down to earth, lets get things done with lots of energy kinda life. It’s great. It’s like we each hold the space for us to expand and grow.

    There’s so much more though… his Cap Moon is in my 5th house trine my Venus in Taurus in the 9th, it’s love and passion and sensuality. On top of that his Scorp Sun is opposite my Taurus Moon, which actually creates an INCREDIBLE balance between us.

  11. I sped read (?!) “I am a Virgo and as any Virgo would attest that is a terrifying thing to admit”. My reaction was, oh yes that would be hard.
    But this? Well I guess there are nunneries for exactly this type of situation. Or if yr style is more militant stalk actual crime by going to work for the Grey Man or some such organisation. Yeah, I definitely think raise the bar. It’s a call to action not to self implode.

  12. Reading Accelerated’s letter has me thinking – am I the only Virgo missing in action?! Even progressed Virgo Moons have caught the buzz!

    It is my solar return. Natal Sun-Saturn conj progressed Moon conj progressed Saturn in Virgo. Progressed Moon-Saturn square natal Gem Moon. Transit Sun-Merc on top of my natal Sun-Saturn and Saturn sextile natal Sun-Saturn. With all this Virgo happening, is it normal I’m feeling so completely anti-Virgo right now?!

    Hard to explain but my usual ain’t working! My instincts, responses, habits – all backfiring on me. My steno stack of lists and notes – 10 pads at the mo – could get binned sans crisis intervention (*does Virgo sign of the cross in case this delirium passes*). I can’t be bothered to research the 5th to last ingredient in my newest glyco-mud potion and fuq all to analyzing how I could’ve better resolved that thing with that woman 2 months ago! Lack of my usual worker bee buzz has left me…surprisingly chill. I am however feeling hellishly anti-authoritarian, anarchistic even. Also, Aug 26th is year 35 so my whole reply can prolly be chalked up to mid-life crisis. Aaaaand I did do a full body scrub and peel last night in preparation so I guess I haven’t completely lost my virginity.

    Funny you mentioned quantified apps MM! Accelerated, try the Chronos app reboot, it’s a great (terrifying) way to manage (cure) Virgo Acceleration Syndrome.

    1. astraea, that vibe you’re describing, are you having a Jupiter transit? something 9th house going on for you? sagg..? the first thing that popped into my mind was your thinking “whatever, it’ll work out” re the ingredients .. very sagg from what i know 😉

      1. Lol! Jupiter just left my 9th house Gem (I’m totes polar), is now conj my MC-part of fortune and closing in on my natal Jupiter-Lilith conjunction.

        It’s also squaring my natal Asc-Venus-Mars-Pluto and sextile Chiron. And Mars is sitting right on top of my natal Jupiter at the mo and trining my Gem Moon opp Neptune/Sagg.

        Pi! I’ve been humming que sera, sera for days and just struck up what looks to be a great friendship in the makings with a Sagg, Toro-Moon over how much we adored each others’ Sun signs. Muchas gracias for the nudge in this direction x

  13. god, I love you Mystic 🙂

    “You know, there are plenty of lovers out there who prefer you anaesthezised or disempowered.”

    Pure genius.

  14. My ex had moon in aries and was a passionate person (even though at times it was more a case of let me jump before i look). His passion rubbed off on me and I am grateful for the chance to view life with fresh eyes. A different way of approaching things. Passionate people want to be with passionate people and one of the reasons we broke up was because he was racing and i had just started my engine.

    This week has been super weird in terms of feelings. Up down up down. A bad case of being down in the dumps and then moments of fun and joy. Cant shake this fog away. The heart is still attached. I am hoping to reconnect but i have no idea where his head is at or if it’s a good idea. Patience. Breathe. Space.

  15. When two individual vibrations combine you become a very different self. The transit analogy is perfect. He will amp up one area and dull another maybe. If we remain the same there’s little connection. He’s here to bring you a new view on you. Just think what you’re doing to him!!!! Get his astro data, even if he’s ignorant of astrology here’s a place you can illuminate or use your 8th house and snoop !! Enjoy how this works, learn and grow.

  16. I love it when Virgo comes to town. It’s the only time I get a lot of (extra) cleaning and organising done. Hey TAV make sure that you are rewarding and congratulating yourself for all the things you are achieving. Don’t let it make you neurotic. Bask in your accomplishments.x

  17. What do i think? Cats inside at night after 8pm latest. Curfew for cats equals no trouble, no fights is no bites not to mention the possums & nesting birds
    as it’s baby time.
    Coincidently Virgo is Spring in South Hemisphere equals natural Spring clean urge.

    1. Cats on curfew (natal Virgo.) Babies don’t belong outside unattended.
      Too many cars, coyotes and other predators out there.
      House cats live long longer without the Tom catting around.

      1. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

        My kitty sleeps in the laundry hamper after dark (Virgo sun).

        But I totally get this progressed moon thing. Mine’s gone into Cap and I have changed alarmingly in quite a few areas!

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