A Surreal Venus Square Neptune Trend Indicator

I have an anecdote, an early indicator of Venus Retro and co. In a recent rave about Venus in Gemini, I mentioned the rare triple Venus Neptune square. A reliable amplifier of Mutable temperaments and zany love synchronicity, it’s in play from now until August. The prologue is May 1 till 8th, also known as now.

I was saying the beginning of this would be a lead-trend reveal, our chance to get a take on the Venusian-Neptunian Vibe.

Well, it sure is. When I was writing about Venus square Neptune the other day, I was visualizing my experience of it to be esoteric. How could it not be? Neptune is nearing my Venus in Pisces. I didn’t care about love and the first thing I felt was the Mutability ramp-up.

You know it if you get it: you can’t stand more than the first 45 seconds of any music track. Sometimes you snap out of trance and you realize that you hate the music. Shrieking, you lunge to adjust it and end up making notes about disco. Doing ten things at once is not enough. Weirdness permeates the everyday fabric of your existence.

You know you’re a Mutable sign or style of person when people ask your day went, you tell them and they look fuqing perplexed, blank out and wander away. You’ve created a repetitive loop that can’t parse you. Even if they’re trying to sleep with you, they’ll stay but change the subject to something conventional. Presumably, it’s a neural reset.

So I’ve had this issue with a power distribution company for eight weeks; over-voltage and humming etc. It’s vile. So while the person I had to hire was measuring the harmonics, he found malware in the fridge. He was talking about how the fuqery of the power distribution company destroyed the harmony of the waveform when the meter started shrieking and making a noise like teeth clacking: the malware was behind the electronic board.

That was surreal; while I was in an absurd live chat with the fridge company, the meter man explained that ripple signals sent through the system can corrupt power and that the distorted frequency resonates. I was wondering what it does to psychic powers. Then the meter picked up a bit of radio, static and a woman saying: Diana knew. My first flash was Epstein and Co.

On the spot, I became obsessed with harmonics and the Pythagorean implications, their connections in music, magic, everything. Power companies are allowed to stuff up the harmonic frequency of 5% of houses apparently – they’re probably trying to shut down a portal or something. Was electricity – the pure Sine waveform of it – an elemental being under attack?

The power measuring guy interrupted my reverie: “I’ve asked this other electrical guy to come over next week, they call him the Frequency Guru. He’s an engineer but he’s got all these crazy theories about electromagnetism and the Kabbalah…

The lights surged as I gazed at the meter man, stunned. The Frequency Guru. Could it be the same guy I’d met in 2007? 2008? He’d come to my then house to do something utterly normal and ended up putting in power devices that mystified every other electrician who saw them.

The house felt like an ancestral space or forest temple. He talked about radiofrequency as a language – quoting Terence McKenna* – and the Celtic Ogham. We talked flat out for ages, on that giddy high you get when you’re connecting with someone in all dimensions.

He eventually left, having offered to personally deliver the invoice the next week. I was delighted as that gave me a chance to fervently spiral up into a higher grooming plateau. He said it would be good to talk some more to me, asked if I was attached, said he wasn’t, flung around some more random thought bolts, and exited.

He never came back, his phone stopped working, he wasn’t online – at least not as ‘him.’ And that was that. He couldn’t even be e-stalked.

The meter man was talking again. “He says he knows you, that you’re really good friends.

That was the first two hours of Venus square Neptune at my place. I think it’s going to be whack. How about you? Thoughts?

The world is not made of quarks, electromagnetic wave packets, or the thoughts of God. The world is made of language. Language is replicating itself in DNA, which, at the evolutionary apex, is creating societies of civilized beings that possess language and machines that use languages. Earth is a place where language has literally become alive”. – Terence McKenna.

Image: Hans Doller – The Conductor


I have an update lol! The Frequency Guru turned up, seemingly unaltered – still fascinating and charismatic. The sensual energy between us was still potent as well. However, I’d changed and this turned out to be a classic Venus-Neptune square scenario.

Long story short, he was married and not only that he always had been – but F.G. is the kind of guy who prefers to vibe unmarried, presumably to elicit Qi from females who think he’s a prospective lover and act accordingly.  He’s like a Vibe Vampire/Future Faker who can at least rewire something.

I figured out that he’s one of those men who can hover precariously on the verge of marital separation for decades and that even his own wife may not be aware of it. His desperate torment is only evident when in the presence of someone he would hypothetically have sex with.

And more alarmingly, he’s witty and animated in monologue – not dialogue. Respond to his patter with even the most relevant snippet of information or anything other than silent awe and he powers down.

The former me would have been sorely tempted to sleuth out the wife – sad, I know – but this time? Curiosity flickered for less than a nanosecond before being replaced with vague compassion for the woman and gratitude for F.G. as an original source of inspo.

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  1. The Lion & The Centaur

    So weird. I just started reading the Road to Reality by Roger Penmore, a gigantic book that walks trough what we know (or knew a few years ago, the study of quantum physics evolves quickly) about physics, that’s been sitting in my book shelf for 4 or 5 years already. There’s talk about the harmonic frequencies too.

    And I watched the Goop Lab only now. The manipulating of fascia trough energy fields fascinated me, it’s something I can kinda do myself after a horse chiropractor taught me the principles of sacro cranial therapy years ago. This Square looks like quantum physics and healing trough energy fields to me. I have Gemini Venus in 7th house so I expect men to add up to this equal at some point… After 6 dry months of being single I’m kinda dreading & looking towards some action!

    1. *Looks up fascia trough energy fields at warp speed. I re–encountered the Frequency Guru btw. I will update on here later when i have absorbed & parsed the experience.

          1. Oh wow! I can only begin imagine how psychedelic and surreal it would be with your venus in Pisces. Just as long as you are all ok! x

    2. You had me at HORSE CHIROPRACTER ❤

      Goddess Epona, you still have me there. Maybe i need to see one. Or maybe i saw one together with my Sag buddy this afternoon?? She fixed my front hoof, taught me how to keep doing it for the ongoing RSI. Strangely enough, some moves on all fours, some in horsey warrior stances. It’s also supported with treatment and taping by an earth-influenced human practitioner. WOW so much thanking xxx

  2. There is a sensor light above the front door. It has not worked properly in five years. Last week it decided to work again, with no input from a human

    1. Booked for Full Moon, of course. However, I had a dream about the scenario – still parsing it – it is something but not romance. I have another weird scenario – just before the lockdown I went for a walk in the park and met a man. We ended up talking for hours – actually about politics, but I was super-impressed that he listened and was open-minded – we made vague date to be in the same place two weeks later – voila, confined to barracks. This is the opposite of the law of attraction but whenever I am not at all interested in a romantic relationship or even actively against one, I meet eligible people. My Scorpio grandmother was convinced men were like buses; never one when you wanted it but then ten would come along at once.

      1. Hahahaha! That, i think is the best saying i’ve heard re men. And it’s so TRUE.
        There is probably a 3rd lurking somewhere in your path.
        This happened to me when Jupiter was traversing my 7th H.
        After a drought there came a plethora of them – all interesting too.

      2. MM I am have this interaction with the make of the species also. Give me the intel I require and I’m done with this transaction of time. Trevor the coffee guy was lonely and needed a person to have a chat with. Dave the biker dude was more pressing for my details asked my name and said Julia as in Julia Creek…what I am about to end up murdered like some wolf creek situation…hello NO. Name game played and I disappear thanks for the intel and I am gone. Tomorrow I collect all my belongings from my old home addresses and real set about finding where I belong with myself and the geographical sense. Love this post MM and I am looking forward to the Scorpion Moon releasing what needs to happen.

        1. Monday and Friday were there the bookend of Dave. Typically he had the last work, he sold the lady bike for 32 and was on Big Bird…”it’s hard not side.” Exit my orbit please.

  3. im just desperate for a root-anyone else experiencing this?
    i have options but dont wanna lower my standards/fet a rep-aaarggh!
    considering slaa meetings!!!!!

    1. I can relate and if you can’t work it on your own how the heck is the next one going to read the manual 😉 clearly feeling this sex fuel moon too

        1. My ex made sure I didn’t leave him with mine. The Toro decided to not be at the address when I left him today to collect my belongings and stashed my toy. I mean what do you want it for? He even had looked over my loan application for my car and keep my second set of car keys. His going to face a hellish next Tuesday with having to face the Magistrate on Protection Order.

            1. ooh havent heard that…like peaches…vibrator is ORDERED
              (i realise im being a complete scorp stereotype here)!!!!

  4. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Haaaa, omg, this is so cool! I can’t wait to hear more about the “Frequency Guru” (if he ever reappears).
    I agree, the synchronicity has been pretty whack for me too–I love it!

    1. I met a lovely rescue dog called Lux and I asked if he was name after Lux Interior from The Cramps, then noticed the dog has David Bowie eyes. No name is from skin from the game Fortnite…yeah learn something new every day

  5. I’m worried that iso, followed by a prolonged 12th house transit will turn me into a hermit. Like I don’t mind a retreat from the world but seriously enough is enough, I was starting to feel good again. I’m a Gemini rising dammit, I need a scene. And, scenery.

    1. Pi my fellow Cap Moon you just need some moon bath and self love we care and embrace and grieve for what you feel you have missed out on.

  6. I felt it. It’s agitating and my nervous system is scrambled (plus my core is sore!) after doing two hours of kundalini yoga on Saturday.

    This Venus Retro is happening in my 4th house, and will be trine my natal 8th house Mercury in Libra the entire time.

    Not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that I lost my job and had to stash all my stuff in a storage unit and fly home to my dad’s house in a country where people aren’t even allowed to jog on the street due to the pandemic lockdown. My skin care routine is out of sync and I’m trying to pull a career change. Send help!

  7. Can’t wait to read everyone’s comments on this thread. Already got a result re: accommodation = Thursday. As a Friday’s child I am satisfied (well I aim to be). Got go listen to a tunes to pregame. x It’s like the MM clan of old (CalypsoScorp can you hear me too) are providing the inspiration. Sincerely appreciate you all. woohoo

  8. Just read the Venus in Gemini post and noted it was dated April 6.
    That was the day my dear old very first boyfriend paid off my credit card (with 3 years of interest) w/o telling me. The one i went to visit in Melba and left after 48 hours because he raised his voice and scolded me over the way i opened a bottle of sparkling water, so i sulked and left. I mean men have died for less! Thinks i’m 16 years still.
    Guess that was an apology?
    We visit each other once a decade and it always ends in grief.

    About banning the bonk (which is how you pronounce Bank in French lol) the hi- tech hookers are advertising ‘no bodily contact’ so must be web- cam. THAT’S the ultimate safe sex.
    Have been really wanting a healing massage from a champion but my rolling shiatsu heated chair machine thingie ,that feels like a little person is hiding in it, will just have to do until the Real Hands come along.

    These are very prophetic posts, some of us were awaiting an organised world crisis to make room for some introspection and some vast changes that will be punishing for some and evolving for others.
    Seven planets retrograde. That must a signal to stop time and re-evaluate everything before we tap dance again.
    Or waltz.

    1. I have a smile as true that my tired self is saying you are so bloody right. Thank you Pegasus – from you CHI CHI lipstick intel @?Myer…what will befall that chain business

  9. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    is that what was going on ??? Like Thursday through sunday? and still now? I was experiencing a major download, like a settings update via a push notification. I had to let some extra-verbal things sink in, like I was a plant being watered with nutrient-juice. I feel it’s not over. thank you for this.
    also i am glad i have an older fridge, but it buzzes in a more.. analogue way?. Call it my low-tech moon in capricorn but i’m ok with a dumb fridge…

  10. Goldy Hawnbag

    I’m so excited about this! Please update us.

    However, the debbie downer part of my brain is going ‘why did he flake the first time?’, ‘sounds like aqua/aqua rising’, and I’m getting flashbacks to my own delusional flaky relationship with an aqua rising guy. So I’m totally projecting, but he better not flake a second time or he’s going to have a whole community of astro-bitches on his case haha.

    1. Yep, i thought of the curious Aqua avoidance factor as well … and with Mystic being Aqua Rising that could lead to a merry dance that lasts through multiple time lines…. maybe it has already 😉

  11. Just dropped in to say how amazingly in depth the personal dailies are. You truly spoil us. Love that you have done circles around the symbols, for some reason makes them easier to understand than sans circle perhaps more esthetic? Or i love circles especially around squares 🙂 x

    1. thank you! I’m still refining them – there are some influences that only occur every nine years – eg Lilith – and so I just switched it to show the rarest first. Also, as I like to show influences in the days leading up to when they are exact (cos that is when they are most potent), it can look like they’re repeated but it is just I show them the whole time they are in play. I know some people are still adjusting but I promise they’re super pertinent. And, Weekly + Monthly are still sign by sign.

      1. milleunanotte

        Yes i am adjusting but not complaining! I do miss peeking at the other sign dailies. I check them to see the astroscape for significant others. Love that the Weeklies are still up. Still, we’re adjusting to EVERYTHING, and i had been quite habitual Saturn Taurus in 6th, possibly verging on astro e-stalker, so the CHANGE is very GOOD XXX

      2. Yes I must confess I am adoring the dailies sure I got a tad confused with finding the archives and then boom I could find them view going through a different way on the site. Thank you to Moana for the assistance too x

  12. Fuqing Fascinating Frequencies you have Myst! I call electricity ‘ELECTRICKERY’ whenever i need to notify maintenance of lights blowing and fans stopping for any known to me reason in the house of circa 1914.
    Dear Terence was DMTeeing out when he wrote that, it’s way above my esoteric grade or i do not agree 🙂

    1. I sure hope life is better after your neighbour’s issues from some time back. Keep well Pegs you are the wicked and wild card in the deck and I adore reading your take on the astrology of the now too.

  13. The foundation of Hebrew mysticism is language. The alphabet is considered to be the tool set of creation. John in the New Testament starts by reaffirming the first words of the Old Testament and sort of editing it to make it clearer and easily understood. John says, “in the beginning was the Word, The Word was with God, and the Word was God”.
    The Hebrew tradition all sprouts from this one concept. And in doing so opened up the idea that God is a verb not a noun. Like the word ‘being’. We use it like a noun but it’s a verb that is clearly a better description of the nature of our reality than a noun like ‘entity’.
    The Hebrew tradition is better understood as a scientific approach to understanding how a word, a sound, a frequency manifests as the world we live in. By understanding the language, we see the workings, the technology, the algorithms of manifestation. The ultimate goal ? to grow into our original stated purpose as co creators of the universe.

    1. Fascinating post, David! As a language teacher, I especially love this. I often tell my class that words are magic. Amen to the ultimate goal.

      1. I probably read on this site somewhere that ‘spelling’ as in words relates to magic spells – ie reinforcing the link between magic, intention, co-creation and language.

        1. Oh that explains why when I would write my spells using and older language it would work. Thank you Chrysalis

    2. The language of light…of course…doh.
      The Keys of Enoch is a mindblowing book, think it is the teachings of the Kaballah. It says the ‘Kaballah is the science of the many universes of higher intelligence that serve the Godhead’,
      WSP (Word Sound Power) was the name of the music production group that i managed.
      Forgive me, my memory banks are so full, but i do remember having a crush on Metatron 🙂

      1. I was just referring to the keys the other day. Yes Metatron is considered to hold responsibility for this sector of the universe. I was referring to it after noticing that Arcturus in the Bootes constellation is currently rising each evening in the north east. Its the closest it will be to earth for 150000 years. Metatron is the boss but it’s the Arcturian mid way stations that are our most direct guidance and protection.

    3. It’s the oldest trick though isn’t it? Language. You name it, you own it. The act of naming something strongly implies that the one giving names holds some sort of ownership.

      I’m always wary of language – it has power & what we do with this power says much about our agendas; & wielded as a socio-religious-political tool, it gets quite trixy.

      What will the consequences be after we pour our language into electronic machines (with an already overload of mis-information & fake news?)

      I’m always reminded that it’s the tricksters Mercury & Uranus that rule language & the electronic waves. As McKenna says: “Earth is a place where language has literally become alive”….. Unnerving, to say the least.

      1. One of the reasons given in the texts for the limited consciousness levels held by humans is our unconsciousness to the power of language. We cannot attain 5th dimensional consciousness ( outside of time) because at this level thought and words are instantly manifest.
        You can imagine the damage any of us could do with that power !

      2. It will mean that when I download a song from Apple Music and say “bloody Apple” the download stops. Don’t get me started on that Siri she’s a real see you next Tuesday and I get very cranky when she doesn’t talk the way I need my directions delivered to me. I don’t do mathematics when I drive, just say “fang a right before the Maccas, if you hit the highway you have gone too far.” I am not asking for the moon just a little appropriate nav assistance along the way.

    4. Oh my word David thank you, I feel like I was given the knowledge of faith and spirit that I have been wanting to discover for some time now.

  14. desperate to hear how this story goes on……

    also… harmonics instantly bring to mind In Search of the Miraculous by Ouspensky; which I happened to read in 2002… the last triple Venus Neptune square…..

    1. Now there’s a NAME. Tertium Organum was a special book of mine in the 70’s. He was a student of Gurdjieff or was it vice versa?

  15. What a delicious connection. Yes, even if it’s another coup de foudre that sizzles out it’s definitely a sign that you need to study this stuff yourself & weave it all back into your own magic. Wishing you a wonderful journey xx

  16. MollyBlueDawn

    I think the Frequency Guru might be a Time Lord. He is traveling all through time and space in no particular order, so he doesn’t think it’s been a long time since you spoke to him, and he already knows you will be spending a lot of time together in the future.

    1. A time lord is one because he has conquered the illusion of past present and future ? If he was one he wouldn’t need to be there to fix it because he could stop it from happening in the first place ?
      I’m thinking more that he was actually a manifestation of the frequency. 🤓

      1. But…🤔if he could stop It from happening in the first place, how would he get to meet her in this plane? I think he’s been setting it all up nicely for the optimum space-time harmonic frequency between them 🧐 …. and maybe she has as well.

        1. As in the mutual reception. That whole twin flame business burning away like kindreds lost and loathing from the misery of broken hearts from other encounters that hadn’t quite cut the mustard.

          1. Heheheha!! Mystic herself once said Mutual Reception sounds like an item on a brothel menu. Courtesans to the energies that love and heal, and zap creativity 😁

    2. i agree that was the hit i got but not so eloquently felt … frequency time lord zipping around the universe 😄😄

  17. I wonder if the following incident could qualify as an expression of Venus retrograde square Neptune. I had a pair of sneakers delivered to my regular home this week. I did this by accident, because I should have had them sent to my boyfriend’s home where I am staying now (quarantining). Sent a message to my friendly but also very mutable and elusive Sun in Pisces – Moon in Gemini neighbor (with whom I share a staircase) to ask whether the sneakers had arrived. Yes, they had arrived. When I got to my place today to pick up the sneakers, all I found on my staircase was an empty box. The sneakers had been stolen. But by whom? No one but me and my neighbor uses our stairs. Asked the Sun in Pisces-Moon in Gemini neighbor about it, and he looked very puzzled, but also somehow like he was mentally going over the people who had visited his house (and our staircase) over the past few days… I know he sometimes has (very) casual lovers over at his place. Nothing was resolved, and now I am left wondering. Sneakers are ruled by Mercury, but maybe also by Neptune (because they allow you to move stealthily). And maybe my Pisces’ neighbor’s lovers (Venus) have made things disappear (Neptune)?

    1. Or he presented them in the moment to one of those lovers? And your accidental delivery called in quicksilver Mercury / Loki ☆♤ ?

      1. Not recall your astro, Calcifer, apologies, but are you earthy and generous plus acquisitive? How Uranus Tricksy might be affecting, or what are your 3rd or 11th houses?

  18. becausesheloves

    With natal venus at 19* Gemini, I’m having a 1-2 year experience with this particular venus square neptune. Early March, I met a man with Venus at 18* Pisces. A multiple level connection. Intoxicating energy. Most sensual, spiritual, intimate experience of my life. But. He lives across the country AND has a girlfriend. And yet, my thoughts cannot be tamed. I thought 3 venus returns this year was going to be sooo different.

  19. I’m so excited MM! Please please report back. I hope you have a conversation where you levitate out the top of your head.

  20. I have been telling myself for the last month ” just stop, STOP! stop the revolving door love-zombie loop” didn’t work exactly but at least I’m aware.

    1. The dude’s set up camp in your head, huh? Developed a trick long ways ago when experiencing disturbing LZ energy, and it seems to do the job.
      It’s called WHITEWASHING’ like when you white -wash a room ready for painting. You see the big tin of paint, the bucket, you see the large square brush, then you start whitewashing over the image or thought form.
      It’s soothing and also distracting. Some people just need a paint-job to break the spell.

    2. Ugh. Same. My obsessive thoughts are DIALED UP during social isolation. I started virtual codependents anonymous meetings in another city so I could be anonymous, and it’s sorta helping. I need to either get with or get over my Gemini ex.

    3. I started a course called Break the Grip of Past Lovers on DailyOm (very reasonable cost) that is helpful womb centered meditations. I’ve only done six of them, but found them helpful. Codependent No More was a good read. Also really parsing “why I would be attracted to someone who wasn’t attracted to me”.

      1. It’s a full on therapy release the old programs or get left behind. We are more prepared now than the Generation that lived through The Great Depression just learn from them.

  21. I remember Frequency Guy – he’s fascinating. You need to interview him! I’d love to learn more about him.

  22. I read this the first time and then tried again and nothing. Didn’t sink in at all. I got none of it. It was a jumble. I’ve now read it again. Fully aware of it and I’m 24 hours in since my 2007/08 huge piscean Plutonian affair rang me late last night. ?!?!?! Granted he does text every now and again but the guy never ever phones anyone ever. My phone rang it was him. Within literally thirty seconds we were both in paroxysms of laughter, the sort where you can’t breath and we spent over an hour and a half chatting on every dimension. we Click All the lightbulbs go on. My level of functioning is dialled up to eleven. Venus square Neptune rides again.

  23. Just make sure when he turns up he fixes the electricity issue before diverting interest to other matter
    …Saturn feels so heavy on me right now…

    1. milleunanotte

      If he does, he will do all in some kind of spiral time, not one then the other. Just like he did last time. The fixes and flashes were Kairos. They even moved about in Mystic’s new place. I read about that visit after it occurred.

      He never came back, but did he send an invoice?

      Forward-dated..? Paying it ‘forward’?

  24. gah, this post is exactly why I love reading this website!! glad I’m not the only one seeing Fibonacci everywhere, I don’t feel so lonely in my Mutableness anymore. (during my recent Google pruning, @ page 12 of my search on planetary patterns, I found the digital skeleton of Mutable Dilemma, an old Astro mag — check it out: http://www.ccrsdodona.org/m_dilemma/)

    MM, did you know that not only male to female bees ration match Fibonacci numbers but that they also match the black to white keys ratio on a piano?: https://web.archive.org/web/20060221000008/http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/oct3/editor.htm

  25. Crystallised future

    lol!!! aren’t some days just crazy for out of whack events in the last week or two????? I’m glad it’s not just me!

    1. I’ve been feeling it since 25 April 2020 the bring out the dirty laundry for the rain to wash it for you. Step into yourself

  26. Loved reading this.

    Hope the voltage situation improves and you find the guru…. if only to learn more about him for the sake of it.

    The whole obsession with harmonics, connection to music and sensitivity to frequency… totally sheds some light on the hard Venus Neptune relations in my chart. Thanks!

    1. Each time I am reminded of a song, I am now adding it to my playlist because I like to soundtrack my way when it all gets too much

  27. Holy cow, this writing transported me into another realm! At the risk of sounding like an armchair love zombie, I’m also excited about you and the Frequency Guru. Wonder what his astro is?! If you do meet, I hope it’s a high vibe encounter…or a deliciously low one! 😆 Please do keep us posted – hell, I’ll even put in money for the next instalment!!
    Venus in Pisces is such a beautiful placement – no wonder you have such a great aesthetic.

    1. Seconding! Got the tingles reading this blog post at so many points. Diana knew – gasp! Shivers. Language thoughts, mmm, sighs – is manna to all my 9th house placements. But yes, this for opening movements in Neptune-Venus dance. I’m hooked!

      Recall you mentioning this guy, if he is the dirty electricity prophet? My vibes guess at Scorpio-Aqua placements.. He better show up!! My heart’s goo-gooing already lol

      1. Yes Diana knew about the abduction of the true Royal family bloodline. It she the true Royal and Charlie is a common bit of inbreeding – hence his Freudian attraction to horse face Camilla

  28. Yes, to all you have written. It’s like the walls are paper thin and the overload is extremely difficult to shut out. I can hear all the frequencies and I just want to deal with my own lot. Awake is the new sleep (quote taken, source not referenced)

    1. Awake is the new sleep. I’m waking every two hours currently. Just cannot get past two hours and guaranteed to be awake for three am until gone 5am. Not tired on getting up either. It’s bizarre and I’m getting my information and downloads from 3-5am. Weird.

      1. Hello Emg,
        I kinda wonder where did I pickup that quote from a song, literature or was it found on this very site? It does have all the hallmarks of MM.

        This sleep business is very interesting, balancing all and getting enough zzz time. I am I tired, thirsty or hungry? Perhaps I am in or out of love? It’s the flux, alrighty then.

        Sitting with the emotions from past, present and future. The evolving and revolving of my to do lists. Assertive boundary setting. Wanting the results but having to wait for an ex to finally pull his finger out of date and just do it before legal involvement.

        Please keep on doing what you are doing, because it is working very well for you. xx

        1. So last night I woke at gone just midnight and was still awake at 3am. So I did an iching reading just gain some insight. I’m really chilled currently about so much but that’s obviously not what a deeper level is picking up. Anyhow I drew. A 36. Basically just keep calm and carry on was the advice.

          1. Way to go by using this time in a productive way. I am learning to accept that some days I will rest, restore and recognise what is the current(s) working within. Then I might be out and about, crossing off items on my to do list or getting stuck with someone that is just wasting my time and exhausting my entire being. I will not accept my kindness being used as a weapon, that’s my big lesson. A very difficult one for me to succeed at, all of the time.

            I have found myself using the Oracle 1 and 2, it has helped to stop from writing to my recent no longer partnered to Toro. It’s still too fresh to process emotionally and to ensure that I am not giving any ammunition for further confusion or mixed messages. Just sort out the two outstanding things and that’s it. He won’t come to the table on any of these and that impacts our future (either jointly or not). I have given ample time. It’s a case of next week is the deadline. If no communication or resolution is found then it’s legal all the way on any and all outstanding fronts.

  29. Cannot read Terrence McKenna without hearing the words in his voice. Love it. SO jealous of this Frequency Guru for purely practical reasons. How can I find someone like this to make my place feel like a temple? I have been coming across references lately about the ancient Egyptians and likely other ancient people and how their monumental works (the Pyramids, the Hypogeum etc.) were possibly used in this way (as frequency/harmonics generators).

    And also recently learned about the ancient practice of Kulning, how women in Scandinavia used to call their herds back from the fields using this magical singing but at really loud frequencies that could travel across valleys. Anyway I am seriously interested in learning more about harmonics and how we can rediscover this ancient knowledge and use it again. Sounds like Frequency Guru is on to something huge.

    1. I agree! But that’s if he turns up lol. I am thinking of learning electrical engineering so I can master this – even just a short course to understand it. I know someone doing chemical engineering so she can make alchemical gold dust drinks. Engineering to help with magic is So now.

      1. Yes! People who combine engineering/science with magic are always the coolest people. I once met a bartender at a local foodie restaurant who was also an herbalist. She made amazing cocktails from her own herbal tinctures using plants she wild-harvested hiking in local trails.

        This science plus magic concept i something I’m going to have to put some thought into. I am approaching my Uranus Opposition and need an epic project like this to do something tangible with all the strange and esoteric tangents stored in my brain.

    2. Caterina senang

      Yes yes yes – this is my focus at the moment – there is freak out bout 5G etc – we can tune even more powerful frequencies

  30. Wish Upon a Star

    Gee Mystic I thought this writing was a bit of fiction like your Vanadium? stuff. But from the comments below I realise it is not, or is it? Venus/Neptune LOL!

    I have Venus trine Neptune. I wonder what is in store for me? Pisces Ascendant. Neptune in Scorp.

  31. OH wow Mystic! I think I remember you writing about the Frequency Guru at the time. Keep us posted!! xxx
    I am not surprised about this kind of weirding. Perhaps the world is so wonky right now that divine timing events have the renegade space in which to emerge. Then again, I would say that, wouldn’t I, because I have natal Venus sq Neptune with Neptune on my IC opp Jupiter/MC.
    Also, I have a pretty stellar example of this myself. The Mutable Toro and I actually lived on the same street about 10-15 years ago. His time in that more rural place was a real departure from the inner city places he usually lived. We were both still married and never met then. He is also from the part of the country in which I spent my creative renaissance when Neptune was on my Venus/Dsc.

    1. Aw, that IS a stellar story. It is like you & Mutable Toro vibe to the same space-time frequency and you needed the right timing to meet & form a mutual harmonious pitch. How lovely.

      1. Thank you xx So far, it’s been lovely.
        I know you’ll be keen to know this – his Gary at 29 Kataka is trine his Neptune and Chiron. Unsurprising that we bonded over our love of 70s-80s one hit wonders. 🙂

        1. Thank you so much, i have been meaning to ask.
          Uff, the G Force runs deep then – being on the anaretic degree of The Crab.
          And trine Neptune & Chiron …. speaks to me of a poet/wordsmith who can seamlessly channel the awesomeness of that golden by-gone era & present with fluid savviness & the laid back earthiness of Toro…..Wow … is it hot in here?..

  32. Also, how the FUQ does one find a harmonics or whatever either of these two technicians are/do in ones own area?!

  33. I’ve got a natal venus/neptune square in cardinal signs. Coule this be a help or a hindrance for the upcoming 40 days of weirding?

    Ah, love your storytelling Mystic and you’ve got the experiences worthy or telling!

    I’ve been getting little wifts and zaps of this.
    One situation involves having a closure/clarity conversation with someone I had an affair with which put me deep into old reaction patterns and wells of memory. Successfully came out of it BEFORE requesting said conversation. Now feeling unattached to the outcome i.e. not emotionally attached to him so can approach this with curiosity rather than recriminations. (fingers crossed)

    A more fanciful attraction that I admit has/is likely in my head more than anything physical. BUT I’m pretty sure real things are happening in another dimension (aware too that that does not mean it is meant to be anything real, but feeling grounded enough to sit back and enjoy.
    Yesterday I was called to write a little note to them (not to be sent) and then the next day catching some weird and cryptic synchronicity around it. (I’m treading carefully ahah)

    Thirdly I’m packed and ready to move over the weekend. After 5 years of living alone in a basement apartment I’m moving into a dream home (the physicaly home itself.) with 4 other women. Let the weirding begin! I know what’s up ahaha.

  34. R(Aqua/Tauri)

    Ummmmmmmm this sounds like a Danielle Steele novel if it incorporated themes of philosophy and higher consciousness, would actually read this please tell us what happens!!!

  35. Mystic, that sounds brilliant. I’m jealous. I’ve got the reemergence of the energy from an intense love zombie situation that was exploded by the Pluto/Saturn conjunction over my natal Venus last year. It was messy and deeply unpleasant. Now the feelings are all coming up again, but also exquisite clarity about why it isn’t and has never been the kind of relationship I dreamt about. I’m still in contact with this person (not romantically) and now there is this weird tension between what is real and valuable (it is still a friendship that is important to me as we do meet on multiple levels) and the love zombie version of me’s greatest hits. It’s fascinating energy-wise, but now it’s obvious that I need to start research on harmonic frequencies…(feed that mutable energy!!)

  36. MutatisMutandis

    Wow!! Wow!! Eagerly anticipating updates to this saga… 🍿🍿🍿

    I commented on my own Neptune/Venus inanity in the other thread… this sounds much more fun! Not to mention… an electricity whisperer… where does he have Uranus in his chart?!?! Uranus in Virgo in aspect to Chiron on the MC/IC axis maybe?

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