Daily Mystic For Wednesday 7 December

Welcome to Marsville. We are all Arieans now…or can at least relate to them more. And actual Aries people are psyched – in a good way of course.Β 

I am referring to the proximity of Earth and Mars, the Sun-Mars opposition and the Full Moon conjunct Mars. See Friday’s D.M. for the first rave re this if you haven’t already.

The following applies until Friday – I am giving the actual Full Moon a healthy buffer zone.

(1) This astro-phenom stimulates your natal Mars energy which can be fantastic: you’re more in touch with your courage, re-appreciate the things you can achieve with stamina and enjoy helpful tactical insights re your current core goals.

But you can also become very easily vexed or overly zoom in on past defeats. Managing your personal Mars vibe is the key to gliding through this Martian eclipse.

(2) The Gemini-Saggo Full Moon-Sun polarity is renowned for stimulating a pull between between the desire for a grand statement or gesture – Saggo idealism writ large – and a more worldly need to nimbly dart around the contradictions of the day.

This could easily play out through relationships – business and personal – with each accusing the other of being too cynical or overly naive. Fend that off by going out of your way to not only understand the other point of view but to eloquently show that you get it.

(3) Retro-Mars and this Full Moon in Gemini make your words extra-important this week. Whatever you’re negotiating, creating or managing, it is worth putting in the extra effort to craft communication.

(4) Finally, whatever you consider your tools to be, this Mars Vibe is a good time to polish, order and maintain them. And a toolbox with everything to hand is a fantastic house witching energy for this week in general!


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  1. Loved this MM. Wearing my Athena armoury and cleaning the house past midnight. I tell you these Greek myths knew nothing about the magic of bi-carb of soda!!πŸ’«πŸ€ŒπŸ˜…πŸ—―

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