Lou Reed Was Archetypal Mercury In Aquarius

Lou Reed was born with Mercury in Aquarius. This alone is an astrological talisman that gives you word-wizardly powers and iconoclastic wit. You can’t say a thing without questioning the concept or wanting to reinvent the vocabulary and sentence structure.

Additionally, his Mercury was conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter in eloquent Gemini. A Jupiter trine amplifies everything. Reed was a genius muso, artist, and – for years – an unabashed party animal. But he was problematic in his personal life and hell to interview.

You can see how such a strong and self-directed Mercury would balk at the artificial deep-but-not-really circus of a press interview. Or the demands of publicity and the desire for quotable bon mots.

Reed epitomized Seventies cool and its subcultural scene. People called him the Godfather Of Punk. It was the Neptune in Sagittarius era that also gave us disco, Debbie Harry,  Patti Smith, the Ramones, and more.

He was mercurial at heart, studying journalism, writing poetry, lyrics, and screeds of rants. Before multi-media was fashionable, he created niche offerings: meditation music, collaborations with people he’d just met, and homages to people like Edgar Allen Poe. Nobody confines or defines Mercury trine Jupiter.

Life is like Sanskrit read to a pony,” he said, sounding super Mercury in Aquarius.


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  1. I was home alone at age 15, the only time in my entire childhood, I’m sure, and going through my dad’s record collection, when I found the the banana. Rocked my world! The margins of my notebooks were obsessively filled with Venus in Furs lyrics for the next year. Lou was my first muso crush. My first LTR was his neurotic Sag doppelgänger, looks and personality and weirdo flamboyance and tortured sunglasses and all. Man. I’m super sad.

  2. Transformer was also a big album for me in my 20s. Satellite of Love was my favourite song from it. I still sing it to myself from time to time – divine.
    Loved his diverse sexuality expression – that was so exotic to a girl from the working class suburbs.

  3. Scuse the typos.
    Dyslexia & tears not great combo
    Hope the gist of that got through
    Sad songs
    My own little pity party
    Right here
    Right now
    That’s what’s happening

    1. Hi there BM. I’m sorry you have gone thru this heart ache. I actually think you are doing the right thing. Mourn the loss and cry for broken dreams…but when it’s done and you’re through, get up, and get cracking again like you know you can. All the best chook

      1. Ta darling.
        Woke up feeling totally awesome.
        I needed to mourn the loss.
        One hasn’t ever really “done grief” before.
        For me the victory was just letting myself feel it and admitting what I feel and riding thru it rather than trying to fix a la “doing something, or someone else”
        And ease up me pls Zip it. If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them. Lol it’s fairly simple. I feel safe sharing here so quit being a bully. I have a diary. But you do have a point. I am aware this is not the most riveting of plots. Your comments were a tad on the harsh side tho. ESP since you’re not exactly revealing much about YOUR dark moon process. But hey it’s all good. Maybe I AM an attention seeking blog hog. Sue me.

  4. Listening to the most depressing love zombie anthems of all time.
    Actually managed to have a little cry too.
    Wallowing is the partying.

    I will feel this.
    It will not kill me.
    I will emerge stronger and wiser, do more yoga and make healthier choices in emotionally.
    I will not deny my feelings and will not act out on them.
    Lets just get thru tonight astro homies.
    Losing Lou is kind of symbolic of the feeling of having to let go of that sexy lower Neptunian addiction stuff. I’m not trying to diss Lou at all I fuqin adore him and the VU so much but yeah…so much of that “use sex, drugs and rock and roll to get you through the night just cutting it post zap zone.
    We really fucking do need to evolve.
    For me that means not using BDSM as a way of turning people into objects.
    Not using space dust and vodka to shut down feelings and be hip and glam when I’m feeling shy and vulnerable and saying “no” when I mean no.
    If it means turning down money, well that’s too bad. What was the money going to do for me anyway? I’m not saying this was a lifestyle but it would creep in every couple of months and usually because there was emotional pain I wasn’t willing to face. I can do this. I can. Fuck guys who use me as their emotional back door and break all their promises and dump me (last year) or get married (this year) on my birthday. I’m worth so much more than that. Why can’t I practice it? Wh do I keep myself open to guys who are obviously dangerous in that addictive, compulsive way.
    I am not June Carter. He is not Jonny Cash.
    I’m just romanticising a lower Neptunian scenario and it will kill me if I don’t kill it. Fuck it hurts. I miss him. But I AM NOT A VICTIM.
    Knock knock knocking on heaven’s door. Anthony and the Johnsons
    Tears again.
    Bring it on.

    1. One of my ancient karmic loves got married on my birthday… he also took his ring of his finger and slid it across the table to me at a dinner catch up after he found me when I’d moved away on our first catch up and immediately after the revealing of the date.. yeah, there is something bizarre and shocking about that and I refused, of course, to handle it as it slid right next to my plate. Without the whole story (and you can be sure there’s one right) he attempted to stay in my life for around a decade after, flitting in/out, always saying it was ‘me’ and never doing a thing about it … not even respectful enough to stay out of my life when I was in a long term relationship. When I’d really cleared the energy and called him on his one sided agenda he was gone and has been for a few years. Oh, don’t get me wrong I totally expect to hear from him again as we’ve had lifetimes but the arena has changed and there’ll be no conquer and he’s not keen on my terms. I’ve really neutralised the energy between us. There is nothing now other than the sense off the karmic link but no emotional ties and I’d have to work hard to muster up any nostalgic feelings as well… they’d feel false now.

      This is an empowering time, not a disempowering time but the outer signifiers would have you believe so and that shrinking within/back is the only way through but the key and the door are inside and there is a glow of light to guide you that will become stronger as you follow the passage and often the darkness does too but that’s an old trick, designed to suppress true nature, make it bend, fit in, or dissolve it entirely until there is but a shell. Follow your wild nature and don’t diminish self for reasons other than your own.. really your own, not circumstantial reasons that you now claim as your own or that other’s have gifted to you or insisted you’d be better off adopting. Staying authentic takes work and although it can, at times, be a solo and arduous journey is always worth it in the end. Strength be with you lady.

      Have you read Women who run with the Wolves?

      Call up La Loba and sing over the bones …

      1. Thanks Centauraus. It’s my all time favourite book.
        I really appreciate you sharing your experience with me. Yep. It’s an old story. I’m good tonight.
        In a really peaceful and happy space. Thanks

      1. That was meant for Blue Moon not you Centaurus. I don’t mind reading love zombie stories but not the same ones over and over from attention seeking blog hog peeps.

  5. Lou was a Pisces Water Horse. How watery is that??? I find it significant he passed between two eclipses and with the Moon in Leo – only a really significant performer would go then 🙂 AND so close to Halloween.
    I love Lou so much.

  6. This is a great example of what planet placements can do to alter the dark v. light versions of a star sign or chart.
    Tauruses are always seem to be listed as being boring, quiet, staid …the type to become stay-at home family man stockbrokers or footballer numbskulls.
    At best, their hedonism is portrayed as being more like either a lazy boy with a beer or at best Frasier Crane in his comfy albeit expensive lounge chair listening to opera instead of ‘the game’.

    This description and portrayal of Lou Reed reminds me of Scorpio cliche or possibly Sagittarius or yes, Libra ( I can see that in his penchant for socializing)…maybe Gemini? Only that’s more about communication versus actually socializing or partying, I guess.

    It’s interesting he has a (possible) double venus sign domination.
    It seems the Libra may well be a very strong influence on his chart judging by his behaviors.

    Is this the type of placement that can take the Pisces cliche of being escapist addicts and show it’s presence?
    A person who is not a Pisces but has, for instance, Neptune in Pisces possibly in the 7th or 11th house would live up to the cliche more than a sun, moon or AS Pisces?

  7. lou reed is one of my favorite musicians, I think this is the first musicians death I have lived through that actually bums me out, I would even see to what he listened to on spotify and try it out sometimes, his sun was the same degree in pisces as my sun apparently, i dont want to be melodramatic but he might be my favorite musician, I get tired of things really quickly and listened to him a lot more the last two years, but I never got tired of it, basically I have trouble expressing how much I like something, I really really liked lou reed, and its sad to see him go
    RIP Lou Reed

    1. David5379 so many fond memories shared listening to Lou Reed on vinyl. A genius. Still now there is something that moves me about his lyrics and music. After 30 years I can still enjoy him.

  8. Coney Island Baby

    I adore Lou Reed, then, now, always will. the glacial cool, the snide remarks, the sunglasses, the leather, the darkly poetic lyrics that plummed my gutter soul, exposed that jagged edge that I keep covert and covered, made me feel it was alright.

    To me, Lou was Rock n’ Roll on all its many facets… garish, glittering, guttering, brave, false and true.

  9. My generation and right up my alley (except not the drug use). But Walk on the Wild Side was an inspirational phrase, one I think modestly I might have reached in my ‘sixties!) and the shivers still run up my spine when I listen to this song. BTW, Reg Livermore did a brilliant version of this song on this album Betty Blokkbuster Follies, sadly couldn’t find on YouTube (and mentioning this album is really giving my age away!).

  10. RIP. LR.
    Am in the midst of the worst LZ relapse ever.
    Literally feel I’m dying from broken heart.
    Have no idea where the Scorp thing (apart from my two lililth’s and progressed sun ) is happening at 12 degrees in my chart.

    I guess waking up listening to “jar of hearts” is never a good sign.
    Not a song I’d normally listen to but fuck it.
    Compiling love zombie playlist and just gonna drink loads of water, vitamin C – yeah caught a cold at Nick Cave concert last night.
    Am just so low on every level, physically, emotionally, financially.
    No one to blame but myself. Hopefully it’s just part of a cathartic growth process. Blue Moon remix by the cowboy junkies is just so where I’m at right now. This is one mofo of the darkest shade of a blue moon I gotta say.

    1. Hon wouldn’t it be better for you to fight the feelings go outside, exercise and stay the fuq away from the “longing/ melancholy playlist”
      Someone here once said ” if they are not in your bed they are not in your head”

      1. If that wasn’t how I normally dealt with thing, yes. In my case, feeling the sadness is a huge victory. Been traveling since age of 15. Have always been “strong” Finding the opening of my heart via letting myself feel sadness much harder than stuff I’ve done before. Appreciate your input tho. Thanks

  11. Coincidently i mentioned Lou Reed’s phrase about Rhianna not being a coloured girl that goes ‘do de do’.
    The 70’s was surely a walk on the wild side. He gave many peoples ‘permission’ to be, if they needed it that is.

    1. some people just have that ability. we lost a good one yesterday x

      was really looking forward to reading his astro but sadly no real birth deets.

  12. Nice manicure in this pic! The iconic Warhol cover Velvet underground record provided many hours of excellent BGM to my Uni studies back in the day. A pioneer and a poet of passion. That’s a lot of Taurus there!

  13. Transformer was the sound track to my early adult years, and for my late brother too. I read online this morning that LR had a failed liver transplant which makes me think Hep C, same as what caused my brother’s early demise a few years ago, such a lower neptune-y kinda 70s vibe. “I was sleeping, gently napping, when I heard the phone….” R.I.P Lou.

    1. Was one of mine as well.. and a few that have left for a perfect day elsewhere.

      Sorry to read that about your brother.

    2. Thanks for this comment, I also have friends who are Pisces and had Lou Reed as one of their growing up influences. Pisces people who also had hep c and non-conformist lives.

      1. hands up – that’s me! (pisces moon and pisces rising) I remember once calling a radio station (JJ) and asking them to play “Heroin” as we waited to score, no phones in them days, you sat at home listening to the radio and waiting – funnily enough, they didn’t put our request on…

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