Astrological Infidelity Indicators

Of all the questions i am asked – and I get some doozies – the one I’m never asked is that classic hoary old query of fortune tellers: Is he/she cheating on me? If you look at the ads for psychic hotlines in the back of the ladies-mags, two thirds of them are offering to answer questions along those lines.

Strangely enough, “are they cheating?” is actually a way easier question to answer via astrology than “are we compatible?” or “will we end up together?”

Why? Because cheating has an astrological signature. It’s Neptune for sure.  An adverse or strong Neptune transit to the Ascendent, Moon or Venus leaves a slimy green trail of violet-scented ooze, it’s like a wet patch lol.  Okay, i am being silly but if you look at the chart of the suspected cheater, there will be Neptune casting that weird glow of other-worldly allure/denial/escapism.

If that person does not have a good relationship with Neptune in his/her own life, Neptune sidles in the door, usually in the helpful guise of someone hot, vibing soulmatie and spouting poetry. Cue the orchestra.

Yes, you could argue that Pluto or Uranus transits can also produce love triangles but Pluto is not so much infidelity as straight up “I’m leaving you for X” or “I’m moving inter-planet and you’re not coming with me.”  If Uranus or Pluto are playing up in your life, you don’t want any constrictions, not even the hassle of having to bullshit to your partner.

Whereas lower or negative Neptune kind of thrives on it…So if you’re in the rather irritating position of suspecting someone is playing away, don’t bother with the credit card deets/new undies sort of scrutiny, check Neptune. And then look to your own chart because if your suspicions are founded, YOU are bound to be under the influence of Saturn.

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  1. I think the following placements can be associated with infidelity: Moon in Aries, Venus in Aries, Moon in Gemini, Venus in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius, Mars in Sagittarius, Sun in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius.

  2. If a person has mercury/mars conjunct in Virgo, and a natal moon in libra square Neptune….and currently, transiting Neptune is opposing his Mercury/Mars conjunction in Virgo…would this be an indicator of cheating, as well?

    Sun Leo (12th)
    Leo Rising
    Libra Moon
    (Venus at 17-18 Virgo).

  3. Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

    my DH has neptune transiting in his 1st house, in fact, practically sitting on his jupiter; meanwhile I just finished my Saturn return, just astrological minutes ago. But I don’t suspect him of cheating; we just found out he probably has cancer of the esophagus. So Neptune can mean other things besides cheating, what is cheating is the damn cancer; it is cheating us both.

  4. I really wish I was good at this I keep reading charts on Astrodienst and cant seem to work this out, All I know is that he has neptune in scorpio at 9 degrees. I have neptune in Libra. What else do I need to look up….

  5. OH NO! Neptune si going to sqaure my boyfriends Gemini moon & venus. &my sun! when neptune was on my natal venus l felt bewitched and left it all behind. it was a sextile and yet l couldn’t help myself. Then Saturn came bang and l woke up. Saturn has to get a move on from natal Pluto here fast l have endured enough!
    and if enough si not enough Saturn is on my composite Libra ASC & conjunct Composite Pluto 1st house. Enduring is my/our middle name by now!

    1. So, what happened? I guess you just broke up because you found out he was cheating on you and you were living the dream and then realized he was not the person you think he was, or at least acted…

  6. Libbyleo- ramzia moon

    Does anyone know whats a good indicator of loyalty? it shows in my lover’s chart that he is flighty and always looking for adventure, change … I’m way cool with this … as long as his heart doesn’t wonder off as well ?

    1. Moon in Leo and Venus in Leo are very loyal and faithful. Sun in Aries and Mars in Aries are like that too.

      Moon in Aries and Venus in Aries are big time cheaters though because the feminine planets don’t feel comfortable in Aries at all, whereas Sun and Mars, the masculine planets can bring out the best side of Aries – Sun is exalted in Aries and Mars rules Aries.

      You can’t go wrong with Moon in Virgo, Venus in Virgo, Sun in Taurus, Mars in Taurus either. Very down to earth, loyal placements.

  7. Its so true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! both my exes have afflicted Neptune conj. Moon + Venus opp. Mars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me with with my Pluto sq. Venus couldn’t handle the evasive BS that they give off! Thanks mystic stay AWESOME!

  8. I have venus in pisces at 7 degrees….could I be feeling the neptune pull already?…I would normally only pay attention when it is within 5 degrees.
    I have had the urge to cheat the past 6 months with fantasies abundant and a real life flirtatious liaison. Been with the same guy for 20 years and only this year have I felt the urge stirring. I guess it doesn’t help that uranus is also heading towards my natal aries sun and chiron….and saturn in libra has been sitting on my uranus all year….in my seventh house no less.
    what to do? what to do?

    1. don’t. karma’s a bitch if you are 😉
      but then again it could be that he’s cheating on you and his is you getting your revenge unknowingly? bleeehhhh

  9. So i have Neptune currently conjunct my 1 degree Pisces Asc retroing into my 12th and trining my Gem Venus conj Kataka Mars. Cheating hasn’t been part of my life thus far (from my side, ha I’m a saint) – does this mean this transit is going to change all this? It does go on for quite some time. Hmmm, have been meeting a lot more men this year and getting more attention than ever lately. But right now i’m getting quite cozy with the Toro; and his Sag Moon, Libra Asc and Aries planets are keeping it interesting and fun. Note to self “stay fluid”. Saturn is 3 deg from conjg his Asc and Neptune is 23 deg from squaring his Moon. Interesting experiment, time will tell. Oh, I just remembered the wayward Aqua…. no no no, I am a faithful little pussycat.

  10. My fav topic: Neptune 🙂

    here I am: a Pisces ASC, chart rulers Neptune conj Jupiter (old and new patrons), the duo oppose Venus conj Saturn to the minute

    I understand everything else on my chart, this quad puzzles me always. Four planets in duos straddle four houses.

    I cheated at the end of relations, because I didn’t have the courage to say it was over (Neptune oppose Venus). Chicken, I know. By then older males were around, who tipped power balance in favor of themselves – something I eventually resented (Neptune oppose Saturn).

    Now tr Neptune square natal Neptune+Jupiter+Venus+Saturn again to the minute, am staying away from relations like plague unless they are about friendship + intellectual discussions.

  11. Hmm, what to do then when both Saturn and Neptune transits happen to the same person?
    I have natal Pluto mid-Libra (squaring natal Mars…), and asc at the beginning of Sagg.

    Thanks for the interesting post.

  12. What about an adverse transit of Neptune to Mars? Wouldn’t that count, just as it would to Asc, Moon, or Venus?

  13. Funny, was going to ask that question with my last consult but not sure how it would go over. But one KNOWS, sooner or later, lay still enough the signs will appear.

  14. This completely fits the end of my 7 year relationship. Neptune was opposite his venus, trine his ascendant and conjunct his North Node while Saturn was in positive aspect to my Sun, moon, mercury and venus. The positive aspects with Saturn may explain why I was kind of glad it was all over and when he wanted to come back I just couldn’t bear the thought of it. Brilliant as usual, Mystic.

  15. wonderful.
    When I left ex hubby, I immediately got together with my now ex boyfriend….Uranus transiting my 7th had landed on my natal Dark moon Lilith.

  16. “If that person does not have a good relationship with Neptune in his/her own life, Neptune sidles in the door, usually in the helpful guise of someone hot, vibing soulmatie and spouting poetry. Cue the orchestra.”

    Is this really how I come off? I have Nep square Venus (Cap/Aries), plus Pisces ascendent (conj Mars), so I guess I do. I’m not the cheating type, though. I couldn’t live with myself if I was. I’d just avoid commitment altogether.

  17. Neptune has been conjunct my Asc and Moon (they’re at 2 Pisces) for a while now. I’m single and I’d never cheat on anyone, but I’ve definitely been in an, erm, interesting frame of mind recently.

  18. Neptune in the 7th – think it meant that, in my twenties, I would always suspect a partner was not being totally honest with me, even if they were.
    Now (that I have had a sat return lols) I can not imagine being in any relationship that was like any I have been in before…esp any like that of my 20’s.

  19. Scorpio Sun/Rising

    I have always suspected that my ex cheated on me but never found out for sure. However, I just put in the dates for when the marriage fell apart and …..BAM! Neptune sitting directly atop his ascendant and ME having a Saturn transit.

    the pig!


    1. Ex Scorp hb had Neptune and Saturn squaring his Venus when he cheated on me with my bf. I had bloody Saturn on my Sun opp trans Neptune. But it’s all good, meant to be.

  20. neptune is squaring my ex-partners venus and mars…this would be a sign yes? he left me for another who he said he’d met a week ago, wasnt sure where he met her and wouldnt tell me her name.

      1. Yes! You are the case study that proves my point! Saturn sq As will make you fit, rich and sophisticated but you might be in a bloody bad mood for a bit.

          1. oh and im sure you have written of this before but is there a come-uppance transit i can look for in his chart? just so my own revenge fantasies can subside??

  21. I have Neptune barely conjunct Ascendant in Sagittarius. I have never cheated on anyone. I am the one that gets cheated on.

    As far as asking the question goes I don’t need to ask, because I trust my intuition more these days than in the days of being played. I know if i get 3 of Swords when I do tarot, I am being a sucker again.
    Knowing the answer to those harder questions like compatibility and will we end up together takes more skill and is why we pay a professional to do it instead of ourselves.

      1. I have Neptune conjunct my Asc in Sagittarius as well, and sadly I have fallen for Mr. Neptune in the “guise of someone hot, vibing soulmatie and spouting poetry”. I checked his chart and he has Neptune square his Asc in Aries, and conjunct his MC in Capricorn (if that has any bearing on it).

        I’ve never cheated on anyone. He cheated on me, ended up marrying the girl he cheated with and then she cheated on him twice. Her Neptune must be fuq’d up too, but they’re still together. Makes no sense to me.

        1. Oh, and I also have Neptune squaring Saturn in Virgo. Hopefully that doesn’t mark me as a cheater, but I think it might mean I’m doomed to suffer through a lot of crap despite Saturn’s careful planning and Virgo’s selfless generosity.

          1. yeah I don’t think Neptune Conjunct Asc is necessarily a cheater but i think if you aren’t the one cheating you get taken advantaged of by a cheater!

      2. unpredictable pisces

        ahhh 3 of swords. WOW that came up a LOT in my readings when I was doing my cards with the – both – ex bfs. I really need a new Tarot interp book; I think the one I have is …not informative.

      1. Not always a betrayal…means a “third party” interference. not always a person but like 90% of readings i have done for romance, it is. But it could be a job or activity that comes between you and your beloved.

  22. Okay so I have natal Neptune in Scorpio conjunct my Sun in Scorpio. I have cheated only as a means to break up with the old and go with the new. (Oy that sounds so so bad…) But the new liaisons lasted for years. In fact I married the last one.

  23. I natally have Neptune conjunct my Ascendant. This is no transit….. thank heavens it’s all in Capricorn. I don’t cheat (unles explicit fantasising counts??). It’s more that if I meet that hot someone there’s no stopping temptation and whoever I’m with at the time will be gone outta my life faster than you can say “boo” to make way for some Neptunian romance that will last the whole of a few months then…. “goodbye”. Mostly I just don’t do relationships. I was in one for six years – stellium in Cancer seventh house kept all my fantasies abated and my love in line.

    So. Really. What I’m saying is: I can completely see the connection to Neptune and cheating. Though I wasn’t in a relationship I had a massive love triangle when Pluto came to join the party recently. But, I think, depending on the individual other aspects can weigh heavier – when i was in the six year relationship there were temptations but I never felt the desire to act on them and ruin what I had.

  24. The Leo Socialite

    Hmmm, given that my now ex husband had secretly purchased a brothel (pre credit crunch) i am having to assume now that neptune had crashed into his car.

    Or he was snorting it along with the other shit. But i do know that the whole thing made me to be saturn woman when i just wanted to dissolve into a snivelling lunatic. So that was good?

    can i also blame mercury retrograde for making me input the wrong numbers all the time and write like english as if my 2nd language? is it just happening to leos?

      1. unpredictable pisces

        my ex bf has ambitions to do same (not secretly though). one of the many reasons I stopped liking him…that and the wearing neptune on the sleeve thing

        1. My ex became an ex when he traveled to Prague and foreign countries not to sight see but visit underage brothels. deal breaker. No matter how much he tried to justify that men can’t control themselves and it’s legal over there so bad can it really be. Immoral, and disturbed individual.
          There were red flags before but, I was young and in denial I couldn’t imagine someone to be so disgusting.
          If I could travel back in time to change events I would to avoid him.
          Strangely enough there wasn’t any astrological warning signs of cheating or being a perv, but violence the astrologer warned me of violence but, he was a thin weak of a geek so, I discounted it. Wrong!!! He collected and carried strange knives and studied martial arts. Stronger than he looked and more violent than I imagined.

    1. Oh. My. God. I thought mine was bad for snorting half of Bolivia and FREQUENTING brothels, but….Mother of God.

      1. I wonder if Neptune covers both cheating, drug addiction and prostitution or if it can be separated and analyzed as such?
        I follow some forensic astrology sites and cases and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Would think Scorpios would be interested in the criminal aspects of astro charts though.

    2. TLS..well rid, and doubtless with supreme style, lady. Clearly, he just didn’t match you in the true style stakes, yah? I mean, love the fake “business” cred of PURCHASING the thing. Bogue bloke does not become you.

  25. Neptune opposite my Venus was a slow love erosion, fog lifted, veil parted; take your pick. ugh. Neptune square Moon in 4th I was very ill with stomach issues. Thanks Mystic great topic, love the Neptune cuss + discuss.

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