Yesterday’s Strange Space Weather Phenom

Did you feel the full-on, amazing proton flux event on May 8? As we approach Solar Maximum, geomagnetic storms and solar flares are more common so we’re becoming accustomed to a buzzier atmosphere but this was different.

FYI: the most recent Solar Maximum was in 2014 – I was in love and didn’t know a thing about Space Weather so perhaps I was misattributing the buzz.

Anyway, the May 8 phenom occurred between 11.00 – 14:00 Universal Time and while it is associated with a high solar wind, the actual event is known as a “Polar Cap Absorption Event”- see below.

I didn’t know any of this at the time yet I was suddenly elated and aware of something I can only describe as cosmic consciousness, along with a newly vivid appreciation of music. Ophiuchus had just risen and the Sun was conjunct plus parallel Uranus but even so, it was remarkable.

Later I checked out the Space Weather and voila! Of course it could have been down to many factors but the timing was bang on. It may also have been a rise in Schumann Resonance but it’s difficult to get info re this as the scientific data does not call it Schumann Resonance, as such.

Solar storms are usually agitating and inspirational but unsettling, this was different. If I could have paused it, I would have.

Could it have been from the proton flux en route to the South Pole (not implausible, it travels along magnetic lines) temporarily absorbing all the low-frequencies/shortwave radio/electro-pollution?

Did you feel anything unique, amazing and/or off algorithm on May 8?

The images below are from Space Weather.

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    1. I legit think it will be a thing. How could mainstream television not be offering Space Weather broadcasts at this point?

  1. The Lion & The Centaur

    I felt so elated, happy and joyful all of last week that I actually Googled hypomania symptoms 😂

  2. Yes I felt exhilarated after a post flu slump, astro trickery of the sun crossing my Merc or general shitty moods for a week.

  3. I didn’t feel anything at that particular time but about 5 hours later I did. Would this still have something to do with it?

  4. I felt a lift and a positive shift around the time of this proton flux. It’s interesting because most other space weather seems to have agitated me in a challenging way so far.

  5. The last round of geomagnetic storms killed me. I felt agitated and bad. But Monday suddenly I felt all this motivation to get out of my slump post-trauma and started journaling, walking, meditating, and Pilates-ing every day since. Yesterday I had a beautiful day filled with synchronicities and connection! I felt at one with nature and was having some peak experience type stuff which is lingering somewhat today. Just went from super down to feeling supported by the universe.

    1. Mobility is nobility & a walking meditation cures just about all sits & slumps. Those peak experiences our blessings & rewards for ‘doing the work’ as you have surely done intensely over the years, Aqua/Tauri.

  6. Yes, yesterday was energetically agitating for sure, I even felt a similar rise in energy late in the day on the 7th.

  7. Wow, loving reading all the comments here! There really is no online community like Mystic’s. 💖 Mystic, YES!! – I had a similar experience to you earlier this week and it was quite surreal! Music that I’ve listened to before and don’t usually get a lot out of suddenly felt very ‘alive’ and potent. I felt strangely conscious of each and every part of the music and felt each and every part reverberate joyfully inside my body. I generally do really get into music but this was next level, in a way I haven’t felt the music since being highly intoxicated at a party aeons ago.
    I can’t give an exact time though sorry – but it was definitely Monday or Tuesday. Felt it a couple of times and a generally jovial cosmic vibe – the most uplifting vibe in a very long time.

    1. Exactly – I would love to work out the precise mechanism behind this. I came bk to this post as there may be another one of these events about to occur.

  8. This would have been about 3:00-6:00AM my time, and I had such a significant dream that I made a note of it when I woke up:
    I had dreamed that I had no place to live and had to sleep in front of a 7-11 (a big chain convenience store), and then as I realized that this was not a safe place to sleep, I started folding up my blankets and found someone else’s blankets also there. I found that there was a whole community around the corner of the 7-11, not visible from the street. It was a thriving, intentional community with children, building innovative structures and working on projects to create more sustainability. Some were planning to raise chickens. Some were traveling and visiting other communities all over the world. The longer the dream went on, the more space the community turned out to have. The children were very happy and being educated in a very healthy way that allowed each one to realize their unique genius. We were singing and dancing together in a big building that could have been an abandoned warehouse or a barn, but now had infinite potential.

  9. Phew!
    Yesterday was the final day of a 4-day meditation retreat with visiting Buddhist monks from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village in France. The entire weekend was TRES Taurean (Also, Nhat Hanh’s got Mars in Taurus…at 18 degrees, which also is my current progressed Venus degree). The weirding I so appreciated (as an aqua too) because the monks were not only inspiring but real and very much in tune with ‘real life’. I also appreciated that many inroads were made to connect with people and bridge the teachings.

    The weekend was so intense in that it was so gentle! So nourishing, and revitalizing. I felt like I was rising and bobbing at the surface where mud and lotus meet. Where psyche and mind touch. We had the opportunity to receive the 5 mindfulness training and commit to them. At first, I didn’t want to, but the downloads I was getting were no joke. To have had this happen on the closing out of the Scorpio/Taurus axis, which is my 10/4th house axis was wild like walking out of chaos and flopping down onto grassy land. I am home, I am safe, I can grow, I can breathe.

    I was given a dharma name – living compassion of the source. All of this coincides with this tectonic calling towards what feels like a colossal calling. My knees shake at it, and I remind myself that it’s Pluto Aquarius related and it’s a 20-year journey. I’m in.

    1. I am intensely inspired, a bit jealous and feel like I am looking into a room full of light from my cave. I’d love to hear about your journey for the next 20 years.

      1. Thank you for sharing this 5thHouseCap.
        I am glad it has inspired and I understand the feeling of jealousy. I had that same mix of feelings towards one of the young monks who grew up in the world of Plum Village where she would walk around hand and hand with Thich (My heart hurt so bad as I compared that to what my own childhood felt like). And eventually, that feeling passed, remembering how many lives are being lived and that this one aspect of this one stranger’s life is not their whole story, nor is the pain it’s hitting in me my whole story. Nor would it be for you. Follow the feeling of inspiration as the feelings of jealousy get to be aired too and so cared for.:)

        When I think about the next 20 years, the sense and feeling is around how to die (in all the ways death can be, mortally or otherwise), and how to surrender to my truth more than my pain. Learn how to do that – or be that – and how to witness and be with others in that, in my small and valuable way. Which I guess is just how to live me? lol, we’ll see

      2. Corduroy jeans

        Gracias Rubedo, so much, for sharing. Xooxoo I too love and loved Thich Nhat Hahn’s books, words and teachings. I can only imagine the intuitive downloads you received during the meditation retreat – simply indescribable…❤ i have searched up the 5 mindfulness trainings, i’d forgotten their name, thank you, thank you XOO
        I’m in awe at the thought of you, bracing for and embracing, the parts of life we call death, in all its forms. Please, keep sharing, only if you can. And i am relieved, it isn’t just me – I too, meditate on it every day, (sometimes involuntarily) but the result is difficult to integrate – because you can feel such intense joy and sorrow at the same time, knowing how beautiful a present moment can be, while knowing equally strongly how temporary it is. (In my instance, i probably need more mental discipline in not getting carried away with emotion – i think mindfulness is the answer again, here..?)
        Yes that eclipse was all about lifting the lifeless fingers of past & future from the heart fire of the present, wasn’t it?? I think your quaking knees are carrying you to completely the right place, Rubedo – please keep sharing, 🙏 he is still walking with us isn’t he? (Thich Nhat Hahn – as he would say, he has just “changed form”, like the clouds to rain..) 💖💖

      3. This is so beautiful! Glad to have brought the 5 mindfulness training back to you:) Yes, I agree about that deep experience of joy and sorrow when dropping into contemplating the present moment, both its fullness and transience. I too get carried away with the emotion, but began to understand that’s what was happening. The feeling of it happening is more familiar so I’m a bit better at noticing it, letting the emotions go and dropping back in.
        looove the words ‘lifting lifeless fingers of past and future from the heart fire’!

      4. Corduroy jeans

        Hi Rube, oh no – you have the best words. Your “how to surrender to my truth more than my pain..” has become my post-eclipse mantra !! <3 <3 🙂 Thank YOUUUUUU….. XOO XOO

      5. How Scorpionic are your insights, befitting the recent eclipse! The art of how to die is the original instant yogic path. I am actually very inspired by your words. They feel like they have the depth of a mountain lake, but at the same time, have the lightness and laughter of a mountain river – bubbling and brook-y.

        Your realisation of a stranger’s piece of life not being yours (or mine for that matter) entire truth or some of lived experience of infinite lives, is profound. Every thought of ours gives rise to a parallel universe. Its through intense mindfulness that we sit still and get to enjoy the one we are currently incarnated in.

        Like others pn this thread, I echo that please continue sharing your experiences and thoughts. I will wait for them, to soak in their stillness and contribute to this community by raising our collective mindfulness. 🙂

  10. Indeed I did. Brought TOM (thankfully not too pain) and so many people needing support. A suicidal person unpacking their grief and guilt wounds, while a friend and I trying to navigate this whole situation with care and compassionate understanding. He proposed marriage and then called me a witch. Nice to seen that way I guess.
    On going telecommunications issues, information revealed and further investigation pending. Had this not been dealt with already…yes but no. Grrr.
    Ticketing malfunctions with public transport and three telephone calls to resolve. An intoxicated preacher man on public transportation prayed for me and severed ties for me. While unpacking his domestics violence and child custody issues…Moon Day Monday.
    How to cope – soundtrack my day – musicians are creators that recalibrate your brain, soul and spirit. Thankfully my order arrived so I’m applying Magnesium appropriately and feeling calmer.
    Today I faced a personally challenging day, found myself buying a new deck and tea reading book. Along with the Mother’s Day gift, while also discovering her mobile is no longer connected.

    P.S I love the daily scopes MM, such incredible insights.

  11. Corduroy jeans

    D’you know it was the oddest thing, and I feel so banal sharing. But it was tea-prep time here ( 6 to 9pm AWST) and I felt so overwhelmingly tired, and an intense urge to close my eyes and meditate. Like – not negotiable. I thought it was the ‘post-op’ recovery phase of the eclipse, to be honest. So I did – rebelled against myself – I sat and closed my eyes, and made up for a slightly late dinner by baking everybody apple crumble-as-dinner..!🤣🍏🥧 They didn’t mind one bit, but it WAS odd. Xoo

    1. Corduroy jeans

      The sun sends proton love, and I bake apple crumble..? Were pomme d’amours discovered during a solar max?? Is this why apples signify supposedly the short-lived delusion of the material realm?? While sun equals =Cosmic consciousness..? Wow I need a covfefe !😂

    2. Oh maaan, the non-negotiable stillness! it’s like universe mom patiently coo’ing while a rebellion tantrum is thrown by the soul. and then some peace hahaha
      I bet that apple crumble was filled with goodness from the pause.

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Hi Rubedo, so inspired and moved by your profound and poignant eclipse, as you wrote above, and so, super thrilled to see you ‘beat me to it’ in reaching out. Will reply above 💖💖- I certainly hope my apple crumble felt like love_made_material.😄💞💐

  12. Thank you Mystic for mentioning Space Weather last year sometime. Their newsletters have photos of auroras.

  13. I think I am sick, at the very least depressed because I have no motivation to do ANYTHING, but yesterday…precisely between these hours, I cleaned the basement storage and put random items belonging to ex on a second hand website! They had been sitting there for 3 years! I was wondering where did I get the energy from!

    In comparison, I missed a meeting today because I did not want to get up from bed, even though I was awake. 😶

    1. Darling it could be a dose of early winter blues?
      Spend energy to get energy is the old adage and go outside & 5 minutes of deep breathing of fresh air will shake off lethargy. Physically shaking it off works as well. Shakti & Shaking go well together.
      My ennui was cured, as soon as i hit the park with Miss Daisy Dog, the clean air emerald coloured trees & grass renewed me.

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Take care, 5HC Xoo I reckon it is eclipse energy leaving – just give yourself plenty of time..💗💞
        Pegs, as is typical your words are wonderful – I learnt a qi gong exercise that was all about shaking your hands, forearms, and arms, then shoulders loose, from a builder who came to fix our roof years ago – he was adamant he had cured himself of cancer through qi gong, after smoking since early teens, and he moved beautifully, so I believed his qi gong expertise at the very least. I need to learn.. XOO

      2. Qi gong is lovely to watch indeed. Am inspired to start yoga again after a few years of ‘going to’.
        Polish up with You Tube and DVD’s a la maison with heating turned to 25c. Stopped because it became too trendy and felt the theory lost out in a rush for Lululemon outfits and instagram photos and it’s the theory that’s so interesting.
        It takes me nearly 5 minutes just to get the standing posture, balance and breathing synched.
        Baby steps.
        Shall remind you to set a start date & time. It really is about honouring your body espesh with all the Taurean energy around.x

      3. Corduroy jeans

        I appreciate you, & this message, so much dearest Pegs XOOXOO Yes, I heard on one of the Buddha at the Gas Pump podcasts (or maybe the Guru Viking one..?) how the (physical) hatha yoga is only a tiny fraction of all the yoga sutras, and spirituality. It has always felt very personal to me, although that is also my introversion “habit”, and not always good – and a great teacher invaluable. I have been getting into Kim Yin Yoga on YouTube – really gentle but powerful! 💖xoo

      4. Wish Upon a Star

        Hi CJ. I just wanted to clarify it is Kim Yin Yoga : the lady with long ponytails. She includes specific yoga for each star sign, WOW! not Kim Eng who also does Yin Yoga?

        I would like to try Yin Yoga that has been recommended.

      5. Corduroy jeans

        Hi Wish, yes, I think that is the Kim Yin Yoga I have been watching on YT! (the beautiful long ponytails, and I have glimpsed some video titles featuring astrological signs, but haven’t done any of those – yet!!) Good luck – I have found her fabulous for stretching every inch, but gently. 🙂 XOO XOO

      6. Corduroy jeans

        Darling Pegs – I found the interview on BATGAP where I first learnt about the physical yoga being a tiny aspect of a much larger whole, that of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali..? (among other literature). Interview number 644 with Pravrajika Divyanandaprana Mataji – one of my fave interviews. Now, being a complete novice it was a complete learning curve for me, but you being theoretically inclined and aquainted with yoga, you will probably understand all immediately! (You can also read a transcript, if no time to listen). So much of the yoga sutras and Upanishads seems to correspond to Buddhist principles – ah, but it is a dream to maybe one day write something comparing the two..! (add it to the canon of literature already written about it, by peeps smarter than I!!) If you search her name on batgap dot com, the interview should come up. Xoo

      7. Wish Upon a Star

        Hi CJ. A few weeks ago I was looking into doing yoga training. I have always done Hatha Yoga and it feels right for me. It seems the training involves doing teacher training. Not sure if I want to teach. Intitially I just want my own practice. But also feel compelled to teach mum and bubs yoga. And kids yoga. As I am 55 I am also interested in yin and restorative yoga.

        I looked at courses in Bali. Apparently you can pay the same amount there and it also includes accommodation. But it all looked a bit too Facebook perfect to me and I questioned its authenticity. And the other extreme was Rishikish in India. Which is very traditional.
        There is a place in Bryon Bay that sounds good too.

        Anyway thanks for your comment that physical yoga is a tiny aspect of a much larger whole. I will listen to that interview.

      8. Wish Upon a Star

        I also wanted to share a powerful meditation I did last Monday night : feeding your demons with llama suprim allioni. Buddhist principles.

        I experienced a healing and it is still unfolding. Caution : make sure 😃 you allow down time after this for a week so you can integrate. That was my experience anyway.

      9. Quick note, yes!! They ARE related! 🙂 Not surprising since they both originated in India, though Buddhism is relatively a very modern religion and spiritual system.

      10. Love the cure stories! Fuck cancer. I believe him, btw. I had a terrible auto-immune disease when I was 22. I willed it away. No medicine. I can’t replicate the experience now snd I can’t explain how I did it. I…just did.
        I also got some allopathic treatment for it, but it was so invasive and way too expensive for my parents to afford (was still studying then) that I didn’t continue it. Yayyyy for Mr Roof Fixer. I can see you in my mind’s eye, climbing up the red roof of a pretty house of CJ! 🙂

      11. Corduroy jeans

        Hi 5HC, willing away your autoimmune condition sounds incredible!! 💖 Were you meditating a lot at the time..?? Or otherwise doing mantras, or even a yoga practice?? It sounds like what people describe when they open up a ‘siddi’ or other atypical ability through a practice, or even by awakening through accident/injury. Sickness is definitely metaphysical as much as physical, isn’t it? Xxoo
        Be gentle with yourself, and with hormonal upheaval. Trust your “gut” – it sounds pretty powerful to me!😉💝

      12. Corduroy jeans

        *So sorry – it is spelt “siddhi” – I had a feeling but wasn’t sure, but in the middle of cooking dinner and I didn’t have time to check!! Anyway – hope you feeling much better .. XOO

      13. Hi Dear CJ, I spent an inordinate amount of time alone (so unnatural for a 22 yo), taking long, long walks. It was also the time I was initiated into astrology without any plan (the book from the library just appeared in my dorm). Interestingly, while I learnt to manually cast charts around this time (2004), I forgot I even knew about it until 2018! A siddhi sounds way too advanced, but I do remember the dream-like fungible state where everything seemed like a haze and the only reality was inside my mind, if it makes any sense. I definitely think that I spent more time astrally than on Earth without any input from me. Maybe a time of high guidance and living off some previous good karma. 🙂

      14. Thank you, Sweet Pegs! I reluctantly went out to buy some fertility meds and to give a blood test. My IVF starts with next cycle. Felt good to bike there and back. Will try to go for a walk later tonight. Let me look up some shaking videos, so I feel better. Shakti and Shaking. I will remember that.

      15. Water Bearer, are you wanting a child? Watch moon placements for conceiving, usually the ones that correspond to ‘when to plant’ forget the ‘when to fish’ 🙂

      16. Thank you, Pegs! Yes, I tried one privately paid IVF and one IUI cycle in 2021 using a Lunar phases fertlity calendar (original proposed by Dr Jonas), but no luck. 🙁 Now, my turn has come in the publically sponsored IVF treatment in my host country. I love that single women have a right to conceive here. I can’t control the timing, unfortunately…as its a complex mix of Doctors’ availability and my induced cycle. I have decided to surrender to the process. I KNOW my daughter exists in the ether. I have felt her. If she wants to incarnate through me in this lifetime, she will have to find a way. I am doing everything I can to make it happen.

    2. Oh love! Your body is definitely communicating to you that it needs to rest and repair. And that’s okay! Sometimes we need to take time to reconnect with our physical body…. we can get too busy and ignore our sacred vessel!
      After the eclipse and now the weather event Mystic just touched on we are continually being hit with new cosmic frequencies, you’re allowed to feel off balance! Spending too much time in your mind can create the erratic pattern of thoughts which can create havoc! I think you need to put your feet on the ground, or connect to the earth with your hands on a deeply rooted tree & it will help you center back with earth🌲

      1. Hormones! Its bloody hormones! I am on pre-IVF Provera (Progestrone). I am such an idiot. It should’ve been my first diagnosis. Anyway, now that I know, I can continue eating my body weight in sugar and carbs, and slug it out without guilt. Growing Spinach on my balcony. Will go out walking and hug my favourite tree tonight. I miss my foster dog. 🙁 My mind is literally all over the place.

      2. Oh well okay, that will most definitely turn your life and mind, well on its head lol. Eat loads of root vegetables to reestablish a strong root chakra connection to earth, and attempt to stay out of your mind (easier said then done lol).
        Lately I’ve been living my days more aligned to the ruling planet (as part of an experiment) and I agree with Pegs on aligning with the moon. Mondays are ruled by the Moon and traditionally more fortunate for conceiving, make that a full moon and her powers are magnified! 🌕✨
        Hope your body has settled into a more livable environment 🤍

      3. I live by the planets of the days also, having read about them some decades ago, and have developed my own little rituals & routines since, eg. rest & self-care on Moon/Monday & taking action on Tyr/Tuesday. The names originate from Norse mythology and Latin – there was some crossover between the Germanic and Roman cultures at the time the names evolved.

        Some people correlate Wednesday (Odin) with Jupiter, and Thursday with Mercury; others attribute Thursday (Thor) with Jupiter. Personally i do Wedn = Jupiter, and Thurs = Uranus, even tho Uranus wasn’t known then. It just suits Thor’s association with lighting & thunder. But Uranus is also the higher octave of Mercury, so Mercury works just as well and is one of the original seven visible planetary bodies.

        Mon- = Moon
        Tues-/Tyr = Mars
        Wedn-/Woden/Odin/Zeus = Jupiter
        Thurs-/Thor = Uranus/Mercury
        Fri-/Frigg/Freya = Venus
        Satur- (L.) = Saturn
        Sun- = Sun!

      4. Hhhmm Mariposa this is all good food for thought! Especially the association of Uranus with Thursday because of the Thor association.
        I personally have been honoring the days with Wednesday associated to Mercury & Thursday associated to Jupiter but I must say I do like Uranus for Thursday….I can see however, depending on your practice because this falls in the Pagan realm how there can be interchangeable days.
        For me personally I felt the instant connection to Monday, and Friday.
        I’m ruled by Venus so it felt like she was waiting for me to ask for guidance….. MAGIC!

      5. Monday and Friday are my favourites too (Libra Sun, Taurus Moon). Very Lunar-Venusian. Mind you, if you see them in terms of planets & God/desses it makes it more enjoyable to bring out the best in each day rather than ‘another day another dollar’ type of slog that so many people seem to be stuck in. I’m so glad i found this information out a long time ago as it’s undoubtedly made my life a lot more charmed..! 🌝💫✨

      6. Exactly! It actually gives each day a unique theme/energy to draw on.
        Its definitely given my weeks more purpose and honestly the Planets DO respond! A charmed life is a happy life, the more we reconnect the more the universe responds! It’s a key to unlocking the power of the universe 🔑

      7. Love this! The Indian version is similar!
        Monday: Somvar: Shiva (Plutonic/Uranian)

        Tuesday: Mangalvar: Hanuman (Mars/Strength)

        Wednesday: Budhvaar (Mercurial/Higher mind)

        Thursday: Brahaspativar (Jupiter/Teacher)

        Friday: Shukravar: (Associated with feminine deities, both kinder and fiercer ones)

        Saturday: Shanivar (Saturnian: Restriction/ Discipline)

        Sunday: Ravivar (Sun! Vitality! Happiness)

        They have corresponding colours, metals, gods etc. So fascinating that despite there being absolutely no (historically known) contact between so geographically spread civilisations, they ended up with such similar systems!

      8. Hello Wish! A quick google of ‘planets ruling days of week’ will bring up all the info you need. A never ending research deep dive, I must warn you! Especially once you start thinking about the crystals, herbs and scents associated..
        Enjoy 💚

      9. I agree! It is a very charmed way to live. And after a while, it comes naturally. Also, you end up paying more attention to the passing of time, changing seasons etc leading to so much more mindfulness.

      10. Thank you so much, sweet Cece. My parents are visiting since yesterday, so I am literally rooted in my childhood roles, memories, homely food and warmth. 🙂 I am hoping the coocoon of this body takes the cue and creates my new family while surrounded by existing one.

      11. YES! That’s exactly what you need rn!
        Enjoy the loving family vibes and don’t forget to listen to your body & intuitions, you have all the answers within you already 🤍

  14. Have been reading about the unusual space weather & looking at astronomy maps of the night skies. The auroras have been very special very magical.
    The sun’s being tres active, the message being?
    Expansiveness? Look up don’t look down? Or is the Egyptian god Ra telling us something>
    A dear friend who’s been back home in India for 11 years is visiting for a month, the original Body Guru, a Capricorn, Combines full physical workouts with yoga meditation and Prana Yama breathwork, energetic transference.
    Guess that’s what the sun is doing, an energetic transference 🙂
    Said he would give me a one on one class to teach me the true way.
    So whatever the heavens are doing, am reaping the benefits.
    There is a FaceBook SchumannResonance page but they want a donation to join.
    Magnetic poles due to do a swing around some have said.
    It helps to be able to visualise the solar system it adds to and validates astrology. To see the journey of planets thro’ the signs & their positions.
    As a Sagg bliss is finding a renewed interest in science and astronomy,
    Binoculars on wish list. Channel Galileo.

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