Yes Mercury Is Still Retrograde

Yes, Mercury is still Retrograde. It feels like a forever-retrograde because Mercury is strong in Gemini and its square Neptune for more or less the whole time.*  That’s the weirdness factor. It’s not so much that Mercury is Retrograde; it’s more that it is nebulized. 

Lately, it’s been hyper-weird. How often have you gone to do something mercurial – sending emails, updating something, snappy dialogue – and bam: Neptune Fog? Rogue nebulosity permeates everything.

The novelist Joyce Carol Oates, a natal Mercury square Neptune person, said that the best writing comes from people feeling haunted by material. Well, this is like a mass-seance. Paranormality is easy – normality is a comedy of errors, and even those are running off schedule.

Depth and spiritual connection are simpler to access than a new phone or straightforward tech. Normally reliable cash and conversation flow seize up but alchemy, creative composition, and deciphering mysteries? Practically automated.

The classic direct route of A to B is currently more like a circuitous journey from A, via some off-alphabet alien hieroglyphic crytographic sprawl to B, which is now F.

The Mercury-Neptune square began on May 21, and it’s in play until July 7. It ebbs and flows in intensity, and the Daily Horoscopes will alert you to its most active phases or when it is most pertinent to your personal astro.

However, the bizarre blocks and weirdly muffled dialogue factor should – must! – lift with Mercury Direct on June 22/23.

The creative concepts and magical wisdom are all legit – it is difficult to make much of them while Mercury and Neptune are in this alignment. So can you hack it?

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  1. what was happening in my chart yesterday? I put it down to Mercury Rx shenanigans. I was all Abraham Hicks in the morning, law of attraction affirmation, a quick “who loves Jesus?” parking spot request to get celery juice and got to work BAM! See the Principal on my desk and chanted at me as I step across the office threshold (I teach secondary art) so forget the faculty meeting. I raced up to the tower and …. I’ve been transferred. I walk back stunned. I call new school , which is 10 minute walk from home (one of the affirmations mind you) not a 45 min drive each way. Well actually you have the codes for FOOD Technology! And information technology, we want you to start in 3 weeks. Yeah but na I’m not actually trained to teach kids to wield knives and flames. Or lathes and saws. A million conversations and emails later and it’s sorted. I just need to REDO my application. Mercury Rx all over!

  2. Thank you for writing this Mystic! I literally have felt Frank Ocean song ‘Lost’ lost for the longest lol. This Neptune square is no joke…. the illusion/disillusion factor is so very intense right now, my roommate on more the one occasion found me wandering around rooms in circles lol.
    The real creativity for me has been in my dream space and through vivid premonitions which I’ll look into deeper once I can maintain focus after the 22nd! Counting down the days… ⏳

    1. I’d love to discuss dream symbols with people if anyone wants to ..
      I’m slightly obsessed with jungian dream analysis:)
      What kinds of creative dreams are you having?

      1. Jungian methods are by far superior (imo) so yes I understand the obsession!
        One of the more abstract dreams was the night after I had reiki healing, and all I can remember is looking at what looked like a scroll or tablet with vertical rows of symbols/hieroglyphs then in the middle of the symbols was either the eye of Ra or what I perceived to be a third eye lit up….. then a reoccurring dream is my family all in a run down house living out an ordinary life (my dad has passed away over 10yrs ago) with a large crack in the house filled with water that nobody acknowledges and has thrown towels or objects over to cover the large amounts of water flowing through the house.
        It definitely speaks to our fractured relationships and the emotional depths of what growing up in a house that needed healing to the core but never was addressed does to the psyche. That was a lot lol 💔 have you had any reoccurring dreams during this Mercury Rx?

          1. Actually two dreams but almost the opposite of each other. That humdrum family house dream is archetypal! 🫀 the other one sounds profound and like a dream I’d definitely be excited about but the more I recall dreams the more I notice recurring themes or tropes in the humdrum ones and that feels more like I’m making progress and doing detective work.
            so I don’t have recurring dreams anymore but I absolutely have leitmotifs and they shift as I track them over the years.

            1. So themes that have recurred for me in the past few years were fighting for my life. My mother and father and brother all trying to kill me. During therapy I began to fight back and I’d wake up feeling amazing. I almost can’t believe that’s true now but it is. My therapist said that sounds like a nightmare and it honestly hadn’t occurred to me to see it that way. The other one that I’d get a lot was doing hard drugs with my brother and my dad. Like all the time, whenever I dreamed about them, hard drugs were being taken as a matter of course. IRL that never happened but that theme disappeared when I eventually went No Contact with my father during a two week transit when Jupiter was square my Pluto.

              another interesting theme was the hotel thing. I was always in a hotel. Either a fancy one – like a walled garden scenario and I’d have to leave and navigate the highway on foot, in heels and very little else or you know a shabby, scary motel next to a dumpster. I’ve never dreamed about having my own home or being in “my house” since I sold the flat I owned by the beach in Cape Town. So that’s really interesting to me. The idea of home vs living in a hotel or visiting one and gawping at the opulent decor. I dream about flying a lot, airplane trips and luggage. Ha. So yes. Lots of symbols there. The most common one is still the telephone though. Hands down.

              1. WOW WOW! firstly, how great is dream recall period??!
                The drugs definitely seem like a subconscious message for escapism… wanting to escape the situation, so it makes perfect sense that it no longer served you, when you cut off contact with your father. Pluto gives such an under-worldly transformative vibe. It was time for self renewal & rebirth in your life!
                Do you think the hotel one symbolizes you never feeling like you had a safe or secure home base? Especially stepping out to seedy environments and being vulnerable with no protection clothes…. The meaning has to resonate with you, since it’s your internal dms haha. This whole conversation is lighting up my synaptic gap currently lol 💥 so thank you!

                1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
                  💯 completely agree and love love love dream recall. It was on this site that I heard about dream witchery and the idea of keeping a dream diary. The saboteur/ killer is another trope that shifted amazingly in my first years of adulthood. I’d meet him stuck in a trap and feel sorry for him, help him escape and later meet police officers who were looking for him and would tell me this man was “dangerous to women “
                  Over the next few years I was able to assist my psyche in apprehending and repurposing his skillset )
                  it’s the absolute best thing ever
                  just knowing that there’s a story telling presence that always tells me how it is or shows where I am on a narrative map 🔥

                2. Do you have a strong Neptunian influence? I was thinking it earlier but didn’t mention because I was focused on the details. I just started reading over my recorded dreams & they switch been floods in homes to fleeing foreign lands in spaceships 🚀 LOL…
                  This site helped me SO much too!! I honestly have been stuck in a cause & affect cycle for years and feel like I’ve finally been given the keys to life 🔑
                  I think at the center of our being we inherently have intuitions that are speaking to us constantly, we just need to slow down and receive them ✨

                3. Yes, that’s perceptive! I have Neptune in Jupiter in the 12th trine Venus in the 8th and a 12th house moon. I’ve always felt life was so much bigger on the inside.

                4. I KNEW IT! I have Moon in the 12th too with Venus & Mercury. You know when you’re around your people! Neptune is in my 3rd house and opposite my north node which set the stage for a mystical & magical entanglement starting from the physical and ending somewhere in the ether lol. The Moon & Neptune placements definitely take me out of most earthly delights 🙃

                5. 12th HOUSE MOON CLUB 🧟🧟‍♀️🧛🏼‍♂️🧛🏻🧝🏻‍♂️🧞‍♀️👼🏻🧚

        1. You are excavating and exploring for your growth, while the family are ineffectively in their neptunian subconsciousness or ghostly gatherings relying on each others’ dysfunctional sentimental sympathy to block your clarity quest. Your clarity has to be yours alone, for the sake of boundaries, but you only feel like you’ll find a truth with their answers / responses. Quest further. Remember your own self, how you experienced each family member and hold it as a flame of truth. You can see others’ othering of you, only if you can move through their realms as your actual held self xxxxx Hold a flame, even when the candle you first hold gutters, bring metal, wax, laser with you in yr pack xx

          1. THIS! Thank you for sharing your intuition & perceptions on my dreams firstly. I can’t explain in words how baffled I’ve been with the response from my family in my life…. I recently have been in a state of self imposed exile in a foreign country, which was then followed by Corona. My growth has been exponential but those immediate to me have remained in a toxic cycle which I now feel freed from. I definitely are placing myself first, and only now in my 30s lol which feels so foreign but a learning curve well overdue. I lost myself years ago but the past few years I’ve reconnected with self and love the woman I found. And trust that I have lasers, fireworks, brass and iPhone flashlights illuminating my path now haha. I appreciate you 🤍

      2. Last night I dreamt that I was in a kitchen. Think previous era wood stove etc.The walls were a creamy white colour. I think I was part of the staff. There were 3 or 4 other staff members there. Male and female. The females wore white caps and long aprons. The males wore some kind of brown pants. I could not see any of them particularly well as they were in the periphery. We were hurrying because the boss (some kind of important person like an administrator or old school naval officer etc with white leggings) was about to walk through the back door of the kitchen and if we didn’t have his drink ready to hand to him there would be trouble. I was the one fumbling around trying to make the drink which was lime cordial (vivid green), lemonade, ice cubes. I was worried it wasn’t cold enough so tried to make it taste better with a slice of lemon and some mint. End of dream
        Completely mental.

        1. I love this! Do you always remember your dreams in so much details or do you keep a journal? Your dream sounds very Handmaids Tale-esque lol. Have you felt oppressed in any part of your life? Colors in dreams definitely have relevance, green chakra is self love…. Hmm I see a theme building here!!
          Well I had a dream I was charged with a crime and sent to jail. I was in this hotel/club and I was moving through the space attempting to hide/escape from the law. A busy night for fears it seems 😐

          1. Hotels! Jail is an interesting one. Don’t think I’ve ever had a prison dream but god hotels I mean. They are one of my most persistent themes.

            1. There is always an oppressive factor to my dreams…. the hotel dreams – I didn’t realize how much it is a reoccurring theme till I glanced over my dream diary…. I travel a lot, I live a very transitional life, never comfortable in one place for too long. A true wanderer in every sense of the word. The hotel dreams will stop once I lay down roots in surroundings and in my career… I feel that’s the msg for me here 🧐🧐

              1. You have the hotel theme too? That is cool. I’m so excited about this conversation it’s ridiculous 😜

                1. Yes I have hotel/club vibes often but whatever it manifests into, it feels like a labyrinth.
                  hahaha I feel the same about this thread!! 😍😍
                  But it definitely can feel lonely in such a vivid space… even though the creative nature should be enough. I’m grateful to know that someone has had similar experiences 🤍

        2. This is so interesting. I love all the detail. Do you keep notes about your dreams? I just tap the key words and themes into the notes app on my phone. I know it’s not very esoteric but the best program is one you actually use so – compromise. I always have huge emotional resistance to even doing that. My ego hates being subjugated and it’s a struggle I don’t always win. The urge to “quickly “ check email or news etc often wins and of course then it’s all blown away in the wind and lost.

          1. Ok I’ve read through this thread and because of mystic I’m now keeping a dream diary when I can remember them. When I do it’s as though I lived it. Very detailed and the feelings last into the first waking hour. I’m going to try the site you mention to help. My father cropped up last year but that was just before he died so I knew he was on his way. He was well and in his forties. Fit and smiling. I was on a yacht mid Med he was incarcerated in a uk care home and my Mother was only allowed to visit to sit by his bed as he passed. Anyhow I knew he was happy and ready and content. I also had lots of black horses at that time. But I’m still having horses now. I’m riding them but oddly enough my boss of the last three years has cropped up in the past couple of weeks. I’m dashing about getting things organised (as always) but he’s about. Happy and ok. This surprised me as I dropped hell of a bombshell on him in April regarding management of his empire. My dreams are a touch matter of fact really.

              1. That’s a similar situation to me with the Scorpio in the 8th on your sn trine is that sun, Jupiter and asc?

            1. Yes. Same here. I’m doing something utterly bizarre in the dream but the whole vibe of the scene is humdrum and mundane. Like yes I’m on a spaceship having sex with an alien rhinoceros goddess inside a hologram and I have to get across town before 2pm because of an error that my dentist’s receptionist made. So annoying.

              1. once I unlock the metaphor contained in the surreal symbols their being juxtaposed feels creepy it’s so accurate. As if on some level I knew it all along. But “I” didn’t. And once you know you can never unknow. It’s powerful

              1. Oh gawd I’ve not had sex dreams for a long while! Even if I was rushing for a dental appointment ! That made me giggle. It’s very similar stuff. Last night I was dealing with royalty and they handed me money ? But at the same time I was showing one of them how I did the serviette ?! Ffs.

  3. I love the telephone symbolism you use for mercury retrograde insights. I often dream about using the phone. Does anyone else?

    1. Yes I do especially after people have died. They call me up. I think it’s speaking with people on the other side. Seriously.

      1. Interesting! I’ve never had that happen with me it’s always a symbolic “your soul wants to speak with you “ vibe. Generally there’s an issue with the phone not working or I don’t have the code to unlock it. Last night I dreamed about using a phone box. I was trying to get my car back but it was stuck in this random parking place and I didn’t have the address or the paperwork or even know the data I needed to solve the admin issues and get it back. I’d parked it there so many years ago thinking I’d come back for it in twenty minutes or whatever but completely forgot where I’d parked it because of the things that happened that day. Was a job interview I think and they wanted me to start right away.
        I’d actually forgotten about the phone box until I started writing this comment although I did jot down some key points from the dream before I got up.

        1. Oh I remember that I didn’t have words, or couldn’t say the words out loud. There wasn’t “language “ to describe the events that were required for the form. So I was in the phone box and felt kind of useless trying to say words I when didn’t know how to. There was a long awkward silence on the phone.

      2. As in actual communication with spirits who have crossed over rather than parts of yourself they are representing?

        1. Yes actual people. When my dad dies he called me on the phone and we had to be connected by an ‘operator’ who said to me ‘we don’t usually do this stuff but connecting you now…’ my dad sounded sooooo far away and it was hard to hear him. I’ve dreamt similar things about others too. I get the feeling it’s quite hard to connect with the living and you need help. Also I have dreamt there is definitely a ‘veil’ between us and them and I have been lucky enough to pass between it in my dreams which surprised the people in my dreams. Honestly I live 2 lives – one awake, one asleep. Exhausting!

  4. My phone is acting strangely, an email was sent to one person but went to another; my goodness, it’s everywhere. I’m using the energy to study Kairomancy. That feels quite perfect for this time.

  5. Unicorn Sparkles

    Tried doing a chemistry exam with Neptune fog. And a thousand glitches to just amp up the stress factor a little more.
    At the end all I could think was that I’ve wasted a lot of time and effort finding out that I really suck at things. A lot of things.

    When does it end.

  6. My phone broke, went on again, broke entirely 2 weeks later. My laptop should have been repaired, picked it up and the guy told me, it is not repairable all of the sudden….
    I try to contact my lawyer with a difficult financial problem for two weeks, then got the info he is on vacations. In four daysis the deadline for this matter…
    This mercury retrograde hit me harder than ever before.
    I wonder why?? And when will it stop?

    I am a aries sun, capricornio moon, Taurus rising
    Mercury in pisces
    Is it because of my mercury?

    1. This is my question too. I’m in a relationship with a Pisces man, Venus in Pisces (Aquarius rising, Libra moon). He’s still married but wants to leave his wife for me. Is it a zombie kinda love? Yes, but also incredibly magical and spiritual. I’m in the midst of Neptune transit (9th house – English is his native language, not mine) to my Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo. We met in a recovery program during my Pluto transit conjunct my Descendant and NN.

      1. I was in such a Neptunian scenario while Neptune was conj my Venus/DSC and going into my 7th. I insisted the man did not leave his wife for me but that if he were to end his marriage it needed to be between the two of them. I didn’t want to be blamed. I asked him to make a decision and I said I would withdraw until he made it – he could come and find me once he was free and clear. Guess what? He disappeared into the Neptunian fog before I’d barely finished my sentence.
        It was horrible but ultimately beneficial. Swung me back onto the right path. But, ugggh. He might have been Neptune on my Venus, but I was Pluto on his sun-Venus. I saw a picture of him recently. He looks exactly the same but also completely different. As if the experience changed his DNA somehow. It certainly changed mine.

      2. Unicorn Sparkles

        relationships formed while still in recovery tend to be self sabotaging and distract from focussing on self.
        wherever this goes, look after yourself first.

      3. Anyone who dismisses Neptune as wishy washy is 7nder the spell of pure will power. It won’t get you anywhere, just as going with the flow won’t save you from the rip’s undertow. Basically, don’t swim in already flagged waters ( who flagged it? You did.) Your willpower is currently under the deep tidal dictates of your desires. Ask me how i know. I don’t judge, i have been or am there, i rise up to see you. Find a hand from above in the Air that will bring you to either Earth, the shore not the dry land, or at least shallower Crab waters. Where is your Earth, your Saturn… and your Fire, what’s that doing? ( Think we can tell here, be with that, we know how it is and loves.) Graced by goddesses, may you be.

  7. Having read that one cannot control their thoughts, that the next thought cannot be predicted had me testing that hypothesis & what happened was a strange realisation of how my life went on a totally different direction at age 14.Wanted to be a scientist or a Vet from age 9 & never understood how I ended up in a career diametrically opposite like fashion & beauty. As it was the early 60’s there was no counselling or eye tests & later found out about shortsightedness (blackboard couldn’t be seen for Latin & Maths so failed), Mother too busy to notice & her biz partner-lover suicided & wanted her to join him as a double act. Found the carnage that led to the shot body & consequently started wagging school.Same year found my father had died! All in the middle of puberty-puberty was later in those days.
    Such a blowout for someone so young so it was indeed a revelation & one never given thought to until now. It led to forgiving myself & understanding my lifelong interests in metaphysics, healing modalities, books & little creatures. A penny drop that could have come from Mercurial Gemini thinking?

    1. Yikes, sounds traumatic and frankly, careless parenting. Huge hugs! I am so glad you made an excellent lemonade out of the stack of lemons.

      1. Mother Friday 13th Scorp had 2 businesses aged 22 when i was 3 yo so brought up by Kataka grandmother & Capricorn grandpop, land people come to live in city. Only went to live with mother at 13 when oldies went back to land. Nana had 3 girls i was ‘4th’ with a 10 year gap between others, so she had plenty of experience and as the youngest had so much love and attention & strictness heaped on me.
        One must forgive wayward parenting as they just doing the best they can under circumstances.
        Nice neighbour just gave me huge bag of lemons 🙂

    2. Wow Pegs. That’s harsh. I have those kind of insights during mercury retrograde too. Especially this one because it went retrograde on my natal Saturn so lots of memories floating up and feelings wanting to be felt.

      1. Invicta, i cheered you on when you told about your upbringing & memories & how brave you were forgetting my long ago story.Yes strange how it surfaced. Have been reading a lot about quantum physics must be the reason. Hey lock up/down finished in Ye Old London Town! We love U.x

    3. What is your Mercury placement Pegasus? I had a lot of neurological issues in my early teens. It forced me to use my mind a bit differently too, Mercury in Cancer 2nd House put my short circuiting brain to use my instincts and heart in place of mental abilities. It was a useful fall back at the time that impacted my “professional” trajectory I suppose. Also what is your 6th House ruler?

      1. Yes I also learned to use other ways of interpreting the world around me
        Why do you ask about the 6th house ?

        1. Isn’t 6th house Virgo about service & healing apart from all that fuqing cleaning & stationary buying we do, altho’ windex & pens are my friends 🙂

      2. Hello Lovely, Sagittarius Mercury, 1 degree from Scorpio. Mars 6th house. Amazing how our placements work for us. x

    4. Jeez Pegasus, that is some heavy. Perhaps after all that trauma your mama Moon in Libra took over & offered you refuge in the world of Venus, where you learned healing the Venusian way? I bet you made others feel wonderful through your work – or simply by just being your elegant beautiful wise witchy rascally Sagg self 🙂 sprinkling your myriad sparkling gems of wisdom. I know that’s how you make so many of us here feel.

      1. Hi Skarab, wrote it up then became embarrassed by the reveal. Was brought up in 50’s where children were seen & not heard. Emotions?What were they?Proper nuns in habits with rattling rosary beads to alert you of their presence. Think that made any trauma water off a duck’s back until 20’s when the suppression of it all, lack of supervision at crucial time in education hit me in the arm but luckily not for long & was more opportunistic..addictions become boring & take up precious travel money…lol.
        O yes that Libran Moon, essential oils & the ‘Brotherhood’ (Sisterhood?) of Light, music DID light up my life. Skarab as you know making people feel wonderful does the same to you. That secret is not told at time of training so that you are focused on others, but watching age & stress fall from a persons face is a special joy innit? I humble thank you for your words. x

    5. Yes, i have had similar regarding eyesight, and some other things. Sometimes when i’m down on myself and my life i go down that path of the past biting me. My better self can engage more in knowing that what i do would never have been chosen by me, it’s a path i kept getting placed on, and have contributed by it. I think healing is a fabulous trait that works beautifully in other careers and can over-identify in a healing career.

      Also, most traumatic children are raised by traumatised parents so it may be more than one generation.

      1. What is called genetic trauma. Millie opening ourselves to others is a rare gift because it entails trust. We really ARE sisters with different parents.Your compassion is astounding in your work arena, hope that you take home the benefits of so much giving or at least (apart from us here) friends or family that appreciate you & what you do.

    6. Oh Pegs what a terrible thing to have happened, and so young. No wonder you became a healer. So much compassion and wisdom learned early. x

      1. Again another thank you how wonderful to have you all as a cocoon. Mystic sure has developed something rare & special in these erratic times. We have each other thro’ space & words = magic. x

  8. All of this has been going on in my 10th and back and forth over my NN – the eclipse was exact. So much going on both on the surface and on the outside. I’ve been looking at my entire working life as a gigantic narrative, all the limiting beliefs/low self worth that kept me in situations with bullies, how that reflected my upbringing, staying in safe but enervating and debilitating situations etc etc. It’s been quite revelatory. I’ve recently made a huge decision around work. If anything, the square to Neptune has made it even clearer. It is a pretty well thought out plan, and I’ve sense-checked it with my Capricorn friends and they’ve given it the green light. So it’s been a hard put productive and ultimately expansive phase for me.

    1. Interesting. Similar experience here re: limiting beliefs, bullies, upbringing, staying in debilitating work scenarios. What is your plan and what did the Capricorns say?

  9. Penelope Darling

    Having lots of realisations about why I am holding on to the past. I need to be brave and let go!

  10. I have a well aspected Merc conj Venus and trining Saturn but my Sun stellium with Jup Uranus and Mars all squares Neptune and my sleeping life is much more awake than my waking life. Especially at the moment. I have weird dreams at the best of times but this is off the scale. I am doing some serious work at night super paranormal – out in the galaxies making light shapes and magic actually in the nebula. What a life this is.

  11. Such a weird time. Taurus sun, Leo rising, Aqua moon here. Concertedly job hunting since January and this is by far the strangest time to be attempting such a feat. Presently interviewing for the most aligned opportunity of my career and getting recruiter pings relatively regularly, but it’s all nebulous, full of back and forths, pivoting, evaporating, etc. I don’t know what to think about this big job or estimate how much fuqery is actually involved given the timing.

  12. The Lion & The Centaur

    For me insight and core-deep realizations have been zapping me non-stop. But if I try to make any life decisions – where to go with my style, or even which gender I’m attracted to, I’m clueless. Some days it’s this and other days it’s fuq no, that. So, I’m sticking to my protocol: ZERO plans, appointments, travelling, big purchases, launches, anything. Lots of time to be by myself, clean, work on deep-study projects, go for walks in the forest and read.

  13. I have this natally, and although things feel nebulous I’ve so far got a good handle on it. I’m also having some amazing dreams! And I’m moving house on 23rd!

    1. Perfect timing. Try to take possession on Solstice, if you can and do a little ritual in the new home. You can move a few days later, as planned.

  14. My schedule is clear like the summer sky. I have nothing even remotely taxing or annoying on my plate. I eat well, go for long walks, sleep longer. I am investing in myself – learning about dreams and compulsive thought patterns. Took up piano lessons and a creative writing workshop….BLISS… Mercury is my chart ruler. Considering that and the fact that my Cap stellium is a workaholic, its been a strangely calm time. I wonder if Neptune is rewarding me for the shitfest it has been enjoying in my 7th.

    Oh, Uncle Pluto has been in the proximity of my moon for the longest time and will pass over it twice more this year, plus Saturn on my Sun. I feel like I am being rebooted. It feels great to start with a blank slate again.

    1. I love reading your posts – they resonate so much as I’m also a 5th house Cap. Your creative expansion sounds just wonderful!

      1. Aww..thank you Chrysalis. Still trying to find a foothold in this lovely community and your comment brightened my day. 🙂 Thanks for the fellow 5th House belonging to Father Time appreciation.

  15. Your A to B trajectory scenario is spot on. There’s certainly been Trixter energy at play – my specialty has been me changing my mind at the last moment in transactions & fuqing up – only to find something unexpected and special as i’m trying to rectify. And though the advice was to not travel during this eclipse time, i had the uncontrollable urge to get away from the mundane town we’re now living in & hit the big city for the bright lights and art shows (Boom! > Mars hit Leo/Moon). So that has added extra crazy for Mercury R to throw at me. But at least i feel ALIVE! … Wild Space Weather addict, much?

  16. Wish Upon a Star

    I love it it is relaxing.
    I find it easier to be in my body. And my head feels spacious. Feet on the ground, head in the clouds.

    From a Taurus Moon with Pisces Rising.

    P.s I have natal mercury in cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio 9th house.

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