The Ace Of Air

Swords cards popping up in a Tarot spread when you’re seeking foofoo romantic results are often quite puzzling. So what does the Ace of Swords in a love reading mean?

It’s always a “go for it” card, the very name conjuring an image of your sleek paws tightening their grip on your (metaphorical) sword as you head out to  battle, hew your way through nebulous crap or cut ties.

The Swords are Air – intellect, ideas, thought process – and the Ace is the primal, archetypal Air. When this Ace turns up, you are about to have a sensational breakthrough and the situation in play is – or will – evolve your thought style.

Shouldn’t You Be Getting Cups?

It’s also your cue to apply your mental powers to a situation, to be dispassionate and logical. At the very least, the Ace of Swords says fantastic concept. But it’s confusing to see it in a love reading. Shouldn’t you be getting Cups?

It means that the primary drive of the relationship or dalliance is to alter consciousness. Yours, theirs, everyone around you. New concepts emerge out of the connection or attraction. It’s a meeting of minds, massively inspirational and most likely  beyond any simpatico rapport either of you has experienced before.

Don’t go prowling for nuance or signs of affection with this alliance. Focus on the cognitive energy between you, the brainstorming and ideas that you two conjure out of the aether.

‘Seize The Day’ Or ‘Get A Grip’?

All of the Aces symbolize determined new beginnings but with this one – the Ace of Air – the revamped mindset drives everything else. One idea, a single conversation or fresh intel could change the terrain.

Finally, take this card in a romantic reading as advice to seize the moment – if there is one – and communicate lucidly. If it’s crossing you or in a potentially negating position, the answer is succinct: get a grip. Less visualizing – more analyzing.

22 thoughts on “The Ace Of Air”

  1. Did a reading last night to get some insight on a (female) friendship and it seemed to be a ‘we interrupt this show for a special bulletin’ , love relationship instead. Ace of cups first up (Sun in the 7th), Ace of swords in the 3rd, 3 wands in the 9th (I always take that to be the sisterhood card)
    King of cups in the 6th, queen of cups in the 12th, king of swords in the 11th, strength in the 5th. I need to think on this a lot as I think there’s a lot in there but tarot still doesn’t come naturally to me if you knwo what I mean. Like a foreign language I can not quite get the hang of easily . Slowly slowly

    1. I’d love to partner up with an intuitive earth sign with solid business skills who can help me make sense of my numerous ideas and actually manifest some of this. I feel like an ideas factory and never know which one to take to the floor.

      1. Is that your interpretation of the cards?

        I have some inability to read them straight up; however I was reminded of how the meanings shift when placed with other cards.

        Yes I see relationship t the self, and the other – and the extension of this, forming dynamics

        KIng of cups & queen of cups together for me is very much of partnership, even of adult parent archetypes, but of emotions, feelings, and how they are in check – in balance – what do they contribute to your picture? Pragmatism and esoteric vision, but are they are in harmony.

        Swords to me bestows ideas, words & truth – almost as an arbiter, with strength as a guide…Someone/ or within you, in your experiencing, offers you structure through advice –

        I agree it doesn’t have to be a only a romantic context. It could be your sense of art; dedication and fortitude to this.

        Then, earlier before I read this I have:

        Knight of cups/ six of cups/ two of wands/ justice/ heirophant/ queen of disks…

        Past heart matter, love; now seeking redress, balance, truth in arrangement or committment – to resolve circumstances has me as a loyal, dependent figure…

        I’m understanding the heirophant expects us to proceed with patience. There are legal concerns (marriage, divorce, formal changes to the structure of the partnership)…

        All I know is that a financial structure both serves and impedes; questions of equality are to be pursued (two of wands).

        I see it too many ways…to know if is beneficial…but I know I must end being kept financially…(As I’m doing by research / academic qualification to change career)

      1. You have nothing reversed; as do I. As the querent, you will know if how what you see pertains to your query.

        Unfortunately I see it all sides :-(( often it is how things are…

        1. Meant for my spread, my “worth” is in question this arrangement; how I could redefine this…I am loathing of, to be held captive to materially bound marriage, but the cards show it; how I am, seen, known.

          Yours seem to have solidity…less dilemma, more straightforward. Good luck!

  2. I’ve always loved this card. Clarity. Triumph through force of sheer will. It’s one of those cards I have a special relationship with (the Rider-Waite version).

    Most recent Tarot had it in the 6th, with Wheel of Fortune in the 10th and Six of Wands in the 12th. Change is afoot and victory is at hand.

    1. Mystic’s tarot is by astrology house, so think of the spread like the wheel. 1st opposes 7th, 2nd opposes 8th, and so on. you could print it out or write it down if it helps.

  3. I got a sword white-ink tattooed on my right pointer finger two months after my godson, Ace, was born last year. I kept drawing the Ace of Swords in every spread with every deck I did, on this website or not.

    White ink tattoos are the best – twice as deep and no one sees them – so they’re great for tattoos in prominent places. Only manicurists and kindergarteners ever notice mine because it’s on the finger.

    My godson’s dad asks me if sometimes I slice through things in mid-air with my finger. I said mostly my illusions, but that yes, I have been known to sword fight in public with my finger sword. It looks like old school witches without the wands.

    And sometimes you just need a sword. So now I have one permanently.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. So RAD!! My husband hates tattoos but I’ve been wanting another one + this is the perfect compromise for us both.

      As an aspiring good witch, this is EVERYTHING!!

      TY <3

  4. Another thought: some shit is writ so large! Jupiter large! The gas giant is approaching my Moon-Pluto now… gas mask on.

  5. Far out! I had one brilliant new-project thought yesterday, as well as serendipitously finding a new venue to sell my artwork on consignment. This Libra energy is rad!

  6. I love all of these images, but particularly the first one, as if the woman is offering to the Universe the Ace of Swords energy that’s within her.

  7. Hey now, Respiration! I do so like that, plus the idea of my “sleek paws tightening their grip on (my) sword as (I) go out to do battle”.

    Thank you for the new Tarot image 🙂 Going to check out the link…what better than Tarot of the Mystic Sea for a Piscean (12th house cusp at 0degrees Scorpio; 12th house stellium including father Neptune and Moon, with warrior Antares on the rise conjunct Moon).

    Maybe i can call on the Seas to help soften my image as i wield my sword to quietly, quickly slice.

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