The Singularity People

The second snapshot of a so-called Black Hole has just been released but this is no ordinary gravitational anomaly – it’s our Galactic Center AKA Sagittarius. Yes that’s right. Regardless of where the Sun is from the Earth’s point of view, the whole solar system revolves around this point in Sagg.

You may recall that the ‘rival’ black hole was depicted in the notorious Eye of Sauron image released in 2019. At this point I think it would be cool to pivot away from the term ‘black hole.’ Coined in the early Sixties, it was a riff on the notorious prison in Calcutta because people went into it but never came out. Apart from space not needing colonial baggage, it also reflects an era when these phenoms were thought to be empty – the understanding has progressed radically since then.

Astrophysicists say the innermost sector of every ‘black hole’ probably has a gravitational singularity – where the spacetime curvature becomes infinite.” Great – so let’s call them infinity portals. Saggos would presumably prefer that groovier description, right? And it’s not inaccurate.

If you’re born between December 18 to 21, your Sun is aligned with this infinity portal; you’re a Singularity Person along with Brad Pitt, Sia, Ronan Farrow, the poet Sandra Cisneros and Keith Richards.

Your hobbies may include trying to collapse time and space, devouring passing stars (you prefer to think of it as a merger) and fuqing with science careers by engineering intricate changes at quantum speed, within the logic of an intricate, incomprehensibly complex pattern. Seriously, could having your Sun – or Moon, Ascendant etc – conjunct this Infinity Portal be somehow negative?

No. I think it would make you more complex and galaxy-attuned, if anything. Also, a lot of the rhetoric around ‘black holes’ casts them as villains in a space drama – vindictive collapsed supernovas that draw in younger stars or seek to devour entire constellations etc. But what if the whole process is more organic and, well, magic?

In 2007,  Craig J Wheeler, an Aries astronomer, wrote in a book called Cosmic Catastrophe that “observers falling into a black hole cannot avoid being carried into the singularity once they cross the event horizon. They can prolong the experience by accelerating away to slow their descent, but only up to a limit. When they reach the singularity, they are crushed to infinite density and their mass is added to the total of the black hole. Before that happens, they will have been torn apart by the growing tidal forces in a process sometimes referred to as spaghettification or the “noodle effect”.

This is the sort of thing Sagittarians fear might occur if they fill out a form or turn up on time. But respectfully, without visiting, how does Mr Wheeler know? Maybe you get noodled, maybe you emerge through a lotus pool into an alternative galactic disco. Or Atlantis.

In case you’re wondering, the Eye of Sauron Infinity Portal is an early Libra phenom: your Sun is conjunct if you were born between September 25 and 28. Think Lil Wayne, Gwyneth Portal and Pedro Almodovar.  See other Galactic Birthdays in this more recent post.


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  1. not relevant to this post at all, but between the eclipse and a hella Neptune transit and catching up on Russian Doll, oh and Pluto at the midpoint? lmao. I really do feel as though I have been smoking something I haven’t had for a while. I’m not sure if it’s possible to transcend so much as ride the wave, happy to take any advice though. transcendence might be preferable, higher mind and all that.

    1. Have you thought about getting the visceral involved?? At times like these you are riding it out through the meat suit. So get back in touch with where that is at in the tissues. That way you can transcend to a higher frequency. I have no idea where that came from but take it or leave it as you see fit.

  2. Some smart programmer put ‘Interstellar’ on Sunday night teev viewing.
    Each time it shown it seems more profound and futuristic.

    Very hard to imagine gravity that strongly intense strong. Would like to believe they are there to allow galaxy travel w/o going into suspended animation for 10 or 20 years, being in Sagittaire one would thing TRAVEL wouldn’t they 🙂
    Damn missed going into the portal with Brad Pit and Kieth Richards by 10 days, whatta party that would be the 3 of us heading for Proxima B.

    FORMS?! They do turn me into a noodle, but never a late noodle.
    Worse is they give you a BIRO to use for form filling (if not done online).
    Like i mean who can write with a biro, it slides all over the place making all information about you illegible anyway.

    Dear Myst, your imagination is on par with Albert E sometimes, especially when you send it to space.

    1. biros really do take the magic out of writing, although if you spill your drink on the words or accidentally leave the notebook out in the rain, you can still read it later..

    2. Dear Myst, your imagination is on par with Albert E sometimes, especially when you send it to space.

      Brilliant description

      maya kriya shakti

      1. also I am compelled to add this, apropos of nothing, but in looking up V355 Cephei (random) I discovered that the New Horizons space probe is the fastest probe that we’ve sent into space at the time of writing [not sure when that was but guessing the last 10 years]. Its primary mission was to visit Pluto which at the time of launch (2006), Pluto was still a planet.

    3. Interstellar – one of my favourite movies of all time and like you, I find it more profound every time I watch it again. From the very first viewing for me it was like revisiting snatches of a dream I could only partially remember. I invited my son – 16 at the time – to watch it with me as he thinks on a very different plane to the majority and is endlessly seeking new information to feed his insatiable curiosity. He loved it and simply said ‘wow at the end. We had such an interesting discussion afterwards.

    1. What???????? Seriously????? OMG. I thought my MC at GC was daft enough but you must very often not be on this plane???? Oh but we both have Neptune and South Node conjunctions. Mine is in Scorpio my 8th, Downright real and filthy. How is yours??It has to be all things Galactic right?????

    1. Me too with the staring thing. And they smile. Happens daily. Weird if you ask me. I’ve never understood it?

      1. I guy I was on a first date with asked me about it because we were walking to the gallery together. He said it’s happening a lot. Does it always happen? I shrugged and said “yeah, it’s cuz I have a really generic face. People think they know me from TV or something. Ignore it. “. I think that was one of those things you say without thinking subjectively through your usual filters and it felt quite true. I try to remember it now.

  3. I suppose it’s only as voodoo as ghost photography or aura imaging. just a bit more high tech and with better funding

  4. Corduroy jeans

    Cannot stop laughing every time i read this post. It is everything.
    Also, I hope The Other Side of the infinity portal is a conceptual art piece. So, we languidly stroll down a skeevy nightclub staircase (via invisible entrance) to the event horizon, a.k.a. the IYKWIM moon portal (thanks Sam 😂). House trance thudding the walls. To find the event horizon is actually constructed like an inflatable, circular beach ball. We step through the hazy ring (trying not to puncture it with our heels/my intellectual ineptitude) and find (amazing) Dutch artist Rosa Menkman’s glitch art and resolution theory projected up on the walls, Barbie Queens serving mint juleps, and a Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture rotating a pasta-maker while spaghetti comes out…🤣

    1. Corduroy jeans

      …Brad Pitt emerges from the mist. “The Gwyneth Portal merged with me a long time ago.” He points to a famous candle. “This is all I have left”.

      1. ‘Merge’ is the new concept for ‘bonk’.
        One’s Tinder profile: Likes merging 🙂

    2. May i have a loan of your brain EarthStar, mine’s starting to wind down…..
      Trance music? i’m there!

      1. Corduroy jeans

        See my starstruck reply to your 8-word short story below, dearest Pegs!! My brain is the Daydream 6000 model – it’s why I’ve never needed drugs or alcohol – I’m already on permanent Mighty Boosh setting ha. YOURS is the one I aspire to ..! Blessings, Rainbow Wings XOO

  5. I’m having the most gorgeous full moon eclipse here. I’ve been bracing myself for the worst and it’s not at all what I was expecting. I’ve been de cluttering and cleaning for days, vacuuming compulsively ruthlessly culling stalled projects and discarding half finished things that didn’t quite work and have been taking up precious space. This might be part of why I’m feeling so chill now. There’s more I could get rid of too but it’s enough for today. Gave myself the coolest haircut this morning. Super short pixie mullet. All wispy and layered, wavy and textured, very thinned out and dreamy. Came across some intimate apparel I didn’t get rid of years ago when I stopped wearing pretty things. I guess I couldn’t bring myself to chuck them out because I loved them. Pretty but not worn solely for the gaze. Peachy stretch silk knickers and a bra with the underwire taken out of it. Hadn’t realised it was still with me. Mimi Holiday 🪷. Musing on the things I’ve made since I started making things to wear and stopped buying them. Thinking about what I want to make going forward. Imagining someone somewhere feeling the way I feel about these. A vision is developing. Feels good.

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Love this (et vous), Invicta!! De-cluttering half a world away, too (but haven’t got to pretty stuff, yet – just my endless whingey diaries). Xoo Baking & (laughably, for me) making crochet love-hearts?? You have to start with a (crochet) magic circle, you see – which last night became the Sagittarius A infinity portal…😅🤩✨💗

      1. ‘Not pretty stuff yet’. Are you an Oz 8?
        Thought about learning to knit-crotchet but decided to join a gym instead as i have 3 hours a day where i’m rather bored and have read half the local library…lol

    2. All my expensive lingerie packed away unable to donate it or toss it. Taking up space, but the Libran Moon loves beautiful things. Sometimes i take it out look and touch it thinking of my love of all things French…..a past persona.
      Might start wearing it when i turn 80 just for fun and because it all still FITS!

      1. I only got rid of stuff that was uncomfortable and or reminded me of/ was purchased by someone other than myself. Stuff you keep because you love it is precious. I’m inspired to make beautiful things by what I kept. Cheers to us both chilling in our lingerie at 100 🪷

  6. trying to collapse time and space was literally my favourite thing to do most of my life
    high maintenance hobby though to be fair

  7. Unicorn Sparkles

    of all the things I thought would merit concern today… infinity portal spaghettification did not make the perceived threat list. But now…

  8. I love all of this! Thanks for the context in a very insightful post. “This is the sort of thing Sagittarians fear might occur if they fill out a form or turn up on time. But respectfully, without visiting, how does Mr Wheeler know? Maybe you get noodled, maybe you emerge through a lotus pool into an alternative galactic disco. Or Atlantis.”

    The red-draped Astral space with zig-zag patterned floor is where I imagine spaghettifying into when entering a singularity portal.

    Heaven forbid if it was a ‘Gwyneth Portal’. I’m certainly nobody’s yoni egg.

    1. I vote Atlantis or even Mu.
      ‘Nobody’s yoni egg’. Love it!
      Happen to have a collection of crystal, rose quartz and fluorite eggs bought 40 years ago when Gwyn was still a virgin eating meat and using plastic.

      1. Corduroy jeans

        “.. Still a virgin eating meat and using plastic.” I mean, this is an 8 word short story on nothing less than the Human Condition. It is poetry, and I mean that like my life depended on it. Also, cannot, stop, laughing!! LOVE PEGASUS X

      2. Corduroy jeans

        As for “Ain’t Nobody’s Yoni Egg” – it is right up there with “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner”.

        (In the mythical galactic nightclub scene above, Brad Pitt would have shown us the light to our stunned, eco-glitter-daubed faces, to a haunting soundtrack of funk-psychedelica, overlaid with echoes of his “.. All I have left” on repeat, interspersed with “I ain’t nobody’s yoni egg..”)

    2. Ha!” I’m nobody’s yoni egg”! brilliant. Makes me think of that old Alien movie poster of the giant levitating egg with the ominous otherworldly light radiating from the crack in its facade. “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Indeed!!

      And “still a virgin eating meat and using plastic” made me LOL Pegasus! Hilarious.

  9. My IC is exactly conjunct the galactic center.. when I was a child (loooong before I ever heard the WORD “astrology”) I used to insist to my father that I was actually from another planet – I was certain that “my people” would be returning any day now to collect me. I think I’ll have to add this photo to the family album!

    Edit to add: moon in Aqua surely had a hand in this, as well.

    1. As a very young child I always said I lived underwater. My parents said it was impossible but I could pretend I was a mermaid. I then became addicted to making up mermaid stories… this is me with my friends swimming with dolphins

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        When I was a child we had a dead end street in my neighborhood. Everytime I went near it I was terrified. I thought that if I went to the end of that street I would fall off the earth.

      2. There is beautiful story- myth about a Golden Dolphin that comes from the galactic centre. You were tuned in.

    2. So cute! Will say when I first got hynpo trance stuff, I was rather surprised to have envisioned my soul wasn’t an earthly origin, I love Gaia!! Did you ever work out your ‘origin’ story?

    3. I’m still convinced I’m from a different planet!
      Childhood experience involving night time visitation from interstellar travellers.
      Now and again I still have those exhilarating dreams of flying out in space.
      I’m also Moon in Aqua, maybe it provides an extra openness to perception, or vivid child’s imagination?

      1. I often dream of being in the starosphere myself and have even seen galactic others hovering over my ex husband while he was asleep. But people told me it was just sleep paralysis which I am also prone to.

  10. Our galactic infinity portal is my MC. Yup. Haven’t reached my event horizon yet but had the dream as a kid that I went out and out from earth into space and arrived back in the gutter through an old bean can. Glamorous huh. But it was an infinity loop alright.

      1. Oh I wish I was as glamorous as Oscar. Flamboyance and art. Me I think of more the bean can. A bit beat up but highly practical

      1. One day. One day I will sit down and it will pour forth. Gods know I have got the time…It is simply the inclination I am missing.

  11. This part: ‘This is the sort of thing Sagittarians fear might occur if they fill out a form or turn up on time’. How did you know?! I feel this so hard. So, um, yeah. I am one of those singularities of which you speak having been born in that Saggo window. there is more and more being written about the Galactic Center and what it means from an astrological POV, but the one thing I read from Philip Sedgwick that really resonated with me was something about how people born in this time period are two weeks to two months ahead of their time. I have no idea how you would begin to measure this, but speaking for myself, I find this to be true.

  12. Beautiful writing, Mystic, thank you! 🌻
    Too bad I didn’t make it into the galactic center with my December 13 birthday 😄

  13. Gwyneth Portal was a typo but I think it suits her so it stays!
    And…eucalyptus plus – vibe – buddhist chanting….Green Tara…

  14. As an aside, I have recently moved within the galactic neighbourhood – I was miraculously approved for a rental and moved in a few days ago. Wonderful timing with the eclipses. Everything seems to be flowing quite well and I have seen my two young children for the first time in eleven months. That’s a different story.

    Anyway, I was seeking house witchery advice for setting up my new home. I’ve been working but now have the weekend to unpack and set up. There are lingering smells, mousey and who knows. I’m mopping with vinegar and lemon to refresh for a start. Otherwise it’s generally clean wooden floors, lino in the kitchen, tiled bathroom. Kitchen cupboards are clean. Glass for food storage?

    Very thankful for a good sized yard, green grass and native trees full of birds. A hills hoist, too!

    Thanks in advance! 🏡

    1. Yes glass, pyrex and ceramic are fabulous. Maybe something to enhance per MM’s later comment: “eucalyptus plus – vibe – buddhist chanting….Green Tara”

    2. Best of luck in your new home, whitewave! How about burning some sage just to clear the space? 🌿

  15. Was “Gwyneth Portal” intended? Love it either way!

    Great piece. Was so excited to learn about this.

  16. Well played sadge. We are being mooned by the centre of the galaxy iykwim

    Forgive me i am experiencing a LOT of exact outer planet transits at the moment

  17. So I was born Dec 19, plus my ascendant is at 2 degrees Libra in the Infinity Portal. I also have Pluto rising at 29 Virgo. Ha! This explains a lot…

  18. I have my AC exactly on The GC. And Neptune a few degrees away in my 12h. I also have Saturn SQ AC/GC… Which in a way is good because it keeps me grounded. Perhaps otherwise I might be permanently spaghettified 🍝 🌊🔮

  19. Classic Mystic Medusa, avant garde, witty, creative, conceptually hyperreal and fascinating! Getting spaghettified feels like a Vogon kind of punishment, isn’t it what happens to your brain on listening to their poetry? Probably similar experience to the time where I saw Krishna unfold out of a lotus bud while on nitrous oxide as a youngling.

      1. But…what is behind those plush curtains? I just know it is the vault of space. Terrifying! Is this where Laura Palmer lives?

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