Daily Mystic For Monday 30 January

The impending* Gemini Moon is magnificent and here’s why! 

(1) Gemini Moons drop boredom thresholds but they raise ingenuity and your ability to outwit the forces of mediocrity. Accept the skittish atmosphere and you’ll access the super-mercurial evasive skills.

(2) It will pick up and radiate a beneficial Sun-Mars trine, favoring airy self-expression and objectivity. Scenarios should feel more spacious than you thought they were even last week. The best assertive style is where you speak in terms of room to move or liberation.

(3) Potentially – a tech breakthrough or the ability to rapidly parse things you’d usually struggle with. This is most likely in the first 12 hours of the Moon, when it’s near science-muse Urania.

(4) If your local weather permits some moon-gazing, note that you’ll be gazing out toward the Galactic “Anti-Center” aka interstellar space – this  profound point is directly between the stars Capella and Betelgeuse but you”ll be near enough if you can simply find the Moon.

(5) Mercury is soon to emerge from the shadow-phase of its recent Retrograde in Capricorn – this Moon helps many people intuit more insights or tactics into what will eventually prove to be a profound business or ambition restructuring.

*The Moon arrives in Gemini on Monday at 8.35 AM Universal Time – please check the Moon Calendar for the exact time in your locale and will last for just under 60 hours.

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Monday 30 January”

  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Wow Urania is conjunct my Pisces Ascendant within 3 degrees. Which doesn’t make sense for me as the moon will be in Gemini?


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