Mercury Conjunct The South Node

Mercury Conjunct The South Node Side-Effects May Include (But Not Be Limited To)…

Extreme, Ruthless Objectivity Regarding All Aspects Of Your Existence.

Disdain For The Status-Quo to the extent that you’re not buying it. Or dating it.

Physical Revulsion At Old-Era Paradigm People being in power.

Wanting Radical Authenticity of appearance, zero make-up, dyes or spray tan chemicals.

Actually needing to meditate.

Waking pre-dawn with the intense feeling you have forgotten something important.

What about if you are born with Mercury conjunct South Node?

Well, the technically correct way to refer to this is Mercury opposite the North Node. And, here are my thoughts on it, from the Astral DNA birth chart report.

Mercury Opposition North Node

Consciously or not, you remember past lives. You ‘know’ an awful lot of stuff without being able to recall exactly how you got the information. You have epic, technicolor full trilogy saga dreams that leave you feeling full of poignant emotion upon awakening. They are your memories of once upon a time.

You may not realize that your consciousness is different, that your recall of other dimensions is unusually potent. You think that their intuitive familiarity with other eras of time, lost cities, and long-gone cultures are the norm.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the Women Who Run With The Wolves author, has this alignment and works it wonderfully via her reclamation of old myths and fables for present-day awareness. One way or another, you recover lost knowledge and bring it to contemporary times.

Image: Meret Oppenheim – Sun, Moon, Stars

67 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct The South Node”

  1. Thank you… I have been trying to work out my Gemini Mercury/ south node conjunction in the 9th house. I have recently had a nodal transit too.

  2. As I was walking home today a thought came into my head: What’s my current approach to relationships? Please fuq off already. Ah…

    And anybody who thinks they’re above me can talk to empty air, I was out of there yesterday.

  3. Aqua 4th, going bonkers trying to house purge and clean while of course life goes on. Simultaneously listening to evolutionary astrology videos on Uranus/Aqua/Pluto/11th House/squares trying to pick apart my Uranus square sun which is completely in my radar, I don’t have my opp just yet but I feel it coming like my hand is on the earth and the vibration of the distant hoofbeats are headed my way.

    I have an Aqua mum whose birthday is on Thursday. I’m hoping she drops a few skeletons from the closet. I’m ready. My Scorpio auntie who would tell me things is no longer with us.

  4. Is Mercury on the South Node also bring back people (and music, oh the music) from the past? Because the past has been hitting back pretty strongly. It feels as though I try to move forward very fast, and then something slams me taking me off guard.

    1. yes mercury is in transit over pluto on my south node in ruthless Capricorn 9th -H oppose north of course and Bob Dylan came back due to a conversation with my daughter so hows that for third house ruled by mercury. So then i dug out this book of stories by different authors to read the bio of him and stayed up all night finishing 150 pages. Now I caught up with how his life went from our parting – not great. No envy but interesting profiles like character looks. He is Gemini which i have rising with Uranus and my 60 yr old daughter has mercury in gemini in her home 4th house and loves to read constantly so now that the home in the woods is done i think maybe she ll write. Dylan used to be the love of my life for awhile but he is quite the ladies man. When i was talking with my daughter after she said “get out of the way if you can’t lend a hand” and thats why i ended up reading his bio.
      Cause i came back with he said hes not going to work or maggies pa no more but didn t know what he was going on about. so lol Seriously i read that south node in Capricorn takes on responsibilites and i ve sworn off – common. Now i m going to listen to his music to see how aging is working out for him cause the bio said hes lonely. I think i have two years fading in and out of pluto transiting my south node in Cap. and then Aquarius where my moon is at 11. My body is going to hell recently – and i m up to eyeballs with spirituality. I find it interesting that as a 12th house taurus we re told that we re over 15 years in the foreigners, multicultural pressures, for me thats yoga and then some so i wish the site had given a clue whats next. NN is transiting my mercury Rx . Its hard cause those areas of life are well worn. Duality and powers and such and i feel i ve got to switch to a christian (gasp) who me, no, not i, so i sure as H was shocked to hear Bob D. went through a spell of that with public reactions. So this tells me this is flowing as it should. Amazing.cjb

  5. yes, to all of above esp.
    Disdain For The Status-Quo to the extent that you’re not buying it/not being it/not dating it/not eating it.

    Not buying into anything right now. Not taking marching orders from anyone.
    Not digging this pressure to conform to an inflexible mode of Feminism and being threatened to toe the line or be doxxed.
    nope, not having it.

  6. I’ll take the “Waking pre-Dawn with intense feeling you have forgotten something important” hoping it cease by Monday. For real.

  7. Aquar ules my 5th and I have my natal Mars there…I’ve been getting dreams and random thoughts zapping at me to let go of the dead social weight. Especially groups of men from my past. Past trauma regarding said groups of men has been a creative hurdle. But I do finally feel ready to really and truly let it go because I can see it for what it really is now. Yesterdays news.

  8. Mystic you must live in my head. This all resonates so much with me. I’m so finished with all the crap in work, in professional codes, in society in power and trying to get me to be something that’s not me. I fully need to be me from here on in. And I’m not prepared to compromise !

  9. Uncanny.
    Have totally stopped wearing makeup- just feel more attractive without it.
    Seriously questioning current (potential) new romance…. for purely logical/ pragmatic/ geographical reasons and just aware of how many great people are all around me physically irl so why am I contemplating having a relationship with someone who likes in Ireland?
    I like him a lot but …there are tango lessons, meet ups with girlfriends and just so much I need to do. Handed in book on Friday so just need to proofread it now and start the on next. Plus fitness & me have gotten back together. And with Pluto going back and forth over my NN (2nd h Capricorn) something significant happened two days ago.
    Basically I met Shylock / The Real Estate Shark version of an archetype we’ll call The Harvey.
    It’s a tedious story so I don’t want to bleat on about it but apparently the building is being sold and despite having given my phone number to the real estate agents and asked them to call me before bringing ten people into my then half unpacked flat again because I might be take (he claimed to have lost it despite definitely typing it into his phone. I have a witness for this experience.
    Then I’m chatting to my bestie Arabella on speakerphone and Harvey the estate agent and his crew are knocking on my door. With Arabella still listening I asked who they were and why I’d not been warned there was to be a viewing today?
    Harvey dude pushes past me grunting “there’s a sign on the wall of the building- it’s being sold.

    But I’ve just signed a lease for a year! -(me)
    We’ll then you shouldn’t be affected by it (him)

    Wait, why are you taking photos of my flat? (Me)
    It’s only going to be yours for a year (him)
    But I’m still in the process of moving in… this feels really obtrusive and you’re making me uncomfortable. Who are you?
    No answer
    Are you the new landlord?
    No answer but photographs my goodie drawer, underwear drying on hangers and all my half opened boxes.

    Excuse me but I think you need to leave.
    Him click, click, click
    Are you my new landlord?
    Click click click
    There’s no hot water in the bathroom or the kitchen, the towel rack in the bathroom doesn’t work.
    as if I’ve just told him the most fascinating but unbelievable fact. Dripping with sarcasm.

    I insisted he leave at once and that any future viewings need to be arranged.

    I felt anger.
    That whole You Rent therefore you are NOTHING and have no rights.
    It made me want to buy my own place just so no one can treat me that way ever again.

    I’ve owned properties before both here and abroad. And fancy cars, clothes, jewellery, art etc but it never meant as much as relationships did. And to a codependent, possessions mean nought and approval is the everything.

    It felt like Lilith rising up and spitting on him.
    Now I want to own property and be smart with money. No one is going to treat me that way again.

    1. Oh, Invicta! I rented for so long but never once experienced such a home violation. I’m so angry and sorry for you.

      There were visits without proper notice (notice claimed by unreceived comms etc wtf i’m Mars in Cap so all comms received and filed) and non action for proper functioning of essential items. When i detailed those after a rent rise i got notice (property was no longer for rent, right? Bullshit, according to my later research.) Where i am now (my mortgaged place) would be prime rental property, and i recently heard something totally yukky about a neighbour’s place but have no real evidence (yet) to help out or report. My buddy doesn’t call me The Detective for nothing, i goddamn hope.

      I don’t have enough to get another place PLUS keep this beauty for rental, but reading your tale makes me want to stay and stay until i can make enough to be a great landlord. Which of course i will do through an agent for my guests’ sake, but with my eyes on the agent. I’ve been putting tradies through the testing, so perhaps i could do it on my own.

      Reading you here makes me want to do anything i can to give a great space to people who need it, rather than on-selling to people who (as i well know from my attempt to sell) will try to make every space including those bits not designed for comfortable rooming, into a room. That disgusted me no end. I live here, and I can tell you how awful that would be.

      If you can do the hard yards for a deposit and know you can make repayments, go old school on the budget before a mortgage shark can tell you it’s possible. By the time i got to one, i heard him tell me why it might be difficult before he said ok, but i already KNEW it was possible and had the legal backup to help me understand (and no more than that). You’ve got good guts now, so get your own advisors when you can. You don’t pay for everything, if it’s advice, but that’s because you’ll be a longterm client so USE THAT GUT if you don’t want to work with them.

      Mentally spit on that man. Wish him all the privacy he’s given. He probably has more to hide than you. And if he took pics of your personal belongings, report. You may get nowhere, so expect it, and report anyway, then get on with finding your space xxx

    2. How odd, we are moving and as I am cleaning at the worst stage, (a decade of rotten under-fridge from the upside down) in marches the owner with young adult son in tow. He didn’t sneer too much but insisted I remove ivy that is growing two stories up and wondered how I will be doing it, as it cost him 3 grand to rip off his own house – it was there before I moved in and even has a wall with trellis. Guess he will always wonder as I ain’t doing it!

      Mercury is clearly getting up his south node. Needs to be added to the above list of MM’s!

      1. Sorry – also a completely spontaneous visit & much unappreciated request given we fixed the busted taps and retiled it back up, never complained about a litany of disgraceful issues, paid for plumbers ourselves and replaced broken appliances and were never late once on rent… grr!

    3. You could call a landlord-tenant lawyer. In some places that could have been an unpermitted entry. Some tenant side lawyers will work for the statutory fees. It may be worth a few calls. That was a crappy way to be treated. You should have a right to notice (and time to hide personal items).

    4. That’s obscene, you poor thing. I don’t know what country you live in, but in Australia that would be multiple breaches of the tenancy act, all of which are prosecutable. If you have nothing to lose (reprisal in the form of raised rent or eviction) I say go for it. And if you can’t prosecute, maybe there are ways to undermine the sale. But getting out of the rental world entirely also has its appeal. Maybe all three?

  10. Year of the Phoenix

    Interestingly the Gem salesperson left semi abruptly last week, she to me was the old paradigm who would not have aligned well with the Saturn into Capricornian Vibes….

    Feel like it is Go Pro time and if you show your true grit there will be rewards or maybe that’s just me feeling extra earthy and getting ready for the Plutonian rays to start their pro Virgo 3rd decant support system

  11. Yes, all of it. This past week has been super ‘down-the-rabbit-hole’ and not in a good way, very unsettling. Transiting Merc/SN are just past my Sun at 11 Aqua and I also have natal Merc at 29 Aqua.

    This weekend has been weird. I do feel like I’m shedding old skin in all ways, except I’m having this newfound and resurgent interest in my career. Weird. I was about to walk away. It won’t let me go. I’m in an all-weekend seminar for continuing education in a specific system of acupuncture.
    I’ve been involved with Traditional Chinese medicine for 30 years, started studying it when I was 20 years old. It must be some strong past life thing for the reason that it has been with me most of my life and just sticks on. I’m a Westerner so there wouldn’t be much other context for it because when I got into it, it wasn’t anywhere near as popular or known in the U.S. as it is now. I have SN in Libra in the 4th, and I read somewhere China is thought to be affiliated with that sign.
    I think what I was sick of is the business side of my career, and working in certain environments and seeing too many patients and experiencing burn out. If I can sort that out, I’ll probably stay with it.

  12. “-Waking pre-Dawn with intense feeling you have forgotten something important.”

    Jesus this has been me the past few weeks. It’s an eerie feeling. Moon/NN in Aqua.

  13. Yep, yep and yep. SO much ruthless objectivity. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands for thinking, thinking, thinking and fuq it’s been brutal.
    In advertising they used to say, ‘nothing dies harder than a bad idea’ and I reckon I’ve been wrestling a few of those to the ground this week. Could it be that I’ve been fighting my actual life because it doesn’t fit the preconceived picture of what I thought my post-divorce life would look like?
    Ignoring the actual love and support that is quietly showing up, day after day, and waiting to be noticed. Refusing to acknowledge what I have achieved because there are three dresses in the wardrobe I still can’t fit into. Wow.

    1. Questioning and doubting does make the faith in the Real stronger.

      And you’re a Mutable so it’s less a decision than getting into your feeling core. Because once you really feel it, Mutables can go fast to the focus. It’s really ok to take your time, especially with all the variables you want to consider. But taking your time tends to sound like doing sweet FA, so we feel terrible for doing it, while we know we need to. Don’t even worry about those three dresses (my god, Chrys, this does sound like the start of a fable!) They’ll re-appear in the chapters to come as either lucky charms or ghosts that need a good etheric slicing. The camera has already framed them, so i see.

      1. “And you’re a Mutable so it’s less a decision than getting into your feeling core. Because once you really feel it, Mutables can go fast to the focus”

        mille you are on fire today (pun maybe intended hehe <3)

      2. What Pi said xx Love, love love your poetry and insights Mille. You really have a way of nailing it.

        Void moon in my 5th / Merc on SN realisation…what if I am being invited to consider a new way of working creatively – one that includes support and is as big/small a part of my everyday as breathing, and free of drama and self-loathing?
        The illness that has stopped me this little while is a severe respiratory illness. It has given me breathing space.

        1. I would never have a way of nailing it without either of you two, Pi and Chrysalis, describing yourselves in a way that i never could describe myself, yet read and understand so very clearly.

          Though sometimes, i need a while to reflect, and i don’t always comment back. Geez, not to sound like a creeper. I just feel like you guys are Piscean in the multi-ways that might not be immediately happening for me, but are still kind of resonant, in a prismatic way.

          Oh and Chrysalis, i am well enough but have the breathing throat thing now and again. Not to discount the effect of a virus on you. I hate that pseudo-spiritual crapness that says this symptom equals that spiritual crap right now. But wherever it comes from, there might be an astro-amplifying effect for us.

        2. fwiw, lungs in chinese medicine (or the lung meridian) can also be associated with the emotion of grief. a particular kind of grieving process making its way through your system? just a thought. maybe not tho

  14. Tarot pull was emperor in 3rd h, which is me right now/ saggo moon – verging on too much candid. Fingers off the keypad. Extreme self honesty which gets results.

    Ive stated this before but I think there’s nothing wrong with makeup if it makes you feel powerful or beautiful etc…its a neutral thing. I wear it like one day a week. But Venus is my Nn mentor, not everyone’s

  15. But yes the things
    Am finding that any version of ruthlessness is kind of warped out by what I think might be symptoms of anxiety – I can’t buy into hardass vibes even tho has been stock in trade since whenever (personal Aries Cap astro)
    Feeling something though.
    The south node is a genuinely weird place. Seems to me. I guess it’s with age too that you just get sick of your own shit and need to re-zap into a parallel universe.

    1. Probably explains why I’ve literally yesterday decided to start getting up at 6 and turning off wifi at 9pm or so , I don’t know how I’m going to survive but as they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, and my current internet use screams “escapism” not “constructive” , quality of life has gone downhill in every way , so that’s one uranian relationship I’m going to have to detox from…
      Wow thanks mystic! There’s my insight. Mercury, south node on my 8th house Ceres, private life (8th house) to internet (Aquarius) & connections (mercury) draining (south node) abundance (Ceres)

      1. yes but you’re Gemini Rising so you are drawn to the interaction and learn/riff off it.

        so you may want to consider channelling that into the 3rd house interactions with everyday people just randomly in your day (unless there’s a 5th house/Leo need to get out there and socialise, too – but i’m thinking of the Piscean need to recharge with quality alone time)

        Or, the 3rd house comms/writing sector (And/Or, i mean). Rather than boring old introspective journalling, you could make daily people-based anecdotal jottings electronically or by hand to record the thoughts in all their tangential and personal delving glory, that those interactions made for you

        i mean, you do that live here, and that’s a treat for many people, but if you feel the need to go quiet for a while, you still have to nourish that Mercury, and you can still bring those thoughts to the net after some private distillation, right? And if you want to avoid the screen, then practise your penmanship. Mercury always feels honoured by that, and a South Node realisation is one that draws us to tradition, the old school, the tried and true down the ages. Haha you don’t need to make a quill or anything 🙂 You’re just honouring the NN by avoiding comfort traps of the SN, while utilising the wisdom of it.

        What sign/house is your SN?

        1. Wow thanks mille, I really appreciate this reflection. I’m going to re-read a few times.
          My south node is in Aries 10th house, on Venus. (And square my moon.) I’ve never been able to work out how to make this work for me.

          1. My Aries has Chiron conjunct Mercury so the way i feel it is probs much more sensitised than it needs to be for others. Otherwise i’d be happy to think on it and offer an idea. In the meantime, you can take my Unhealed Wounded Communicator and see if anything at all is useful, even in tangent. At the very least, people are smart enough to work out what they need with only the tiniest bit of help, if they seek healing. So at least i don’t have to (Jup in Sag style) pretend to have all the answers 🙂 That being in 12th, trine Chiron-Merc should just channel you to your own best.

            I’ve got Venus square Saturn, which is weirdly military about luxe/pampering, and my poor Moon is shivering recalling the recent Saturn transit, so you have my sympathy, even if i don’t really know what it’s like xx

        2. Take Sun inspiration from Gem Raymond Carver, like. (his was Moon conjunct Saturn so a bit of resonance with your Cap Moon.)

          All your 8th house insights into the Gem world. Mercury is Thoth, and i don’t need to play up that SN aspect. What did the Egyptians do that they did not record, in beautiful transcription. And this site is run by one of them.

          Seems too lofty? It’s a New World,after all, and it’s a Shapeshifter astro channel, pi. I’m pretty sure we’re allowed to reduce it, put it in baby language, most people keep their child’s drawings on the fridge etc because the sheer clear beauty of the old coming through the New Forming is always amazing. Surrealism and Dadaism came from artists who well knew the classic. You’ve got a lot to contribute (Ceres/Gem/Pisces), and if it doesn’t always have to show workings (8th house/Aqua leaps forward/Gem flashes/Pisces synthesis) you’ve always got this blog’s archive to show how much your expression draws people into conversation.

          SN may make you want to honour your privacy, but it could integrate not deprive, your Mercurial self, too. You might be more whole than you realise, but this astro makes the Mutable feel a bit like something that needs taming or beating. Treat it like an animal! You’d be more caring of that wild thing than your native self?

      2. Yes, yes, yes. Sick of my own shit, escapist not constructive, this is me for the last 6 months or so. Please report back on the effects of your internet curfew. My SN/NN axis is 11th/5th house (with Saturn on the SN). I’m all of a sudden experimenting with both, and to my fascination the SN changes feel at least as fresh and energising.

        1. Internet curfew is going badly (it is 1am as I write and I have to work tomorrow) but I accidentally bought a stack of good books on the weekend which is a pleasant ‘carrot’ to lure me away from the screen which is working quite well about half the time. I also had a very emo realisation about some dark personal moments at present which helped to untangle a horrible corner I had painted myself into. so this all helps..
          North node in 5th house sounds FUN!! And you’re officially allowed to give Saturn the flick, haha. Enjoy 🙂

      1. Have to admit I did love having tanned boobs on the odd occasion I got one LOL but as the tan wore off i looked terrifying!!!! And then all the scrubbing. Haha not good for low maintentance fish

    1. YES. Any time they choose, and fq it when they choose not, and all that comes in between.

      Kataka, the artist, will understand it best as a form of self-expression or art that we can wear, to enhance, to uglify on purpose as an avant-garde art form, or military dress, which of course is not worn on days when in the mud, but might be used to go into battle, as an identifier. (Kataka is Cardinal, right?)

      Here’s me, light and punny, as always. Sorrreeeeeee 😀

      1. yes, my theatrical nature loves makeup. It is truly an art form to transform yourself into other characters, creatures or become a femme fatale in a noir.

      1. Who cares about other people’s brows? Yeh, it’s a shock at first when someone you know does the whole thing but they love it!! It’s still art or artifice, regardless of how far you go, so “au naturel” is a furphy, lady.

        Sometimes, us au naturel women have to appreciate an art form without sneering at it. And maybe give ourselves a go at it too, if we feel like, without sneering at ourselves for not being on a proper stage or in a proper film. You can crack up, but it’s great to do it at yourself first. We don’t all have the same taste, and makeup lasts less than a day. You don’t have to wear it outside. I love the bravado, and the artistic spirit i see, often also the refinement of execution, and i say so!

        1. Agreed, milleunanotte. I am actually just getting back into makeup after years of not wearing it. Has to be undetectable of course. I enjoy the primping. Feels like self-love & adornment, rather than putting on a mask. its feeling like a fresh new creative outlet for me (maybe thats my Cancer moon). I rolled by eyes about makeup all that time I wasn’t wearing it but I know that for me, I was just judging myself and denying myself something fun. My inner child wants to be a pretty, pretty princess so I let her be that now lol. I am fine not wearing it too, as I didnt for years – I think thats the point tho, that I can enjoy it without feeling like I can’t step outside the house without it. Boo slavery. Yay self love & creativity!

        2. yes, to each his own. I don’t judge au natural women nor theatrical dramatic types either. I judge on what’s in someone’s soul rather than a superficial artifice.

    2. I’m sorry to hear.
      I understand if too much makeup is a put off. It is truly is an art form and most aren’t qualified.
      I wear makeup at night but usually natural (foundation, lip-gloss) in the day. I wasn’t born with perfect complexion so I rely on concealer/foundation to look healthy.

  16. I am a Gemini, with Mercury exactly conjunct the South Node, in Gemini, natally.

    This is a phenomenon that feels all too familiar to me. I’ve been extra energized and optimistic, lately.

    Much of what you’ve described fits me to a T! Thanks!

  17. Yes. Lost my job last week as a casualty of politics. Someone said to me that I’m taking it well. My response: “I hated that place. Bad culture. And I never fit in.”

    I cannot be inauthentic and old era hide the ball peeps are repulsive to me.

  18. Getting this,
    Want to leave my job
    Last night spent chopping my hair and wanting to grow my bleach out
    Let the greys shine

  19. The “Actual physical Revulsion At Old-Era Paradigm People being in power” is so me – can’t bring myself to get back into the Corporate world with these old era folks still in power –

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