Mercury In Aries Made Me Do It

Do you have Mercury in Aries?  I do and sometimes it occurs to me that I can blame it for practically everything. 

Never mind fancy planetary configurations, Pluto Transits that zap you straight to hell and (hopefully) back or those experimental Uranian Dating eras when five minutes can be a year but you’re always in the moment.

Forget all that.  You can pin a lot of crap onto Mercury in Aries. 

Are you Mercury in Aries and if so, do you have any of these traits?

* You blast your iPod headphones so loud that weak-eared wankers wince at you when you’re trying to master the Cybex at the gym?

* You absolutely hate to be interrupted but you butt in a lot?

* You talk fast – to the point of being unintelligible to peeps who don’t know you. 

* You read a lot but it’s mostly skim-reading.

* Ever since you learned to read, you did it day & night, completely democratically – Booker Award winning novels, Spam emails, the sides of cereal boxes, shit scrawled on the side of the gutter, signs in the distance.

* You feel hideously insulted when someone tells you information that you happen to already know.

* Your nostrils flare and your fists clench when forced to listen to boring s**t.

145 thoughts on “Mercury In Aries Made Me Do It”

  1. I actually relate to this! But my mercury is in Pisces, although more towards Aries. Plus it’s in the 3rd house along with my Aries sun and Pallas & Lilith.
    So maybe I can still blame all of the above on Mercury 😂
    I also find the good amythest crystal that so many tend to find calming and uplifting races my mind! It speeds my mind up too much, I just don’t need it 🤣 I prefer clarity and grounding in other crystals. Does anyone else find this too?

  2. These feels wildly accurate for this Merc in Cap in 11th house. However, I do have Mars in gemini in my third – so maybe planet of mars in the third is influencing?

    1. Quite possibly…that is a really interesting observation – i only have Neptune in Scorpio but Mars in 8th operates like Scorpio A.F.

  3. I’ve mercury in Aries…my family has moons/suns/mars in cancer with saturns in Aries…..uh, they all pretty much hate me…thinks, I condescend and am aggressive to them when I’m talking to them…I say, I just want to get my thoughts out before I lose that next train of thought that I’m already on….I don’t have time to condescend to them…I’d have to care to do that in the first place and that takes time!!!

  4. Yep, all of them. When I was younger I talked so fast my best friend literally had to interpret what I was saying to other people. My Mercury also trines Uranus rising…..even now my brain goes way faster than my mouth will allow. If someone wants to tell me a story, they had better do it in 2 minutes or less!

  5. Mercury in Aries, check!
    * loud music at gym is absolutely necessary to drown out the shite they play there
    * I don’t even realise when I’m interrupting, I genuinely think what I have to say is more important and just say it out loud.
    * I read EVERYTHING.
    * I hate hate HATE being told something I already know. It’s like it’s dead information. Ugh. Do not want.

  6. Man, am I late to this party!

    My eyes glaze over when boring people are talking to me. If I’m on the phone, I immediately mute my computer so I can do something interesting, remembering to say, “Uh, huh……oh yeah,” at perfectly timed moments.

    I am hideously insulted when someone tells me something I already know. Why didn’t they assume I knew that?

    Oh, yes, reading. Read, read, read.

    I read three books at a time which some people find strange. I speed read naturally, so I suppose that’s a form of skimming.

    I don’t think I speak quickly but my thoughts are hard to follow if you can’t keep up.

    I don’t mind being interrupted. I have this ability to stop and start speaking again without losing my thought (and shouldn’t everyone?), and since I’m a natural interrupter, jumping in with my brilliance that makes the conversation better, I allow others to do so too. Those who complain they can’t get a word in when talking to me are passive types who wait for me to give them the floor (so to speak) instead of having the ability to do dialog. Monolog is boring ok? See my eyes beginning to glaze over…?

    Loud music is good.

    Merc in Aries 5, cojoining my Sun.

  7. – love Mystic’s maxims 🙂
    – collect them in my head
    – very helps
    – as trip over molehills
    – and into deep shallow quarries

    – should only read maxims
    – now methunks 🙂

  8. Mercury in 1st house square uranus in gemini—–REALLY bored easily!
    Skim read and get ‘IT’ like osmosis, don’t tell me the same thing more than twice as I won’t stay polite…
    Don’t talk alot, but don’t forget alot either

  9. I definitely agree with the speed talking and speed reading. I’m a natural born speed reader since forever. Mostly I do things by hopping between one thing and another in order to keep interested.

  10. I’m Mercury in Gemini & to be honest, all of these apply to me 🙂 But then I am also born on a Mercury-ruled day & am generally tres Mercurial. I have really noticed yr Mercury in Aries in blog-posts though. Abbreviated lingo, an emphasis on clarity and the outlines of a situation (ie the Zap Zone) – very direct. It’s endearing, don’t worry 🙂

  11. chocolatecarrie

    Leo with Aries risin.g, all of the above and more! A fire thing defo, but the impatience is particularly Arian I think


    lol…some of them, but, Saturn square Sun and Mercury…try reading Seth Speaks-The Eternal Validity of the Soul…

    Years ago I read passages over and over until I ~got~ it…..(Saturn..and thank god)

  13. Merc in Aqua 3rd house. Always interrupting people. I am trying so hard to stop it. But I watch people and I cant wait till they get their bit out. Sooo slow and yes I get it already. Hurry up, I have so many awesome things to say. 🙂

    1. Ditto. Merc in Aqua 1st house. Frequently hurt peeps feelings by moving on with the conv before they’ve finished because I know what they’re saying and even if it’s spot on, it’s taking up valuable time to say it (and I might lose my awesome train of thought by the time they’ve finished). MUST LEARN PATIENCE.

  14. I giggled my way through that, yep I think It’s just bloody Aries!!!!

    * You absolutely hate to be interrupted but you butt in a lot?
    I remember someone saying that in more or less words to me and i was hideously pissed off!!!! deny deny deny

  15. Merc in Aries here and yes to all except headphones but like stereo up loud and learned to talk slower quite young cos I hated repeating myself when someone didn’t get it first time round.

    Mystic there’s a few there that I think are universal – I think everyone finds these extremely irritating – being interrupted, being told stuff they already know and listening to boring peeps/drivel – but possibly Merc in Aries finds it more intensely so – I know I feel like a saint when I’ve endured any of the above, kept my mouth shut and actually stayed around till the offender finished speaking!

    A couple more Merc in Aries suggestions… straight to the point, no beating ’round the bush. Also doesn’t play games, doesn’t get it/see the point..and can not meditate (thought it was just me) !

  16. Does your 3d cusp happen to be in Aries too ? If so, you dont have only mutual reception going on there but your Merc is directly disposed by Mars too.

    I have my Merc in 3d too but in Cappy/Saggy on the 3d cusp and i can relate to this one at verbatim:

    * You feel hideously insulted when someone tells you information that you happen to already know.*

    It’s quite disturbing in fact how much do i hate it :/

    My sis though has an Aries Merc, in her 1st, trine Saturn and sqaring her Mars/Neptune cj in Capricorn, the Pisces/Virgo axis intercepted and her Aqua AC being the only Air point in her chart .. talk about being ‘buthead’ with a reason 😀 ~

  17. That’s odd; I don’t have one ounce of Aries in my chart – unless you count minor asteroids, OR use Sidereal astro, in which case I have Moon in Aries in the 8th – but those Merc in Aries traits apply to me. Like, almost entirely. I didn’t expect to look at this post and identify so much. I have Merc in Virgo in the 12th.

  18. love this almost completely spot on for me. * You feel hideously insulted when someone tells you information that you happen to already know. made me laugh out loud due to its way of being written as well. perfect. 🙂

  19. Mercury in Aries conjunct Sun, sextile Saturn, trine MC.

    I am at my best on my feet – there I am a dynamo. Put my ass in a seat and my universe drifts into resting mode.

    Yes to all in the above list except:

    No to the headphones – my hearing is super sensitive and high volume via headphones is a problem. However, home alone with sounds I love turned up and I dive into and become one with the music but there’d better not be outside droning n.o.i.S.e

    1. … as for the horrors of being force-fed knowledge Iong ago digested and purged – no such blow hits harder than being force-fed as a lesson something I previously and most patiently instructed the person on.

  20. Mercury in Aries

    Sun in Aries

    Venus in Aries

    ……..yes to all, and I have a very clear memory of my mother saying to me ” Don’t flare your nostrils at me young lady” I think I was about 7.

    the triple treat of Aries is fuqing with my head at the mo.

    1. rammadam dingdong

      3rams .. my head was in the same place
      .. until this afternoon
      .. something has shifted, Xena is back!!!

      & I have:

      Sun in Aries

      True Node in Aries

      Mercury in Aries

      Saturn in Aries

      Venus in Aries

      Chiron in Aries

      & I’m .. ready to launch – April 21

      1. Wow, you’re like a rocket of Aries! That’s exciting. It must be awesome to have Uranus going over your Arien stellium. I’m wondering which houses your uber-Ariesness resides ???


        1. ram-madam dingdong

          Hey sorry about the late response! .. It’s my ninth house that got stacked to the rafters .. & Uranus is parked over my Venus in Aries at the mo (can anyone shed some light on that one?..?)

          .. Then it’s Saturn, Mercury, True Node, MC, & the Sun .. to follow soon after .. *takes deep breath* .. all Squared by Pluto

  21. Oh Mystic this sounds like me! But merc in Gemini, conjunct sun, in 4th house – BUT Venus in Aries 3rd house….all the traits you mentioned a big YES!

  22. I’m mercury in virgo in the first house square Saturn in Gem and Neptune in Sagittarius and I can say an emphatic yes to meeting all of your points, Mystic. Can someone please explain?

    1. Planets in houses take on the qualities of the sign that naturally rules the house… 1st house is the Aries house so your Mercury will have an Aries flavour to it.

  23. i have mercury in aqua, 8th house and absolutely cant stand it when people talk about boring shit that doesnt involve anything meaningful – like the meaning of life for example.

    1. I’m a multiple Aqua and can’t think of anything more meaningful to talk about than the meaning of life. You think I’m interested in your home renovations??!?!

  24. Aries rising in the 1st house – I have OFFICIALLY become a crazy person…
    In full Warrior/vengeance shall be mine etc mode, and I’m coming out swinging.
    Finally found my voice – talk about a case of look out for the mouse that roared.
    Objection papers in my hot little hands, and the shit-missive from HELL saved to draft!
    They are about to experience a fine example of action/reaction, and cause and effect. Hope that’s ‘crystallised’ enough for ya, Bitches!
    Roll on April 13th and Mars direct!
    It is so ON!

      1. Thanks Pegs, will do my darndest to stop those CREEPS. Even if nothing comes of it I will finally have some peace that I had the balls to speak up while I had the chance. If I don’t do this now, the ‘shoulda/coulda/woulda’ factor would haunt me the rest of my days.This may just be a lesson for me ‘to accept the things you cannot change’, but I’m goin to give’er a go regardless!

      2. love that pegs. I stood up for myself and had a little win but the system (or lack of) won in the end and I have lost income because of it. But I tried. However, I’ve had another win which has given me the confidence I thought i had lost.

    1. Scorp with Aries rising… Great astro! May the force be with you!!

      Counting the days til Mars direct… I have a stellium in Virgo (including Mars!) and I remember looking at the astro two months ago and thinking I was going to go MAD during Mars/Merc Rx and I came very, very close 😯
      This Mars Rx was/is 10000000 times worse than the Leo Mars Retro we had last year!
      Only a few more sleeps… 🙂

  25. Yes, especially the skim reading, usually 6 books on the go at once.

    Will drive for 2 miles to avoid a slow-moving jam.

    Plus, all aggravated by Mars in Gemini.

    Switch off mind , the second things get boring.

    1. rammadam dingdong

      Yep! .. & I compete against the ‘Navman’!!

      Estimated time of arrival: .. I’ll shave 30 secs of it!
      Ohh the joy!!

  26. Ooh, I do relate – but am a Leo with Scorp Moon.

    My Mercury is in Cancer in the 2nd.

    Aries rules my 11th, so I think this is how I relate to everyone.

  27. rammadam dingdong

    OOOOH. M. G .. this is ME!
    tick tick tick the entire list ..
    including the ‘inability to meditate’ .. maaaate!!
    so ‘yoga’ is the solution:
    ‘cos you’re not just sitting there,
    you’re doing something constrrructive

    .. another one for the list:
    short sharp comments are ace!
    (merc in aries 9th .. exact same degree as my true node in aries 9th – 18 degrees) .. conjunct sun in aries tenth .. conjunct aries MC .. conjunct Amor .. I love this!! .. & Uranus in the third

    .. I’m off to read the back of the weetbix box, ova lunch

    1. I can’t even do yoga – let alone meditate! But that may be more my moon in mars in sag?… I used to love Pilates though, seemed a bit more concentrated or something. But I’ve always loved strength training (weights etc) or anything that makes me sweat, running outdoors especially…

  28. lol Mystic, I just re-read your points on merc in aries and I think it can stereoptically be misjudged as declaring a person is ‘rude’ – when really, they just have merc in aries. For EG: interrupt while talking, music too loud, shows physical symptoms of frustration due to boredom – these are all things peeps may get in trouble for in school as a child.

    I was thinking, that if merc in libra is a well mannered, etiquette, please and thankyou’s, may i, after you – no you first – no YOU first, then the opposite / contrast is merc in aries applies. LOLOLOL

    just a libran with virgo merc thought..

  29. Aww yes, I can totally relate. I have Merc in Aries and I read *anything*.. and I do feel hideously insulted when people tell me stuff I already know… my first thought is an outrageous “do they think I don’t know THAT!” Jeez Louise!

  30. Piscean closed for renovation

    maybe i have merc in aries any not pisces – 😀 i can relate to several of those points!

  31. Oh wow!

    Mercury in Aries (9th house) and I relate to all of them from both the reading and speaking perspective and find it very difficult to suffer fools gladly.

    Hence with a heck of a lot planets in pisces and cancer I spend a good deal of time wincing at my seeming ‘know it all’ persona after firing off again at someone who bores or annoys me.

    With uranus about to land straight on my mercury I’m practically in fear of when and where I’m going to embarrass myself again with my impatience. It’s already been a loooooooong process in learning to shut up. It’s hard!

  32. from my friendship and family circle I would say the signs least likely to be able to mediate are, in order of least likelihood:
    No. 1 Pisces Sun
    No. 2 Mars in Aries and/or Leo Moon
    No. 3 Peeps with heaps of Virgo + Gemini
    No. 4 Leo Sun

    Basically, I think these signs are the peeps who have the lowest boredom threshold which is why they cannot meditate. It’s not lack of trying, it’s just mutable, mercurial and fire stuff.

    I would include Saggi, but I find that with the right kind of incentive and usually rad purple yoga pants and no shoes on while ‘omming’, they can meditate.

    i can meditate, and I get a lot out of it. Basically, a relax in the tub and I am like a new person for it and the creative/artistic inspiration flows:
    Taurus Moon, 2x planets in Kataka.

    1. Hi Harp – just wanted to comment on your meditation post. My darlin ma – a fiery Aries – used to tell me I could pray anywhere, even on the loo.
      My chart is all fire and air – a Gem Sun, Aqua Rising and, among other things Mars in Aries. I often do meditation when I am doing my Zen cleaning.
      Active mediation works if you are very mutable.

  33. I am still persevering with my meditation (since Mars went retro) and making some gains (soul elevation), so it is possible for Merc in Aries types, although I have to allow the thoughts to just continue on their random way as I cannot empty my head completely of stuff.
    Music helps with concentration but binaurals make me manic.

  34. I think Gemini Rising peeps are like Mercury in Aries. Talk ALOT, do things real fast, get thoroughly bored at the drop of a hat. In particular, Gemini Rising with a Fire Sun = an equivalent of Gemini Moon with a Fire Rising = equivalent of Mercury in Aries! …my op.

    I have never met a Gemini Rising who was not full of beans and on the go.

  35. Mercury in Sagg, another fire starter so quite a few Merc Aries relate to me.
    I speak my slowly now but was known to ask peeps to listen faster.
    Have learned from experience NOT to stand next to the gigantic speakers
    at dances or concerts to respect my aural bits.
    USED to interupt coz others if topics bored me now i’m the goddess of patience, that happens when you are ancient, oops i mean timeless.
    Will read telephone books if no other words around.
    But now i just do yogic breathing & pilates ‘bracing’ when waiting or being bored. Funny how we have to learn to do nothing at all……

    1. Patience is something I need to learn. Can’t possibly stay still while waiting. Have been known to miss buses, trains and planes because I had wandered off to pass the time while waiting. (This results in yet more waiting, mostly). I have to make a big effort not to interrupt others because I am already three steps past whatever they’re trying to tell me, and I want to know what they think about that already. But yep, meditation / escapes into an imaginary or long since gone world can help with all that, when I need to seem patient or at least calm. (Must be ageing too!).

  36. 2,5,6 and 7 are me. My merc (and sun) is in Aqua but Aries moon and venus in the 3rd house. Mystic, are you going to come up with another theory after reading through these comments? There’s def something Aries about needing constant stimulation/inspiration and movement plus lack of patience for slower peeps/over-it territory, but also Gem I think? Maybe it’s 3rd house stuff.

    1. excellent point, anon.
      I have Uranus in my 3rd = ruler of Aquarius.
      Uranus in 3rd squares my Leo Ascendant and I’m a skim reader fo sure.
      Uranus in 3rd may also square Taurus Moon MC – emotionally bored and also get frustrated with people at work pulling me back and not progessing quick enough for my liking. It’s in my work life that people can NOT keep up and I get told ‘but harp I’m not like you’ hmmmmm I think you are on2 something there.

  37. This has left me speechless…..for having Mercury in Aries and you’ve described me to a T. PERFECT description. I am literally smiling from ear-to-ear because its so true. hahahha.

  38. You might be onto something there. I have Mars and Saturn in Aries and Aries ascendent, so a fair bit of Aries, and Mercury in Aqua. I don’t really relate to the list…. the behaviours are too extreme.

  39. Mercury in Aries along with Mars, Uranus and Pluto (all retrograde in Virgo) in my third house. I am lucky if people can keep up with me as I can talk as fast as my brain switches subjects, so am a bit all over the place at times, but sharp with it.
    I tell it like it is and shoot straight from the hip.

  40. Oui Oui…mercury in Aries – 2nd house, with Sun.
    I love a good nostril flare.

    I cant eat a meal or sit down without reading something .. skim reading.

    I think i talk more in my head than outloud, and i always wince whilst talking over my bestie who is Katakan, Scorp Moon, Saggie Rising….she is trained as a teacher, but now teaches teachers how to best help special needs children … I fear the plume of dissappointment – like black squid ink if i talk too much over her …. i really do have to put my seatbelt over my mouth and shut the f-u so she can get a word in…

    Although in the important times – i can strangey be a good listener – though i do get into trouble for trying to always ”fix” things.

    I also like to get straight down to buisness, always, i can’t talk fluff/mingle/chit chat. I want it to be real or i dont want it at all.

    I am dexcribed by those who know me best as ”direct”. I take it as a compliment – seriously ! (even friends warn ”new” people of directness alert) … Not rude, just direct.

    1. Also been accused for having a n answer for eveything … not in a complimentary way either – how rude !

    2. rammadam dingdong

      i crave ‘directness’ these days .. merc/true node in aries 9th

      .. hurts so good!!

      overly polite nicities drive me nuts .. (winching on the inside, like i’ve tasted something sour)

  41. Pisces sun/moon with merc in aries, venus in aries all in 6th house here. So yes I talk way too fast and yes I hate to be interrupted but butt in a lot! I also feel like I have a lot of info to get out in a short amount of time, sometimes my grammar is bad because of this! But I require a lot of verbal stimulation though I wouldn’t say I stay on one subject for very long (like to read until every day problems start appearing in my mind and then I realise I’m not reading anymore but day dreaming) Though if I choose to love a subject, I’ll read every little bit of info I can find until I know it back to front. Another more negative thing about merc in aries is they lack tact and say it how they see it, even if it’s going to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s better to know the truth then be strung around, but many people don’t want that sort of directness….

    1. just to add, it’s not criticizing, it’s expelling mind fog, that’s what merc is aries craves I think!

  42. I don’t have a single thing in Aries, but totally relate to everything on that list. Gotta be something else…

    1. are you mercurial dominant, particularly mercurial air (gemini)? my next guess would be a fair bit of virgo in the chart, and/or saggi (fire)? that’s not even before considering square aspects. leo? while leo’s, on the one hand are often compared to cats and like to nap and luxurious life, on the other, they apparently tend to get some hyper energy sparks like bouts of enthusiasm which can elate and relate (the elate was a typo but i’m keeping it in as it’s on topic leo) to merc aries traits above.

      1. Right on, Harp 🙂 thanks

        Tons of Gemini + Uranus in the first house
        Jupiter and MC in Leo
        Saturn and NN in Virgo

        1. aw so cool. uranus in 1st is interesting.
          i know a leo jup mc person with Virgo saturn, NN… I have leo asc, and leo jupiter and leo asc have some similarities – well my friend with leo jup mc and i have loads in common.

          1. Most of my peeps are Leos, both family and friends!! August is like one big birthday bash 🙂

            Do you know the placement of your friend’s Saturn/NN? If in the 10th, then it’s even more curious.

            1. yes 10th, conjunct with merc-ven-sun. they actually have everything in 10th, 9th, 8th, 6th. jupiter is chart ruler too (saggi asc 12th). lol, they do not have a home, they have several, and travel for work which makes sense are no planets in 1st to 5th.

              1. There goes my astrotwin dream 🙂

                Well, I’ve got nothing in 3-4-5-6-11, so there’s some overlap there. I always have a home but it never feels permanent.

                Thanks for playing 🙂

  43. bull with sting in tail

    Yes, Merc in Aries…… 5 and 7 resonate, and agree with the Barista, Think fast, quick on the uptake

  44. Hmmm I have Mercury in Taurus, but I do tend to butt in a lot and don’t like being interrupted, hate listening to boring talking/speeches/etc, anything long winded drives me crazy, I just sit there thinking ‘get to the fuqing point’.

    Don’t like loud noise, so don’t have headphones very loud, do get insulted by being told stuff I already know. Don’t talk fast, but when excited I do talk really loud. Aries rising.

    1. A fire sign trait…….perhaps just different subject matter
      to do fast talking & fancy footwork with.
      My experience is Leo’s can talk you into anything, or is that my weakness for them?
      Then so can Gems/

    2. Same here! It’s toned down quite a bit as I’ve matured (I was a loud-mouthed, opinionated, interrupting, tactless kid/teenager), and the voracious reading it definitely spot on. I guess I will skim things, but only if I’m not really interested in it. I’d much rather move on to something that grabs my interest.

  45. 😯

    Mystic I am loving the sound of Merc in Aries!! Apart from talking fast we’re like SISTERS! 😯

    Triple conjunct Gem 3rd house w/ Merc in Kataka… 😯

    1. ha excellent point of similarity. i can see that rings true for sure, gem in 3rd is the most similar astro trait to merc in aries. my bet would be gem moon in 3rd = merc in aries!!!

      gem moons can drive me to exhaustion, seriously, literally, you folk love to talk non stop, cannot get enough info, buzz off ideas, music, gadgets etc into your blood quick enough. i have a gem moon friend whom i adore, but when we lived together i should have been on a 3-month course of multi-vitamins and not even tried to keep up. go the gem’s!

      1. 😯


        I had to quit the vitamins also – I couldn’t keep up with myself… 😯

        Sun, Moon & Venus in Gem

    1. Here Here! I’m Sagg Sun and Sag Mercury and it all applies to me, except the skim reading. I do NOT skim read… and am vexed by people who do, especially when they skim read words I pen (or typed, or graffiti) and miss pertinent info.

      My brother is major Aries and the above pretty much applies to his approach to everything in life. Headfirst and full charge!

  46. I have Mercury in Aries. All apply.. among many, many more. Ha. I definitely have used the excuse of my mercury being in aries a lot recently, actually.

  47. I can relate to all of these, except probably the first one. But especially the last three, although I don’t think my nostrils flare but I grind my teeth and clench my jaw, along with a fist clench to try and remain calm.

    My mercury is in Leo (fire signs, maybe?) but my third house is in Aries…

    1. me too LL merc is Leo I smile lamley when someone is telling me something I already know or its boring and I can’t wait for them to finish. i can relate to most of these points – must be a fire thang and anywhere I know Im going have to wait more than a nano second I’ll take a book. That is why i must must get an ipad.

      1. Oh yes, I got an iPad and have never looked back! I’m guilty of the guzzillion tabs open at once, reading multiple articles all at once while they are still downloading on the page. No wonder I don’t have the concentration span anymore to focus just on ONE book lol!

        1. just checked astro and I have 3rd in aries too. figures I get into trouble a lot from my comm. I rush in and tread on toes then sort it later with Leo diplomacy .

      2. Easy emails access, nine open websites at once, & don’t start me on the awesome apps .. ideal for attention deficit Aries .. iPads: must of been invented by an Aries

    2. I have every point on this list down! Seriously i pin it on aries in specific placements or arien energy in the 3rd or in air influenced placements like merc… I have the third ruled by aries w leo moon and cancer mercury sooo….really fire meets an air house or planet like mercury and its just explosive e sp w additional fire 😉 AND w firey strong emotions as a cancer stellium ruled by fire…well emotionally i cant deal w things like being bored lol…seriously this list is me and ppl call me adhd constantly although the mars in cancer can influence me to relax ha but its all influenced by fire

      1. Oh yes almost forgot…the venus in virgo is always on my a$# about all of it lol….it seeks order and depth to the point of obsessiveness…so when im not bored lol watch out of obsessiveness…and dont get me startedothe aggravated venus demanding thoroughness in such a firey active mind spaceha!

  48. I can relate to all of them, especially the second one – I butt in a lot and it drives people crazy but I’m just so eager to share my genius! Then I go and put my Taurus foot in it. I also find that I get bored really quickly and have a Jill of all trades type approach to life – a lot of thumbs in pies – just so long as I don’t have to spend time baking one.

    1. ‘I get bored really quickly and have a Jill of all trades type approach to life’

      Same here unless I really enjoy what I’m doing then I’ll complete it beautifully. But that may be my Taurus too!

      Unerving people have accused me of having ADD (assholes) until i show them my garden. I dont brag about my other accomplishments that an ADD wouldn;t have bene able to complete. Seems liek everyone’s got a Psych degree these days. I think underneath them, their JEALOUS!

      1. Oh definitely I am particular about getting the job done as I hate sloppy work. Taurus needs beauty for sure, not a halfassed attempt. It’s an ongoing challenge though… And ADD is a bit of a cop-out really. Gardening must be the perfect remedy! Wish I had one 🙁

  49. ahem. i have aries merc too.
    but it all seethes behind moocow chilledness and libran moon serenitypicturemaking
    have gone back to uni this year and its content is exacerbating this ridiculously …

  50. Merc in Aries but can only relate to these two:

    *You talk fast – to the point of being unintelligible to peeps who don’t know you.

    * You read a lot but it’s mostly skim-reading.

        1. It all sounds exactly like me but I have mercury in leo in the 5th house. Maybe the fire signs manifest it the same.

        1. Replying to myself, because I’m lazy. Regarding the line about going nuts when I have to endure boring shit….

          I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like there should be some sort of cereal box prize in life as a reward for enduring it…some little cool thing or at least an acknowledgement for being so freakin’ tolerant and a pass to get out of something similar in the near future.

          1. You can do pelvic floor exercises during it? It also gives you a very useful “patrician” expression, makes you look like you’re thinking lol

    1. Ya pretty much, especially about the reading. I think I’m always right too, and when somethings boring I clench my feet hands and jaw. Come to think of it grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw have become a constant nervous habit

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