Mercury Direct And The Weirdness Begins…

Somebody summon Neptunian Life Coaching. Usually Mercury Direct is the antidote to weirdness. This one was just brewing it in some sort of ancient, alchemical lunar cauldron. Betcha it’s from the same set as the Gundestrup Cauldron.  Probably the most studied ancient ware in history, its deities and symbols still mystify scholars. Nobody, apparently, thought to ask a witch.

The mystery grail was found in a bog in Denmark, in a place called Raevemose – Danish for Fox Bog. Created in the 1st or 2nd Century BC, archeologists think it was deliberately dismantled and then concealed in what was then a grassy field.  Peat-miners dug it up by mistake in the late May of 1891, under the most sensational astrological alignment – the Sun, Neptune, Pluto, and the North Node were all conjunct in Gemini.

Obviously, I am obsessive about things like this but the last time those four all lined up was in 83BC: I think the cauldron is ultra-magic. It should be a in a temple, not a museum. But still, it’s safe and we can gaze upon it. The cauldron has elements of Indian, Celtic, Seidr, Faerie, and Babylonian spells/deities all fused into a narrative.

The person who hid it did magnificently. And, if my 83 BC instinct is correct, it was a time when magic was under threat. For instance, the Temple of Jupiter in Rome was burned down, destroying the priestess-written Sybilline Oracles and someone invented and fled with the fantastic Antikythera Mechanism around then as well.  Found in the wreck of a Roman ship near the Greek island/former pirate base of Antikythera, it is considered the world’s first analog computer.

The device tracked eclipses, planets, the Sun, Moon, and stars: it used epicyclic gears, which Leonardo Di Vinci was supposed to have invented 1500 years later. Note for Libras: It calls Libra “the Scorpion’s Claw.” They are still exploring the shipwreck and recently discovered “a mysterious bronze disc depicting a Bull” or – likely Taurus, right?

My point? Well, as you will know from the posts we’re living through the breakdown of a particular phase, an epoch. It’s transitional but the flailing around of certain entities determined not to admit that their structure is wrong or that they’ve lost the goodwill and trust of many citizens/customers is a stress factor. There is mass gaslighting, smug denial of fairly obvious truths, corruption, and rank incompetence.

But check out the stunning, inspirational images online of either of these two incredible creations: tune into that frequency, the magical signal – the message from across the millennia – not the noise and chaos. Magic is real and becoming stronger. This weirdness is not weird at all. It’s the unsustainable doing what it always does – disintegrating despite the best efforts of those profiting to bullshit that it’s fab. We have to – for now – live in and around their system – but that doesn’t mean you need to emotionally invest into every nuance of the news at the cost of your serenity.

Honor whoever managed to hide that magical cauldron and the astrologer who died in that wreck by being even more drastically rad. Hone your sorcery skills. Be grounded and aware of real trends.  I’ll be updating on those sorts of things soon but short flash: Dumb Appliances. Self-made, fresh-mixed each morning moisturizers with pure Co-Q10 or Vitamins. Doing your own scanning for alien transmissions – we have the technology and why let S.E.T.I. interpret?

Has anyone else found themselves becoming verbose and prone to haring off down historic tangents at the slightest stimuli? Until early August, Mercury in Cancer – Retro or not – is excellent for connecting with ancestor and animal spirits, historical research, and baking. I even got in an argument on social media (contradicting my own Mercury Retro advice to not bicker on social media) about my post on Princess Scota, the woman who Scotland is named after. Nobody knows for sure but she arrived with a small army, fleeing from some fuqery in Egypt, Africa, or Phoenicia.


Images:Matthew BrookesHannah Elyse, Nya Gatbel & Dipti Sharma – Mixte Magazine S/S 2020
The Gundestrup Cauldron – Denmark

71 thoughts on “Mercury Direct And The Weirdness Begins…”

  1. I’m waiting for the magic. Last night I listened to a musician I like who said music isn’t medicine, it’s magic. I liked that because I always say music is my medicine, but he made me realize it’s that and more, really… IS magic! …..I’m having a horrible day, woken up at 8am (!!!) on a Sunday with a live band playing outdoors, fully amplified music, playing in an otherwise silent residential neighborhood, then dealt with noise and other boundary crossing issues from my demonic neighbors which is an ongoing issue. People have really gone off the deep end. There’s just no consideration for others these days and they double down and justify what they’re doing instead. In most cases, they’re just solidifying themselves as a$$holes, not making some effective or significant ‘statement’, or whatever their self-importance has them thinking. So sick of this world…

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Don’t be sick of this world.

      We love you here on this site. Please hold that in your 💓.

      I have been where you have been. A sensitive soul putting up with other people’s shit. You are being taught a huge lesson about boundaries. I don’t mean that in a new age way I mean that in a psychologist speak way.

      I know this situation sucks big time and you probably don’t have the resources to move. But one day you will. So find out what you want in a living situation so you don’t keep repeating this pattern like I did.

      For me it is living in nature in a cottage. I have that now. But when I next move it will be the same thing but more private and isolated. Oh I don’t mind the neighbours. They are not evil like the last one. But they are teaching me how to articulate my boundaries. Which is something I need to develop.

      And when you get to your sanctuary you can heal, rest and nurture your sensitivity. Then you will blossom.

      Just remember in the meantime you are loved.


        1. Wish Upon a Star

          I just listened and watched James Taylor and Carole King live on YouTube play You’ve got a Friend. It’s a very special clip : Magic?

          Your plight is magnified by the covid situation.

          Can you please play this song and imagine me giving you a big hug?

          Much love.

          1. Aw, thanks Wish, for all your kind sentiments! This really helped me to read at the end of an unexpectedly very stressful day. I will listen to You’ve Got a Friend – I always loved that song!

            I too would love a cottage out in nature away from other people. I need that more than anything right now. I really need space to heal. I’m very worn out from dealing with difficult environments for so many years.

            Thank you so much for the hug, sending one to you too! I hope you are well!

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Thanks for the hug. Yes I am well thankyou.

              That day I read your message I was brimming over with love so it was good that I could give it out. Mystics individuated daily report is so accurate it, it reflected it that daily report. Full on Leo vibe for me.

              Anyway, one day that day will come when you find your sanctuary. In the meantime please chip away at the dross with daily self care.


        2. It was Sam Chase, who I randomly became aware of recently. He’s doing facebook live performances on Friday afternoons. He’s kind of rough and tumble but sweet and a good storyteller. Clever lyrics, lots of emotion in his singing.

    2. It is a particularly trying Dark Moon: neighbor problems are the pits. In mundane astro, the 3rd house governs your neighbor’s FYI. But please, with Mars revving up, if you can solve this with some industrial-strength wall buffering and stoic attitude, do.

      1. Thanks, Mystic! I have Crab ascendant, too, so I am feeling the dark moon for sure. I’m going to do an online group meditation tonight for the new moon and hope my state improves.

  2. I’ve only just had time to read MM’s daily email for the astro today, re Circe and Uranus. If it hasn’t been mentioned here before (and if so, apols), please, please get your mits on a copy of Circe by Madeline Miller. As the review in The Independent puts it, Miller’s “..turned an ancient tale of female subjugation into one of empowerment and courage….’
    An absolute joy to read and a revisioning of a female archetype who was denigrated because of her sorcerous powers.

    1. YES! Electro also went nuts recommending this book here a few months ago, which is why i read it. It was so inspiring that i have taken to herbalism with renewed fervour. In fact it has influenced where our new home is to be – i must be able to gather & grow herbs to my heart’s content.

      (Wondering if the term “holy molyrefers to that herb?)

      1. I have only just seen the Daily Mystic for yesterday (late, i know) and my question about “holy moly” was answered! Thank you. When i googled all i could find was that it was a 1920s euphemism for Holy Moses & that it was made popular by Captain Marvel…. but i thought otherwise.

  3. I didnt follow the post on Scota, but some of the British myths say that the druids went to Africa and back. The late, great evolutionary biologist Lyall Watson, who grew up in South Africa, wrote about a carved stone in South Africa that had Ogham writing on it with a carving of a giraffe. While the writing looked like Ogham, the letters didnt make sense. Unless you translated it into arabic, in which case the ogham spelt out “here stands the giraffe”.

    1. The Arabs went everywhere. There are ancient family tree totem poles found in New Zealand showing Arabic forefathers from many hundreds of years ago. It’s interesting my great grandmother was Arabic and the faces I find the closest to hers were old images of Maori women I have seen. The finer features of the original indigenous Maori’s as opposed to the the Pacific Islander rounder features look quite similar to Arabic features.

  4. Wow!! Just wow. For a few months now I’ve been thinking that the movement of the planets is like some ginormous computer program in action. Looking at the Mechanism, I can’t help but feel that if we could only understand how that works, it might all be unlocked and decoded at a much deeper level than we understand now. Fascinating stuff Mystic, thank you!

  5. Today is my birthday. Despite turbulent astro, abusive national governance & MMs advice not to crystal-up; I’ve found solace in Earth opal, decent sleep and limiting Social media/online EMF exposure (unless its grounded, Mystical or, health guidance, home-grown veg cooking recipes, addressing frankly astoundly stupid online commentary plus/minus the odd netflikery). A course for developing psychic awareness (which completes tomorrow) feels more real to me than anything else. The magic is affirming and it’s where I want to stay, as dedicated priestess. I bring frogs & baked good to the alter. Circe has my vote for PM.

  6. Thanks Mystic – love the pictures.

    I’m struggling a lot. Blurted our my feelings for my Gemini Gunslinger ex a few days ago, and he got angry that I hadn’t shared that in the year that we’ve been apart. Well, the reason I didn’t share was because he can’t seem to lay off the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and get his life sorted out, so a partnership would be toxic right now.

    He has a ton of 12th house planets.

    But I’m wearing rose-colored glasses. I’m still so in love, despite my rationalizing. He says he doesn’t want to get back together but wants to stay close friends because I am “the most important and caring person” after his family. That I was the best girlfriend he ever had. That he is always there should I need something.

    He’s dated all sorts of awful people since, too. It’s practically self-harm.

    The rejection STINGS. I wish I could stop wondering what is so wrong about me that he wouldn’t want me back.

      1. Thank you. I am seeing this as an opportunity to reset my dating strategy and seeing an amazing therapist <3

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    I had a crazy dream last night. The guy from that old show “Mad about you” was showing me around his city.

    The transport system was weird. People sat in a football stadium seats and were transported left to right. And I discovered people who were murdered (drug related) were buried under the stadium.

    It sounds horrible but that dude was really sweet. The rest of the dream expressed the personality of the people.

    Is that show set in New York? Must Google.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I have read about it briefly. Wish I could find a Jungian psychologist in Australia. Anyone know someone good?

        I love New York City, but have never been there.

  8. Those 2 artefacts have given me orgasmic heart-mind vibrations.

    ( but I can’t find the Princess Scota post)

  9. Wish Upon a Star

    Is anyone else having sci-fi dreams?

    The My Mega Mystic Page is magnificent. Very comprehensive and tight. Big picture view with Virgo detail.

    Go Mystic !

  10. Ohh the father of SETI looks a little like Pilcher from Wayward Pines
    so N = Ns x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x fL
    or N = 42 therefore yes
    I actually had a bizarre mathematical lucid dream the other night night where I tried to find the formula for the progression of squares as in 3×3 to 4×4 or 14×14 to 15×15
    I had it memorised as A x A + 2A + 1 = B x B I had to test it in the morning, again ‘nuts’

    1. I loved Wayward Pines! Wish the plot had evolved in a more interesting way, the last season was slow. But I low-key dream of waking up in Wayward Pines.

  11. Penelope Darling

    Lots going down in my life. My intuition is off the charts. I also keep seeing BABYLON everywhere, in the strangest contexts… any thoughts fellow star gazers?

    1. You could play ‘Babylon Sisters’ by Steely Dan on repeat and see if it gifts you any revelations or simply dance to it like it’s 1980?

      1. Drive west on Sunset
        To the sea
        Turn that jungle music down
        Just until we’re out of town
        This is no one night stand
        It’s a real occasion
        Close your eyes and you’ll be there
        It’s everything they say
        The end of a perfect day
        Distant lights from across the bay…
        That song intro is one of my all time favorites

  12. Thanks Mystic! So, timely. I found myself feeling swallowed in existential despair. I made a pact to myself to watch and ingest what nourishes me, which includes magical themed movies, books and research, astro school and lots of house witchery. The heaviness lifted pretty much instantaneous 💖

  13. Very interesting article, lots more to investigate.
    (Just one small request can you move the flag links to social media from the side of your posts, it makes an irritable distraction to reading, sigh!)
    Opps – Just realise I could and did remove it myself.

  14. Woah, you’re blowing my mind – that is one of the greatest rants of my year so far 🤯 And the objects are beautiful😍 – what an amazing heritage we have 🖖

  15. Mystical Archeology ftw
    I can’t wait for the return of Magic, I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for this. Also it reminds me of one of my favourite book, Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell (featuring one of my crushes the Raven King 😍)
    Thanks again Mystic for another great post 🌠

  16. Without MM, I would seriously be CERTAIN that I was losing my mind, again.

    With MM I feel ohhhhh just need to work with all of this.

    As a double scorp, (Sun, rising) moon in Capricorn – these last few years have been – well – in a nutshell, excruciating.

    But my felt-sense, intuition and OK, trust in magic is growing. Trust in myself AS magic is growing.

    Thanks MM.

  17. Adding Gundestrup Cauldron to list of things to research. Antikythera Mechanism and Princess Scota already on there.

    I have definitely been on a historic tangent lately both intellectually and entertainment/aesthetic wise. Been watching/reading historical fiction of the Viking vs. Saxon era of UK history and what has been especially interesting to me about that era is the way they (at least the characters in my stories) were looking at the crumbling Roman structures with awe and marvelling at the ability to build roads and stone buildings with such high technology.

    With all of history at our fingertips on the internet, I’m always forgetting just how ancient, ancient times were. I love that a thousand years ago, the ruins of Roman England had the Saxons imagining their version of ancient alien theory.

  18. this world and this dimension are just so compelling and full of intrigue. may it always be so.

    it makes the ‘feed’ out to be what it is.
    homogenised and pasteurised
    you are what you eat

    1. I love this. You are so right. If only I could resist actual junk food in the same way my brain won’t put up with intellectual pablum. 🙂

  19. I would love to be a Neptunian Life Coach but I feel like one should have more qualities of Neptune with their Asc and Mercury/3rd/12th house to perform this rather than just Venus conjunct in the 6th Sag sextile Pluto. Maybe I can apply for Plutonian Life Coaching? I can dress you for the apocalypse? Regulus tactitian?

    I have a lot to say about Scota/Scotia so I will read this post as I missed it. Haring off down suppressed wisdom/ anthropological/ historical tangents is my lifelong past time so I will look at this cauldron for sure. This post gives me some hope that the tides of change will support the break of fucked up power lines, tyranny and oppression.

    I´m making a snake statue for my altar.

  20. This post gives me hope.
    and those outfits did my Monday morning the world of good.
    i bags Dipte Sharma’s one. Nun in suspenders and Domme boots 🎃 I’m dressed for the apocalypse party.

  21. The Antikytheria device is nuts (my new fav word). I can imagine Pythia or some other ancient oracle stepping out the back for a moment to consult her new gadget for a quick memory refresh and a couple of figs.

  22. Loving the new Mega Mystic members page! ✨✨✨

    For my b’day last month I was given the fee to hire a family historian to look into my family history & I can tell you it has been interesting! We’re not done yet as she’s found things that will need some extra time to research so it’s still in progress. It’s been a great experience so far! Our ancestors were pretty amazing!

  23. Unicorn Sparkles

    There is mass gaslighting, smug denial of fairly obvious truths, corruption, and rank incompetence.

    When will it, this system, disintegrate? Because I’m surrounded by it at work. I mentally checked out this weekend. The darkness of it overwhelmed me. I dread going back and I only work a three day week. I need to work. I can’t afford to walk out. But feel like a caged animal right now. And the old guard are still trying to get away with business as usual…

      1. Unicorn Sparkles

        Oh poo…..this’ll be a long haul. (I guess logic states that big change = slow fix)
        You totally called the covid July resurgence. That had been the date that implanted itself in my mind when I first read it.

          1. Well actually, I am most wowed out that the Freak In About The Economy post is playing out. Cos Saturn back into Cap = CV-19 back is easy but when I wrote Freak In, I actually stopped and thought is this too much?

          2. I had July ear marked since reading Mystic’s TT blogs. I actually told a few people. They all looked at me with a concerned look…. I’m going to read back through all parts to calibrate.

    1. My thoughts are that this is a combination of both old guard and some new. I was wrecked with sorrow and frustration when butting heads against the old guard ways at our family business. 2 years now after leaving, things are still reactive rather then pro. Same with my last job of choice – transparent operations was not something they participated in. Hiding fire safety data when shipping. I left after covid exploded within their company. The gm so kindly passing along to me a sore throat while continuing operations rather then shutting things down for a few days.. or simply not coming into work? Its been difficult – Have not received any assistance. This post really helps to put things back on track. We still have a while to go before we see the otherside ~ hang in there! Know that its disheartening and frustrating at the same. We still get small wins ~

  24. So, as it turns out, being triple Virgo does not protect you from Retrograde shenanigans.
    My package from Germany went radio silence on me — and I’m in France, the next-door neighbour!
    The package contains *drumroll*… letter stationery. Envelopes. Symbolism.
    Phunked-up communication. ty Mercury.

    +1 on dumb appliances, I’m over everything being ‘connected’, since connection means sending my personal data overseas to be analyzed and bought by randoms then used back on me, like the flimsiest, lamest marketing ouroboros.
    I want everything around me to be dumber than a bag of rocks. Than a bag of hammers. Thicker than thick.
    One more unaltered IPhone model sold as ‘new’ and I’m going back to the goddamn brick Nokia.
    At least Snake never tried to sell my GPS location.

    1. yes! Yes, I would actually like a low EMF washing machine that did not “collect data to help guide” me but filtered the water and did not require detergent to clean things. Innovation in something outside of intrusive surveillance.

    2. I actually bought an old Nokia two years ago and it turns out he mobile phone company doesn’t make SIM cards for them. They only make cards for “smart” Phones. And this is one of the main mobile networks. 🙄

      1. Yes! Speed Queen washing machines and analog meters are becoming sought after items. And, my neighbor is a Gemini security consultant – confirmed internet of things is reviled in his community.

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