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Mars is in Libra until October 11/12 and while it’s tempting to see this as a hiatus before mars scorps up, let’s not. This is an opportunity to get ahead by implementing some Mars in Libra protocols: while there exceptions, broadly going with the tactical vibe of the current Mars sign is an excellent policy. So here they are – 

(1) “Above all, avoid zeal.” This was the advice of the iconic French diplomat Charles Tallyrand and although he had Mars in venusian Taurus, not Libra, it’s become a basic tenet for diplomats. When Mars is in Libra, dispassionate objectivity helps you see all angles of a situation and it’s a better look. Beware people who are vexed when you don’t automatically ‘take their side.’

(2) Natal Mars in Librans are usually more aware of possible negative consequences from rushing into things than delaying action. So emulate that at this time – whatever the flack you cop from hanging back or taking your time, it’s irrelevant. The time to strike is when you’ve completed whatever internal deliberations you need to find your poise.

(3) See the patterns – where there is a Libra – or Mars in Libra, in this case – there is geometry. Understand the shape of something or where a personal situation fits into a broader matrix and the tactics or your path forward become clearer. Writing about the poet Shelley’s Mars in Libra, Aleister Crowley called it ‘harmony in motion.’

(4) Mars in Libra people loathe scenes  – they fatigue their psyche. So even if it risks accusations of fence-sitting or procrastination, they’ll veer away from drama and aim to prevent it. It’s difficult because it means you’ll miss the gratification of winning but it also helps these people retain their serene demeanor.

(5) The genuine ability to see both – or multiple – perspectives to any scenario aids relationship-building, one of the greatest strengths of this Mars sign. Being charming even when you don’t “have to be” is another Libran Mars asset.

(6) Don’t take on macro problems as if they were your micro-concerns of the moment. Do gather information – it will improve your pattern recog. The 17th Century astrologer-philospher Johannes Kepler (Mars in Libra square Uranus in Capricorn) illustrates the concept with this advice:

“When the storm rages and the shipwreck of the state threatens, we can do nothing more worthy than to sink the anchor of our peaceful studies into the ground of eternity.”

Some argue that Mars is made weaker by being in Venusian Libra and while this makes sense, it’s more that the mode is different. It’s a placement often connected with diplomatic acumen and the ability to form strategic partnerships – interestingly, the Prince and Princess of Wales have their Mars at nearly the exact same degree of Libra – William at 9° and Kate at 10°.

Mars in Libra is also the archetypal peace-maker but does that stand up to scrutiny? Not quite – yes, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai were born under its influence but so was Margaret Thatcher. Additionally, Kim Jong Un and Genghis Khan!

*Mars, thoroughly at home in Scorpio, is amplified and adrenal in this sign.

Natal Mars in Libra

You belong to the Mars sign with the most advanced social conscience and negotiation savvy. You’re a natural politician, legal practitioner, and leader. Super-powered by objectivity, you cool tensions and suavely effect justice. You share your Libra Mars with Jacinda Ardern, John Lennon, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Nelson Mandela.

This is not one of those Mars signs that bounce back with alacrity. Adversity does not automatically make you stronger. Your skills lie in discernment and game-play: setting up the terrain for success, logical assessment of tactics or opponents, and leveraging your exceptional communication skills. You’re principled but dislike confrontation unless it’s orchestrated, as in a court hearing.

Your nemesis is procrastination. You benefit from being better informed than most people, and your temperament prevents you from the classic hothead lunatic errors. Still, you can get into an ethereal loop of semi-permanent ‘waiting for the right moment’ or ‘needing to do more research’ postponement. The solution? Make timelines and schedules the main factor in your planning, not T.B.A.

From my Astral DNA Natal Birth Report

18 thoughts on “Mars In Libra Protocols”

  1. Ooooo Mars is in my 1st house which houses my Pluto (Pluto opp Mars till 2024) and Saturn all in Libra. Diplomacy is my strongest weapon, when it doesn’t compromise my own progress or quality of life! I would like to believe the world needs this buffer, to step out of its incessant need to act without thought or care how the message is being received….

    1. I dont look at progressions much but haha my prog Venus is at 28 scorp so l’ll have that move in another year or 2 I guess, I’m sure sag will be more fun … I have scorp moon so I don’t mind a bit of scorpism but it does get a bit steamy sometimes with my sun signs … 🙂

  2. Good salespeople also. And they will almost never terminate a relationship. I do appreciate Libra energy for its unceasingly social momentum.

      1. It’s almost like the sale is incidental to the chatty hangouts. On the outside, at least. The opposite of the “pushy salesperson”!

      2. I had a mars in Libra boss once who was unbelievably chill even towards a former employee who had exhibited just the most self serving behaviour, when employed. Boss and I were working an event and the former employee stopped by briefly to say hello (as one does in that line of work I assume). Boss was cool-faced, and when the former employee moved on, boss turned to me and said, “was I polite enough?” And I – a bit stunned – said “i didn’t feel a thing!” Meaning, no emotions were detected. Elite-level vibe control.

  3. As a natal Mars in Libra (with Mars retro, no less), I have read So Many accounts of my passive aggressiveness etc. Love this richer, more nuanced take, thank you dear Mystic!

    1. I heard it so many times I was convinced that I was passive aggressive. Thanks for clearing that up Mystic and TLE from a native Mars in Libra 8th House.

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