Another Day In Neptuneville

The Piscean Moon Enhances Neptunian Nuances

As mentioned in the Daily Mystic email for today, the Piscean Moon is amplifying the intensity of the current Neptunian influence.

To recap, Mercury in Gemini for eternity since early May means that everyone’s fave Trickster planet has made three squares to Neptune in a short amount of time.

If you know Gemini and Pisces relationship dynamics or, rather, chemistry, you know that it’s quantum yet crazy.

Before this year,  we most recently experienced the hyped-up Mercury-Neptune/Gemini-Pisces syndrome in May/June 2015.  I don’t know about you but I recall it as unsettled energy with next-level tech-chaos and skittish encounters.

But it ended in the landmark marriage equality ruling on June 26! What will emerge out of this fog once it lifts next week?

The Anunnaki Support Desk

Right now it is simply surreal. Neptunian nuances are subtle but unmistakably wyrd.

The screenshots above, for example, are from a series sent to me a by support desk person in response to one of the most mundane questions on the planet. It was about CSS coding, and the point of the images was to point out settings.

The message content was very “click there” and “remember to save” but accompanied by a montage of Anunnaki, Scottish Witchcraft, and Kabbalah articles that are legit my current (relatively niche, I thought) esoteric research interests.

Additionally, three people have contacted me this week with variations of “X, an entity/consciousness channeled by X” wants to talk to you about a Stargate.

So D-lister gangster-style, I tell them to come down and say it to me directly. You know, find me at the club.

Then I dreamed that several governments announced they were funding a pill to help prevent women from having out-of-body experiences during sex and that this provoked earnest debate around the world.

There is a ghost in every machine, tollways on the Stargates, and nine days of Neptunian disco mist to go.

So, how are you doing?

57 thoughts on “Another Day In Neptuneville”

  1. I’ve had various side effects from Covid vaccine but dr does not believe me, naturally, as Neptune Q Mercury…and my moon in Pisces opp Neptune…

  2. Scorpio_Rising

    My dreamworld has been overactive and surreal. Had two dreams in which I died. I passed out the screen went black both times.
    Not sure how to process it. Either it’s a warning or I experienced someone else’s deaths or parallel universe deaths.

  3. Phoenix the Elder

    My Moon is at 23 Pisces and I am having my first Neptune Conjunction (of four conjunctions). I also have Neptune/Jupiter conjunct my North Node in the 12th in Scorpio – so I am very influenced as a dreamer, dream walker, remote viewer, one whose had out of bodies since 1987 and a dream master teacher by the impact of Neptune in all its sicknesses and mysticism.

    My Pisces Moon is in a Thor’s Hammer configuration and thus Neptune has been on the other side of this configuration in the late 90s. I find currently that I am having “vanishing” issues. I saw a vulture in broad daylight as I was driving down the river road, go right into the cliff and disappear before my eyes. Mystical experiences of my Candent houses are not that uncommon but so blatantly physical without warning is unusual. I had one of my two blood pressure medications all vanish in the waking also, so I told my doctor (first doc this lifetime) that i need a different pill, so obviously the vanishing in the waking life it can be simple or complex.

    Then in my dreaming the other night, a person in my dream just vanished (which usually I can step back into a higher level of energy and disappear from another or an apprentice, on the dream planes. So my new understanding of Moon-Neptune configuration in Pisces truly has a vanishing quality. I know that this will only last until Neptune goes into Aires but I am being taught magic that only mother earth and her energy can teach you.

  4. Explains why my car electrics have been freaking out all week.

    Black Tourmaline in every orifice. Car included

  5. i’m into it i think .. all the outer planet movements are making transits to my inner planets. the famed uranus opposition has happened but nothing’s really happened? apart from a real shower-of-sparks / high voltage power lines are down love situation that left me scraping the melted remains of my heart off the asphalt with a shovel and looking for the nearest trash bin to flip them into :[

    that’s pluto transits for you

    neptune is very active on some personal planets too, might need a mystic-level take on this, my consciousness is a bit squeezed by it all like a cloud in a valley pass but viewed from a single engine plane far above and looking up from ground level at the same time

    maybe a haircut will bring it all together with mars and venus in leo now.

    may june 2015 was so huge. thank you for that reminder

  6. Omg Mystic. How do you even tap into such awesome? I have Jupiter Retro in Pisces (4th house) in my natal chart. I have the South Node in Gemini (7th house) in the birth chart. My dreams have been about conversations and replays of relationship scenes of the past where there is like a background explanatory audio describing the toxic dynamics and how it was all wrong. It has been unreal! I have been having these dreams in the home where I grew up. WoW!

  7. The whole Saturn-Venus-Uranus situation is aggressively crunching all over my fixed square, which includes natal Uranus, Chiron, and my NN in Scorpio (which I somehow discovered today is closely conjunct my natal Eros). Also Saturn square natal Saturn. Plus Pluto on the MC and Jupiter exactly opposite natal Pluto. For the life of me, I don’t know how to proceed, or in which direction! So … everything’s fine? 😬

  8. That Government dream, Myst, a Handmaid’ nightmare. The government has too much control over us during these times & won’t give it up later. Their emotional IQ & intelligence is scarily low grade.
    My Neptunian dreams have been weirder than usual as in more real & detailed.
    Thank you for the Space Weather site to remind us of something more expansive, to look up & beyond. Have never enjoyed a roof over my head happiest outdoors where no impediment between the crown of my head & the sky.
    Annunaki? Where? Thought they had gone home 🙂

  9. This nicely explains the delusions that came back to me with a vengeance (thank you, Neptune square my Ascendant for all of this year). I’ll try my best not to take any drastic actions or make assertations, and let the mist burn off on its own time by emerging rays of sunlight.

  10. Oldsmobile Set Thompson

    Hey y’all’s, listen. I just started to really learned what it means to be Seraph this season. We gotta spread the word, get out at the tents and buildings any-list celebrity gangster style, and intimidate everyone from getting these vaccines that make one far more susceptible to variants. Spread it on social media, ASAP. No one is to suffer so much as another pin prick for the wrecked menstrual cycles inundated by the technocratic fascist fist of the Disunited States of America, in my opinion

  11. Same Mystic, same. Last night I dreamed I found three opened Fed Ex envelopes full stacks and stacks of $100 bills in the wall of an elevator I was riding in (alone). I stuffed all three envelopes loaded with cash into a backpack and attempted to locate the money’’s owner. I rand into Mike Tyson (but of course!) and asked him to help me. But I realized that in the process of trying to find the owner of the wayward cash I had left my wallet behind in the elevator.

  12. Currently on a work road trip, which feels more like a trip through Fear & Loathing sans the drugs (no need). The hire van has “Enterprise” written across it, which seems apt. Tempted to wear my pointy ears to complete the look & just openly join the fray of weirdos i’ve seen on the road.
    Have followed the trail of those whack headlines you posted above to their source site. Fantastic articles for the wyrd at heart – thank you & your annunaki support desk for posting. Saddened that this ends in a few days.

  13. Safeastrologyforall

    So regarding others using someone’s post to paste onto facebook – is it safe to assume its for good or good purposes? How would that work for people who have previously posted or shared sensitive information about their past and now am very concerned that another user is potentially using their post in a way that could bring harm to themself or people closely related?

    1. Oldsmobile Set Thompson

      If your post was egotistical enough to call it art, then it’s fine. That’s a good enough intent, no matter the harm felt by any parties. I’ve been harmed into relative exile by this 5th grade, outdated Plieadian (sp?) platform that is Facebook, but it’s ok. MySpace is making a comeback on desktops

  14. Those article headings make me so happy I could projectile tears. Imagine locking yourself in a dusty old library to read about THAT – for days..! Congrats on being ‘in the flow’ more than ever, MM – and for sharing !

    1. Hey, yes to a dusty old library! Got some book recomms this arvo from a librarian and was happily packing to go to an actual bookstore…then remembered. It’s not open. And we can’t visit it, nor turn gloriously by chance to any page to absorb the style. You cannot do that online, and now my Capricorn Mars and Virgo Pluto don’t even miss dissing the dust so much. Not so much as the random pages i can flip.

  15. Ps just went to start my car earlier…flat battery ?? 3 days ago I locked myself out of my unit ??? And the synchronicity has turned up the volume big time 😅

  16. Hi all…and Mystic !!!!….a perfect post that just answered a few questions swirling around in my head 😳 would love to share to Facebook…sorta like some good deed for everyone else to chill the fuq out and understand the Astro tempest that has set upon us 🙄….again 🙄🙄 mystic or anyone…are we still able to share website posts to FB???

    1. Yes but just by cutting and pasting the URL. I took the Share buttons down as they have a lot of tracking code in them. The site now has zero tracking cookies on it.

      1. safeastrologyforwomen

        So how would that work for people who have previously posted or shared sensitive information about their past and now am very concerned that another user is potentially using their post in a way that could bring harm to themself or people closely related?

        1. Huh? If you cut and paste a URL from this site – a post about mercury retrograde, for example – the only meta data it collects is the image so it can display it + the coding that says the url is valid and not dangerous.
          If you use a social share button, it collects a lot more and then parses your social data with what you looked at here, comments and so on. I don’t know what you actually mean? With or without social share buttons, someone could technically speaking copy anything you say online, although in general I would assume not.

          1. Oops …sorry Mystic ..I didn’t mean to create a discussion like this. I totally get why you took down the buttons…thank you for all your efforts to make your website secure. Xx

        2. Crystallised future

          Sooo, looking at this post and the one above by safeastrologyforall… I missing something here? How is this all related to facebook posts and sharing?

          1. Oldsmobile Set Thompson

            Sounds like a switch to Samsung may be in order. If I’m not being too presumptious. The URL is the part where you type in the address of the website. And you can always screenshot share, as well ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️💜❤️🔨💎⚖️⚖️⚖️💾🖨💻📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼🎞

            1. Samsung beds with Google in ways i never formerly knew. And Google is only recently revealing its hand and fingers in the data. I asked Apple mates when considering a switch, but then it would be two big data. Neither of them should care about little me, but BOTH CAN AND HAVE BEEN HACKED. I prefer reading an actual newspaper, but what are you gonna do to stay connected? Rely on others? Yeh they’ll look after you if you’re lucky but they’ll be also busy w their own feeds.

        3. This is a thing. But we have shared on the internet, in its most basic sense. Regrets? I’ve had a few. Mine only. Mystic is the only site witch i ever trust, a space where i have traded feels and wisdoms and convo shit with other witches / burgeoning spirit growth fellows, knowing full well it’s ON THE WEB. Yep, old school ‘web’, including now google harvesting awareness.
          (I meant truly, Mystic is a Site Witch. You can read it as you wish) And i know Mystic guards our details.

  17. I’ve been witnessing an unrelenting river of tech failure and impossible breakdowns in important structures at my job. A constant anxiety of omg, what’s next? I was sure Mercury couldn’t have really gone direct, and was embarassed for victoriously announcing it last week, but I guess I missed the boat on the Neptune effects. And the rest of it.
    So, Mother Mary, when does this upside down roller coaster stretch spin around again, July 12 did you say somewhere? Help!

    1. Yes, it is all in my Mercury Retro Mp3 which I am about to remove as it has mostly happened already but the transcript is approx 6000 words so there is a lot of granular info in that. However, July 9 is Mercury out of shadowzone and the last Merc-Neptune square will have completed.

  18. Crystallised future

    Christ. I’ll need to look up the next Mercury/Neptune fuquery period. Both 2015 and this year have been EPIC to find out a man in my life is only a persona and underneath skulks a really dirty trickster (2015 husband at the time, 2021 father of my children with his new wife and we separated in 2004!). I’ve spent time in the last 24 hours researching what has a 5-6 year cycle and come up with 16 psyche. Psyche has a lot to answer for in ‘teaching me about myself’ at 0 degrees Aries. I’ve had enough of the last 20 odd years of learning that something in me creates a need in others to shove me in a box from anyone who wants to fling their own power and control needs. That’s partners, work colleagues and bosses. Sometimes I can connect the dots but for many of the ‘lessons’ I’m so blindsided that the reason or starting point in time just doesn’t seem to be revealed to me. I do know though, I have had many people say to me that I scare them. A psychologist friend said years ago that some people find me threatening because I cannot be bribed to comply – and that alone makes manipulators in a position of power uncomfortable.

    1. Oldsmobile Set Thompson

      5 and 6 makes 11, and that is an irreducible number, as is 22. 5 goes to Mercury, while 6 goes to Venus, according to Chaldean numerology, so there’s that. And if you scare someone because you can’t be bribed ? Lmao I’m sorry but I’m a Powers, and forget about them who are afraid of you, in my opinion 🙂

      1. Crystallised future

        That’s 5 to 6 years not 5 and 6. I probably could have worded much of my post in a more definitive way yes.

  19. That Pisces Moon was shining right onto my bed & pillow from about midnight, normally only the Scorpio moon does that. It was on my Natal Jupiter trine my Natal moon/Neptune in Scorpio. I wasn’t even dreaming (as in sleep dreaming as i was wide awake prob not helped by the espresso martini I had for my son’s birthday celebrations) but when I closed my eyes I was zooming around with an endless reel of drone type footage taking me to hyper real and crazily familiar but totally other worldly places. Gotta just lie back and enjoy it.

  20. By the way. A new emoji for iPhone has been added in the past few weeks, very Neptunian… 😶‍🌫️

  21. A artist with whom I’ve worked on and off over the past 14 years tried to call me today. He is a Pisces with Moon in Gemini. I did not take his call because I couldn’t deal with any extra Mercury-Neptune energy. He is so gifted artistically, but also SO slippery 🧜🏻‍♂️

    1. Oldsmobile Set Thompson

      You work on a he? With all due respect, are you the first female Pimp or a manipulative controller ? One damages the gifted every time one ignores them, and they don’t have to be tortured, like me, to make quality output

    2. Boundaries are so important when dealing with Mercurial Neptunian people. I am one, so mean no criticisms of any, just that i have realised others’ boundaries may hurt but signal also the limit of what they can take in or manage. (Though it does hurt, and for sure, the cut offs show the person’s psychic distress, if i have been above board proper but throwing too much anyone’s way.) The ‘gifted’ should use those gifts to respect others, sometimes by silent psychic space. Learning that in itself is a gift for Neptunian Mercury people. Go peacefully with Goddess, Calcifer. And fwiw, i too have had a breach by a Mars Piscean!

      1. Thank you Milleunanotte 🙏
        At the end of this week I called back the Neptune-Mercury artist – as I always do, just not always right away. By Friday I felt balanced enough myself to talk to him. I find that this is key, I have to feel balanced and well-connected to myself to be able to interact with people who have very fluid boundaries. I wouldn’t miss the Neptunian and Mercurial people in my life for the world, by the way. Their sparkle and stardust are the spice of life ✨⭐️🌟✨

  22. I had an interesting sexual experience with a Pisces a few months ago where I hallucinated that I understood the electromagnetic secrets of the pyramids and that my lover was Anubis and I was the Sphinx……………….be a pity if governments outlawed such things

  23. I am absolutely digging the Neptunian Disco mist…strangely enough. Capricorn Sun, Moon, Mercury and Vesta (Pandora and a host of other asteroid friends) Leo Rising…Neptune and I seem to be experiencing strangely satisfying calm, unhurried thought processes. 🌌✨🦄💜

  24. If I didn’t love your writing before, “Find me at the club” has earned you a lifelong servant. 🕴🏽🕴🏽🕴🏽

  25. Dreams of letting go, levitating & going with the flow; being the grass not the oak, nowt so queer as mass hypnotised folk. Evading tolls on the star gate-ways and trolls in the IGA aisle-ways. Swing frock shopping on the world wide web, lunar gibbous on the ebb. Moon styling of two slippery fish, now I can fly because I learned not to wish.

  26. Neptune has been opposite my Virgo stellium since forever. Present at the signing of my dissolution (right?) in 2015…directly opposite my Mercury and nearby Venus. I have been in floaty WTF land for awhile. I have had to learn how to swim in the ocean… or is it thick fog. I don’t know directions. I float or tread water daily. Trying to build a boat with the help of Saturn and Jupiter from the wreckage uncle Pluto has strewn about. Wish me luck. All that to say, today seems to be one for extensive reflection on the state of things for me.

    I’m doing fine. Thank you.

    Also, thank you for the link to Plasma Universe…they have this amazing feature of Random Article down at the bottom of the page…I could spend days clicking it and finding completely interesting and befuddling things to share with people who are barely interested.

    1. Crystallised future

      I’m hearing ya with your planetary positions!!! The boat of ‘what seems to be a solution’ keeps floating away and I’m left floundering in the waves again!

  27. Man I had to reread “Then I dreamed…” cause I just read (listened) to Vagina the book and thought the pill was a real thing, handmaiden tale style? No only dreaming, phew! I need to do some grounding, I’m all in my head/dream space 24/7, nice, addictive but not connecting to my family properly

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