Daily Mystic For Monday April 11

This is the week that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is exact* – the metaphysical upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

It is a brilliant week for breakthrough realizations, converging your magical focus to move beyond a sticking point and expanded consciousness. It’s not like you need to ‘do’ anything in the sense of buying incense or signing up for some course – it’s a receptivity play.

Having said that, if you’re humming along with this vibe, you may find you’re automatically repelling closed people and inexplicably wowing or drawing in others, even when you don’t think you’re particularly switched on.

Saturn is also dirging around, squaring the Nodes that Jupiter + Neptune are in harmonious relationship to. So your spiritual expansion trip is likely to be blighted by some Saturn issue – toothache, bills that seem weaponized, having to deal with a vibe vampire – you know the deal.

However, Jupiter-Neptune is legit magic so whatever mundane scenario is the most gloom or anxiety inducing, light up your consciousness around it. I know it is difficult and I don’t mean ignore it yet spout affirmations. Do whatever your plan/protocol is but broaden your mind regarding it – the words you speak are highly effective this week.


*Tuesday 12th April at 14.43 Universal Time – the exact moment is not super-important as they’re in proximity all week but if you want to fine-tune a declaration, ritual or audacious move, the hours leading up to the exact point are the most potent. And, it is at 23° Pisces, if you know your chart.

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Sub rosa

Ok. First time writer here. Would anyone like to help? My fluency in matching the dots confidently is a work in progress. But I do need to ask as knowing how its a cool thing happening, there are some things in my chart that I would love to have a bit more of an understanding of so I can focus on all the good things. I would not usually ask and many thanks if anyone has input. After a week of research I am still a bit muddle headed. I have a transit moon conjunct natal sun happening tomorrow, with sun in Leo at 23 degrees in the 12 house and my natal moon in Pisces at 26 degrees in the 7th. Is this is a thing? I just get confused with that old Leo in the 12th thing and considering its at 23 degrees and etc etc. My apologies for the length of this.

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