March Monthly Horoscopes And More!

The March Monthly Horoscopes are posted and I hope you find them helpful! We are living in extraordinary times, right?!

Additionally, I just switched the Year Ahead Astrology report to run for two years. It is a value-add but the core reason is that many people purchased it to check out their upcoming Pluto transits. I think I even suggested that in a Daily Mystic email.

But Pluto is such a slow-mover that if – for example – your birth Venus is 2° Aquarius, the Transit Pluto conjunction wouldn’t show up in a report for the next 12 months. But really, you ought to know about such a phenom or anything similar.

If you got a Year Ahead report, you can regenerate it from your Mystic Dashboard to see an extra year: you’ll know if you’re seeing the fresh one as it will say “for two years” from <the start date> not one year. If you don’t see that, please clear your cache!

And, the ‘physical version’ of the Alchemy Tarot deck is now open for pre-order, along with some Pluto in Aquarius inspo – a poster!

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Oh yay, thank you for the bonus year, Mystic!


Only this reality would havea jupiter venus conjunction with a mercury saturn semisquare. Fuqin buzzkill.


I like the March mood and the cards do look quite impressive in the images. They also invoke a certain mood. Have you been working with a prototype?

And we’ve got an extra year! Thank you. Weekend reading 🏝


Made a start on the report and will be wrapping my Saturn MC conjunct tomorrow and its been exactly as described. Has been a ride these last few months settling into a new gig and rejigging and progressing a project which required me to make calls earlier than I would typically, due to timelines and bigger picture influences. I stepped in at implementation but had to take it back to take it forward. Reputation forming or crushing stuff lol. I knew I had Saturn here and the pendulum (or axe) could swing either way. No pressure haha. It has culminated… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Yes a whole extra year. Thanks Mystic.

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