March Monthly Horoscopes And More!

The March Monthly Horoscopes are posted and I hope you find them helpful! We are living in extraordinary times, right?!

Additionally, I just switched the Year Ahead Astrology report to run for two years. It is a value-add but the core reason is that many people purchased it to check out their upcoming Pluto transits. I think I even suggested that in a Daily Mystic email.

But Pluto is such a slow-mover that if – for example – your birth Venus is 2° Aquarius, the Transit Pluto conjunction wouldn’t show up in a report for the next 12 months. But really, you ought to know about such a phenom or anything similar.

If you got a Year Ahead report, you can regenerate it from your Mystic Dashboard to see an extra year: you’ll know if you’re seeing the fresh one as it will say “for two years” from <the start date> not one year. If you don’t see that, please clear your cache!

And, the ‘physical version’ of the Alchemy Tarot deck is now open for pre-order, along with some Pluto in Aquarius inspo – a poster!

5 thoughts on “March Monthly Horoscopes And More!”

  1. Only this reality would havea jupiter venus conjunction with a mercury saturn semisquare. Fuqin buzzkill.

  2. I like the March mood and the cards do look quite impressive in the images. They also invoke a certain mood. Have you been working with a prototype?

    And we’ve got an extra year! Thank you. Weekend reading 🏝

    1. Made a start on the report and will be wrapping my Saturn MC conjunct tomorrow and its been exactly as described.
      Has been a ride these last few months settling into a new gig and rejigging and progressing a project which required me to make calls earlier than I would typically, due to timelines and bigger picture influences. I stepped in at implementation but had to take it back to take it forward. Reputation forming or crushing stuff lol. I knew I had Saturn here and the pendulum (or axe) could swing either way. No pressure haha. It has culminated in a bit of overnight success. I wont blow my trumpet (is not my instrument of choice) but feedback has been gratifying and really encouraged me to own and embrace what I’ve got.
      There’s been several other supportive if not intensely driving aspects at play in my chart that have progessed things but also frayed nerves a little. I remain in climb mode for the forseeable…. haven’t checked yet but the timeline for this might align with the entire Saturn 10 trip.

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