Happy New Year!

Happy New Year people! 

The Monthly Horoscopes for January are up and well, it’s going to be a busy month.

Opportunities and blessings lurk beneath the hyperflux of these last days of Pluto in Capricorn. Everything is so amped that the decelerating trends are as loud and attention-grabbing as the emerging ones – maybe even more so.

Stay cool and remember that Mercury is about to turn Direct (aka now) is often the glitchiest or when you’re most likely to text details of your orgasm/heist/dream to the plumber you asked for a quote.

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14 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Yes it’s 2024 that took a year to get here! Going to be a much better year by leaving the physical trauma experienced in the past. Am recovering with bells on to the amazement of my medical team. Instructed to eat every hour to gain a kilo a week…ugh…but doing it well every 2 hours. Feel an affinity to Pluto the sponsored horse put out to pasture in it’s dottage but well looked after to compensate 🙂
    Bought myself a car & perfume for New Year. L’Occitane Rose. A nurse was wearing it & it turned my head. Haven’t worn perfume since out of the work force but googling it finding it was ‘out of stock’ in many places & cost 25% more at David Jones ordered some from a place that had 2 left in stock. Seems many also like it or it’s a limited production.
    L’Occitane is not considered a high end perfume but products are very pleasant & not paying over $300+ as in Sephora-Mecca stock. Who pays that?And why?A bunch of basil leaves rubbed between palms then over body is a delightful aroma she says as she secretly yearns for one of those $200 candles.
    The car aka my wings is 20 years old, the same model as the one i wrote off after 12 years of faithful inexpensive service. In immaculate condition so hope the engine is same as only driven it 500 meters. Listened & looked intently to the engine as the sound & upkeep is important more than the age.
    So mes enfants terribles, my new year morning rave with fingers doing the talking.
    Make it healthy Prosperous (whatever that means to you) Grateful & Content (more stable feeling than ‘happy’) and add some fun & frolicks in the mix.
    LUVU all.

    1. Wheels bought day Mercury went direct…..phew got outta that one alive!
      Monthly scopes make so much sense time-wise, much to look forward to 🙂

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
        By any other name would smell as sweet !

        You are sweet. You sound like you are on the mend. I wish a thousand blessings. I was very lucky today I won’t tell you how, just that it was a blessing and I want to pass it on forward. The Universe and I love you Pegusus.

        Love Wish Upon a Star.

  2. Happy New Year to all here, especially Mystic. What a lucky bunch we are to have al these insights at the drop of a keyboard. Love, light and luxe to you all.

  3. Haha! A good reminder to communicate thoughtfully today. A brilliant new year to you, Mystic, and thank you for your unrelenting wisdom, humor, iconoclastic insights, and the truth and beauty you share with us here.

  4. Happy New Year!!!!! So glad to be here in this brilliant space. Thank you for all you do, dear Mystic!! Xoxoxo Nancy/Venus_in_Scorpio/Ms. Vervain

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