Daily Mystic for Thursday 22 June

The Fire element vibe and drama are so potent at the moment that you may not immediately feel the Sun’s shift into Cancer-Kataka. It will be more tangible from Friday with the Sun in synergy with the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio – the last major alignment with the Nodes before they switch in July.

So, the Nodes have been in Taurus-Scorpio since early 2022 and from mid-July, they’ll move into Aries-Libra until early 2025. I’ll write (or even talk!) more about this soon but for now, note that the Cancerian Sun sync with the Moon’s Nodes – especially the South Node – will be evocative.

In play from Friday to Saturday, it rouses memories or sharp awareness of evolutionary scenarios over the last 19 months – especially sex, money and security-related concerns. But it’s an invitation to resolve jagged emotions so that you can find peace or rejuvenate – not a call to arms.

Sometimes it manifests as unexpected benefits or good news from the past but whatever it is, seek the healing component first. And yes, it has a surreal, metaphysical angle to it as well – the Fire element impetus may make that more muted but it’s there if you want it.


Image: Paul Delvaux

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Thursday 22 June”

  1. ‘The Fire element vibe & drama so potent’… my membership had to be updated tonite!
    Four days of Ramzilla the horror houseguest who left on Sunday but who’s energy is still being smudged & candled away yet still feeling the drain of a chaos addict,
    BUT NOT NOW πŸ™‚
    The last 2 paragraphs are duly noted with much appreciation.

    The days become 1 minute longer in Sth Hemp & 1 minute shorter in Nth hemp. Sol, you have my attention.

    1. Yes Pegs, am replying to you. The Daily Mystic…. omg Venus entering your 8th house is EXACTLY the scenario around you, unwelcome as it is it’s happening. Now your intuition validated time to remember what makes you uniquely you ie the Saggi parts πŸ™‚

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh Pegusus, I love you. I had a bad experience in the supermarket. I felt great but someone had to knock me down.. But I bounced back. It must be that ONE minute longer in Qld that let me gain my equilibrium and notice a young sprite drinking her baby cappacino and smiling at me.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Thank you Sol.
          Intel from strange sources and contrarian indicators are useful today but the downside? Provocations and conversations evidently operating at cross-purposes. Sub-optimal for striking binding agreements unless you’re in supremely close accord with the other party. 
          Moon sq Uranus?

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Amen Pegusus. Our SOUTH NODE SCORPIO, North Node Taurus is ending soon. I thought it would be a big experience hoopla experience but I think I will look back and notice it like a a beautiful spicy Middle Eastern curry with big juice prunes to chomp on and quench the thirst and thought.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Oops too much red wine and steak to Celebrate this Winter Solstice, my deep thoughts get lost in translation.

              Life is a moveable Feast.

          2. Wish Upon a Star

            Hugs to you Pegusus, and a sweet Winter Solstice. The days get longer now and so shall your Light. May All Our Light Shine in the darkness.

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