Whether you’re a dionysian party-creature or the maker of stoic resolutions, your new year starts on a minor low. It’s not indicative, just a side-effect of Mercury still Retrograde and Venus square Saturn.

The latter is notorious for ‘imperfection audits’ – scrying your reflection in the mirror or obsessing over poor quality photographs + over-fixating on intimacy deficits. Avoid!

The robust New Moon on January 11 is your ‘real’ New Year: In harmonious alignment with innovative Uranus, it inspires and initiates desirable progress. If you can save vital projects and relationship revamps to start in the 7-14 days after Jan 11, do.

Yet even before this fabulous Moon, you’re backed by Mars in Capricorn (Jan 4/5 till Feb 13) for the first time since early 2022. As a Capricorn, you’re already lusty, driven by primal ambitions and in touch with old Earth magic – you may not even need the extra motivation of Warrior Mars in your sign but here it is.

Pre-New-Moon uncluttering efforts have extra zing to them precisely because you’re getting ready for five and a half weeks of hyper-accelerated rad results.

January 11 to 14 is exceptional because ultra-powered by the New Moon, you’ll also enjoy the lucky input of Mars trine Jupiter!

Attribute any existential funk to (a) the Aquarian disdain for mainstream cultural celebrations such as “New Year” and (b) Pluto in the last weeks of Capricorn before moving into Aquarius on January 20/21.

Deja-Vu or did this actually happen already? Yes! Pluto entered Aquarius in late March 2023 but zapped back into Capricorn 11 weeks later. It does the same stunt in September 2024 but for a much shorter period. Whatever, take cognizance of this: Pluto in your sign until 2044 (!) = Power and epic career success.

In the Aquarius solar chart or if you’re Aquarius Rising, the 10th house of aspirations and achievement is repped by Pluto-ruled Scorpio. Have you noticed how you’ve become ultra-aware of power dynamics and your use (or waste) of various resources since last March? It’s all prep for this unprecedented power-up.

You’re bringing big energy and laser-beam focus to everything, micro or macro and yes, it’s an adjustment that can look obsessive from the outside. If you had the time between mission-planning and scheming, you’d probably think so as well.

The first three weeks of January are huge on logistics as you realize you can do practically everything more ingeniously. You then benefit from the Sun into Aquarius on Jan 20/21, followed by Pluto a few hours later.

Good news – Saturn resigned! Joke. Saturn is still in Pisces and the prime suspect for your acute awareness around time, age, joint-flexibility, posture, savings/debt and personal failings past & present.

It’s also making you way more of an astute, cool operator but you may not realize this until after Saturn have moved on to Aries in 2025. Others, however, are clocking your increasingly formidable metrics – believe it.

Vital: Auspicious Jupiter in Taurus sextiles (augments) Saturn from January 24 until February 20 – bringing out the most fulfilling dimensions of the Time God. If you’ve been working and taking responsibility like mad since March 2023, with opportunities in June 2023 that you weren’t ready/able to take advantage of, this phase is likely to feature substantial results.

It’s fortunate even if you’ve spent the last nine months swimming in circles but extraordinary for time-worn, schedule-swamped Fish folk.

Mercury Retrograde is over by the 3rd but you ideally exercise caution until it is out of the shadowzone on the 21st. Risk: Mis-spending your eloquence and passion on complaints missives. Opportunity: Re-establishing a vital friendship or romance.

You’re probably not phased by the usual Mercury Retro irritants because…Ramzilla. You pulverize or zoom past obstacles that cause others to pause and piffle about.

However, the retrograde means that Mercury squares Neptune three times in a row – this murky, rapport-scrambling influence has been in play since late November and will be exact for the finale from January 7 to 11.

It makes dream messages and intuitive flow far more potent but can be quite the mirage when it comes to real life relating. Mercury-Neptune squares on repeat can also make minor differences of values or opinions into high-treachery cluster-fuqs. Diplomacy is always an option.

Optimally, don’t try to seal a deal or count on an on/off someone before mid-Jan.

Mars arrives in your solar career sector on Jan 4/5, launching a hyper-achieving bender that runs for nearly six weeks. If you can handle the intensified scrutiny and/or compliance-admin factors, this is a phase of recognition and cashing up.

Note also that the ultra-ingenious Jupiter-Uranus alignment of late March + April is in your $$$ sector and the Mars-Jupiter alignment from Jan 9 to 14 hints at this epicness.

You enter the month with your ruling planet Venus in a gnarly, confidence-sapping square to Saturn – you end it with Venus in magnificent alignment with Jupiter in Taurus!

Cruise through the early January merde with Taurean aplomb and perhaps a pivot toward more sustainable nutrition. With the South Node in your solar 6th, you may be reverting to the food regimes of yesteryear or forgetting the factors that you know keep you strong.

Stamina is necessary for the heightened career rewards and demands of Pluto in Aquarius from Jan 20/21 and the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus relationship and self-invention revamp.

While the latter is not until April, you’re perceiving the potential early – outrageously cool romantic partnerships and social synergies will come out of your individuation.

Be on high alert for an amazing opportunity that helps you to acquire more influence and utilize more of your attributes.

January 23 until Feb 20 will feature Venus in your Vision Sector – your go-to for hot long-distance attractions, romantic journeys and high-concept new aesthetics. If you’re seeking a new Mr/Mrs Taurus, think bookstores, literary events, universities and self-development scenarios.

You emerge from Mercury Retrograde in stages: Mercury Direct on Jan 1/2 completes the “don’t buy new gadgets” phase and Jan 21 is the end of the non-stop secrets spill.

Or, more subtly, the realizations about people inspired by their conduct and certain conversations. Info you reveal in good faith could be turned into intel and used against you. By now you’re no doubt aware of any trouble-factors – stay on guard for most of the month.

Mars in canny Capricorn from Jan 4/5 makes the month superb for deep takes/profound actions around money, especially in terms of the data, advice and/or assumptions you operate on.

You’re an on-zeitgeist Gemini but could you be culturally now and financially not with it? The Pluto in Capricorn economy (2008-2023/24) is ending and you’re brilliantly positioned to thrive in the Pluto in Aquarius epoch – you can’t afford to breeze into it on outmoded concepts.

Vesta Retrograde in Gemini all month is fantastic for perfecting a craft, acquiring new tools or tech and refining your methods.

In love and other significant alliances, you – like cousin Leo – are doing Pluto. Authentic ‘big’ loves only need apply and there is a high chance that something uniquely fabulous stirs around the 21st.

Asteroid Sphinx in your sign aligns with Neptune for the first ten days of January, generating out-there psychic phenomena and giving you a desirable extra-enigmatic aura.

It’s suboptimal for exposing  yourself to artificial environments, people and mind-alterers but brilliant for mystifying lovers and esoteric wisdom.

If you’re seeking a firm relationship plateau or new love paradigm, wait till the ultra-expansive Mars-Jupiter/New Moon combo from Jan 9 to 14.

It’s a good time to pounce on opportunities for passion and/or anticipate a distinct lift in rapport, intimacy and social life.

Mid-January is also the prelude to Venus in your relationship sector from Jan 23 till Feb 17 – this is an annual blessing that favors peace & love yet this this year it’s enhanced by a Jupiter-Saturn synergy.

Think beneficial study/travel, expanded circles of friendship and/or a deepening of worthwhile commitments.

Aquarius Season from Jan 20/21 need not bug you and Pluto in Aquarius could well indicate unprecedented prosperity but separate sentiment from cash around the time of the Jan 25/28 Sun-Jupiter square.

Mercury Retro may have revived a creative or romantic dream – if so, wait. Pluto returns to Aquarius on Jan 20/21, radically broadening your options. And, Jupiter is en route to a stagnation-busting, reinventive alignment with Uranus in April.

Sure, it’s weeks away but do not limit future options via a commitment with ‘surrender’ undertones. After the glorious New Moon on Jan 11 (actually an epic choice to start your ‘real’ New Year, as it aids neo-Leo willpower, health and effectiveness) your prospects improve by the day.

The Leo Full Moon on Jan 25/26 is the only exception: high-tension alignments make it a fabulous few days for a staycation or secluded study bender. If you have relationship merde in play, this is the most likely climactic moment.

Think ahead to fend off potential fracas – the only drama you need is the roar of applause or people reeling around in awe at how amazing you are.

An enterprise or intriguing dialogue that’s been on/off since late November is likely to resolve in your favor by the 20th/21st with Mercury out of the shadowzone.

Patience – artificial or organic, from yoga, wine, whatever – is an essential until then.

Witch Queen Hekate in Virgo is opposite Saturn in your solar love sector all January, giving the wily old codger a run for his money.

Saturn has an annoying propensity for raising non-fabulous relationship issues, the sorts of problematic scenarios that cannot be solved with a wave of your positivity wand or even Virgo Vision.

And yes, this applies to former romance and/or your prospects for future loves. Once your morale is sapped – and it may have been in December – it can take a while to rebuild your reserves but Hekate helps. Consider withdrawing your vibe from things you cannot actually solve and redirecting it into cultivating your magic.

Manage this stunt – even though it could seem ‘selfish’ to the Saint Virgo mindset and you’ll be surprised by the trouble-factors that just kind of weirdly work themselves out.

Work and everyday routines may feel chaotic or uncertain until Pluto in Aquarius on Jan 20/21 – if so, it’s the turmoil that precedes a fantastic development.

Think back to late March/early April 2023 or even December 2020 to get a feel for a possibly returning opportunity.

Mercury arrives back in Capricorn in mid-Jan, prompting a flurry of messaging + intrigue and at least one reversal of something sub-optimal or irritating.

With Venus at odds with Saturn and then Lilith, early January could feel jagged – you fix one thing, painstakingly recalibrate back into optimal vibe and then another comes along.

But Lilith is also a liberator! By January 9, when Venus moves past this tricky phase, you could realize that part of the problem is your self-cast role.

Think less Muse – more Maverick. Or less ‘sounding board’ – more…noise.

Ideally you extricate yourself from futile dynamics without an implosion and if you need to back out of something, try to exit before the New Moon on the 11th or at least by Mercury out of the retrograde shadowzone on the 21st.

This year’s Aquarius Season comes with Pluto conjunct the Sun, aka an empowering flashpoint for Librans. The new Pluto epoch is epic for you but it makes January – especially the 17th till 22nd – a turning point between past and future you.

Your relationships are also in hyperflux but evolving toward being stronger. The additional Air element from Pluto in Aquarius helps you regain total lucidity and the sense of possibility.

Anyone you meet during January 13 to 17 is more significant than they may seem superficially – it’s Venus in questing Sagittarius aligned with the Moon’s Nodes in Aries-Libra AKA the nexus of fate and desire.

Never mind Mercury Retrograde. It takes one look at you in your current mindset and scurries away, clutching lost keys and stupid ideas as it goes.

Your January problem-zone is the Full Moon on Leo on the 25th/26th – it clashes with Jupiter in Taurus and – loosely – Pluto in Aquarius.

If you’re dealing with any potentially over-the-top people or scenarios, either address the issue well before then (Jan 11-15 is super-abundant for Scorps) or lay off it over those days.

Aside from this hot-spot, your month is a marvel of improving prospects and better understanding between you and others. Mars in your Comms sector from Jan 4/5 will manifest as tangible results from your eloquence or incisive messaging.

Do you have ideas, intellect or words to spruik? Jan 4/5 until Feb 13 this is your go-zone, especially between Jan 9 to 14 and Jan 29-31.

Something big and perhaps unconventional is building in love, as Jupiter advances towards rad planet Uranus. It’s more potent next month but grok the omens. Pluto, your ruler, re-enters your solar home sector on Jan 20/21: uncertainty re where/how to live evolves into clarity, resolve and opportunities.

This has been the weirdest Mercury in Sagittarius ever – blame that for any high-velocity follies, over-wrought communiques, escape-artiste stunts and excessive candor. You can’t read (most) other people and they can’t read you – even if you hire billboards and skywriters.

Mercury Direct helps but Mercury returning to Capricorn on Jan 13/14 really helps. Ultimately, you’re on the verge of Pluto in your solar 3rd house, however. This is a far more comprehensive evolution than the relatively frequent Mercury Retro bingles.

Last March to June was a prologue but it may also have simply relieved you of a few Vibe Vampires or misapprehensions. The new Pluto era is fantastic for Sagittarian writers, creatives and talkers. It’s hard to tell crazy Merc Retro concepts from the emerging consciousness so make notes of everything.

January 8 to 10 is the climax of the Mercury-Neptune square ongoing since late November – this is slippery and no good for gambles or audacious dating/mating but it helps you identify what stands between you and your most authentic self expression.

This sounds waffly but with Pluto establishing in Aquarius, you’ll quickly realize that the care and maintenance of your evolving creative self is ultra-pragmatic.