Future Everything Is Live

Future Everything is now live – it’s an idiosyncratic but but pertinent Astro-Rave covering the meta-trends, now + future weirding, Pluto into Aquarius – aka The Everything, geopolitical/economic turbulence and some surprisingly good Venus + Mars news.

More details here.

12 thoughts on “Future Everything Is Live”

  1. BRAVO MM..such clear logic ,the cat, the lawns,gold sun,silver moon and of course saffron..and so much more information.

  2. Just finished listening a little while ago and super-enjoyed it. And nice to know that Venus will be in my partnership sector for months next year (late Cancer to early Virgo and all of Leo).

    For Pluto in Aquarius and its potential neo-age-of-revolutions vibe, I highly highly recommend Neptune Frost, an astonishing movie by Pisces poet and musician Saul Williams and his Rwandan partner Anisia Uzeyman (her wiki entry only says that she has a Feb b’day but I’m betting she’s Aquarius). It’s totally visionary film set in a near-future Africa where several people–a student fleeing protests in the capital, a youth harassed by a priest, coltan miners (a fictional substance meant to remind of cobalt) are all drawn by dreams, songs, and visions to a hacker-spiritual-resistance compound in the country-side. It’s gorgeous, full of totally stunning music and visuals and the most liberating, energizing film I can recall seeing–allows glimpses of a truly new world, beyond all the assorted forms of colonization and patriarchy and beyond.

    For all the things that are cruel and jagged about our world, I truly believe that we can build a new paradigm and are already seeing glimmers of it, even amidst all the pain and slag of the old.


  3. This was good. Useful and helpful for some future business (and personal) planning. Just going to remind myself to detach from (and be more discerning about) the media that surrounds geopolitics/the economy/covid in Sept/Oct.

    Thank you!

  4. Well this is certainly worth it. Thanks MM and highly recommended. Puts a clear picture out there and hope for the future. Just a bit nervous about Pluto exiting Capricorn as it opposes my Sun Uranus ergh. Fingers crossed. The buildup has begun…

  5. Thank you – I am so happy you like it: I tried to be both real AND metaphysical, pragmatic but still upbeat and apolitical…

  6. So relatable to stop your rave to let out your cat lol. This happens to me ALL the time ๐Ÿ˜‚โ€ฆ. Really loving the sound of Mars in Gemini for creatives expressing themselves in more authentic ways, and Venus in Leo for 2023 for a cultural resurgence. Honestly ready for this new artistic wave ๐ŸŒŠ

  7. Just finished listening and am looking forward to next year! I am Pisces rising and the Saturn in Aquarius shift will be occurring on my birthday next year. Iโ€™ll definitely be upping my hobby blogging on sustainable living and am going to Google how to grow/harvest my own saffron.

  8. Interesting point about money as an energy or substance in its own right reasserting itself after being artificially degraded by central banking systems. I do remember the original savings deposit books of my gen x early childhood and that idea of cultivating money in a savings account like a farm or a treasure trove. Teaching children the value of saving money by making regular deposits rather than impulsively spending it was easily shamed out of the culture not least because itโ€™s harder to do. It also suited the neoliberal agenda.
    Recommend reading a culture of narcissism (Christopher Lasch) for more on this theme

  9. Very absorbing Mystic, thank you for putting this together for us.
    My little martian ears pricked up in your discussion of Saturn in Pisces with the possible revival of interest in esoteric studies, from a more scientific point of view!
    Will be interesting to see what comes to light in a metaphysical sense.

  10. Lawns are finished. Couldnโ€™t agree more. So 50โ€™s and keeping up with the Joneses.
    Also yes to low energy substack subs / pods / raw unrefined organic data direct from source. VPNs, to keep everything โ€œlocalโ€

  11. Wonderfully lucid and sane look at the upcoming astrological events with inspired insights on what the social, economic and cultural implications could be. So much to take in here and so much to discuss. My favourite of the series.

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