Mercury Retro Psy-Ops

Every Mercury Retrograde has potential for weirdness but this one is uniquely so. Any old rumor could be a psy-op, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II generated a vortex of commentary, every day feels epochal and for peak Mercury Retro fuqery, Optus – Australia’s second largest telco – was hacked, exposing the details of millions of customers, past and present.

To put it in perspective for non-Australians, the company is akin to America’s Verizon or Vodafone in Europe and to say “hack” is flattering.* Telecommunications companies are already supremely annoying and a number one perp for any Mercury Retrograde fuqery but this situation raises deeper concerns that go beyond transient inconvenience. Do corporations have the right to demand as much vital data as they do? And if it is necessary, what recourse does the average person have as to how they use it?

It’s totally Pluto in Aquarius – data, privacy, corporate surveillance etc. Note also that society has essentially evolved to make it impossible to navigate without a smartphone. So you have to have one, you have to supply your full array of i.d. to even talk to these fuqers on the phone or in live chat and yet there is apparently no ‘have to‘ for the companies to protect the data?

Has anyone else noticed how the more slack the service or the harder a company makes it to push through the maze of bot suggestions, the more lugubrious and faux-caring the messaging becomes? When you see a term like ‘happiness technician’ or ‘wonderfulness faciliator’, settle in for a nice long brain-curdling ‘support encounter.’

I would love it if Pluto in Aquarius saw more consumer and people power – yes, I am aware that currently it seems to be trending more toward a messy deglobalization and power tustles – but still, the potential is there. There are other scenarios going as well, of course.

But how are YOU going with this Mercury Retro weirding?

Anecdotally, I’m clocking record amounts of door + key mishaps, time anomalies and nostalgia voids.

*It wasn’t a sophisticated cyberattack that somehow breached their epic defences; it seems to have been more like if you left your back and front doors open all the time but then tried to tell everyone that somehow an elite gang of thieves managed to rapel down the side of your place, before decrypting your incredibly cryptic passcodes and getting through the killer laser beam matrix. 

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  1. Well said MM..I had an ultra weird phone conversation to about glitch in the matrix this was surreal and a freak out l could have been totally spooked but wasn’t felt like a parralel portal…On another note I question the companies on their intrusive questions and also quizze them back especially anyone calling from Mombai and Philippines as so many companies have their businesses off shore to make extra money in their non taxable business accounts making our data even more guy i had a go with said ‘fuq you “.coz i asked him the same questions he didn’t like it..🤣🤣🤣

  2. Have support letter from my GP
    Have support letter from social worker
    have flat lined up through private estate agent who happily takes DSS tenants as long as they have a housing officer
    Applying to the council to appoint me a housing officer STAT
    thanks for the prayers and cash btw.
    They came in SUPER HANDY.

  3. Such a perfect explanation. I lost then found (today) my brand new not even worn summer hat, my friend lost her sunnies then a few weeks later found they were at her osteopaths, the Optus thing, my ‘arrive at work’ time changing from clockwork to all over the place, and weird kinda crunchy conversations with old friends that could have so easily turned into arguments. Plus every interaction with any sort of large company was doing my head in. My car was also serviced and roadworthied which I’m worried about but it was on a deadline so had to be done. Hopefully stability returns for a while with the end of merc retro.

  4. How many times has Mystic warned us about epic key fuqery in this retrograde? Smugly, I thought I’d bypassed that, all keys where they needed to be (passwords as keys were another story, but isn’t that always true these days). Anyway, today, sure enough, I dropped my house and mailbox keys – had to retrace a mile-long route I’d been walking, beseeching Hekate the whole way, and then maybe 50 steps from my door, there they were, just under the bumper of a parked car. I couldn’t have seen them on my retracing route from the other angle. All is well — and I’m reminded to pay attention when Mystic says to be careful!

  5. I double- and triple-checked almost everything and one simple mistake was thrown back at me (it was how a word processing program attached a comma and parentheses to a URL after I typed it in).

    The simple, sequentially numbered directions I left for those filling in for me over my leave couldn’t be followed; I know because I briefly checked in and needed help. I simply copied and pasted content from my original instructions and sent them back, and my colleagues were able to do what they needed with those instructions.

    My family wants to plan a vacation with many traveling from afar, and I won’t even touch that, especially after 2 failed plans for gatherings this year.

    A very deadly hurricane hit the neighboring quadrant from where I live (South Florida) with major disaster recovery operations underway. Our political overlord is buddying up with the president (who they badmouth regularly and in front of hundreds in rallies) for aid. Now we have Mars square Neptune and a very long retrograde? This region is great at fraud, so let more and additional related fuqery begin.

    With Mars doing a do-si-do over my Ascendant and 12th house? Let’s just say I decided not to pursue any new initiatives (period) or relationships with men until after the December holidays! I’ll also try my best not to find myself in the middle of conflict or to be aware things are likely happening behind my back!

  6. I’m allegedly moving today. I’m due to be out of here by midnight tonight. People coming to view my room at 1pm.
    Estate agent says I need to have a housing officer because am DSS. 🙏🏻 I’m surprisingly calm – but send prayers and cash anyway 🙏🏻

  7. worst Mercury in Retrograde in years. Seriously wtf…
    Everything broke or broke down…my car, then my phone, a domino effect.
    I’m so utterly exhausted too. My doctor said I need to avoid all stress due to my health issues, stress ramped itself up 10000 fold.

    1. My mercury is in transiting the 11th House Virgo. It doesn’t explain car breakdowns, computers, phones, websites, bank fraud charges, or hacked accounts.

  8. Ahh Ha! After almost a week (five days irl) of being dicked around by a website bot with the power to take a “holding deposit “ I had the brain wave of calling the estate agent directly. Thanks Google- I knew you would prove worthy of more than late night scary symptom black holes and outdated forum posts. Got holding deposit back and spoke with agent. Flat I’m after is available and I’ve been sent video footage. Okay it’s in need of a bit of TLC but nothing like the two places I have rented and cared for since 2019.
    Dare I have hope?
    I know. I know. Mercury retrograde. But I have Saturn in Gemini soooooo?

    1. I have noticed many websites with lots of glitches, overcharging, refusing to charge, and not crediting my accounts.
      I NEVER Had any issues with my cell phone provider until Sept.10th!
      Nonstop tech/glitch issues!
      Communication is being hit HARD This month. Then transportation, my car died.
      It created a domino effect having paid my cell phone bill then they decided to charge it 10x over again then refused to credit my account and then disconnected my phone. You don’t realize how much you rely on a phone until you don’t have one.
      Couldn’t get my car towed, or fixed or try to call a cab to go buy a new car.
      These are all first world temp problems compared to being caught in war or a hurricane, so
      I feel bad venting even.

      1. Lolz. That last line is hilarious. It’s still a pain in the ass. Ease up on yourself! And mercury is direct again 🚀

  9. Bleh. Trying to move out of the mold toxicity and multiple ear/ nose throat infection inducing flat on my GP’s instructions and post many A&E visits since June. In a day and a half. Ugh. I’m a mess.

  10. Two days ago every call to sort out anything from missing parcels to parking ticket machines, refusing to print tickets, was met with “our system is down. I can’t do it manually. Sorry.” Knowing it was Mercury Retro helped!

  11. Mercury Retrograde is just the appearance of Mercury moving backwards from the point of view of earth, no? If so, isn’t the Mercury Retro just an appearance, that things are actually SNAFU? I feel a bit mystified by Merc Rx. My super Gem guy is always triple checking my ADHD path through this world, so perhaps I just have an impermeable Mercury Rx Proof shell around me. 🎶 You’re my fire-wall…

  12. I have noticed something else a bit special about Mercury R. Yesterday I was shopping for something specific and walked into several shops one after the other. Everywhere I went there were women engaged in personal conversations about private life not knowing the other person at all. I got involved in these conversations and noticed how supportive and open these people were and genuinely interested and caring. Every woman was attractive and smart. They were all strangers to one another. It made me have faith in us human beings. Very Mercury.

  13. Love this
    says everything I feel about supremely annoying telcos and the increasing demands of corporations for our private info

  14. not quite about Mercury, what about Jupiter being so close atm? and, the last time it was this close was …the year I was born…Anyone?? Loved going outside numerous times last night and Jupiter above me , shining so brightly!!!

  15. Daughter went snow hiking near Kosciusko, lucky I warned her about MercRx because she backed up her photos and removed her cash card and drivers licence before the hike. I got scrambled message from her bf to track her phone please. White phone in snow? No chance. MercRx shenanigans strike again

  16. Nearly went crazy with an ongoing real estate saga.All year…. further complications now of course.
    Trying to work out the karma.!

  17. The chaos…oh the chaos. As my health issues reset, a hurricane is expected outside my front door in a matter of days. Small bits of tie for creativity is my savior of sanity

  18. Well said MM..these effed companies are invasive to say the least..two can play at that game you just got to play well at the squirm..Make sure your ready for plan B there are too many stupids with no care but being overly paid running the show but “the show must go on”..!!!…🦂

  19. One step forward. Two steps back is my experience of the retro Mercury. I went on holiday after a very strenuous 6 months at work. My big shoot got delayed which meant I had to work Wednesday and Thursday of my time off. Then the Queen died and the shoot got cancelled as the studio space was no longer available. Then it was put back on again on the Friday instead. And I was asked to go to a meeting on Monday and ended up working the entire day to get that project up and running. Soooo….no speakers now as Mystic would say. Running away to the country.

  20. I am in the midst of working with a production company that is building an exhibit for my team for an upcoming trade show. Precise measurements of materials (i.e. the size of walls in meters and millimeters, placements of support wires for banners hanging from the ceiling) also details on insurance coverage (how much? for how many people?).

    Company (and the trade show) is in Portugal. We are based in the US. Soooo … nuances in language, different ways of measuring (metric vs. imperial) and also multiple stakeholders (sorry …that’s some corporate-speak for ya).

    Of course we hit a snag in terms of getting our designs in by the deadline. Of course there are details lost in translation. Of course this all had to be done in the midst of mercury retrograde.

    Thankfully, I knew delays were gonna happen, I am not pushing for anything to be fast and I welcome every revision of every document b/c maybe the more people who see it means the more chances for someone to catch what could be a costly error.

    Whew. Thanks for listening. LOL. Glad I have this astro community to vent with. 🙂

  21. Hmmm, lots of weird complicated situations where a decision had to be made before I felt ready or as if I had all the information I needed, and also having to trust that my money situation is going to be okay, or more than okay. Also DEEP feelings of longing for things I have given up on ever having in life — a wonderful partner, a beautiful home, an artist’s life.

    1. Never say die Venus! I bet I am older than you and I haven’t given up on those beautiful things just yet. Mars,Jupiter,Sun,Uranus conjunction. Retro Merc could just land it right in your lap.

  22. Whilst having my Venus return I was visible and doors opened, people smiled and I understood what it must feel like to be blessed with Elizabeth Taylor or Juliette Binoche genes.
    Two writing buddies have been nominated for a prestigious writing prize and it’s time for me to get a wriggle on, seeing I’m last bar one of us to be published… I’ve had no working laptop for two years…. but many journals and scraps of writing… almost a PhD in writing workshop attendance…Researching whilst Mercury retrograde… I seem to have broken my thumb doing gorilla gardening… being in the big smoke this week away from home, seeing a live band from the 80’s in the perfect venue, the David Bowie doco and sitting in the spot at the beach atop a grassy hillock of my brother’s funeral 12 years’ ago … realising I’m tougher than I was (thanks Sun square Saturn) …and braving it to a large shopping centre and parking on the pink wellness level and finding my way out.
    Tomorrow crown to finish off root canal work (thank you Monsieur Saturn) then back to the small smoke with my wee pooch and feeling grateful I changed my mobi plan away from Optus to a small Australian based company as their coverage doesn’t work well regionally, if at all.
    Still limping but all in the fullness of time, I’ve had some help (thank you Venus return) and can see some light at the end of what felt like a bloody long tunnel.
    Love the blog, thank you Mystic and gifted scribes for your wisdom and wit.

      1. Thank you Wish, you’re a bright star shining in the galaxy.
        It’s good to be home pottering in my garden with the pooch.

  23. This post, along with it’s predecessor re: Frank Rubio has me thinking of NASA and each of it’s Artemis rocket launch delays (which were all scheduled during the retrograde) -the initial intended date being August 29th (a Monday, aka “Moon Day)

    1. I noticed their delays immediately thought mercury in retrograde strikes again!
      Honestly, every day feels like retrograde to me but this last month was off the charts noticeably FUBUR!

  24. Retrograde szn is definitely hhmm challenging, that’s the nice way to say that lol. Growing pains don’t stop after childhood, when you’re a human who continually asks more from the universe / self / life. But being stagnant is less appealing then the extreme levels of propulsion I normally operate from!
    When Mercury Rx was directly opposite my natal Libra moon in my 12th (even within a degree or so), it literally felt like I was invisible (which has been a lifelong quest to be heard) which immediately flared up right shoulder pains and put me in that dark place we all go to when we feel small. That’s my whole life struggle right there, being bulletproof to outside influences and not allowing anyone to make me feel worthless. Oh it’s been basement level deep lol. How’s everyone else’s experience lately??

  25. It’s been a nightmare – my septic system backed up and made an obvious disaster all over my lower level, work has been over the top hysteria, and the list continues – and of course my smart phone and computer somehow can never be on the same page so one counters the passwords or the other although both are Apple products …

    At least the world is calm — JOKING

  26. You hit the nail on the head MM, no level of sophistication should get through 3 vendor-diverse firewalls on the perimeter and an encrypted database!!!

  27. I am having a phantasmic mercury retrograde. This time of year is always a 12th house sun transit time for me, but this past weekend had my sun, mercury, venus and the moon all in the 12th house (!!) I am grateful for the current abundant access to the paranormal and psychic realms, as my partner died suddenly of undiagnosed heart disease in January, and yes, I am grieving. My dreams have been incredible and some other incredibly weird stuff has been happening, (time anamolies?…yes!) Most of which is beyond explanation, really. All this 12th house action is both pretty intense and deeply healing.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your life partner suddenly passing away, Amanita. Sending you good energy, hope you have support, take good care 🕊

      1. Good energy received, Calcifer, bless you. Death and loss and grieving is a universal experience (animals and plants grieve too) which has been sanitized and diminshed by western judeo christian capitalist forces into something best not fully expressed. Grieving the death of loved one is a transformative process, it is the shaper of the heroine/hero’s journey in storytelling. Be assured I have all kinds of support, for which I am most grateful.

  28. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    When you see a term like ‘happiness technician’ or ‘wonderfulness faciliator’, settle in for a nice long brain-curdling ‘support encounter.’ OMG LOL

      1. Oh I know! Can’t stand it myself either. I invite them all to stick their granular pivots into their stakeholders and begone!!

  29. I’m with Optus. They had the best plan and coverage in my country town.

    I’m a Gemini Sun. So I have to be wary of identity theft. I can’t be bothered worrying about it honestly.

    It’s interesting what you say about their “epic” defences.

    I had a classic Merc retro dream last night. I was stuck in Melbourne Uni. It was like a maze. I couldn’t get out.

  30. Even the read-at-risk-of-killing-brain-cells Daily Mail is featuring this Mercury Retro!
    Know a few that are staying analogue for privacy reasons.
    Never took to Optus from the beginning having met a few of their employees way back when there seemed that only Telstra & Optus were the choices.
    Heard Face Book is being cloned by some nefarious group, setting up faux accounts in genuine users names.
    Me…all i care about is the Sun and accompanying blue skies for my dose of happiness and it’s been hiding for the last 3 months down south of the great southern land. Seasonal affective disorder is REAL.
    La Ninia is doing my head in far more than Mercury Retro but then i’m in the world but not of it.

  31. I’m channeling it into my writing, going deep, returning to ideas first generated a while ago. Becoming a hermit and hopefully emerging with more of my thesis complete.

  32. Door and key mishaps yes, since day one of Mercury retro. I am calling this the liminal retrograde. In one day my work door cylinder broke at 6 am and we could not get in. Twelve hours later my apartment door cylinder broke and we were locked out. Fortunately, I know my neighbours and they provided refreshments and shelter until the locksmith arrived. Then a car door closed on my hand breaking the fingers. Since retro began every night I have dreamt about doors and gates. Sometimes the gates are open sometimes closed, sometimes i am walking through them sometimes I am talking through the door.

    good luck with your issues. All i can think is that it is all very liminal and I feel I am in preparation for something unhinging.

        1. Wow. Neptune looks pretty.

          I bought a selenite lamp to put in my lounge as Mystic suggested on my Home decor report. It looks just like Neptune in that pick without the rings.

          That’s ok I’ll just sprinkle some star dust on it.

          Thanks aqua hair. This has made my day too.


    1. Yikes Aquahair. I’m glad your neighbours were in and you were treated nicely while waiting for the locksmith, but your fingers.. oooouuuch! I’ve broken multiple fingers at once in the past and can vouch this is no joke: so painful and a pain in the *rse logistically too. You have my sympathies and get well soon!

    2. Yeeeooow-chihuahua! You poor thing! I know the pain of crushed digits …. ‘Twas a Full Moon in Gemini & Mercury Rx (in Scorpio) wouldn’t you know? And -THWACK- a train window came smashing down on my hand crushing & breaking 3 fingers.

      Spookily, 12 yrs later, as Mercury was going over the same degree in Scorp – WHAM – a steel door slammed shut on me & lobbed off a quarter of an inch of my middle finger.

      I found hypericum perforatum (homeopathic remedy) v helpful for pain, plus it is excellent for healing nerve endings especially in digits.

      Perhaps you could try & have a word with Mercury in your dreams & ask WTF, Mercurius?… reverently, of course. Put a sprig of lavender (ruled by Mercury) under your pillow or burn some before you go to bed as it will clear & calm your mind in preparation for your encounter. Mercurial herbs enable the conscious mind to communicate more easily with the subconscious mind, v useful for divination work too.

      Good luck & swift healing, Aquahair.

      1. OMG Skarab. Digit decapitation! Not only spooky but so violent. Is that because it was in Scorp? How absolutely horrible for you. Love and sympathy to you from here.

  33. Laptop problems – check. Miscommunications – check.
    Keys taken by the fairies and then (eventually) returned – check.
    Also returning to deal with stuff started ages ago..

    Re the data privacy issue – in the UK there’s been a big push for smart
    meters, which I have refused so far. My question – never answered by the
    energy companies – is who owns the data I generate.
    Some years ago, I interviewed a leading professor who had developed the IT architecture/data capture for leading supermarkets, allowing them to profile their customers. The academic and his research team were, at that point, working for the government on various projects.
    Paranoid? Moi?!
    (Aqua rising, Gem sun, Pisky moon.

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