Happy New Moon Eclipse! So now it’s time to really discover the Taurus within – if you are a Taurus just om out in your power shower and quietly revel in being nearly always right about everything.

So, the Monthly Horoscopes for May are posted, as well as the Weekly + Daily of course and in case you don’t realize, the Daily Mystic Updates are emailed out and posted here – you can read them either way. If you would like to receive the email and are not, please contact support for help with this!

I had some Eclipse revelations and while they’re not deeply thrilling, I will post them here in case they’re useful:

(1) Never romanticize rust or moss.

(2) You know how some topics or phenomena become less interesting the longer you think about them, it’s the opposite with magic and astrology inc. Maybe to paraphrase Nietzsche, the more you think about magic, the more it thinks about you?

(3) Investment strategy: Heirloom seeds.

(4) Do whatever you need to do for the mid-May Eclipse Zone to be low-obligation/non-scheduled up and as time-resource-money buffered as poss. I am going to be all across the Scorping in horoscopes, Daily Mystic etc but note this now!

(5) Wouldn’t it be amazing if the next big weird thing to break out was common sense?

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  1. Having moved a lot in the last years, I get new hairdressers all the time and the last few have all been mega Tauro’s. Today’s stylist had Taurus Sun, Merc, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Lilith, all in the 7th House with Mars and Moon there too but in Gem. Quite remarkable! She said she failed at other things and ended up hairdressing but I objected and told her she was simply being redirected to her inevitable happy place by fate, or rather Venus herself. Girl needs to change her name to Venus-Aphrodite and drive her Swan-drawn chariot to work.

      1. Sweet of you Sam. Actually I recently met an actual Aphrodite, she dresses like a cute, deranged toddler. I love the contrast between her name and appearance, lol.

  2. Plywood is so expensive. The only building materials I have available for this project are a couple large pallets of granite stone. I suggested building these work benches to my Scorpio man friend and he kind of shot me down about it « it was impractical » Scorpio man friend then felt bad about thwarting my genius and built two benches in my garden for us to sit on. He said « how do you think cave men used to communicate about feng shui? Oooga booga feng shui – and later when looking at his work he said that « Rolling Stones don’t gather moss »
    moss Is beautiful in some contexts but overall it isn’t to be romanticized

  3. Can I just say a HUGE Thank you Mystic for the daily emails, they have been astronomically helpful and inspiring (even if sometimes I need to re-read them 3 or 4 times to understand what your conveying) and going to Bulleen Art and Garden today to buy me some heirloom seeds. My favourite is No. 2 Magic

    1. I love the Daily Mystics so much, too!
      I often read them twice, to really make the insights mine! 😃

  4. Re: (1) Never romanticize rust or moss.

    There’s an event venue near me that is built in an old industrial site, where they kept some of the old, rusty equipment onsite as a) a way to not have to pay to remove it and b) conversation pieces (I guess). To go with the look, they took their shiny new metal railings throughout the building and deliberately made them rusty. It’s appalling, especially if you need the railings due to physical or balance issues. I had to go to a few work events there and I left wanting a tetanus booster every darn time.

  5. I never wanted to be average or common, even from an early age. So the saying “common sense ” has never really sat great with me. I believe its our individuality that makes us special, and gives us texture, spice and everything nice.

  6. belatedly realised how perfectly Uranus in taurus is represented as cryptocurrency. espesh trine Pluto in cap. maybe some outlier country will tie their currency to a crypto-standard when the trine perfects.

  7. I love the list. This Virgo rising thrives on lists. And I am a Moon in Taurus so this last eclipse really was intense for me.
    Mine is short but here it is.

    • Always trust your guts/instincts about people. Trying to reason about something that does not feel ok never works. Ever.
    • I have found an important psychological truth inside my body. Like literally is located in some specific part of it and I can finally access it.
    • Bare truth: “couple” and “family” have never been good places for me. So if it’s true that we tend to return / find again places where we have been feeling good, as much as I’d love to experience romantic rewarding love for once in my life, I tend to go toward being on my own because that’s where I have been feeling good. I don’t like it, but it is the honest truth.

    Sorry for over sharing 😊

  8. Corduroy jeans

    MM you are super organised as always!!! AND metaphysical plus-plus – that’s like trying to ride two very different horses, simultaneously, while juggling hoops/twirling ribbons/bareback! 😄🙏
    So this solar eclipse is everything (opp..my Scorpio Uraniac, and square Leonine Saturn), and impending Merc rx is traversing back and forth over my Taurus Lilith point, Jupiter, then Gem Moon cj Proserpina (exact square my Piscean MC/Mars and Virgo IC). Then Scorpiotronic fm opp my Asc.
    Am decluttering and purifying everything, and realised I just planted a whole heap of edible seedlings on New Moon that accidentally (as in, I bought them without knowing their significance) symbolise grief, departure, renewal, profound healing, AND the Divine Feminine – and I just gave up (long-term) study, and a whole (lifelong) line of thinking/work/being in this world. No idea what’s next, but have been baking up a storm (choc chip cookies, muffins, gingerbread men) and witching it right up!. Broomsticks, anyone..? Xoo xoo

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Also, YES: (1) Never romanticize rust or moss.*
      But can we make an exception for the super-antibacterial, and gorgeously, magickal green patina that copper develops on oxidisation..?

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Also, YES YES: (3) Investment strategy: Heirloom seeds.
        Have recently read half a dozen Guardian/ABC articles on people starting community seed libraries which they distribute/swap with neighbours. Starting one with my odd collection Xx

      2. You mean “verdigris” The name verdigris comes from the Middle English vertegrez, from the Old French verte grez, an alteration of vert-de-Grèce (“green of Greece“). The modern French spelling of this word is vert-de-gris (“green of grey”). It was used as a pigment in paintings and other art objects (as green color), mostly imported from Greece.[5] It is completely safe, so yes to verdigris, but no to mould! Though Ghostbusters Egon Spendler (Do you have any hobbies? “I collect spores, mould and fungi”) would perhaps beg to differ.

        1. Corduroy jeans

          Love it Sphinx, thank you!! Got lovely Venusian chills reading that delicious etymology!!😍 Sorry for keeping it basic – have been talking “(forced) patination” with a local (and incredible) copper artisan who is crafting me a bowl. (I didn’t even know such a term – or process – existed!! But of course have heard of patina – and verdigris I have seen only as the name of an art tube of paint? But of course it is the copper !)
          And of COURSE it was imported from Greece in ye olde days! When you get a chance, look up “Fteri beach’ in Kefalonia – you are quite well-travelled? (From other comments??) so you’ve probs been there already (I haven’t, and probably never will, given I live on the other side of the world), but – what a magical place. (Almost as good as our beaches!😉) xoo

          1. Corduroy jeans

            And, also – how Taurean is vertigris? The colour, the relation to copper and Venus, the use of it as a paint pigment.. *happy sighs *
            (Actually, afterthought – producing something beautiful, useful and protective – vertigris – when facing deleterious processes – oxidisation – is also very much like every Taurean I have known, too.)

            1. Isn’t it amazing how Blake lively channelled our conversation and made it into a Uranus in Taurus dress for us to enjoy? Lol. I think vertigris is Taurean to the max. Like a gorgeous Taurean copper god who relaxed on his chaise and just kind of oxidised into vertigris out of sheer relaxation.

              1. Corduroy jeans

                Heya Sphinxy, I think we are on the Galactic Centre radio frequency, lol!! Love your thinking, keep it up! Xoo

        2. Love it, sphinx. Didn’t know the copper patina was called verdigris, but have always loved it since I was a child

      3. Copper patina is so beautiful indeed, Earthstar, I remember being mesmerized by oxidized copper church spires as a child 🤩

    2. Sounds all good and liberating, Earthstar. Out with the old and in with the new!
      Am saying this as I am about to experience the once in a lifetime transit of Uranus conjunct my Taurus Moon. 🌟 And cookies make everything better!

      1. Corduroy jeans

        😄 Too true about the biscuits, Calcifer.🍪💓 These are magical times – verdigris-toned church spires, you say?? I am there..😍 And apologies for continuous mis-spelling (when I kept using a “t” instead of a “d” in verdigris). I need to take a break from late night commenting on magical things. Hope you all good, Calcifer – I think your moon (home?) conjunct Uranus (changes – such as moving to an eco-house in the forest? – so good) phase has already begun! You will pick up all the insights quickly, methinks – hope you alright. ✨

        1. Corduroy jeans

          (Also, thanks for the encouragement re: changelings. Feels all very old and new at the same time. Xoo)

        2. Hi dear Earthstar, if you google Karlskirche in Vienna, you have an example of a copper church roof (turned verdigris). Many baroque churches have this, so lovely. And yes, Uranus close to natal Moon can be felt clearly. So far it seems to be manifesting in many very dynamic group meetings with stakeholders about how the country side around my house should be developed. And lots of building activity in general, close to my house. There is quite a bit of unrest but innovation as well 🌿⚡️

  9. “Common sense” should be taught in schools 🤣eg art lessons let’s make a meme that explains common sense (cause y’all don’t know sh!t)
    I repotted some bush food fruit trees I just bought. Davidson plums, finger limes, blue quandong (you don’t want to know what spell check did with that) and a kurrajong for weaving bark, eventually.

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Ah this sounds like east coast planting, I love finger limes..!😍 and blue quandong..⚡🤣

  10. ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if the next big weird thing to break out was common sense?’

    Please, universe, make this happen.

  11. Brilliant …yes ‘common sense’ the next new weird breakout according to the globs how exciting that would be !!!..
    I’m now getting over a two week dose of flu with all the trimmings that go with it apparently it’s back in town after being extinct for the last two years.. !!!
    Thanks MM..💚

    😰 🤮 😷 🤕 🤧 🤢 🤭 🥵

  12. On it with the heirloom seeds! Well kind of. Bought organic, non-GMO and they’re hiding in my closet <3

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