Sun in Aries – Moon in Pisces

“History is not time – nor is evolution. They are both consequences. Time is a state: the flame in which there lives the salamander of the human soul.”

Andrei Tarkovsky – Aries Sun-Pisces Moon, on a lunar swerve.

Aries Sun-Pisces Moon people perpetually surprise others and have no idea why. They’re straight-forward and their transmission is super-direct yet they become used to the regular refrain of “oh wow…that’s not like you…” or “that’s so strange, I took you for an extrovert/introvert…”

Whether it’s their political loyalties, weekend plans or that they do/do not like watermelon, they’re like an involuntary contrarian.

How does this happen? The Aries-Pisces combo is fab for so many things – motivation is a done deal because the visionary Piscean Moon loops ahead and sees things that the Aries Sun takes as a quest.

eg: Filmmaker Edgar Wright, who has this combo, cites “biting off more than you can chew” as one of his core ‘success secrets’ even if it always entails being “beyond budget.”

Another talent? Rejuvenation. They’re adept at periodic power-downs from which they emerge with practically supernatural vigor.

This Sun-Moon combo is also unfiltered – think performer Ali Wong – particularly on ‘don’t-go-there’ topics.

Some of confusion presumably comes from the blend of the essentially combative Aries approach and the more surreal flow of their Piscean Moon. These people smoothly deviate from snappy tell-it-like-it-is-ism into ultra-Piscean occult philosophy without preamble.

The lunar swerve feels natural to them but it can disconcert others. You see, Sun-Moon merger means they were born on a Dark Moon – the very end of the lunar moon, on the verge of the New Moon.

Astrally, they’re most serene when they’re on the brink of something, with a fresh horizon in their sights. Aries Sun-Pisces Moon people trust down and up times, which means they come across as alternately hard-driven creatures of mission and zen surrealists.


14 thoughts on “Sun in Aries – Moon in Pisces”

  1. Is it too late to change my sun sign? My Pisces moon sees visions and my Pisces sun is like yeah, that would be so amazing. Then rolls over and says wake me up when someone else has done it and I’ll buy it, sign up etc.

  2. My dad has this astro! He’s always been a trip. My childhood memories are dotted with his poignant sayings like, “Childhood is a bridge across the canyon of life. We, your parents, are your guardrails.” haha, ok, dad! In his retirement years now, he’s taken to gardening, including tomatoes, kale, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms. He’ll ask me from time to time, “You doing OK on weed?” He also paints rocks – some with a political twist (one of Trump hugging Jesus comes to mind), other from cartoons (I have 2 of his Pickle Ricks on my front patio) or pop culture (a Shell logo painted on a petrified shell). He also has, like 13 girlfriends. He’s almost 70, but still a kid at heart.

    1. That’s so cool! My dad who died last year almost the date soon was also an Aries sun Pisces moon and wildly contradictory and out there. He went from selling stuff at markets to snake and reptile trapping to taxidermy to archaeology. I went to Egypt many times with him. He could sell sand to the Egyptians and snow to Inuits and morphed into whoever he was dealing with at the time so they could relate to him better. He took on whatever religion or philosophy suited him at the time too. He was very strong, scary and martial yet also surprisingly soft and at times philanthropic, making lots of money and then handing out to random people. Strange man indeed and missed by many.

    2. Brenda Spencer, the 16-year-old girl who shot and killed people in 1979 has this astro. Her reason for shooting people was, “I don’t like Mondays.”

  3. This is so much my partner! To my mind she is an upfront forthright person so it used to confuse me that she was so questioned – this post helped me get it. She’s very much aries – sun & venus – but she is also a very fluid listener, almost getting into the character of the person talking. Is that a pisces moon trait?

  4. O gee, I’m 19 March Pisces sun, Aries moon/venus and other planets – so in denial / disclaiming the multiple Aries in my chart, but I guess it helps me push through when I really want to lay down / retire / cuddle puppy dogs all day …. I guess …. one day I hope to do those things ….

  5. AriesPiscesLibra

    Hi Mystic! I’m a March 20 Aries with a Pisces moon. I spent the first 19 years of my life thinking I was a Pisces…and then I had my chart drawn up and was surprised, but not entirely, because I’ve never been able to keep my mouth shut, and I definitely relate hard to being outgoing but also needing periodic withdrawals from humans to find my center again. It’s a contradictory existence, but I’m aware too that all of life is a continual balancing of opposites (or is that my Libra rising talking?)

    I can read people like a book but I’ve learned to keep that to myself. I tend to attract a lot of Scorpios, but I repel them once they realize they’re unable to guilt trip or control me (Aries 😁)

    At any rate, I feel seen with this post and appreciate your magic.

    1. Thank you! I can see Scorpios being drawn to that Moon like it was the sacred lagoon they’d been seeking but then recoiling as they sense the Martial energy! You may also like the quincunx post — as Libra-Pisces is very much that.

  6. I can’t believe I happened to log in when you posted this, and am indeed sun aries/moon pisces. And this is, obvi, affirming/clarifying 😂 wild. Thank you as always, Mystic.

    1. Oh AND – I’m fresh from a Swiss alps mountain hut power-down swerving into (late) H2 business planning and meeting with a bunch of female founders I support. There it all is!! hahah

        1. Absolutely. And it’s helpful to see this laid out, because the “perpetual surprise” also surprises me – like I am aware that I have internal “contradictions” but can’t do anything about it (or things just seem contradictory at close range, but when zoomed out they’re not).

          So instead of this being a “problem,” maybe it’s just who I am. 😊

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