Saturnine Moon Blues Begone

Have you popped in to see if there is an ‘official’ reason for why you might be feeling like merde? Shite space weather, spontaneous eclipse fuqery (well, you never know), Pluto on a roll…something. 

Well yes there is and as I write, it’s receding. So it’s the monthly Moon-Saturn conjunction which can be a bit bleak but it’s amped by Pluto having just turned Retrograde + that this is the Dark Moon.  I warned of it in the Daily Mystic Update but have been in such a funk for the last 12 or so hours (it was exact at 23:04 May 3 Universal Time*) that I forgot until just now.

So, as I write, the Moon is now moving toward a conjunction with Neptune. So the Saturn Vibe is giving away to Neptune – more vision, glamor, splendor of imagination and ability to transcend the mundane. For reference, it’s currently 13:33 U.T. on Saturday May 4 and we’ll be enjoying the Neptune feels for the next eight or nine hours.

Thank fuq! Yes, I know it’s naff to be scared of Saturn and that a SWOT plan, Marcus Aurelius, cleaning crap up etc etc can help but I am sick of running public-relations for Saturn.

The thing is that when it’s conjunct the Moon in particular, it is a mood-lowerer and mundane merde seems SO much more potent than it actually is.

Of course, if you’ve just fallen in love or you’re bouyant on a fabulous Jupiter transit, Saturn will stroll right on by. But if you were already doing Dark Moon/Pluto Retrograde gnarly introspection and power-tripped realizations, Saturn barging in with bonus status-anxiety, debt/mortality freakouts, inflammatory joints etc has been a bit much.

I personally love how my browser history is a litany of saturnine issues like ‘how to tell if it’s genuine toothache or tmj?‘ It really is leaden and yick.

Anyway, it’s ebbing away now and if you read this in time, you can tune into the transition from Saturn to Neptunian consciousness in real time.

Did you find the last 12 hours Saturnine?

Also, the Daily Horoscopes update is complete so please refresh your browser to see it!

*See the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone.

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68 thoughts on “Saturnine Moon Blues Begone”

  1. Yeah.
    Grateful for the weather report as always.
    Work with the universe and not against it

    Started university (online) this week
    Hiding out from my real life and cat sitting for a dear friend who is on holiday. This is my holiday being alone with her cat with a book. I don’t want to go out and get things from my flat, or buy food or fulfil pressing responsibilities to be there doing that.

    I’m probably using the dark moon as an excuse. It’s raining- I should just get on my bicycle.
    Done a week of daughter-ing with my father and his wife. Tourist things in London. A holiday – two days in bed seems appropriate and well deserved.

    But I ought be responsible no?

    1. And I was responsible and got on my bike. Got absolutely drenched going between my flat and my friend’s flat a few times. Was bracing though. Glad I did it.
      Just enjoying a huge salad and some down time with the cat. Working on another improv quilting project. No idea what it will become but that’s half the fun.
      Lots of Saturn stuff in my life but it’s not all bad. It’s pretty good actually. Glad I’m not rushing into any tech purchases or hasty real estate decisions. Love to everyone

      1. There you are Invicta in rainy London whilst here in Adelaide we are having the most delightful day after day of a sunny Autumn, tho’ alas we need rain for the farmer’s crops, it could be a sign of the dreaded global warming.
        Sending you some sunshine of the mind.
        Saw a lovely depiction a cat on pinterest with the words ‘i know everything-i read & drink tea’ :-).
        Father issues aside, seems you enjoyed being hospitable as a tour guide.Trust he bought you some fine dinners!
        Love vibes from the Great Southern Land.

  2. Relieved to read this. Got hit with a migraine on Friday and the last two days I can barely get off my couch. This morning got up, made some coffee, read my book and went back to sleep for two hours! I never do that ! Cap rising, but also have Neptune on my natal Chiron so not sure how much that is also at play.
    Read the ankle comments above. I have ruptured tendon – been that way for years, but the last several months it has started to wear me down emotionally. I want to walk with out pain. It is my right ankle so tough to find time to fix it as it would mean 6 weeks no driving. Hard in the USA.

  3. Yeah try having this as natal placement – 12th House Scorp moon opp Sun – these 12 hour transits are a piece of pie

  4. My lovely 16-year-old son is a double Cap (Sun and rising), and he’s really been feeling the Saturn/Moon blues. Fresh off a week of a humdinger of a cold, he’s been trying hard to muster the will to get back into his school work, beating himself up for being unable to do so all the while. He’s finally back at it today so yes, it seems the mood is lifting 🙂

  5. Woke up Weds with my back in acute spasm, locked, no apparent reason or unexpected lifts or pulls- being an active yogi, it gets lots of expansion- no idea where this came from.
    Took anti inflammatory , treated by the muscle guru with dry needles and a lot let go
    Woke up this am sore , cranky and exasperated
    Going to roll out mat- gentle practice- then hike
    Hope this shifts the merde

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Maybe you just need to relax and do what you feel like doing. Don’t push.
      Advice from a Pisces Rising. It’s just a suggestion.

  6. I’ve been feeling like crap for a couple of days now. The day before Pluto went retro I got clocked on the head by a very heavy metal door handle at work. Actually pole is a better description–it was one of those fancy glass doors with this pole running the whole height as a handle. I pulled it open, and as I walked through the handle just fell off the glass and hit me on the head. Not actual lead, but heavy enough to bring me to the ground in tears. Then I went to the tea room, opened a high cupboard to get a glass to take some painkillers for the inevitable headache and as I opened the door two glasses fell out and dropped down into the sink in front of me. Thankfully/surprisingly they didn’t break, but as I was in shock from the bump to the head I promptly burst into tears again and started shaking all over. Then, later the same day, I ripped my favourite green bamboo wrap. I always think stuff like this happens in groups of three so I figure that I’m safe now, but WTF? Feels like a clear sign from the universe, but all I’ve got is an impressive bruise/lump and no idea what it’s trying to tell me…

    1. Strange road to abundance? Make money off the metal pole incident by filing a Public Liability compensation claim with building owner.

  7. Penelope Darling

    It all became too much for me so I ran away from my duties and had a fab night around a fire with a glass of red wine and some new friends. Back at my desk this morning though feeling mightily refreshed.

  8. I have been sleeping strangely, laying awake for an hour or two ( or maybe just light enough to think I am not actually sleeping) and this weekend I have caught up on my sleep debit. My knees sound like popping candy at night so I am applied castor oil and wondered about Saturn. Was dragged to the club for dinner by hubby and 15yo boyboy. Conversation felt a bit pass ag towards me and I mentally thought fuq it leave them here to get the curtesy bus home, why am I so triggered by their low humour? Must be a transit, Pluto? This post explains my reaction and their foul behaviour a lot. Me:Washes hands and says Thank you for the lesson Moon, I’ll watch for your next transit over Saturn.

  9. I’ve been focusing on Saturn a bit because it’s just crossed my piscean ascendent. Had to spend Friday in bed, so hammered by work, but on Saturday I did manage some outreach comms, domestics and growth activities (well, that is, listening to youtubers on flavours of Attachment theory). It’s a relief to know it’s been a gnarly transit – get tired of blaming myself lol.

  10. Well yes it lifted this morn. Ripped open my lower leg on some rocks on the creek bed. Kids had made a pool & waterfall on their holidays meaning had to climb over to reach the scenic walk along the creek bed.
    Lots of blood & bruising but looks like it’s healing well.
    Still got a Saturn Left Foot shite which by process of elimination must be nerves gone awry.
    Mobility glitches freak me out, gotta keep moving….

  11. I have Saturn conjunct Moon natally in the 4th (Virgo). Normally I would have ridden this out with a ‘rotting’ day at home but I felt enormously compelled to get out of my house and into the bush so did that instead.

    I hope it’s ebbing now, it’s barely 8 am where I am and I’ve already had a little sob where I am and it feels like some ancient grievances I’m sobbing about.

    Oh and my whole mouth feels super sensitive all week just to be part of the club 🙃

    1. Crying does help! As the tears dry on our cheeks, they activate neurotransmitters.
      I followed MM’s Daily advice about wallowing, and looking at photo albums on Sat eve.
      Couldn’t handle too much but it was good.

  12. Spot on! Wow, I haven’t posted in ages…….but yesterday something was hitting a wall while the bottom was dropping out and finally I thought……there must be some transit going on. Yep! I felt it acutely! Then woke up today to your email about this very transit and feeling that went along with it. I have natal Pisces moon, so that may be why it was so in my face, and I have Aqua Sun, so maybe felt Pluto in Aqua start its retrograde too..?

    And I come in here to more serendipity…..discussions of teeth and dental issues……wow! I’ve been struggling with all kinds of weird pains and teeth issues since a routine dental cleaning over two months ago! And just last night, during this Moon/Saturn transit, I was listening to some youtube videos on more innovative and holistic ways to handle all aspects of dental health. I may have found some resources to contact for further insights about what’s going on with my teeth…. I had absolutely no tooth, gum, or dental problems or discomforts before that cleaning. Still can’t quite figure out what happened, but I do believe some of it was energetic, and it did seem like an assault of sorts. There were really bad vibes coming from the hygienist towards me from the moment she called me in from the waiting room, and was very rough with me when I had asked for a gentle cleaning before we started, because I get triggered to my migraines very easily. I had never been to that clinic before either.
    Everything feels different in my mouth now, so I also believe my teeth got moved, even if just by millimeters…small changes cause big issues in the mouth. I’ve never had problems with dental cleanings in the past. My greatest wish is for everything going on in my mouth to go back to normal eventually, either on its own, or with help that I have yet to find……fingers crossed!

    Cheers from California to everyone here! It’s been so long!

    1. And a Hi There from the great southern land Flower. Teeth & feet can create strange problems & hard to diagnose as both can have neurological causes so good luck.x

      1. Thank you for that heads up, Pegasus! I’ll check out the reference… thanks also for your insight on teeth/feet issues potentially having neurological causes. I’ve been having a lot of tricky health issues the last few years that are neurological, like the migraines, and autoimmune stuff too….very, very tricky….. I can’t even get acupuncture anymore and the irony is, I am an acupuncturist!

  13. Bonkers! I thought I was in The twilight zone of how heavy and effed up can we make it episode.

  14. Did you find the last 12 hours Saturnine?
    As it transited my 2-3rd house:
    – weepy and unsure waves of self doubt about my worth while little financial kerfuffles arose that set off alarms about the nebulous precariousness of my finances fir the next at least 6 months – CHECK – reminders that all $$$ has been allotted into MY development (paid and scheduled licensing exams, new therapist, supplements and medications, and by god yes to black bean popsicles and fresh greens as a splurge on self,😭)

    – conversations of around self-worth/value, amongst other deepening and satisfying conversation with someone of interest, that also sets off alarms because he’s 10 years younger, a complete Romantic and dear god protect both of us at all costs from our individual potency – CHECK + reframe this has been a very slow if wacky and turbulent at times genuine getting to know someone and me showing up differently to BUILD relationship with what is and not fly off into old habits of cut n run.

    – cancelling dentist whitening appt later in the summer and deciding not to attend a retreat in July because both are unnecessary or unfeasible expenditures compared to point 1 – CHECK – reframed to I just had a dental cleaning and the whitening would be a 350.00 vanity expense. the retreat, while worthwhile simply isn’t feasible as a cost with the conversion rate between countries.
    (all points were moon transiting sat in 2nd house)

    3rd house moon transit Neptune:
    – returning to my IG account after a 3 month deactivation to unfollow everyone, remove followers that are in my review mirror for one reason or another, and turn the whole account into an archive of sorts. I’ll never post to this account again, yet couldn’t figure out a better way to preserve the posts – curse you IG. it’s now a permanently private and inactive photo album.

    – peeping the new song of the day addition from said younger guy of interest in our shared Spotify song of the day playlist and WONDERIN’👀are we actually having that kind of convo?!

    – this convo also being a blend of pluto catharsis, saturnine sedateness and responsibility, and Neptunian glamour😭slow is the only way to go with all that happening in multiple paragraph DM responses.

    – posting this comment in list form because the sectile to my cap moon and respective pisces nn conjunction/opposite virgo sn has me spaced and grounded at the same time lol.

  15. Oh thank Xenu there’s a reason! And also that it’s ending. I’ve been very “I know it’s a dark moon but seriously this seems extra”…delighted to know I can wave goodbye to that and close the “is this a sign of cancer?” and similar tabs and get on with things. Thanks Mystic, as always!

  16. thanks mystic. couldn’t work out whether Neptune or Chiron were really putting the screws in, but Saturn makes a lot of sense.
    I also ripped into the Cancerian after an unexpectedly bitchy little comment from him amidst idle, neutral intermittent chitchat, this guy is *in a relationship*, the fuqing entitled audacity, I just can’t even. how his partner finds the time to change his nappy every few hours I don’t know. I’m sure it’s only my aqua mars that stops me from blocking him so that I can indulge in some kind of science experiment with the dynamic. maybe I am born with it .. maybe it’s maybelline

    1. Sam my experience says block him before he in-beds himself in your psyche as science experiments due to curiosity can misfire.

      1. I think I’m now firmly at that point Pegasus & thank you. since writing that I’ve been reminded that he has a particularly icky attitude that makes me feel like I need a bath after reading. i could go on. in summary: gross.

      2. I have reverted to more joy-fostering activities: enlist in sport & creative networks, old friends, home improvement. & A good book. x

    2. 🤣 sorry to laugh at your misfortune Sam, but you are entertaining! Keep him around as a muse and write a caustic erotic novel about the experience – i just know there’ll be a market for that!!

      Seriously tho, cut him (and yourself) loose while you still can. Saturn = boundaries, baby! Just take notes first…😏

  17. Very Saturnine! My workplace (a university) will soon be undergoing massive restructuring and offering buyouts to retire or quit. I will apply for the latter the second I qualify in 8 months.

    The mood for graduation ceremonies this week was a little downcast. The police presence was high to due widespread protests at US unis.

    1. This time students are not putting flowers in guns like the Kent ‘disturbances’ in the 60’s.
      News says around 30-40% are outsiders not students…quite prolific coverage in Oz world news.

  18. No wonder I upped my St. John’s Wart dosage, I was feeling the blues again and thinking depressing existential thoughts 😞

    1. Angelica, have you tried Kava Kava? Have heard really good reports about it for anxiety and or depression. Cheaper in bulk buy.

      1. I take both kava (Piper wichmannii) and kawa kawa (Piper excelsum) in different forms. The latter is native to where i live (Aotearoa) so i pick leaves where i find it growing and take as a tea. They are related and have some similar properties – calming, numbing, relaxing. Kawa kawa is good for many things, including heart circulation. I’ve always found it excellent for anxiety and period issues. Kava i’ve had as a drink once, ceremonially, but it’s an ingredient in a De-Stress spray (Artemis) i use periodically to calm my nerves (i also take a spray of it before bed and it’s my cue to fall asleep).

        I was just thinking about restarting taking St John’s Wart tincture too (i got a lot to deal to at the moment!). I don’t seem to notice it having much effect when i take it but looking back i feel like life felt a bit better in the time that i was taking it (but then maybe it’s because life actually was better… or at least, certain things hadn’t happened yet). I do have it in a nerve relief oil (also Artemis) which helps with joint pain, externally.

        All that to say… times can be arduous, but yes, there are always plants to help us…🌱

  19. Funny, I just started reading a book on holistic dentistry called “The Secret Lives of Teeth: Understanding Emotional Influences on Oral Health” that The Algorithm suggested last night — I guess that tells you which side of this Saturnine business I’m standing on! And feeling fed up with four fruitless years of job hunting for jobs I don’t even want. I heard the wonderful artist Ptolemy Mann talk about how she had a breakthrough by painting 100 small paintings in one day and I think I’m gonna try that.

    1. OOOH! Thank you for this, I have a dental issue right now and will check this out! Good wishes to you, too, on your progress through the Saturn transits….

      1. The book is interesting so far and she sounds credible, on her website she talks about how you sometimes DO need a conventional dental procedure so this is not a stop-going-to-the-dentist thing. The author (Meliors Simms) has some free guided meditations on the Impact Timer app as well, including one called Forgiving Your Teeth – a quick 3-minute thing you can do while brushing your teeth to thank/forgive/love them. That’s where I’m starting. It may not be enough with an immediate issue — good luck to you, hope you’re not in pain.

    2. Interesting! She is in a group i’m in and is a friend-of-a-friend (because it’s NZ and there really are only 2 degrees of separation here) but i’ve never looked into her work. I’m going to look this up right now. No end of dental issues in my lifetime (think broken teeth, fillings galore, braces, removals, replaced caps, enamel loss, a string of horrid/sleazy dentists – and always being so broke that dealing with them has seemed insurmountable).

      Weirdly, astrologically speaking, the last lot of work i had done (my mother paid for it – $6K 😬 – because she thought it would make me more employable… spoiler: it didn’t!), was when Saturn was in Scorpio and conjunct my N Node/Ascendant, which it turns out was the *exact same place* it was when i first broke two of my teeth in an embarrassing and very public incident with a trampoline at around 8 or 9. Ahh the safety-padded-free 80s… The cap of one came off in an embroidery incident when i was 19 – then it was Pluto transiting that same point..! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Something to look forward to for the next transit of Saturn in the placement! Tho i expect i will have upgraded to a nice pair of low-maintenance perfect falsies by that time… 😁 (calculating… I will be about 67 then, so a retirement gift for myself i hope!).

      1. Mariposa, thanx for the info on the variety of kava! Was told about it from friend who uses it, knew about it from ceremonies in the south pacific only.
        New Zealand was at the forefront of holistic ways in astrology & naturopathy since the 70’s.
        PS..bad dentistry can cause far more problems than a bad partner.

  20. Well that is a relief to hear! My moon and Saturn are almost bang on, so what you describe is possibly my default mode? Spent the day going through embroidery stash and pieces, connecting with the fab stitching community on insta. Therapeutic to say the least. The last four weeks have been an unexpected but needed break from work. I’ve submitted a workers compensation claim so it’s been tough. I’m biding my time, conserving energy, letting it percolate, getting ready to articulate. Mystic’s astro always spot on, always appreciated. I’m glad I saw the email tonight! 💖

  21. Mary Elizabeth

    You know Saturn is in an exact semi-square to Pluto right now… right? So the “saturnine” feel automatically included that Pluto-merde stuff too. NOT fun!!

  22. Thank god Mystic. I was wondering why I am suddenly aware of trying to operate my job role across a Venn diagram of other people’s power/influence circles.

    But more amazingly- I was just telling a friend about when a doctor diagnosed me with Tmj but it turned out to be a cracked tooth!

    1. Especially on your feet! Saggi’s are very fond of their legs.
      Started ‘glucosamine sulphate & chondroitin advanced’ as advised by chiropractor eons ago, it’s a wait-see. For immediate like 5 minutes to kick in then ‘advil’ does the trick.

      1. I’m not a Sagg by Sun placement, but I have Sagg loaded with a 4 planet stellium which anchors a Grand Cross.

        Omega 3, glucosamine/chondrachitin and magnesium have been my go-to holy trinity for managing my inflammatory joints for a couple of decades now – but I’ve recently had to include vitamin D3 too….thanks, menopause 🤦‍♀️

        At least I gleaned one insight during the Saturn merde: that time thieves are a sub category of qi vampire, and there is more than one of them in my life, and they must be dealt with STAT

  23. this has been something for the books.

    the moon saturn landed on my pisces mercury exactly, square my own saturn.
    I note the pluto semisquare and watch the charts as each part directly touches my chart…each part of Me mirroring and still skeptically putting clothing on and braiding my hair. is it tmj or psychosis or the patriarchy and in and in…meant to type on and on but in and in works. how love continues to exist as a concept and the birds sing etc.

    memories are the trickiest part. all this aries 8th house stuff… if not for astrology… “well in 2030 this will be the memory” maybe then…

  24. I think it depends on if you are a Saturn person, in general. I felt SO good that on my own volition, went for a functional training class! Saturn was verrrrrry Saturny for me, when conjuncting my personal planets though.

    1. S A T U R N!! My ruler. Fuqing lesson after lesson until there is nothing left to learn. Will know when THAT is 🙂
      Trust all copacetic in your world Bella x

      1. Cap Risings remain young. Some weird time magic. You are an apt example then. Hope the recuperation from dog attack is going well, Pegs.

    2. That’s true. I’m pretty familiar with Saturn (conj MC, in detriment, squared to moon and uranus, and currently being opposed by Pluto on my IC), and my day was actually quite a good one! Put in a boundary for myself and felt fine after that. Sigh, boundaries. So good, so under-rated and under-utilised…

      I realised also that this Saturn in Pisces will be transiting my Vesta/Pallas Athene in 4th, and this will be the first pass of three as we’re in the foreshadowing phase of the Rx – so everyone get ready to go over all this ground again…. and then again! Always a lot of lessons, and a couple of goes to get it right. I’m working on self-acceptance right now, rather than self-discipline (the latter basically equates to self-shaming and blaming right?). Feels like an appropriate thing to work on over this Saturn in Pisces 2 year phase. “Just be nice to yourself..” How hard can it be..??! 🤔😏

      1. Oooh, having said that. I am also having bone/joint issues that i have to do something about other than just popping supplements. In particular, an ankle i rolled back in 2017 when the Sun was in Aquarius (ankles!), and conjunct my IC (where Pluto is now, and opp my natal Saturn), that was not properly treated despite going to a doctor about it (the wrong one, clearly), has started playing up – it’s swelled up again without any further injury. For the past two weeks. Wtf. It never felt right, and always clicked after that, and recently i noticed a bit jutting out… 😬 I almost never go to doctors/hospitals so this is going to be a bit of a deal just navigating the system. I’ll go to A&E (free) for an X-ray/advice – it was an accident after all – even if it was 7 years ago! 🤷🏻‍♀️

        One thing i do know, is if it isn’t good now, it will be even less good in another 7 years, so i am going to have to get *something* done about it…

      2. Ooh, get that ankle checked asap. Guess who needed a dentist appointment for pain in wisdom tooth (haahahaha) a day after this comment was typed?

    3. To: 5th House Capricorn, yes Caps have it covered when it comes to ageing….they don’t.
      Dog bite on thigh? Saggi ruled part just realised.
      Haven’t requested comp from them yet as focused on weight gain & recovery but it is cluttering my mind, a constant niggle that may need a lawyer to step in & take over.
      Dentists Vets & Lawyers are so costly but when we need them we need them & damn the cost. Wisdom teeth are a puzzle & problem. Good luck. x

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