Mars At Maximal Fuqery Hyperflux

The Aries Moon is amping an already loud Mars in Aries. It’s day 149 of the Action Planet in Aries, with 42 days to go.

Mars is stronger on home turf* and it’s the prelude to a Lunar Eclipse, intensifying everything. Add in the cynicism and ennui from being at the dreg ends of Saturn in Capricorn for a good time. Or, some hot Mars flashes – recognition of having been fuqed over, retrospective rage at poor service, parenting or partnerships, weaponized regrets, irritability, and impatience.

The typical helpful suggestions lack a lot of their previous punch.

Go and work it all off at the gym. Hah, hah hah. It’s not the same now that sweat is a hazardous material, and you might need to digitally check-in with the government before entering chez lycra.

Talk about it. Talk? Orate is more like it. You will need a platform, a megaphone, and a cape. Or time to do ten million drafts of your memo/resignation/ complaint until it’s a masterpiece of righteous indignation and precision.

Sleep on it. Why?! Insomnia is more productive, and Moon-Mars-Eris in Aries is productivity-obsessed. Or, if you can sleep, your dreams tell the secrets of your strategic challenges and the subliminal saboteurs who lurk in the back-allies of your psyche.

Seriously, you know what is effective and serenity inducing with this Moon-Mars Maximus? Command decisions. You know you’ve made the right move when your trapezius muscles relax. Yes, that’s correct. Mars people and Mars-intensive atmospheres mean that muscles are intuition.


*Mars rules Aries.

Image: Michael Mauney – Candice Bergen

97 thoughts on “Mars At Maximal Fuqery Hyperflux”

  1. Brr. I’m on this website and I should be having a warm shower right now. Brrrr
    But this site is a more exciting place to be 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. I’m interested to know if anyone else is having or has had this kind of or similar Saturn epiphany. That feeling when you get emotionally turned on by discomfort? Not actual pain and not for it’s own sake but that exhilaration following having done the difficult things and the feeling that you want to stave off the addiction to comfort a bit longer
      Am I mad?
      Or just so late to the party everyone else is at a wedding brunch by now and condescendingly questioning my outfit choices ?
      Ex sybarite and somewhat new to stoicism

      1. I think I know what you mean? I’m Cap sun trine Taurus saturn and for me, it feels like I’m born to deal with hard stuff. Like when shit hits the fan, I come alive and get a bit excited cause I know that I’m gonna do the difficult thing, learn stuff and grow.
        Sometimes I worry that my comfort with discomfort is attracting more of it in my life!

        1. That excites me. I’ve been researching this subject and it would appear that it’s one of the healthiest habits to cultivate. In the same way as taking cold showers is healthy, training ourselves to voluntarily face danger is what it boils down to. Neurologically the widgets that fire up when we chase after something or voluntarily submit to any kind of stress are exploratory and those that fire up when we haven’t decided to experience the stressor are running away / prey from predators vibe. So we’re onto something great here Mergoat Scorp !

          1. Your excitement is contagious :-). It’s a reminder to embrace my natural stoicness. And elevate it. The warrior/soldier/athlete vibes appeal to my Aries moon too. It reminds me of my childhood years as a competitive gymnast – I got to the top by being the most willing to train longer, harder and further beyond the comfort zone than the others! So interesting to read of your discovery of this Saturn aspect/tool later in your life though Invicta. The Saturn silver lining! 🙂

            1. I love this so much
              Aries moon expression as childhood competitive gymnast 🤸🏻🤸🏻🤸🏻🤸🏻 I can totally see your inner child right now!

  2. I’ve got kangaroo magic.

    With the searing heat the lovlies are taking advantage of the breeze under my cottage and settling there. I leave water out for them.

    The solar eclipse was in my fourth house. I am Gemini sun 4th house.

    p.s. There is something so Sagittarius about kangaroos: Big Leaps.

  3. Mercury into Sagg & my mis-harmonic environment problemo that DID take 3 drafts to send as hyperflux post said, has been solved as much as can be by Sagg housing manager.Yes it was ‘righteous indignation & precise’ She has my back, given me suggestions & reported it to head office. So now psyche free & safe to enjoy one of the headiest months of the year.
    Interestingly the monthly astro mentions 2003 & 2011 very significant years concerning my dwelling, dates when moved in & date the stress turned volcanic after seething away in background for 8 years.
    Saturn into Aquarius feels like new beginnings as someone once said to me about work but could apply to anything with discord ‘if you can’t change jobs change attitude’.
    Jeez i dislike complaining but there comes a time in everywoman’s life………..

    1. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Damn this full moon is whacking the crap out of me. It bang on my Saturn and so naturally I’m parked up in my bed with a stiff neck and a sore back watching Fleabag and sobbing about my daddy issues.
    Oi vey.

    1. My dear Invicta, i would like you to meet a generous in pocket & spirit person to be PC, but i mean man, to worship & adore you, make you feel secure & take you to exotic places around the world, treat you like a goddess. Start imagining-imaging designing him in detail, who he is, where he is, what he wears what he does for income. Do the magical thinking thing. It needs to be done an hour a day with full conzentration to have an impact as it changes your brain & will open you to that experience.Not easy in lockdown in London but still possible with some ingenuity. Sometimes you have to make room for a true love,and get out of your own way.
      My father is probably the biggest reason i never married, though there ARE a few others, like i forgot.He was also mafiosa, total outlaw but very handsome. Used to think it was providence he died at 34 yo or i may have bedded him! Only met him 5 times that i remember, so he wasn’t a ‘daddy’, just a ‘friend of my mothers’.

      1. Wow that is a story line and a half! Electra special.
        Ok, Invicta could also try the total giving this shit up to the gods. Just handing it all over and stating hey you lot, I am done with this. You sort it out and I will accept what comes my way. I am handing you my Dad, my childhood and my future. Bring it on.
        It releases the desperate control, it releases the past and it allows for complete freedom to move on. Just with ‘The Fool’ like naivety of openness to a world yet to come into being. Embrace the chaos that we frequently find ourselves in and go with what brings you some deep seated gut reaction to grasp it.

      2. At the risk of annoying everyone here with more saccharine sentiment (shit that’s a very real possibility isn’t it?)
        Pegs this is interesting. And so is emgs suggestion. I will consider them both.
        Because honestly have never even considered anything remotely close to either of these ideas.
        Pegasus I want to know more about your father. This is a a fascinating story.

        1. If you like the offer it up idea you can read Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openess It made huge sense to me. And to go deeper with the theme, Florence Shovell Schinn.

      3. Okay your mother sounds intriguing too Pegs. Any chance of a lockdown autobiography ?
        Blog at all ?
        Would love to read more of this

  5. Oooooo this mars is having an effect on me. I’m afraid I’ve picked up my sword and shield and I’m heading into any battle where some one tells me my reality is not what’s happening ! I posted the other day on a site where a guy was told that his experience was just cognitive dissonance !?!?! And then had a bedtime text row with a long time deep friend about my understanding and enjoyment of an author or mind of our times. I got so bloody minded once we’d agreed to not pull chunks off each other and I stayed up until 3am trying to find where I might have been wrong ?! And to decide if my mind was made up. I’m learning to accept and rejoice in my sun jup 5th shame! And gods help anyone who tells me I’m not feeling or thinking about things right. I’m liable to be less than agreeable. My agreeable trait is adding a “dis”

    1. You make me laugh EMG.

      These descriptions are what I also feel since I can remember. It took a while to accept myself but I finally did. And I can laugh about it.

      Not everything in life is linear. Striving for perfection is neurotic.

      You need not feel any shame.

      1. Oh heavens it’s my constant statement at work. There’s no such thing as perfection ! It’s how you deal with the crap that counts because that is nigh on guaranteed ! Good to hear from you wish.

    2. I totally get this way too. It’s certainly amplified by the mars fuquery- highlighted too. I think the whole Neptune in Pisces adds a certain three am charm/ compulsiveness vibe. I feel like the walls between Martian daylight activity and the Dreamtime are crumbling so I can’t tell whether it’s an amazing time in my life or an extremely awkward and difficult one. And I know it’s both. If I’m feeling like this then either everyone is a little bit or I’m so alone and totally lost. And again I know it’s both these things.
      Saturn doing the bloody endless encores in Capricorn with Pluto and Jupiter panting breathlessly in the wings just itching to rush out and enjoy yet another standing fuqin ovation.

      Emg it’s really nice to know that I’m not the only one in an emotional washing machine right now.
      Virtual hugs babe.

    3. I’m finding myself more delineated than ever in terms of the ego. I’m hoping it’s mostly healthy ego although it’s definitely not all sunshine and unicorns. A lot of what goes on in my mental conversations with people isn’t pretty. Lots of realising no. This is where you end and I begin type stuff. I’m extremely aware of what I will and won’t tolerate relationally and happy to take people at their word/ deed. Ie show me who you are once and I’ll believe you. As Pegs mentioned earlier, time feels sped up and I am not interested in volunteering to waste mine on the undeserving. Yes, I’m judging. I believe I am qualified to do so, in my own life at least. Queen of wands vibes

          1. This is the most appropriate response to “You’ve been doing the work” I have ever seen. …. “Thanks. I hate it.” Genius.

      1. I am so grateful to find this thread. To discover it is not just me feeling the hard edges of the boundary I will not cross over to meet the other. It is ever so important to me to take people at their deeds.

        I am being held to a flame by someone who doesn’t understand they can’t hold me. I’m out. …

        “And therein ensued a great gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair…”

        I really can walk away from this.

        I am loving everything you’re saying Invicta. Praise be the Queen of Wands.

        1. I’m doing queen of wands vibes only right now.
          Feeling strong after the little catharsis moment last night. That full moon on my Saturn was too good to waste playing hunky dory

        2. Your comment reminds me of that poem. How selfhood begins with the walking away and love is proved by the letting go.

    4. Holy Harlots this Mars is sure impacting on nearly ALL of us. There is a saying that women can ‘light the lamp or draw the sword’ and the biggie is knowing when to do which one 🙂

      1. Light the lamp or draw the sword.
        Powerful images. This is strong stuff and what I was needing.
        Such a hard day, and with the rest of humanity it’s been one in a series of them and in its own way kind of “fun” even.
        An interesting twist to endless Saturnalia (I know that’s the wrong word but it sounds close enough for this anecdote) In a twist of mood not unlike gallows humour perhaps when things got so difficult today and I knew it was only the beginning of the sh#tstorm my choices were so buck up and soldier on or cry, give up, go home. I had a flash of insight and realised that the way I’ve been viewing discomfort all my life hasn’t served me too well. I’ve been addicted to comfort. The Resistance (*Steven Pressfield) has been able to kick my ass every time things felt too hard and I gave up. It might sound as if I’m being too harsh or whatever but I’m not. I’m being kind to myself (long term/ big picture).
        Aware this stuff is obvious to someone who had parents who were able to parent them, or even one sane and interested, semi emotionally available adult available but hey, that’s not me. My inner child is an actual soldier. No jokes, that’s who I see when I do that meditation about removing the wall around your heart. This kid soldier won’t let me remove a single brick unless it’s to lob it at an intruder. And yeah, cool. Whatevs.
        But today I saw how the craving for somewhere comfortable and warm had become feral. There was an imbalance and no trust in a sense of comfort being more than fleeting so no faith in tomorrow and no reason to plan, set goals, sacrifice pleasure today for a better future because what’s that?
        When you don’t know what enough feels like and have no sense of what consistent is it’s impossible to have goals beyond survival and forward motion. Or actually just motion.
        So this might not make sense.
        I’m fighting through insane rain today. Just ridiculous bucketing down, sloshing water everywhere Aqua roads on my bike getting to college and chaining my bike to poles outside a supermarket because had to get food between 6 hour stints and I’m in that bargaining place with myself. So close to the flat, might as well get food from there.
        No. Because I know I won’t come back if I do that and I am coming back because I am finishing this course.
        Traffic and being splashed and hooted at and bad drivers and angry people and my head / the Resistance trying to weasel me into quitting.
        Uranus flash.
        Addiction to comfort is preventing me winning this war.
        And so I grab some disgusting hot chips and eat most of them outside the supermarket under, give a third to the homeless woman instead of avoiding eye contact because she says she actually does want them and will eat them. Okay then, back on bike, heading back into torrential sludge. What the hell, I’m soaked and freezing already, what’s another six hours in the grand scheme of things? At least I’m not stuck indoors wishing I could be busy doing something for a change.
        Saturnalia and the return of my inner navy seal kid

  6. To the Virgoans
    Have come online to clarify how much i love Virgoan traits, because i call out the demented one. He has Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Leo, my Mars in Virgo, Cap Venus so i detail in writing all of his stinging barbs of the drama he enjoys and canter away calculating payments for wireless apple earbuds.
    The Mars hyperflux completely rattled my zen as it has others, and our anger can move mountains if we need to or bore right through. We all must refuse to let someone else’s biography become our biology, have i said that already? Who needs their time stolen from them? It is our choice how especially as it seems to be speeding up.

    This planet needs the Virgo’s green thumbs and love of nature, as Neil Young sang ‘taking mother nature’s silver seed to a new place in the sun’. Was he a Virgo?

  7. feeling the aries for sure (aries sun & venus)… left the poem “persimmons” by li-young lee for my yucky controlling overbearing mother landlords to raise consciousness and throw a wrench in the energetic and verbal oppression I’ve been facing the past couple months. breaking free of the chains of my childhood family… wish me look everyone.

    Let The Karma Be Shifted!

  8. How would this energy affect the slightly mad and the angry-all-the-time? My neighbour is losing his damn mind every day and I wonder what’ll happen during the astro crunch time conjunction in December.

    I get that lockdown is tough but he’s nearly in rubber wall territory 😬

    1. Were you neighbours before the shit-show of lockdown? Was he sort of like this, and did he have mates and visitors? I wonder if there is any means of contacting support, for you and other neighbours from your agents, and possibly state funded (?) support for him. Sounds like everyone in this situ needs level-headed outside help that is compassionate. So sorry you are enduring this with everything else xx

    2. S N A P. Can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink. Meaning wouldn’t it be great if we could help them as they are obviously in distress but they will not, they refuse, to acknowledge they have a problem. They play ‘victim’ it’s always someone else’s fault, so they lay blame on all but themselves.
      It’s not the obstacles themselves that are the actual problem, they are always there in some form or other it’s how you handle them that counts and with how much maturity.
      They can read or listen to podcasts that give so much advice for anger and dissatisfaction of life and for living a contented one, It’s their road not yours, protect yourself.
      I’m playing Solfeggio frequencies (huge amount to chose from on YouTube or Spotify) and diffusing eucalyptus oil, smudging with gum leaves, checking the knives in the cupboard and wondering how much are baseball bats 🙂

  9. Honestly, the upcoming moves of our three major players (J, S, and P) will get off squaring my Mars in Aries (oh yah, I’m feeling it) and then move on to various conjunctings of my Sun/NN/Merc 5H conjunction. I REALLY am feeling the need to get a LOT of this shit off my chest…like, serious public posts in which I name names and take no prisoners.

    I feel like I need to do this to shed the baggage to be ready for the New Aqua Era. (Plus, Neptune’s bearing down to conjunct my Venus).

    I’m not sure writing and then burning everything will work. And I put all these impulses in a mental drawer cause Mars was in retro….I know I’m not the Piper to be Paid and it’s not my job to mete out justice. But I do feel the need to testify.

    1. Pegs I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. It sounds fuqin awful.
      Made worse because you’re stuck inside a building with this freak right now. Can you get out of there? Or get him evicted based on his demonstrably anti social behaviour?
      I’m not sure what the laws are in your neck of the woods but I know here at least we have rules about that kind of thing. It might be worth submitting that journal of your domestic abuse because that’s what it is, to adult social services or similar. Due to your health issues and the pandemic it’s not as if you’re able to up and leave right now and moreover you absolutely should not have to. But with those things factored in, you must qualify for urgent legal aid and support. This is horrible and you’ve really tried to be supportive and neighbourly. His problems are clearly more than dysfunctional relationship and chemical dependency. He seems to be the common denominator in several dramas that have nothing to with you. Mars is direct again. Can you look into your options?

      1. Invicta thanx for the emotional support. Love that we are here for each other (and that means everyone here). We are strong together and i have taken the right action and feel something good will come of it now iv’e thrown the gauntlet. House manager is Saggo woman and we have a simpatico- rapport as she healed herself of cancer. Often think of Sagg as the wounded healer. Our wounds heal and make us grateful to the universe. She will take appropriate action according to tenancy laws that i have protected him from until now. He needs help but will not seek it with either scripted medication or gaining skills that alleviate it.
        Have at last found out why i become so breathless with heart palpitations when he ‘attacks’ as it has been puzzling me, as strong previously kick ass amazon who has scolded giants. The conscious mind is fearless but the subconscious mind remembers all the accumulated attacks, (especially the physical assault from his ex friend in 2011) the the fight or flight kicks in and i can do neither due to age, so my biology goes awry with acquired helplessness.
        Most of us have anger issues and anger can be a great motivator if directed to achieve right action.The DVN obviously is angry at himself.I must trust that relaying the whole 17 years of death by 1000 cuts to owners (Catholics) will result in him getting the help he needs.
        My 2 closest friends are Virgos btw. that why he is differentiated with the ‘demented’ 🙂

        1. Yes to this Pegs. Re reading the Body keeps the Score so this resonates with me. Big love to you and everyone here as you said further up the thread. There is so much intelligent life on this planet. 🙏🏻

        2. Also, to be clear, your comments about DV didn’t read as anti Virgo to me at all. They were very DV specific. Good natured of you to clarify it for us anyway xxx

  10. Merci beaucoup for all this validation of my dummy spit over this last week.
    Have thrown the book at DVN (demented virgo neighbour) having realised i have received domestic abuse over the last 17 years, verbal & emotional. It is 2 apartments in large house divided by a wall with shared driveway.Have kept a diary of incidents from the beginning and a vicious texts from him last Saturday activated a zap of horrid memories from all the previous ‘assaults’.
    Wrote previous house managers that chiropractor was rich from my turning the other cheek & my dentist rich from my biting the bullet and that was 11 years ago! New managers have the White Ribbon logo on their newsletters which i was relieved to see, now they need to act on their beliefs.ONE of us is going to be leaving the property as refuse to experienced his chemically induced schizophrenia any longer. The goddess of patience had left the building.
    ‘Recognition of being fuqed over’? YUP! Men have died for less.

    1. Us virgos can def do poison pen/ vicious texting. It is one of the legit worst things about us. I find the combination of anger, not having to actually talk irl ie texting and having a second to think but not an entire day or three to calm down absolutely nuclear. I’ve sent many texts I wish I hadn’t. Not in years, even decades now but it’s as close to a self undoing vibe as Virgo gets I recon. Short of going full Amy Winehouse. RIP Amy. You’re amazing and I love you. But I bet you could DESTROY me in a texting fight

    2. Re-reading this, i had a sudden flashback to an apartment i viewed, and the glimpse i had of the flat next door: not a stick of furniture inside, all piled up on the balcony, but disordered and vibing chaotic negativity. Real estate agent disclosed last of all that neighbour was an owner, and was away for some time due to being psychiatrically committed. Was with AquaMa at the time, and tried to describe what i saw, after she clearly told me this was not where i should live.

      If this is the residue of chaos that i felt so strongly from the absent person, i know your strength. How deeply the disordered energies must assault you when it is living and immediate! Sending all the prayerful warrior peace vibes i ever can, lovely xoxoxo

      1. Beloved Millie yes many of us have had experienced some sort of strangeness when searching for a harmonious place to live. Ages ago in Sydney had a friend who always had me check out a place psychically before she moved in.We are more aware than many others and that’s why we are here on site with similar others who understand our sensitivities and what is need for harmony and our special zen.Yes we ARE special.
        With my environment, deception is at work and permeates his side of the house. Long story but he obtained the place via sleigh of hand. The house being the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the housing association in charge.
        All is so volatile at the moment, our Mystic is worth her weight in gold.Trust YOU are ok.x

  11. Wild dreams every night, I feel I am being haunted by all of my past selves. I just can’t seem to shake my deep subconcious dragging everything up to the light. I feel stuck in a dreary lagoon… I have natal Mars in Aries so I thought this would all be rocket fuel but I guess I have to go over these past lives first?

    1. Oh, yes, PD, former versions of me in this life are being walked out by a giant figure of Saturn. Mars in Cap late 1st. Guilt. Then have to work through the shaming guilt to find where to polish, grind and acknowledge any work i have done. Then my 12th house neptune moon rising bring fantasy future flashes of how i want external things to be, and Mars Cap Saturn Tau tell me it’s fantasy, leave magical thinking, keep doing the work. Uggggghhhhhh there’s gold in them thar hills, but the Hills Have Eyes! 🤯😖😶

      1. Guilt is insidious. On of the first lessons in Margot Anand’s body of work is DROP GUILT. Every time is starts to enter your thoughts ‘white-wash it. That’s like getting the whiteout bottle out, brush or sponge tip and repainting that thought. immediately before it takes hold. Sing that Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb song ‘we have nothing to be guilty of’, google or Spotify it and sing out loud. Then do a dance. There IS gold in them thar hills just needs sifting, then toss the brown stuff.

        1. No, you’re actually typing like i do, with or without my reading glasses. I can totally read you! (Just need the specs to edit and fill in the gaps, otherwise what’s the diff, Mars Fingers Me?)

  12. I am having the most hellish Mars phenom- six hours trying to stop thing running on computer that makes typing nearly impossible. I have just had pompous person tell me that 24 hour emergency computer help means “within business hours” but that you can contact them any time. It took me ten mins to type this.

        1. Mystic this is your Mother. Are you eating well and taking rest time? Have you booked a holiday at Oliver Newton John’s spa in Byron if not why not.
          We could start a holiday fund because you give us so damn much of your energy time care learning and guidance. This comes about from my seeing your Moon Calendar for the first time (my Paper Moon cal has comes from NZ since ’88 in NZ time) and the time calibration globally. WOW. Fuqing fantastic. You keep giving us more and more,. Collectively is there something we can do for you?

    1. My sympatuies, you just described 2017-now for me. The only difference is if you were on hold and the birg recording Said”you created this experience with your energetic charge so you could grow”

      1. This has had me snorting herbal tea through my nose. I think ‘sympatuies’ is definitely the emotion we need right now. Some kind of hybrid between sympathy and what happens when Meatloaf roars out of the freezer in Rocky Horror. x

      2. I really never come back to see if I get replies.

        I have a feeling this happens in many arenas.


        What else have I missedddddd

  13. “…subliminal saboteurs lurking in the back allies of your psyche.” That is pure poetry Mystic. I love your wordsmithness.

  14. Yes the retrospective rage is absolutely A Thing in my life.
    I’ve been experiencing this “clean anger” since late 2019 in fact but it’s been more intense since mars moved into Aries. The mars retrograde itself was horrendous honestly. Murky sludge and getting absolutely nowhere no matter what. Things are clearer now Mars is direct and I am feeling the positive aspects of it being in Aries. It’s not all retrospective rage but it’s becoming pretty clear what kinds of situations and even people are beneficial and not.

  15. I have a super-enormous 12th house and Mars has beenin it *forever* and will remain in it until the spring equinox. And my Scorpio stellium/Taurus rising/natal Mars in Libra is always challenged by Aries energy, I am just never in my groove when Aries is up. So, yes, “weaponized regrets, irritability, and impatience” is the perfect description of my personal zeitgeist. I love to get out and walk but my walking tends to turn into aggressive marching these days …. Thank you Mystic for telling it like it is and giving the perfect funny, real, deadly accurate description of the times!

  16. Crazy hot flashes + tension headaches for the past few days now it makes sense, all in the backdrop of preparing a Corona safe Thanksgiving turkey day & a roommates bday the very next day lol. The universe literally has it’s fiery foot on my neck, thanks ole girl lol

    1. Ok either this stuff has never been spoken about or it is a new way of being currently. Hot flushes, anxiety attacks, muscle pains, tension headaches and just shooting pains. Is it emf stress, hormonal or lack there of or just the times we live in?

      1. All of the above! The Mars energy is on steroids basically.. I’m just using the boosted Aries energy to get ahead today rather than get trampled on (quite literally lol)…

  17. i think i might give up caffeine
    shock, horror
    but fed up of having a continually peeling/dry lower lip
    (sorry if thats tmi)

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