Karmic Astro – How To Find Your Soul Pod

When you first think of Karmic Astrology, you think soul-mate and time-crossed relationships. But what about your Soul Pod?  What do I mean by that?  Quite simply, people with whom you share a South Node placement. These are the folk you share a karmic affinity with – regardless of their era or the timbre of the times they lived through.  You could have known them in another lifetime or more weirdly, been them.

I found it bizarrely resonant – authors from hundreds of years ago whose work I have always related to and voila, the same South Node.  It’s obviously easy to figure out that anyone born within a week either side of you would have the same South Node. You can find your North Node in Astral DNA and though it does not cite the opposing South Node, it takes it into account. But how to get a handy list of every “public figure” with the same South Node as you?

Well, Astrotheme to the rescue!  So first of all, recall that the South Node is always directly opposite the North Node. If your North Node is 8 Scorpio, your South Node is 8 Taurus.  And that the South Node represents your deep past, the door via which you enter “this life.”

Those people with the same South Node are from the same “soul pod.” It can also be fun to see the similarities between – say – Hip Hop Moguls of the 21st Century and Gothic Era novelists.

Ellen De Generes and Timothy Leary Are In The Same Soul Pod – Who Is In Your Soul Pod?

So first go to Astrotheme.  Then scroll down the left-hand bar until you get to Astro Search Tools and “By Astrological Positions.”

Input the North Node – because there is no option for South Node – and the degree you want – I input an “orb” or as Astrotheme is calling it, “precision”, of four degrees/

Then hit “run the request” and voila – a list of people of interest who have that same South Node. If you input your North Node details, you get your own Soul Pod.

For example, these people are all in the same Soul Pod: Coco Chanel, Abraham Lincoln, Ellen DeGeneres, Amanda Lear, Charles Bukowski, Nick Cave, Frances Ford Coppola, Timothy Leary, John Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury, John Maynard Keynes, Tallulah Bankhead, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

So this is not going to be one of those “holy-fuq OMG” moments in your astrological studies but it can definitely be of interest.  I was thrilled to find I have Charlotte Bronte and Freddie Mercury in my Soul Pod.  It’s not so much Karmic Astrology as kindred souls.

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  1. This was fun! Demi Lovato, Tyra Banks, William Shakespeare, Mos Def, Kate Moss and Ernest Hemingway all in my “Soul Pod” by this criteria (S Node @ 29 Gemini) – poets/wordsmiths and masters of the power of the deceptively simple or even superficial (physical beauty/pop art) to communicate immense depth. Astaire is in there also – we can’t resist a lil flare (“This is not smizing…THIS…is smizing!”).

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    So last night I had an epic emotional dream. I was an old lady and I spontaneously walked into a church. There were a handful of people there.

    I was overcome with grief and fell softly to the floor. A little Asian lady came to comfort me. I started sobbing in my dream and real life. This released alot of tension in my neck.

    I had lost my husband as a younger woman. It broke my heart. I never remarried.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Then I read my personal astro. I have Venus square my north node in Taurus.

      Your dreams are epic replays of ancient times and romance that was real then and will be again. Listening to or reading the words/music of people in your Soul Pod helps maximize the benefits of this annual astro-passage.

      I will listen to some of this music.

  3. OH. MY. GOD. This is incredibly accurate. I have Freddie Mercury, JK Rowling, Steven Spielberg, to name a few, in my pod. I have always been an effusive story spinner, strangely in tune with all these people.

    1. Your recent post got me intrigued, but scrolling down I couldn’t find “Astro Search Tools” neither “by Astrological Position” (which makes me feel like a full on tool). I have an Astro Calculations sub-menu with no equivalent links. If you have any tips that’d be great because i am ‘actually’ manually sanding old paint today and loving my breaks more than anything! I am clearing some manual, tool based stuff for a better space to create and play. Wondered if finding my soul pod might spark a light 🙂

  4. Based on your recent insights about north and south nodes, I also searched the opposing position as I’m in the southern hemisphere. The other side of the equation had waay softer edges. Interesting exercise; kinda gave me a feel for the polar field between the two

  5. William Blake, Lewis Carroll, Jim Morrison, Robert Louis Stephenson are in my soul pod which I just love as they are writers/poets/mystics that I have instantly connected to, some in my childhood and some when I was a teenager.

  6. Will Smith, Carl Jung, Hugh Jackman…
    Richard Nixon, Jim Jones, a Kardashian


    The actress women in here are not a big deal in my experience. The actor men are some of my favs. I wanted Will Smith to be my brother. I grew up wanting to dance with Gene Kelly. And Hugh, well….want.

    Jim Jones is a sometimes interest and it’s a rumor that a house I once lived in was where he lived briefly in the 70s.

  7. I think you’re onto something Mystic…interesting how a lot of the composers/writers/historical figures who were influencial or you feel an affinity for pop up in the list, as well as favourite celebrities . Happy to find Dvorak, Pasteur, Machiavelli &Einstein as well as Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Leonid Cohen and Gregory Peck hanging out in da posse (we’ll just brush over Stalin, Lizzie Borden and Charles Manson….

  8. Ah, i love this! I don’t get much time to read with a toddler in constant care, so I tend to wait for a spiritual-feeling moment of a book “finding me” or nearly jumping off the shelf for no apparent reason. And after a months-long hiatus one did so last week and has been a somewhat abrasive, raw, plutonic guide through and past my naïveté tied to current circumstances. Such interestesing ties we have between our century-split chart, nodes 4° off. Ha, wow. Thanks for the ever interesting fodder for the mind.

  9. Jimi Hendrix in the house!
    What an awesome list
    Is it worth running sth node co-ords, to find the past life soul pod?.. because Dostoyevski is in that list <3 <3

  10. Has anyone else noticed the way that the Midheaven / Imum Coeli axis in one’s natal chart seems to attract people whose natal planets cluster around those two signs? I did a quick head count of people I have worked for, lived with, known well socially etc and found 43 of these people had their sun, moon or ascendant conjunct my M.C. / I.C axis.

    You might expect people to crop up with their personal planets close to the Descendant ( 7th house ) of one’s natal chart, but this is not my experience.

    The I.C is supposed to be our point of origin. Is that where we have come from on a karmic level, for this lifetime ?

  11. LightningButterfly

    Very unthrilled to discover I have Gwyneth Paltrow in mine….probably the celeb I dislike the most. But yay for Cameron Diaz, Eminem, John Malkovich, Oprah, Steve Jobs…and also my fiance, of course. Already knew we were soulmates. 🙂

  12. Hmm. My pod includes Tom Cruise, Jared Kushner, and Jordan Peterson (UGH). But I also have Alicia Keys, Pitbull, Billie Jean King, Anders Celsius, Beth Ditto, and Dmitri Shostakovich. And Knute Rockne.

  13. I’m having trouble making it work. 🙁 I changed my settings to accept cookies, etc, but I am a tech dummy. What am I missing?

  14. So I am hanging out in Ethiopia and Miley Cyrus is singing to acoustic guitar while Rimsky- Korsakov listens, seeming a little spaced out. Could be because Hunter S. Thompson was sharing cocktails with him and David Hockney and I don’t know WHAT they were getting up to.

    Bill Gates wanted to join the cool kids table and upon being rejected decided to blot out the Sun instead. I am relying on Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman to mediate between Gates and Mel Gibson who is pissed he didn’t direct the Matrix and doesn’t want to live it out in reality.

    1. We share quite a few “podders!” I’m 15 deg Sag, so it makes sense. The ironic ones for me were Billy Graham AND B. K. S. Iyengar (LOL). The gut punches were Rebecca Nurse and Hans Scholl..

      1. Ooh I don’t have iyengar! But you might and I do have Swami Vivekananda, Saddam and George Carlin though! But my story was getting long lol. Those are some thoughtful additions in Hans Scholl & Rebecca Nurse. To be honest I don’t vibe with most of my soul pod in the least. Same with my birth date twins.

  15. Top 5, John Lennon, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton, George Orwell, Tolstoy
    Funny one John McEnroe ,
    Favorite one Bruce Lee 😉

      1. It does. I actually met John McEnroe in a bar in New York and he and I were instant buddies. It was in the 80s when being an Aussie in the states was a thing. On that trip I met a few big shots who sort of put me on a lead like some type of exotic pet and would introduce me around like hey, come over and meet my Aussie.
        Bruce Lee was always someone I was in awe of. Not necessarily his physical skillls but his philosophy. My favorite quote of his
        “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

        1. Omg! I just love that you and McEnroe were bosom buds from the get go 😀 that is wonderful. I also love the idea of people putting you on a leash and how pear shaped that could go if handled wrong!! Nice anecdote. Sage advice from the mighty Bruce for Gem/Pisces Asc types too

          1. On the same trip a woman I met in Chicago took me to a party on the lead, instead of bringing a bottle of wine. Anyway this party was at the home of the biggest cocaine dealer in Chicago. He had just seen crocodile Dundee and insisted she hand me over for the night. Snapshot image taken some hours later … me driving very fast in his red Ferrari down past the lake at 3:00 in the morning. Him next to me with a kilo of coke on his lap and a straw sticking out of the bag asking me if I wanted any while explaining that he intended to come to Australia soon to shoot pigs and did I know a place.

    1. Is your NN 15 Libra? All those celebrities showed up in mine too. Are you attracted to any of the female celebrities in your group?

      1. As a priest of the goddess I am attracted to most females. Every one of you has the goddess in there and I love to commune with her. I couldn’t recognize many of the names on the list to be honest, apparently very few women were famous before 1960. 😉

        1. Is being attracted to most females a blessing or a curse? I feel like being attracted to most males would be terribly distracting. I asked because quite a few of the males I thought were attractive previous to seeing this list. An unusual experience for me. Tom Hardy, Sean Bean, Emmanuel Macron, Tom Jones. I was wondering if this was a phenomenon experienced by others. But then again John Mayer was in my group. No.

          1. Is being attracted to most females a blessing or a curse ?
            I trust the average female much more than the average male. I feel safer with females and gravitate in social situations to them. I was raised in a family that was female centric. They had the power. Its totally not a creepy vibe. I want open friendly conversation with an interesting person not to jump them. This can make me suspicious to other males, especially those that see women as objects. They see me as some type of challenge. Luckily, the goddess made me a full on aries gem riser, so I can protect myself in most situations from displeased ball sack harnesses. My experience is that males are more than likely to be boring, totally owned by something, unaware, or overly competitive. I have some important male friendships in my life that I cherish. Not many though.

            1. Yes yes and yes. I love your vibe and totally get it. I do something very similar with men. And you’re right, most of the time they are so utterly unaware. It’s fascinating. Then I step in and start switching lights on. It’s a gift ? A curse? It’s sort of a compulsion in me ? I can’t let a blind man stay blind. I flick the switch then move on.

  16. As per instructions, I ran the data on my North Node at 15 Cancer …

    My Soul pod includes
    (Listed in order of appearance)

    Michelle Obama
    Marilyn Monroe (!!!!!)
    Brad Pitt
    Adolf Hitler
    Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
    Charlie Chaplin
    Bob Marley

    Other notables include

    Madame de Pompadour
    Simone de Beauvoir (the feminist writer)
    Tom Selleck
    Harper Lee
    and the Marquis de Sade.

    Fascinating stuff!!

  17. JFK!! !… kinda omg . Such an interesting Astro hack!!! Side note I have Lachesis of the 3 fates conjunct my south node .. the one that is supposed to determine LENGTH of life … so I’ve been trying to sort that out for a minute now as my SN is in 12 house … any ideas how to interpret??

    Edited in:: just looked at the chart for the assassination of Kennedy… this is the wtf moment: his(our) nodes are : north 11degree cap/south 11 cancer. The day he died the nodes were EXACTLY opposite : south node bang on 11 degrees cap and the north on his south node obviously . Just. Wow.

    1. Interesting point. I have also noticed the prominence of the nodal axis when death is imminent. It seems to crop up close to the natal I.C. As in transiting nodal axis is close to natal I.C.

  18. So my top 5: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Shakira, Kanye West, and French President Emmanuel Marcon. LOL, I’m not sure what to think about that.

    1. I noticed going through mine that many are my sort of very aspirational style muses…perhaps shifting them into more “attainable” land would be worth playing with.

      1. Mine were very in keeping with Mystic’s article on style your ascendant. I’m Virgo rising and a lot of them – Freddie Mercury, Dolly Parton etc. are people who have very over the top stage costumes but offstage seem to be very jeans/tshirt/running shoes types. So now I’m planning on cultivating the glamorous aura that still looks fabulous in old jeans. Hopefully I
        don’t come off as boring, couldn’t be bothered to look nice! 😉

  19. OMG… hilarious. What do Taylor Swift, Vladimir Putin, Tupac Shakur, Elon Musk, and Emma Watson all have in common? They all have the same South Node in Leo around 16°… like me. Thanks for the laugh.

  20. Well right of the bat I notice I have David Koresh, Dick Cheney, several people named in the #metoo movement, and a large swath of celebrities who’ve always rubbed me the wrong way for whatever reason. Ugh. But Mark Rothko, Buffy St. Marie and the state of Hawaii, I’ll happily claim.

    Funnily, there are several celebrities I had adolescent crushes on but hadn’t thought of in years – a large helping of celebrities who came of age at the same time as me but also peaked in the 90s/early 2000s.

    Most interesting for me are several people who’s work I’ve always had on my “I should definitely check them out but I never seem to get to it” list – Frank Zappa, Jack Kerouac, H. G. Wells, Captain Beefheart.

  21. Oh yes, I remember now we have the same Soul Pod! And don’t forget BOWIE! We do have some real doozies in our group though, hahaha.

  22. I had a crazy making time with someone who I shared a node opposition with.
    They’re north node was my south node and vice versa. And this was during their nodal return transit so my nodal opposition transit.

    It was horrifying, magnetic, karmic complicated, palpably dangerous, projection land, possibly all in my part, but I don’t think so.
    Though I did have a huge feeling of having lived a version of their life in the past and that I’d somehow failed. Especially when I looked them in the eye.

    Soul pods share a nodes, is there anything to be said for aspects between nodes beyond same sign/conjunctions?

    Soul pods includes:
    Albert Camus, Sasha grey, Joseph Conrad, the Apollo 11 launch/first step in the moon, Johnny cash, babe Ruth, Elizabeth Taylor, Mari Hari, PJ Harvey, Elliot Smith.

  23. Oh this is fun! I love my pod: Obama, Brad Pit, Hils. Uma Thurman,Grace Kelly (my mother would be so pleased), the 14th Dalai Lama, Jackie O, Catherine Deneuve…I want to throw a dinner party with *all* these peeps. Not sure how to invite the French 5th Republic, though.

  24. Ooh, I’ve got a lot of bombshells and pop/rock singers in mine! Rihanna, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Van Zandt, Tina Weymouth, and Mata Hari, among other people. Some of the other individuals’ music I don’t care much about, but rock n’ roll is my life (in general) so that makes sense. Aw, and Kevin Whately. No wonder I love “Lewis” so freakin’ much. It’s one of my comfort shows.

  25. Michaelangelo
    Michael Jackson
    Kate Bush
    Tim Burton
    Tina Turner
    Bruce Lee
    John Lennon

    .. Gloria Hunniford.. hehehe!

    My ‘Pod’ explains everything, including the love/hate moments regards all of these firecrackers. Totally Aries South/Libra North nodes 😀

    Awesome fun MM xx

      1. argh, ran by degree and I got Al Pacino & Liv Tyler…

        plus a bunch of historically over privileged weirdos, in powdered wigs lol!!

  26. Um … Justin Bieber, Charlize Theron (no surprise, we have the same b-day), and Beethoven. LOL. But, more interesting — two people born the same year as I (within a week) and in the same ho-hum, third tier city I now live in. One a fashion designer, the other an actress. The actress’s first name is one letter off from mine. Weird.

  27. Too hard. My pods are dolphins, About to watch Blue Planet 11.
    Still buzzing from having my B-day with Sun Moon & Jupiter in Sagg. The day was super karmic visiting one of the very best beaches in Oz and introducing my precious Daisy Dog to sand, smooth egg shaped stones and mild surf. She a dolphin too.

    My nodes are Scorpio and Taurus and don’t know which is north or south, as looks like the north is south of my chart.
    Love you all
    The Astro Klutz.

    1. Many happy returns to The Sage Sagg with the most dearest Pegasus. Oodles of good things for you on your BDay and this coming year ahead.

      Thank you for making me smile, especially as I read “My pods are dolphins.” I can relate to your wit and wordsmith on so many levels. I’m more Cat than human, most days.

  28. oh.my. This is like crack for a Gem… pfft! And honestly super freaky as some my favs are listed besides that I know names at all since I’m typically lost at the celebrity recognition. Also apparently Anti-Christ was born in ’62 in Egypt, and the Declaration of Independence is in our pod as well.

  29. The Anti-Christ, Kim Kardashian, Axl Rose and the city of Frankfurt … I want out of this pod! (And I’m taking Steve Erwin with me).

  30. Leonardo DiScorpio & I share a (Gemini) soul pod, as well as a ratchet rx Saturn in Cancer. Speaking of karmic.

  31. Did anyone else get places on their list??? Both Florence and Istanbul were listed on mine. Got some serious badass smarties on list though Freud, Alan Turning, Tesla, Warren Buffet and also Drake, Celine Dion, Merly Streep, Ray Charles, LL Cool J, Queen Victoria, Florence Welch and two James Bond’s (Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. Also some people living deep in their Libra South Node (looking at you Eva Braun and Cassie).
    Weird pod but I’m a weird girl so…

  32. This blew my mind! Here I thought my recent googling rampage was a random peek at celeb style, masters of their craft, latest news, etc. but apparently I’ve been checking up on my soul pod. Weird.

  33. Wish Upon a Star

    Interesting. The most famous one is Lady Gaga, not that I really took to her.

    I fell in love with George Depidue when I first saw him on the screen.
    I wanted to be Morticia on the Addams family.
    I gel with : Clint Eastwood, Harry Connick Junior, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Rafael Nadal, Vin Diesel.

    Guy Pearce and Keith Urban feel like very dear friends in a previous life. Keith has an especially relaxing effect on me like he is singing lullaby?

    Donna Summer’s “I feel love” is like meditation for me. Time stands still in one of Toni Braxtons songs.

    But I got a spooky vibe when I came across Mahlia Jackson. Enough said.

    Although I have never been to LA I have an affinity for that part of the US.

    AND maybe Halley’s Comet is the star in my name? Who knows?

    Anyway it was interesting Mystic.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I love Clint’s stillness. He is an amazing director, so much depth and yes atmosphere to him.

      Who is rotfimao?

      1. I’ve cut and pasted this for you:
        ROTFLMFAO means “Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass Off” So now you know – ROTFLMFAO means “Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass Off” – don’t thank us. YW! What does ROTFLMFAO mean? ROTFLMFAO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the ROTFLMFAO definition is given.

  34. OMG this is so cool – got some bad ass rebels in here
    Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Tupac Shakur, Kristin Stewart, Emma Watson, Winona Ryder, Snoop Dogg, Iggy Azalea, Elon Musk, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, Leonard Cohen, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jada Pinkett Smith, Giorgio Armani, Anton Chekov, Chaka Khan, Stella McCartney,
    and best of all…Billy the Kid!!

  35. Coming in with some heavy hitters, Beyonce, Obama, Princess of Wales, Tom Cruise, Mahatma Gandhi, Jim Morrison, Kim Kardashian, Mick Jagger, Hendrix, De Niro, Janis Joplin, Malcom X, Rasputin, Jane Austen and Elizabeth the 1st but also Margaret Thatcher, gross.

    1. They all resonate though. You may not approve of MT but some didn’t approve of Malcolm X ? They all did a job at a moment in time. Strong single minded dedicated, it just depended on your point of view.

  36. Dylan Thomas, Lily Collins. Hedy Lamar, Beck, Tchaikovsky, Christopher Nolan, Dostoyevsky…and a few I’m gonna edit out ha

  37. Mystic we also have Piers Morgan (0 deg) and Donald Trump (2 deg). How about I trade you Piers and Trump for Mercury and Bronte? 😛

  38. I totally see this for you! I first started following you because I loved your writing style. I’m not surprised to see some of my favorite authors in your soul pod!

  39. Oh that’s funny. I accidentally put north node in aries and was pleasantly surprised (and confused) at the array of the very mild, yummy, beautiful ppl who came up. Then I realised I had the nodes the wrong way around. I did identify more strongly with with vibe of the sn Aries people. Prickly and sharp. I also included Venus in the 10th house position. Marie Curie! Benedict Cumberbatch! David Bowie! Gaddafi? Kidman, oh and hello, Dr. Einstein.

      1. True enough but what resonated was the fact that very many astro’s Who have read my chart all state this has Christ energy all over it!
        So just another tick in the box. But honestly I’ve never been into carpentry ?!?

  40. i was excited to see Marilyn Monroe, though, then, i thought about her tragedy, and not so much. Once I saw also Adolf Hitler and the Marquis de Sade, I decided to stop scrolling. I’m having a terrible week. Maybe this is just one of those things where i can say, “well, it could be worse”. :-/

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