Can Space-Clearing Make You Ill?

Can space clearing make you ill? Yes. Not in the sense that it creates or causes any condition but if you’re trying to shift or clear particularly heavy energy, you can experience transient discomfort.

Hey Mystic!

I did a Google search about this and didn’t find any answers I trusted: Have you ever gotten sick after a house cleanse? 

Having found out he was sleeping behind bins in Edinburgh, I did a fellow grad student a favor. I told him he could sleep on my couch for a few days to get his shit together. I knew he was a problem child, but didn’t realize to what degree. He had an alcohol withdrawal seizure within 24 hours of staying here. While the paramedics were questioning him, I learned he has a whole host of alcohol-related problems for one of which he is prescribed morphine, etc. He was here a few days after getting released from the hospital, and it was nerve-wracking. So Heavy.

SO as you can imagine, after he left, I washed EVERYTHING in the room, sprinkled salt with lemon and cypress everywhere and let it sit for a day. Then I vacuumed it up and smudged with the Mugwort. I freestyled a rhyming chant about how the negative and quite frankly unstable energy needed to float out the open window. It was my house, and anything other than my energy and safe space vibes was not welcome. 

Ten minutes later I was throwing up in the toilet; I did smoke cigarettes last night and had been feeling a tad nauseous in the morning b/c of that, but I’d taken a shower post-vacuum and was feeling completely fine when I went to do the smudge. WTF? Have you heard of this happening? Like, would the energy have attached to me? Did I piss off some ghost that I didn’t know I have in my house? I have smudged and cleansed before in a very similar manner (last on the full moon on NYE) and never felt sick. 

Wondering if I should get a Reiki Master in here or something,


Addiction and Auric Leakage

Dear She-Rat,

Your situation sounds Eclipse Zoned, sad, and stressful.   It makes me think of Clare Booth Luce’s wry comment; no good deed goes unpunished. If you have not listened to it yet, get Housewitchery as it has a heap of info about this sort of thing. This must have bought up depth, Pluto-style emotions for you!

And yes, people with severe addiction issues are classically more open to earth-bound entities and auric leakage. They are also obviously more prone to scenarios that lead to frequent engagement with Mars-Saturn energy in the form of police, paramedics, etc.  So it is quite likely that such a situation left a shitty etheric trail through your lair.  It also feels fateful – as in he could have had the seizure in the street, with no help readily available, and suffered worse consequences. Your intervention was a part of a broader story.

Anyway, if serious ghost-entity busting is required, definitely call in a decent druid, Feng Shui person or energy practitioner.

Etheric Detoxing

BUT I have two theories here:

Theory 1:  You did such a good job cleansing that your body-soul-mind complex is now revolting against anything toxic, such as smoking. You’ve forced an etheric detox via the Mugwort.

Remember that this is THE most potent magical herb of all. “Mugwort” was a name invented to throw witch-hunters and Pagan-persecutors off the trail. The real name Artemesia – or herb of Artemis – sounded just too damn magic. So if you go waving that around the joint, you will shift some energy.

Theory 2: Is there some weird lesson here around your nurturing impulses or boundaries being breached via you over-valuing the role of being the “kind” one? What IS the lesson here? Once you have ascertained that, energy seems to lift.

I think you’ve done a brilliant space clear. Think about the above two theories and play either some Tibetan chants – Green Tara if you like Buddhist energy or the Elemental Chant.  It’s eerie old geomancy magic. Once you know the lyrics  – they’re pretty easy to chant yourself: The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, Return, Return, Return, Return.

What does everyone else think?

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  1. So glad I just came across this page.
    I have a room in my house I rent out on Air BnB. Normally I have fantastic guests but this last one was less than wonderful.
    He spent most of the weekend being drunk in my house. He passed out half naked in my living room, broke my wine glasses and left blood spattered across my sheets and floor. Afterwards he’s been sending me messages on Whatsapp asking me to give him a good review and saying if I do he will do the same. From the moment he got here his energy felt strange and manipulative to me but he was only here for 3 days so I tried to roll with it.
    Now that he’s gone I decided I would smudge the guest room with white sage after clearing and washing all the sheets.
    That lead to me doing a general cleanse of the apartment for any traces of him or any negative energy hunkering down in here from past personal conflicts or guests. Within minutes of finished the smudging and thanking the apartment for it’s stability I had a massive headache.
    I came online looking for answers and this (even though much different and much more extreme) confirms that I’m feeling an over flow of the energy shifting my apartment.
    Thank you so much and I’m so appreciative to have found this!!

  2. My Virgo (1st H Pluto) son is an alcoholic/addict, recently released from incarceration & has returned home. Have been cleaning, clearing, de-cluttering like a mofo, but still having the most awful dreams of overflowing toilets, feces-laden rooms with stagnant water, generally turds on parade.

    WTS? Lol. Guess I still have much to process.

    1. It is utterly fabulous to be able to talk this way, to express freely and read such insightful stuff. I am about to leave my licensed profession because frankly I cannot cope with the thought police and lie to my patients about my work. Ive been deeply unhappy with this for the past ten years and now I think the time has come. I aim to break out and be the therapist that I am. It feels like finally throwing off a straight jacket.

  3. A suggestion if you want an inexpensive house cleanse smudging is to use bunches of rosemary which grows everywhere. Just heat an iron skillet/frypan and put a mass of it in, once it smokes can carry it thro’ the house or dwelling.

  4. I had similar experiences cleasing just with praying so maybe it was not the herbs. It was scary at the time because I was not expecting! I guess you cleared out some yucky energy not only in the environment but in yourself!

  5. I forgot to say….I love chanting the Elements, too! My favorite is – ‘Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath, and Fire my spirit…’ over and over….very centering, bringing it all home to yourself.. 🙂

  6. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    As an extreme empath, I get it.

    It’s like you took on their crap during the cleansing and then cleansed it from YOUR system=hence the detox symptoms.

    1. Agreed. You were right there in the time and place noone else could have been. You had medical services at your home, you knew how to cleanse energies, and you had your man there. You have a Reiki healer, and you have Mystic with some wise commenters.

      You have more support than the person you helped out. Even if you did not know all this going in, you and your guy who felt shivers ploughed in and gave a hand up from … wherever… for this poor soul.

      So you followed your instinct and did a cleanse and it wasn’t a nice clean one. Let’s face it, a clean bit of help would not have come from emergency services in any other place but yours, maybe too late. You may have “gone overboard” but how strong was the energy you were combatting!

      Sorry you were sick as hell afterwards. Sorry you felt that residue. I think you’re strong (certainly strong enough to give to someone who would frighten most people.) Sure, there may be more refined ways but you never learn real strength in theory; you learn it by doing, and surviving.

      If a Russian can give you lyrics that are empathetic to the guy you saved, with a tune that is kind of sweet and catchy, here it is:

      1. milleunanotte: That song is really interesting, what a contrast between the sound vs. the lyrics. I suspect the you’ve sussed it; these lyrics are, I think, very pertinent to this young man.

        Thanks so much for the kind words. I found out my BF is more kind and generous and calm in a crisis than I had thought, and it seems like I just needed to not use Mugwort but Rosemary and Frankincense instead (the arguments about that make perfect sense), both of which I love, actually, so another cleanse in a week will hopefully really kick out the sour jams, and hopefully without the weird puking aftereffects.

        Cue the after-school special music. (naw, it’s not tied up all that easily, that kid is still dramlama, all of which is not relevant here, but it ain’t in my house!)

  7. For the astro (’cause, like, this is an astro site!): The sun was within one degree of my natal Saturn at the time of the seizure, Mystic, and Merc was exact my Saturn, which is in 8th house Taurus. Is this some weird version of other people’s money? LOL!

    Someone suggested a Chiron aspect: Chiron was exactly three degrees from my Jup in Saggo?

    Let’s also not forget that Uranus has been going over my Mars for the last year like a thumb over a raw nipple…

    Pluto, thankfully, leaving a direct square with my Uranus/Moon conj. in Libra….but still one degree away….also MC at the time oppo that same conj.

    1. I’m very curious to know how Algol (26º Taurus) lies in your natal chart, SheRat; and if it was being transited on those dates. It’s just that whenever alcohol related blow-ups happen I tend to think of Algol – The Head of Gorgo Medusa (hello) which derives from Al Ghoul (in Arabic) which means evil spirit or demon. And from which the word “alcohol” derives.

      Algol rules diamond, black hellebore (one of the ingredients of the “flying ointment”)

      And MUGWORT…. so I’m really curious because as you can see there are links here.

      Also, those with a prominent Algol in their chart are often forced to confront the harsher aspects of life:

      “.. Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner”, Diana Rosenberg.

      Anyways, just thoughts over coffee here.

      1. Thanks for this info re Algol! You have inspired me to go on a bit of an Algol bingle. My natal NN is conjunct Algol and my Chiron sextile.

        Also worth noting that everyone is currently experiencing a bit of Chiron-Algol as Chiron is sextile Algol right now. (I know this because I’m having a Chiron return which has made me very, very clear on where Chiron is transitting).

        1. Interesting! I have natal Chiron at 26 Pisces, which would be sextile Algol, and I am of course having my Chiron return, too.

          Also interesting – an ex of mine has natal Chiron exact conjunct Algol, at 26 Taurus. I wonder what that means for him? Sounds heavy!

          1. Yikes, that does sound heavy!

            Chiron just left my Venus (and is headed right towards my natal Chiron! YAY!) so I guess Algol is sextile my Venus.

      2. Wow, Herb. So Algol is three degrees from my natal Saturn in Taurus. I’m not sure if that’s prominent, but I have Pluto Rising, so that sounds like the Rosenberg quote also. Natally, there’s the Saturn thing and a sextile with Venus.

        In transit, there was some planetary squaring action over in late Aqua, with transiting Sun, Merc and Juno in the late 20s of Aqua, that afternoon. Though I’ve probably missed something. I’m a newbie.

  8. Hey thanks everyone! I’ve learned a lot from all your replies!

    I know a Reiki therapist in my ‘hood so I think I’ll just take LV’s suggestion and do it again with more appropriate materials (I think my OCD demands it) AND ask her to swing by. I’ll talk with her too about strategy. Just for peace of mind, right?

    ‘Twas weird, and my intuition is that either this guy has untapped powerful energy that he dropped or he’s been infiltrated by such. Either way, I would rather be safe than sorry and maybe I fucked with something beyond my scope–WHICH is why I asked Mystic. Thanks Mystic!!!!

  9. The adage the road to hell is paved with good intentions is same as no good deed goes unpunished.
    Yes i believe you can throw up as in throw out a person’s nasty energy as Diypixie says above. Your body rejects their auric energy as toxic to your wellbeing.
    Be careful who you allow into your home as it is your other body. Compassion for our fellow humans can bring trouble at times alas, save it for the animal world.
    Believe now that everyone has their own journey and karma for a reason and not to be interfered with.
    If that sounds hard so be it, your own protection is more important.

    1. “Be careful who you allow into your home as it is your other body.” Oh man, this! So true, and something I need to remember every day. Thank you for putting it into words this way, Pegasus! 🙂

    2. I’m not really sure where I whinged or acted helpless or victimized in my email. It was just a question and at no time did I even express even regret at helping this person out.

      1. Darling SheRat no criticism at all, that has been my own personal experience and what i have gathered over the many decades of my life.
        Am sure we have all experienced compassion (co-passion) backfiring on us as just part of life and loving.
        Better to be loving and hurt than hard and isolated.x

        1. Thanks, Pegasus, it’s all good, though I did want to clarify! I knew there were risks, and I weighed not doing anything and couldn’t live with that course of action.

          I agree–it’s the scraped knees that make us who we are and from which we learn. This was a good one–now I know more precisely when mugwort is appropriate and what to use if I ever have another type of boundary violation again.

    3. I’m with you Pegasus. As crap as another’s journey can seem I too believe it is theirs and theirs alone. You could put this person in a palace but they’d still be in the same place.

  10. This also sounds to me like cumulative stress and anxiety boiling over once the whole ordeal was done. (Smoking probably didn’t help that, either, much for the same reasons coffee wouldn’t.) I’ve fallen seriously ill before, following situations very similar to this.

    I do think it might be a good idea to do some serious clearing/cleansing, though. Enlisting the help of a professional might help things really clear up, since it seems like there might be the need to clear yourself of the lingering energy, as well as your space.

  11. WOW! What a heavy experience, She-rat! I imagine the stress-overload of close-up observing someone suffering on that level and going through such a difficult transition, themselves, could make you sick on the physical level, although sounds like you probably purged a lot of stuff from every level, from the physical to the etheric. Great instincts to have immediately cleared your space!
    Aren’t you an Aquarius Sun, too? I imagine the eclipses just past could figure in prominently in that case.

    I am constantly clearing my apartment with sage and palo santo. Would be interesting to see what a mugwort clearing would do. I use moxa a lot for my knees so it gets burned in this house, but not with the focus of clearing. Anyway, the reason I clear a lot is because this entire neighborhood is like your unfortunate colleague, the energy is so heavy around here with drug addicts of all kinds as well as people sleeping on the street, and all kinds of drug-related crime, including that on two different occasions, there were people killed, gunned down, in front of our building.
    It’s a pretty low vibe and if I don’t keep on top of it, I can feel the difference. It’s exhausting sometimes and I know eventually it would behoove me to live somewhere else once I can afford it.
    I think there are dark entities hanging around in the atmosphere here just waiting to jump into people around here who’s auric fields are so perforated from their drug and alcohol abuse… It’s been a good training for me, over these eight years, to learn to have my boundaries, auric shields up, in order to walk around here even though I don’t directly interact with those individuals.

    1. Whoa, flowerchild, yep! I’m an Aqua and the eclipse was between my sun and NN/merc. i didn’t plan it this way—I had offered my help way back in Jan.

      Do you live in SF? Sounds like you live in the Tenderloin? I lived there for 20 years…if this guy had told me he’d been on the piss for the last five months, I’d have had a little more perspective/less surprise on how to deal with it. As it is, being a TL person, this weren’t my first rodeo and I had all my valuables with our classmate upstairs. He literally had the seizure while I was outlining the boundaries in person (as opposed to email). I miss SF. I am actually writing a book about it right now!

      The jumping stuff I’ve read here is very interesting: My boyfriend, who obviously just moved in for the duration, felt a shiver the night before while the three of us were talking and he’s a Muggle.

      I cleansed the place when I first moved in with garlic, ginger and St. John’s Wort and a sage smudge. I have felt a slight benevolent presence, so I was a bit taken aback when this happened.

      1. It sounds like the whole thing started in ‘orb’ of the coming eclipse end of Jan, even if it didn’t happen on the eclipse, so especially as an Aqua, it probably had a role.

        Yep, I live in SF. Live in a janky part of the Mission and worked in public health in the Tenderloin for five years. I’ve been in the Bay 30+ years, so I have seen the shifting around of neighborhood vibes but, honestly, the dynamics of the areas where I work and live haven’t changed that much under the surface even if on the surface they seem different, i.e. Valencia Street. In a lot of ways, things have gotten worse…

          1. Yes, that would have been the time to be here! Summer of Love and all that..
            Now it’s not like that at all anymore, maybe just around the edges, and even that is being edged out.

            1. I miss Essef. I sometimes call myself a San Francisco refugee. Can’t go home–it doesn’t exist anymore!

              I know your ‘hood very well, flowerchild; my dearly departed BFF lived on Camp street for more than a decade (“Dirty Camp” to those in the know!). You can still see a bit of old SF at Amnesia on Weds., my friends play old-time rock and blues there from 6 – 8.

              1. Ha! I live near there and have been to that gig at Amnesia….I like the Monday bluegrass nights there, too!

                When I first moved here there were a bunch of shootings around Camp and Albion, then the violence migrated to right in front of our place! Ugh!
                Yeah, there is some very dark energy around here. You’ve really got to be salt-of-the-earth to handle it.
                I don’t have the constitution for it, which bears out in my astro chart, too. I am a ‘highly sensitive person’ type – nervous system can’t take it, but I’ll be living here awhile longer…

                Didn’t you say you’ve got Pluto in the 1st house? That’s why you were able to help that guy, I think. That makes you strong. You are able to withstand intense transformations and in the 1st, probably draw others to help them through their intense transitions.

                1. One of the great, lady impresarios of Mission musicians, Annie Sothworth, died last week after a battle with cancer. She first booked me in her club “The Rite Spot” and got us better gigs after that, eventually putting us on the same bill as the man who would become my husband (I’m a widower). It really is painful to hear of these passings and crumblings from so far away. The Rite Spot will now go under, etc., etc. Annie introduced me to my best musician friends ever–like the guys at Amnesia! Maybe next time I go, I’ll bring some mugwort for the show!!! LOL

                2. Oh! Sorry to hear of your friend’s passing!
                  I hope if you ever visit here again it isn’t too sad for you with past memories….

                3. So sorry to hear of Annie’s passing… you are not going to believe this, but I used to tend bar at both the Rite Spot, and Amnesia! This was 20 years ago. The Rite Spot in particular holds a very special place in my heart, roaches and all. I’m sorry to hear it will go under.

                  And I know what you mean about being a refugee. I’m in Portland and have family in SF, so I’m down there once a year… I don’t recognize it anymore.

                4. If that’s the case, dizzarina, we probably know each other and/or a lot of the same people.

  12. I will take the time to read all comments. I promise.
    Meanwhile: in traditional medicine, vomit is what the human body uses as a self medicating system, to try and eliminate what caused the intoxication.
    So if I were you She-Rat I’d think that, while cleaning the house, maybe some muggle vibe had tried to influence me, but then my body rejected it so I am free of the muggle vibe.

  13. She cannon stomach what she experienced and refuses to process it the regular way, as in out through the bowels, so it’s coming out the other way. Such an intense cleanse could have definitely jumpstarted this. Might have needed a good cry amongst all that cleaning.

    1. Small intestine processes some toxins into the system so things that should not even get that far come out by reverse peristalsis.

      Not so much a (stubborn) “refusal” to process someone else’s toxins. More like an organic protection of the system. Just as natural and regular as anything else. The system has more than one way to process, especially if it’s not your shit to process.

  14. Ugh, a drunk crashing on your couch during Pisces season virtually = astro-cliché – remember to mind the planets, especially when considering something like this during a stellium in Pisces. You felt compassion for him, which is understandable, but it wound up biting you in the ass which is so typical of Pisces. In the future be sure to get your “warm fuzzy feels” from something that doesn’t give off warning signs, because if you knew he was a problem child from go that is your cue to listen to your intuition.

    IMO Mugwort was not the application for this – it’s fine for dreams and divination but I personally wouldn’t use it for a cleansing smudge. You want high-test Masculine “protective” or “banishing” plants for that – even the Cypress is Feminine and wouldn’t be my go-to for this. There’s the standard Sage, but you could also use Cedar (one of my personal favorites), Copal, or Frankincense for example. If you’re trying to drive an energy *out*, IMO you want Yang not Yin; something that’s going to act as a “bouncer” on an energetic level and forcibly evict the negative influence from your home. Yin is Receptive; it attracts and absorbs – you can see how this might be a problem if you’re trying to get rid of an energy.

    Whenever you’re doing spellwork, ritual, or working with sacred tools, illness immediately afterward is usually a sign that some component went awry – I would try re-doing with Masculine plants and see how you feel after. You might have been especially physically sensitized to the energy being “off” under this flood of Pisces energy because Neptunian energy always sensitizes things. And along this line of thought, if you’ve never worked with either of these herbs before or used them in heavy-duty concentrations, it’s also possible you may have a sensitivity to them – for example, I can’t burn Palo Santo because it gives me a headache. If you really O.D.-ed on the herbs in the hopes of doing an industrial-strength cleansing, it’s entirely possible you had a reaction.

    1. Yes, love this. Yang to drive it out, not yin to bring it in. Sage is usually my go-to, but I need to find some cedar as I love that scent/energy.

      Another thing to try in lieu of stirring up the qi too much again would be burning a blend of essential oils in a diffuser that could be a grounding and calming blend – my personal favorite right now is a blend of frankincense, rose absolute, sandalwood, bergamot, and patchouli, with two drops of Rock Rose Bach Flower remedy (I can post the exact amounts/recipe if anyone is interested) added in for good measure. It’s heavenly and might just do the balancing trick in this case.

      **And I also want to add that I adore all of you. <3 You are My People. <3 So thankful for this space, Mystic. **

    2. Love what you say about the herbs LV, and I agree with you, I would not use mugwort as a cleanser or banisher either. It can actually bring on epilepsy to those who are prone (it’s main use in homeopathy) and headaches; and I’m sure that She-Rat’s vomiting was caused by the liberal burning of it while already in a heightened state. Not a great combination.
      I hope you’re OK now, She-Rat.

      I would like to add Rosemary to your (LV) list of protective and banishing herbs to smudge with. No one ever mentions rosemary, yet it is one of the most cleansing and protective of herbs and so easily obtained (we’ve all got some dried rosemary in the kitchen).
      Though its element is Fire (it really shifts stuck energy) but not too Yang so it can be used safely. Contrary to mugwort, it fortifies and refreshes your mind rather than fogging it (as it does some people). There’s also a long tradition in Europe of burning rosemary on Mayday after the big spring-clean to cleanse and protect the house for the rest of the year.

        1. Haha! well now you know 🙂
          All you need is to sprinkle some dried rosemary on an incense coal – and voila – a refreshing aromatic, cleansing and fortifying smudge.

            1. lovely.
              It grows in front yards – often alongside lovely sticky lavender bushes – I often smush a fistful of leaves on my way past and then inhaaaaallleeee
              soo good.
              our little dog used to brush under the rosemary growing in our garden, and when i picked him up he smelt like a herb garden 🙂 🙂 <3

    3. FTR: I don’t get warm and fuzzies taking such chances. I do it, when I do it, becuase it’s the right thing to do and then I brace myself. There’s always blowback when you are kind to someone whom kindness is as rare as a Saturn Return. I’m not sure I victimized myself in my post…

      Having said that, your advice rings true: There was a fuck up. As I was vomiting, I felt almost as if his energy was attacking me for telling it to leave. I am leaving the country for the weekend, but will head straight to the appropriate vendors for the cedar oil (I already have frankincense both in oil and in resin). I can throw down the salt again before I leave and let it sit for 6 days and do it again.

      I did actually leave the room with many, many candles burning with rose and frankincense oils after the smudge. But, you know, if it made me ill and I screwed up the cleanse, so it’s worth throwing doing it again. Thanks guys!

      1. Oh that part of feeling attacked is really important! Some years ago my then boyfriend came to my house and we got back together. We had a great night and a great day then (as usual but at the time I was blind) he picked up a fight and threat to leave. I said he leaving like that I would never have him back. He left. I was really anchored in my decision and strong about it which I never was before (I always wanted to help him! He has alcohol and cocaine issues). The next day I was SO sick in my bathroom!! I got dehydrated and had to be at the hospital. For two months I rejected food I was weak and had nauseas. Why am I telling all of this? Because what I didn’t knew then is that he has Narcissistic Disorder (not just throwing the word he still tries to crawl into my life now and then so I last Christmas I was aware he was seeking Psychological help). Narcissistic people vampires whatever you want to name it I came to realize leave this kind of print or seed that is like having a key (that you did not give they stolen when you were kindly making tea for them in the kitchen!) That says I’m leaving but I’ll be back whenever I want. When you have firm boundaries with someone like that you feel worse than when you had no boundaries. Not saying it is surely is the case but could it be that is not just the addiction but that he now thought you would always be there at his disposal?

  15. Tbh this sounds like anxiety-induced nausea (plus cigarettes and zealous smudging). Time for a massage and a debrief with the gfs.

  16. This post and the comments really interesting, thank you for this. During this last eclipse season I tried working a couple of simple banishing / protection spell-rituals to help move things along and out during the dark moon phase. It felt powerful and clear. Within 24 hours of the aquarius new moon eclipse I got sudden strong bowel movements to the extent that i suspected food poisoning. It was over within a few hours but my body really appreciated the rest in bed that weekend to catch up and assimilate. Then last week it returned, though just briefly, exactly as I was trying to embody some of my eclipse shift-desires ( to shine my light brightly, take up space etc). I’ve spoken with the doctor to be on the safe side, but it has really felt like this was OLD GUNK (technical term for socialisation, all the blocking and mind numbing beliefs etc) that realised it was being shown the door.

    I’d incidentally been doing space clearing at home before each ritual so more than my usual new & full moon rhythm, but my intuition is that it was the strongly intentioned banishing work that led to my ahem physical banishing of stuff!

  17. Different situation but i have had the same eclipse sad/square/challenging thing too.
    I think vomiting is a good thing – your body knows when to get rid of toxins. It’s a bit violent but shows you’re in good shape.
    Reading all of this for housewitchery tips after my traumatic eclipse visit. x

  18. we had “the house guest from hell” in our neighbourhood. And yes everyone felt the need to scrub and air their houses just to feel relaxed and settled again

  19. Fascinating topic.
    During various times in my life I have been overcome with the drug states of other people, to the point that I have felt the drug experience personally. I don’t need to be next to the person physically to experience it happening. It sounds crazy, especially when I haven’t ingested any of the drugs. It has even sent me to hospitals seeking help.
    I have interpreted this altered state to mean that I have a strong compassion and empathy for those in addiction, as I have a biological father who suffers from addictions. It can be quite difficult to accept and process these experiences, it’s something that has resulted from my own traumatic history. It’s the state of conversation from where the spirits live.

    1. I’ve experienced this also.
      I never understood how or why. I no longer question it but it’s intense.
      I save a lot of money from buying booze though. 😉

      1. Yes SR it’s very intense.
        It seems to be very specific, injecting drug users. I’ve pin pointed the substances to be heroin, methadone and cocaine (speedball).

        I suspect that one or a combination of these substances was given to me when I was attacked in my teens. This is a traumatic memory I’ve been raising to my consciousness, only recently accepting its existence. The depths of my black hole consciousness has been tricky to navigate. This is the big black hole that sent me to hospital some years back. I’ll always be thankful for this community for being there for me during that time.

        The experience of sharing another’s drug high is not something I actively seek. It’s the window that trauma left behind. There is a saving to living a sober life it gives me peace of mind to deal with the scars of the past.

        1. Back in the days S it was called a ‘contact high’ but it was only weed in those innocent times. Glad you came out of that dark place you were in and it made you stronger and wiser. x

          1. Thank you Pegasus for your comments, I hold them dear to my heart.
            I still use that term contact high.
            My aim is to feel stronger and wiser. x

  20. And the clearing sounded thorough and powerful, She-Rat. The only thing that could undermine it would your doubt about the power of your magic. xxx

  21. I never knew Thuja and Mugwort are the same thing!!!!!!! This is SUCH a revelation for me. Kent lists this as one of the mental symptoms in his Materia Medica: “Fixed ideas: as if a strange person were at his side; as if the soul were separated from the body; as if the body, esp. the limbs, were of glass and would break easily; as if a living animal were in the abdomen…” Of course! It’s such an elegant fit. This is fascinating. Thank you Mystic and She-Rat. By the way, Thuja symptoms include vomiting of mucous, so perhaps it was just a little too much of a good thing? Like cures like, and the homeopathic remedy will produce the symptoms in an otherwise healthy individual. I’ve actually noticed that I’ve been needing Thuja recently, and have been drinking a fair bit of Mugwort tea. Which means I’ve needed the Thuja to antidote the powerful effects of the Mugwort. Perhaps I should pull back from that.

    So… That was a total brain dump. Sorry if it made no sense to anyone but me! Couldn’t contain my excitement. x

    1. Oh!!! And Kent lists “tobacco” as one of the causative factors that can trigger Thuja symptoms. She-Rat, maybe you just need a dose of Thuja.

      1. Thanks Mystic. No, I’m not. I just have a ridiculously inquisitive mind. And I have to correct myself. It was John Henry Clarke’s Materia Medica that I was referring to, not Kent’s. Sorry. I had them both open at the time.

        I’ve been using homeopathy since I was 17 (23 years), and am fortunate to have a homeopath who believes in educating and empowering her patients so they can take over their own healing. I rarely need to see her these days, and have been treating my family and friends for years under her tutelage.

        The power (magic) of homeopathy should never be underestimated.

        1. You inspired me! I just did a constitutional remedy finder but the database was corrupted so after i answered all these questions, it just gave me a page of code! I think i am Lachesis…

            1. i love this description as it is not just a list of traits but really well written – thank you for sharing!

    2. Thuja (a coniferous tree) and Mugwort/Artemesia vulgaris are NOT the same!

      Both are used in homeopathy. Don’t have time to explain differences – (do google) but definitely not the same.

      This is probably why you never knew they were the same plant 🙂

      Love homeopathy – it is like magic – it helped me so much when conventional doctors just didn’t have a clue – one pill is all it took to cure me of chronic & debilitating pain I had suffered for 10 yrs. So I became hooked and studied it.

      1. I garden and have known Thuja to be a species of arborvitae; a compact tree in the cedar family –
        at least that’s what they are in The States. Mugwort (Artemisia) is something entirely different; a silvery plant sometimes known as “dusty miller” that is a favorite in gardens around here. It’s a perennial and I love the “silver mound” variety in particular, which has a texture like chenille when you brush your hand over it – so soft and beautiful!

    3. NOT the sane. Thuja is Thuja occidentalis also known as American arborvitae/Northern white cedar. Mugwort is Artemesia vulgaris. Different plants.

    4. I’d actually like to point out that I shouldn’t have offered homeopathic advice the way I did. It was irresponsible of me, and disrespectful of the craft. A homeopath worth their salt would never do that.

      (Shame wash…working on it…)

      Sorry people. Lesson learnt.

      1. Whoa! I for one, am grateful for your curiosity and great “brain dump” – there’s much to learn from brain dumps … and if you hadn’t then this whole discussion and learning would not have happened!

        1. Thanks Herb, I really appreciate that. And, like you, I also had a moment when Mystic mentioned she thought she might be Lachesis. Absolute classic!

          1. Sorry, a bit late to this discussion….

            Thujone is a GABA inhibitor, and low GABA can create more experience of anxiety mentally/emotionally, and muscle spasms or even convulsions, physically, so maybe energetically that was what was happening to make you vomit, even though you didn’t internally ingest it.

            Mugwort is an artemisia, the same family as wormwood which is what absinthe is made out of. To me, then, this herb class would be more Neptunian…..creating hallucinations, powerful dreams…….and something Neptunian would maybe not have been the best choice to drive out a Neptunian person’s (alcoholic) energy? Maybe pick an herb that is more Saturnine or Martian? Like someone else said, a more ‘yang’ herb…..something that creates boundaries.

            1. that makes brilliant sense and actually when i had mugwort tea, i realised it was super-powerful but very neptunian. My experience with that is in the archives somewhere, totally alt-dimensional

            2. She certainly DID ingest it, and the most Neptunian way: fumes.

              They say Neptune rules gaseous states (…PLEASE no puns!)

              From the nose STRAIGHT into the brain.

  22. I practice Spirit Releasement/Depossession and took hypnosis training specifically for this…Spirit Attachments are VERY common, many types much like cold or flu viruses of the soul, and drug and alcohol users typically have many layers of attachments, plus, loss of consciousness is also a good way to get an entity attachment, so he brought some in.

    When doing Spirit Release it is common to purge either by vomiting or evacuating bowels, or both. I have a story from when I was in my early 20s and just married and did what amounts to a Spirit Release on myself, not really knowing that’s what it was, because of Ouija board use while drunk some years prior to it. I had come home from work, ate, was fine and did this, not telling anyone and thought nothing would happen. I woke up projectile vomiting fir exactly half the day, my mom even came over. I know when I’m sick like that I don’t just get better suddenly, and also knew what it was about. I told no one. It spontaneously stopped in the afternoon. Later, when I started studying in 2011 I found out it was a typical reaction. I also have had physical empathy since 2009, so I became familiar with taking on symptoms and purging them, although this is slightly different than a Spirit attachment.

    1. I have sptrong reactions being around addicts also.
      I take on their emotional pain and get physically ill. I have to limit my time with them even online.

      1. Yeah, I have strong physical empathy as well. I can’t even be around sick people (colds, flu) as I will easily catch what they have simply from “feeling what they feel.” It’s like my body invites the sickness in via sympathy. Drunks – hell no, strong revulsion to alcoholics, same with druggies but with those I feel some kind of understanding as the Neptune undertow with them is soft and numb. But drunks, yeah, that’s vomit-inducing. She-Rat probably unconsciously picked up (via physical empathy) and then held in all the toxicity she picked up from him – because there was a crisis, so she froze in panic – and the heavy cleanse/mugwort smudge forcefully expelled it. ;-P

  23. Wow. This gives a new perspective on a similar situation I was in where I’m fairly certain (and have had practitioners confirm (?) as such) I agreed to take on someone’s “stuff” who was in withdrawal…if all happened in a half awake Shamanic dream state and I fell fast asleep to a bizarre intense dream then woke suddenly screaming and began literally dry heaving his life into the corner.
    Welp, that was a lot to share but yes…Mystic you’ve done it again. Thank you for this other perspective. I love the idea that intentions being so pure whatever wasn’t needed to purge out immediately. Xo

  24. Yes, but they were lower grade like aches or maybe feeling a mass growing smaller and fading over a few days. In ny experience, the clearing ritual includes clearing the person doing it because their energies are attached to the action. I don’t always feel sickened afterward, but if I do, I acknowledge that those energies needed to be expelled like mucus or dead skin.

    1. Yes to mucus overload being the culprit here. Histamine response leading to mucus production is a way the body protects itself from foreign nasties that have been breathed in. As an asthma sufferer with springtime allergies I know all about it.
      “ Once released from its granules, histamine produces many varied effects within the body, including the contraction of smooth muscle tissues of the lungs, uterus, and stomach; the dilation of blood vessels, which increases permeability and lowers blood pressure; the stimulation of gastric acid secretion in the stomach; …
      I think the chucking up here was actually a good way of removing the excess mucus caused by the histamine response.
      What caused the histamine response initially could have simply been a slight allergic reaction to one of your cleansing substances.

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