Synchronicity Is A Thing

This is a really great anecdote that illustrates exactly how synchronicity plays out in everyday life.

Hello Mystic,

Hope you’re doing well in the crazy season, Xmas and otherwise (AKA two big outer elephants in the room ๐Ÿ™‚

This stormy weather has got me thinking about electricity and synchronicity. I need to tell you about something that happened a few months ago. It will stay with me forever. It all started with one of your blogs which I thought you’d be chuffed to know. There were four signs, and by the end, it pretty much slapped me in the face. Turn the other cheek? Enough already, I get it!

1. I was lost in your historic blogs, clicking on whatever took my fancy. Somewhere you mentioned The Red Shoes. Because I have ballet history it reminded me of the film The Red Shoes, starring the wonderful Australian artist Robert Helpmann (which I STILL have yet to see, must get on that). Red Shoes snuck into the back of my mind.

2. Casual Friday at my work – we have a lot of technicians where I work and all you can see of them is silver lab coats and pants legs and shoes. One of the few female techs was wearing BRIGHT red trainers. I registered, said hey I like your shoes. Kept seeing them go past me during the day. 2nd layer of Red Shoes is embedded in my brain.

3. Saturday evening, planning to go to my local metaphysical shop on Sunday morning to get some beautiful oracle cards I’d been eyeing up. Go to their store online to check the price, and the usual “people who bought this also bought…..Red Shoes – Clarissa Pinkola Estes” Really??? Connecting the dots. Ok, now a red neon light is pulsing in my brain. I have to find Red Shoes when I go tomorrow.

4. Later on Saturday night, innocently watching a doco on David Bowie on one of the non-mainstream channels. What do they play? Let’s Dance, put on your Red Shoes, and dance the blues…Seriously!! This is now a done deal. I MUST have The Red Shoes. I tend to question everything but this I cannot ignore, and it seriously has me buzzing!

Needless to say, I ended up buying The Red Shoes online, and in the process of trying to find it in the new age shop, I bought Women Who Run with the Wolves. Still working my way through the book; it’s poetic, timeless, and amazing. It’s just like everyone says, including yourself, and I know I will read it many times. I listened to The Red Shoes and had a very unexpected and emotional reaction. There were many tears and the memories that flooded me were overwhelming, but a release nonetheless. It was cathartic and a catalyst towards integrating my past with the now and the future. All three are one.

So thank you Mystic, thank you, bright red trainers, thank you new age website, thank you David Bowie, and thank you Universe for weaving this all together in a really wonderful and magic way.

Much love,
Anchors Away

WOW, i love this and yes synchronicity is such a thing. Especially NOW – as Uranus is in square to Pluto – the 5th square of the Zap Zone, one more to go – and stationing Direct in 11 days.ย  Uranus is totally synchronicity – the repeating messages or recurring themes, the stray snippets of conversation that you feel sure were meant for you, the healing coincidence.

FYI, if you have Mercury in any sort of close aspect to Uranus in your natal chart, you’re super-prone to these. But EVERYONE, the more you open up this snazzy, electric, sparkling synchronicity – the more it becomes clear. The information or guidance you need just zaps you when you need it.


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  1. Had to shareโ€ฆ read this post on my break at work. Finished, ended break, returned to e-mail inbox.

    The first e-mail started with a book review (weโ€™re affiliated with a book store), and the first review was for a children’s book, about a mermaid who finds a Red Shoe.

    In searching the local library website for the audio book mentioned, I instead found a new novel that matching an exact, absent-minded comment of mine from the night before. Red shoes are involved.

    I think it was a wink from the universe to remind me to watch & play along!

  2. Mercury and Uranus contacts are related to synchronicities?! I have Merc conjunct Asc opposite Uranus (which is conjunct descendant, of course). Is this why my life is full of unusual experiences? Even other people have commented that I always see weird things. Oh my god, I feel so much better that maybe I’m not imagining that I attract the weird. But of course, that’s how I like it anyways…

  3. The whole of this transformation seems to be dividing the synchronicity from the limbic patterning.

    I’m left with one last reread, one last “am I making this up?”

    If I can figure it out, if I can let it go, I’ll finally trust my soul. Now if I could just get my soul to trust me.

  4. I love ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ it was one of the many synchronicity moments that banged me around the head when I first left my marriage 17 years ago. Must dust it off and it read through again.

  5. LOved ‘Red Shoes’ the story and the ballet. The dancer opposite Robert Helpmann was Moira Shearer in the movie.
    Saw a note in a clothing window once that said: you can dance up the road of life or plod along it.
    From the woman that runs with the pit bulls. That happens to some who can’t get their own wolf to run with.

  6. I found you Mystic Medusa back in 2007 by searching for images of Medusa for a painting reference…down the rabbit hole I go!

    been a fun ride.

  7. And astrologically speaking I have Uranus conjunct my moon and square Mars so I think I have had to learn to filter out what to actually react and listen to and then be constructive about it, and do it in your own way but calmly and intuitively wise

  8. I find synchronitices all the time and it is interesting to talk about, but I always tend to forget them shortly after and also since I do believe in defining and making up your own “destiny” and information too and not just to be exposed to randomness, symbolism, string theory or whatever. Sometime though I think it’s good to follow the red threads, at least if it makes sense to you. ( and when you do you greater your own synchronicities ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) the most random one recently was when I read the line “a man dressed in black” on a random internetsite at the same second this linne was spoken as a reference to a Bluegrass-documentary on tv, like last week.

  9. I had this yesterday. Well, it started in 2012 with the first pluto uranus square year of the water snake. I made a painting of snakes and hung it in my helpful people sector. Shortly after, snakes hatched from my garden, my neighbors killed them, which pushed me to finally move. Anyway, 2 years later, I comissioned artwork for a tattoo and included a photo of one of my snakes. Appointment got bumped up from January to last week to on the day after I ended employment at my last job. Seemed meant to be. Then, at the new place in training they mentioned the parking garage gets overrun by snakes in the summer. Common black snakes of the variety from my garden. It’s like finding home again.

      1. 12th house virgo

        I got the tattoo with the snake and roses and bees and lavender. And I hope I don’t regret it once the transit is over. But I like the snake symbol so much. I appreciate it as something that transforms without changing, really. Like, as mystic wrote about before, a snake goes blind, weak, loses venom, before a change. A snake sheds its whole body, just to be a little bigger. Not like a butterfly. Not a visible, beautiful, pretty thing. Just torture to grow a little bigger. And that’s what happened to my life in the zz. Same career. Still single. Same general spot on earth. But a bigger, clearer me. I can’t even articulate it.

  10. Uranus conjunct mercury in 10th house and quintile my AC. *Synchronicity Rules*. My most momentous and happy occasions were all brought by synchronicity and following signs.
    Some days are rife with it, as if the universe is laying out a bread-crumb trail to help me find whatever it is i need.
    I suppose that it’s just as well, becoz Uranus is also conjunct my mars – so my erratic urges to get up and go and change the scene or vibe can leave me in situations where i DO need signs and synchronicity to get me back on some track, lol.

    Also found out this w’end, on this site, that Tara shares the exact same degree in my chart as my natal Uranus. (Thankyou, Mystic for that post, or i would never have found out) This was interesting news to me coz i’ve always thought Tara has been one of my cosmic patrons: While at uni, unhappily studying for an arts-law degree (my father’s choice – not mine), a small book on Buddhism fell on my head (really) while at the library, and lay open on the floor on a page where different Taras were illustrated. This is the 70s, i was 19 and i had had zero exposure to Asian anything – and the only religion i knew was the christian one, which i didn’t relate to *AT ALL*. Well, i fell in love and awe with the illustrations of Tara, and i put the book back on the shelf and forgot about it. Till the next day – when, as i was stalking a 4th yr philosophy student that i fancied – and going thru the religion and philosophy dept – i hear a snippet of a lecture coming from one of the lecture rooms – it was about Tara! i listened outside the door for 10 minutes. So i drop law and take on philosophy and religion. My life path changed. It was like veils upon veils were being stripped from my mind and i could finally see a different world full of amazing possibilities.

    1. This is so awesome, thanks for sharing, was a pleasure to read.

      I am a Merc-Uranus-Sun conjunct person in my 5th – I feel like I create synchs sometime. I can also relate to that feeling of the universe leaving a breadcrumb trail. So cool about you dropping law and going into philosophy through that string of synchs! Book dropping on your head – too awesome. I get a lot of license plate messages, several plates of repeat numbers everytime I go for a drive. Songs that come out of nowhere and verbalize what I feel before I even know how I feel. So many strings, all interconnected.

    2. I’m wondering if your dad was philosophical about your choice at that point or did this take some time ? I did a similar thing to my parents in the late 70s. They corralled me into an economics degree after Whitlam saved me from the airforce ! but about 9 months in I changed to sociology and cosmology ! Without first telling them. In Sociology that whole next year my uni introduced the first degree rated subjects in feminism. I met the head of school in her office. Huge woman, as in big and strong, closely shaven head, king gee overalls and tattoos sitting back in her chair, chain smoking. Behind her two portraits. Mao and Lenin. Her girlfriend popped in while I was there and they were obviously a couple. I’d never met an out and proud lesbian in my life let alone a gay couple who communicated like they were married. It immediately became clear that I was entering a world that was the antithesis of what I had come from. My parents have never really got over it. Mum couldn’t brag about her ‘economist’ son anymore. Your son is doing what at uni ? Feminism ? Cosmology ? Oh. You poor thing.
      For me it was like a crack in the wall and I escaped never to return.

      1. Ha! no – i never went back either. I’m still a massive disappointment to them – even though i am happy. I’m even made to feel bad about that!

        “How can you live that crazy awful life style – no decent person lives like that!” (My partner and i travel a lot and have moved countries a few times)

        “Body therapist? Acu-what? MASSAGE??!! – ha-ha-ha!! The BOWEN technique? isn’t that a mango – don’t tell me you rub MANGOS on people*GUFFAW-GUFFAW*- and that foot poking thing? all hippy BS! ”

        This – after i helped him get rid of his sciatica (in two sessions) and my mother’s diagnosed frozen shoulder (also 2 sessions) – after years of suffering…Then i get “Aah yes – after a while, the body corrects itself – and all that medication i took must of helped in the end”

        Does this answer your question about my father’s philosophic stance on my life-choices? :-).

  11. Synchronicity is a foundational force of civilisation, It was created by the gods thousands of years ago to make shit happen without their constant input.. (I think heaven is like up to version 0M). They have most of the bugs out.
    I think we are hard wired to both allow a sychronistic series of events to unfold or put events into play and create our own synchronicity. Without it all of us would be sooo bored.

    1. Makes sense. I have a very world-weary conscience. i love art and such and people and always have this underlying feeling of wanting to uplift and inspire people and make the world better/interesting and such. But synchronicism/symbolism is mostly self-going and multiple, but can also appear in clusters. When anything gets more attention because it is the currant syncronic symbolism, I always get this awkward itch that it has to be ” balanced” out with other syncronicies or symbolism, so that the balance or dynamics of the zeitgeist or cultural/social climate doesnt get to monochrome. You have to create the things you want to see, but perhaps it’s just because I am an pbnoxious Uranian who cant follow rules or monotonous schemes

      1. World weary. Or you could say close to the point of surrender and acceptance ? I’ve always believed that the universe has a much better plan for me than I could ever map out for myself. The Synchro force is all around us waiting for us to get out of the way and just go with it. A world weary state of surrender and acceptance is an appropriate mindset for success in these times I’d say. I have that itch too.
        The problem I see is that the synchro force can be mimiced, manipulated and spawned in a way that leads to a form of consumer slavery.
        e.g The Advertising industry. It’s whole modus operandi is to create false synchronicity between products and people.
        Things go better with coke.
        It’s insidious because we get trapped in these false synchros till they fill up every space in our lives and head. That’s my definition of a zombie.

        Itch away, and remain wary of what seem like natural synchros but are carefully crafted control traps.
        And yes, balance. Or instead of balance look at it as moving towards the center of a wheel. If you can draw people away from extreme views and help them center their thoughts you will be doing people a great service. It’s the axle that drives the vehicle not the wheels.
        Trans Uranus in the 10th for me has so far been about a new appreciation of the term ‘disrupter’. Once a fairly negative tag in my field it has become a great compliment. An example would be tech savvy ‘disruptive’ youngsters like Chris Smoove running live IPtv from their bedrooms to millions of subscribers through YouTube, investment around $10k in gear and one persons time. His viewing audience global and massive Compare this to a traditional TV station that cost $100m in set up and needs 100 people’s time, and can only service a relatively small region with modest viewer no.s
        The playing field has been totally flattened as has the financial viability of the trad tv station. Destructive ? Yes, but a good destructive.

  12. That particular chapter of Women Who Run With the Wolves was always a heavy hitter for me, too. I have given away copies of that books to so many girlfriends in need of its wisdom and comfort that I can’t even remember how many times I’ve bought the paperback. It really… makes you feel like you’re not crazy in a world that constantly suggests that woman acting on her instincts = crazy, dangerous, evil, etc. Thanks Clarissa.

    I’m waiting for the synchronous part of this to reveal itself, but I did find cards on the street for the first time in my life. I always raised an eyebrow when that was mentioned on here… how often could that possibly happen? But it finally did, and these were tarot cards no less. The Empress, 9 of Wands, 5 of Wands.

    I am definitely hoping to find some kind of creative cause that I can put my weight behind — a big project. I’m hoping this is telling me about its advent.

    1. I never found cards, but once I found a copy of The Hobbit that was bound to the cover upside down. It was open to the very front (back?) and had 13 written inside. I would have left it there but it was starting to rain and would have been ruined. It was years ago.

      1. COOL! Did it turn out to mean anything, or just one of those things that stops you in your tracks for a few minutes (hours, days)?

    2. I was reading a book today at lunch that mentioned Women That Run with the Wolves, another synchronicity.
      I keep copies on hand to give away to friend’s.

  13. Wow! I love this! I’m also glad I’m not the only one experiencing similiar strange synchronicity right now.

    For the last few months, I’ve been having dreams of returning to various shrines in Japan that I visited over 10 years ago. I haven’t thought so much of Japan after I lived there, a little bit of nostalgia here and there, but nothing more than doting upon it like you would of a good memory.

    But recently, some sort of strong intensity came over, like my mind was telling me I not just needed to go, but I MUST go back. The dreams were so strong I would cry, like I knew an old friend was calling for my help and I couldn’t get to them in time.

    Just hours after this particularly strong dream, I received approval from my work study to exchange some credits I had earned, but they could only be exchange for Reiki attunements and courses. Seeing this as an omen for my new beginning in healing work and its immediate Japanese reference, I went through the courses. Throughout this process, a floodgate of Japan and Japanese references in my daily life poured open. An authentic, Tokyo-fast-food-udon Japanese restaurant opened on my street. My husband was rehearsing for a concert and decided to play me a cover of John Mayer’s Walt Grace’s Submarine Test (I never heard the song before), and one of the lyrics is, “The operator connected the call from Tokyo”. We both laughed as soon as those lyrics came out of his mouth. When I shared this story with one of my coworkers, she said, “You know we are having a staff outing next week to Japanese-owned hot springs, yeah? And, you know I know some art therapists (I am an art therapist, sidenote) in Tokyo that do similar work to yours. I should connect you!”

    It’s time for me to connect my call to Tokyo, apparently. I don’t know how I will get the $$, but I put it out to the Universe that if this is some sort of heed to the call, there will be a way for me to go back on some sort of dime because apparently Japan needs me!

    1. do you enjoy art therapy? how does the work shape up for you / for an art therapist in general? professional curiosity here. x

      1. Pi, I love it! The work is a beautiful puzzle. I feel like I am cracking the genome sequence of the spirit, of the creative and ever working unconscious with each work of art that my clients create. I’m not sure where you are based, but here in the US, art therapists can work in many different settings, including in education. I work with special needs students in public schools and in the summers when school is out of session, I work with adolescents who are trasitioning back into their homes after serving sentences in prison. It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done; but, I feel like I play this too safe. I think there’s some big next step, and maybe it’s in a faraway land!

      1. Thank you, akapluto! My Saturn return just began (it will be ON once it crosses into my natal 10th house, but right now it crossed my 9th, just shy of my MidHeaven – both are occupied by Sagittarius – I’ve also got natal Uranus in the 10th in Sag). So, I guess it’s really driving home the whole global travel thing.

        I need to update this to say that I am writing these comments after announcing to my husband that I was retiring to my side of our shared workroom to write some emails (including following up to some comments here, but I did not mention this, nor does he know I posted here earlier this morning) and he merely said, “No problem. Do you mind if I play a record from this weird punk Japanese band from the 60s?” UHHHHHHHH. HELLO.

        Yeah, so Japan.

        I guess that’s Saturn doin’ his thang in my 9th house Sag on my MC! Ahhhhh!

        As my Libra Sun Aries Rising BFF says, “This is the part where the hero is scared of “The Call”, do not ignore ‘The Call’!!”

          1. standing by indeed!

            an update to this story: last night I received an email via my uni alumni list with the title: “spend a summer in Japan”

            … currently starting the application process!!

            I hope there is a way to the will for you, akaPluto!!! it’s coming in unexpected places Im sure!!

  14. I saw my mother last night & she had to tell me about this movie she’s been watching called The Red Tent, which made me think of scorpio Margaret Atwood & her numerous nods to red, and then I come here after some sleep & see this post. Also, I wake to see that the lights on the top third of my painstakingly decorated solstice tree have burned out, also causing me to see red. *shakes fist at tree* I was once an aspiring ballerina, now I’m just a Nutcracker, sugar plums.

  15. WOW… loved this story. I could probably create some synchronicity but the story here is very clear that something was being brought to you.

    Thanks for sharing! I completely understand!!


  16. Synchronicity has been nutty for me in a totally mundane, practical way- could be that Pluto is transiting my 2nd? Or just that I’m a heavy 2nd houser?

    Anyway throughout the last few years of the zap zone I keep manifesting material things that I need…

    Today just built up a major fantasy of the exact bike I want (Surly Crosscheck) and lo and behold I see one stored in the basement at my co-op and realize it’s been there since I moved in in April…hasn’t moved at all and it’s my size! I’m going to seek out the owner and see if I can buy it…it’s a major price tag for one of them new!

    Ok I know it’s boring but I said it was mundane, ok?

    I bike for a living, this is like, the most exciting prospect in a while.

    Maybe next manifest some moneys?

      1. One time I even manifested a boyfriend- I shit you not.

        But seeing how that turned out I’m a bit more cautious about bringing a shit load of problems- er- I mean a relationship into my life quite yet…

        I was on a real manifestation bender in the beginning of the ZZ, so I thought, “Hell, I’ll conjure up a boy! I want an ARIES (love me an Aries), who’s nice, who wants to actually date me…”

        Within a week I did indeed get together with a boy…who was an Aries, and was nice, and did become an actual boyfriend…but he was a lot of other things, too. Things that did not work out, hahah!

        1. I manifested a love interest more than once. It was like the universe laughing at me, pointing and saying “ha ha! You think you know what you want!!!”

          Good luck with the bike! Sounds like it needs to be yours.

          1. I just did that with this cap. The oracle told me to, so I stopped everything and made a very specific list of personality, lifestyle, spiritual, and work attributes. And physical- I said 6’5″, black hair, blue eyes, other stuff. And with great taste and not boring, cause the last time I did it the universe sent me the Very Boring Taurus. Hilarious universe joke.
            The next day the cap appeared, having every single chatecteristic I’d named, except the blue eyes. There’s always something. We are at finishing each other’s sentences level already. This magick is so easy that it’s imperative to use it responsibly!

          2. Manifesting a relationship is sticky business. If you haven’t learned all your lessons you’ll ask for something without your REAL needs in mind. And that is just another lesson…

            I kept coming up with all these attributes and actually finding them but I left out the part where they accept me for who I am because I don’t exactly practice the best self acceptance.

            Try all you want, without self esteem and boundaries you can’t have a good relationship…just a great person who’s probably unavailable or tragically flawed and reflecting all your insecurities…

              1. 12th house virgo

                Kind of. Ask yourself, what do you really want? And pursue the feeling relentlessly. Like, not as a mental mantra, but as an energy-feeling thing. Let yourself be surprised by what you want and keep on until you think you’ve found the feeling-thing you’ve searched for. And the universe will give you the thing you think is the feeling. And, often, for me at least, the thing it gives is a joke. Because if you can imagine a feeling, you feel it. And its manifest just in the asking. The thing is an echo.

                1. what’s the difference between that and just fantasizing or daydreaming about what I want? I already do too much of that as it is, hope I am not being obtuse

                2. 12th house virgo

                  It’s energy pres ce. The difference between actively researching versus watching tv. Inquiry

                3. Fantasizing and wishing will
                  Manifest as the experience of wishing and longing. You have to believe 100% that it is already done. -hd

          1. I manifested the last three houses I’ve lived in.
            Specified how much I wanted to pay, sunny, nice neighbours, wooden floor boards, storage etc. what ever details are important to you.
            I drew a simple picture of what I wanted and looked at it every so often, gave it good energy.
            So each time I’ve moved, it was the first and only house I looked at, and I walk in and go, yep this is the one!
            Pictures work well for me as I’m highly visual, but you could do words.
            How long it takes to happen may be connected to how strong your belief is that it will come, and also recognising when it does

  17. Year of the Phoenix

    I was shaken yesterday finding out my cas job has fallen through after being laid off my fulltime job ( I didn’t enjoy) this increases my chances of meeting the requirements to get government assistance to launch my own biz – even the woman interviewing me said “I guess the universe has made the decision for you” if I had started I would have too much money….

    I had to give the Realestate notice I will have to break the lease – they were going to tell me that the owners sister will be taking it over so they wouldn’t be renewing. Fingers crossed she wants to do this soon cause I will have to pay rent til end of January – come in synchronicity!

    1. wow, I shit you not, took a breath & opened to a random page, 267:
      “As she whirls into a churchyard…the spirit pronounces this curse over her: You shall dance in your red shoes until you become like a wraith, like a ghost, till your skin hangs from your bones…Dance red shoes, you shall dance.”

      this in the context of dancing without joy or freedom. earlier I pulled an oracle answer for what is holding me back right now, & it said sumthing to the effect of: “deep down, you don’t believe it can happen. you will want to shift this mindset.” which to me seems spot on–the shadow side of dancing, dancing without joy, is keeping on, keeping on without real faith.

      what it takes for us to believe! & dance! & see & hear with our Third Eyes & Third (Inner) Ears xx

  18. I was looking for stock photos tonight to use on a website – mostly computers and business stuff. One photo came up unexpectedly of a woman’s feet in glittery red high heels, and I thought, “Oh, ruby slippers!” Now I read this post – guess I should look for the Red Shoes too?

  19. What an awesome post! Thanks for sharing Anchors Away and Mystic. Inspiring. Oh and on the subject of synchronicity (and dreams, coincidence etc), I can recommend The Three Only Things by Robert Moss. Really good read. Happy almost exact ZZ everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ X

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