Solar Max & Lunar Max Are Here

Is the Moon in the right place? It looks weird…

I’ve been asked this a few times lately and while it seems ostensibly daffy, the question comes from observation. La Luna is literally all over the place this year and next because we’re at Lunar Maximum aka a Major Lunar Standstill.

If this sounds familiar, yes we are also approaching Solar Maximum and the two don’t normally coincide – see below – so it’s kind of cool.

At Lunar Maximum, the Moon oscillates to extreme declinations (like latitudes) so one week it’s ultra high in the sky, the next super low, rising and setting at the very ends of it’s possible range.  For the next 18 months, the Moon will be out of bounds* for at least a quarter of the month.

It swings high, it swings low and in many cases will track out of the zodiac constellations and through the bordering star realms – Corvus (the Raven) Ophichius, Sextans, the Magician Orion, Auriga the Charioteer and Sea Witch Cetus.

The oscillating in itself is connected with unpredictable political swings and stockmarket volatility – the Moon moves tides and public mood. I think many of us are at some form of psychic high tide and maybe a volatile stock market is better than a fully gamed one or something kept alive by artificial stimulus.

Lunar Max occurs every 18.6 years and like Eclipses, it’s tied into the Moon’s Nodes: Maximum is when the North Node is in Aries, approaching Zero and Minimum is when the North Node is approaching Zero of Libra.

This is fascinating as Lunar Max is nicknamed “hilly” by astronomers, in comparison to the peaceful plateau of the Lunar Minimum/North Node in Libra phase. Did this inform our concept of these zodiac signs?

Also, if you look at the table I whipped up below, you will see that for the last century at least, the 18.6 Lunar Cycles and the every 11 year (ish) Solar Maximum cycles haven’t coincided but now they are!  The last time that they converged was in 1894.

Can any history buffs amongst you comment on trends from this era 130 years compared to now?

Solar & Lunar Maximum remind us that we exist in a thriving, incomprehensibly complex galactic ecosystem, moved by forces we sense with or without the documentation from astrophysicists and other scientists.

I know there are good reasons for the split between science and magic – it arose in the wake of a terrifying system that would put scientists to death for their explorations or hypotheses.

Even so, the more we learn about the literally awe-inspiring rhythm and vastness of the stellar realms, the more difficult it is to perceive it all without a metaphysical framework.

In the latest revelation, the clouds on Neptune are influenced by the Solar Minimum-to-Max cycle, which is in itself tied into a multitude of other cycles.

And as I’ve said before, we went for years with the chief cynics on everything airily scoffing at the idea that “the stars” could impact anyone here on earth but they’re been much quieter since the realizations that Earth is in fact in a constant interplay between solar winds, geomagnetism and cosmic rays.

The Tuesday Daily Mystic Email/Update will feature my thoughts on how this will impact people on a personal level but in the meantime, what do you think?

*”Out of bounds” sounds like something you would have gotten school detention for but it refers to the Moon or a planet moving North or South beyond the 23.25° “border” of the Ecliptic aka Sun’s path. Generally speaking the Moon or planet (it’s never the Sun or Nodes) is thought to express itself in a more extreme fashion if it’s out of bound but really, the phenom needs more study + data! Read more here.

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  1. Also just apprapo of nothing I have Lillith conjunct Pluto at the moment and boy am I having a tough time. Can anyone relate to this? Pluto is also opposing my Sun Uranus conjunction.

  2. Well, not sure if this has anything to do with it but…at 5.00 am today I saw a large UFO, or maybe it was a man made thing, travelling across Mosman in Sydney towards the ocean. Very large series of circular shining shapes like stars all joined together in a long line moving at the speed of an aircaft. I watched it for about 3 minutes slowly move out of sight. Took my breath away. I have the North node conjunct the Galactic Centre and have witnessed some pretty out of this world phenomena in my time. Has anyone else seen anything lately?

  3. The customers at work (students) are restless and “literally all over the place this year”.
    I find it hard to even visualise them as calm. They are very sensitive to the overwrought/frazzled energy of some other students but try ever so hard to be stable. But the fabulous language from their mouths…I must have manifested that, I just thought that exact thing, that reminds me of my [insert their favourite relative], I am a Taurus with ??rising what are you? I had the weirdest vivid dream last night. The list goes on. I, personally, am sick of “my bad” though!
    I often think I would love them to all present their charts with transits as title pages at the beginning of the year.

  4. We are headed for some cultural turbulence that’s going to reverberate through all facets of our life, mind, body & spirit. Solar Maximum effects can already be felt and it’s time to care for our bodies now now to avoid unnecessary health effects in 2024! To think we’ve had nodal axis change, we are headed for Pluto moving out of retrograde and back into Aquarius AND reaching solar maximum that’s already stronger than the peak of the last cycle in 2011 is something the cynics will not be able to ignore! You only have to look to the volatility of the temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere to see it’s already effecting natural cycles so why wouldn’t it influence or own energetic impulses (frequencies)??? The cycle changes are real and will affect every living organism and experience willing or not. I always say, you should make the changes needed to the areas of your life that are in turmoil before the universe intervenes and makes/forces the changes for you…. you wouldn’t like that lol. 
    We’ve ignored the magnificence of the universe and its ancient powers for too long, living in a sleep state and easily controlled, programmed and given the illusion of choice like that equals freedom. WAKEUP 📢📢📢📢
    I didn’t know about the Lunar standstill Mystic, which does make sense since there has been an axis shift. You’ve always been a trusted source and guide for us all Mystic, THANKYOU 🤍
    Wow. Staying hydrated, balanced and caring for the state of your world has never been so important! 2024 needs a major warning or disclaimer on the news (I mean TikTok 😂) starting now lol. 

    1. The poles shifted? Thank you for these thoughts and yes! I think we need to expand our climate thinking beyond carbon – astrophysicists need to be in the conversation and the new tech developed even in the last five years has changed everything. Chat GPT is a bore imho but the quantum computers crunching crazy amounts of data – the computers themselves running essentially on dark matter – that is fascinating.

      1. Ditto about the bots – thank you for your thoughts on this.

        I’m researching and writing daily about various changes, a lot of filler and filtering is required.

        I remain hopeful that’s to increase in meds to be better equipped to cope with the economic and political challenges.

        Personal data still remains the key to our sovereignty and a prospect that should be the highest priority for all.

      2. Ooooo my apologies Mystic – I was using that terminology in the context of Evolutionary Astrology as written by Mark Green, that views the lunar nodes as part of the Evolutionary axis. A concept that has currently blown up my whole brain and consumed all my thoughts lol. Not to be an alarmist that we have shifted out of our delicate axis, even though some of our increasing climate issues can be attributed to this change lol. 
        Haha ChatGPT feels extremely basic I agree! The whole AI panic I feel is being driven by the media/tech who have been utilizing this technology for their own advancements for some years now! The true power of the universe never appears in the larger media channels for a reason and it’s not due to lack of interest or understanding! The power of dark energy is hidden from common knowledge or consumption to keep us purposely in the dark (that pun was necessary lol)….. is there a way to get astrophysics out of the back channel media and into the conversation??? Throw an influencer on the topic and make a hashtag or dance and we are there 😂
        I have so many high hopes (currently unrealized) for the Pluto in Aqua era……

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes it is important to look after the basics, good food, sleep and hydration. Stay grounded and avoid negative media and social media especially if you are sensitive like me.

  5. Hmm. Apparently there were 8 or 9 wars taking place here and there, across the ’90s.. then also the fin de siècle vibe, apparently also Australia was going through an economic depression? The colonial world in general was a bit beleaguered (good). America fought Spain for the Philippines and won, though, and managed to keep that lovely archipelago underfoot for a while it seems. Have I zoomed out too far on the timeline?

    It looks like there was political-economic crisis around currency (LOL), (the gold standard was creating problems) and who got to manufacture it, and downstream impacts on e.g. farmers, moneymakers etc.

    British purse strings were tighter and Australia copped it too, does any of the quote below sound familiar?

    “The depression, which saw real GDP fall 17 per cent over 1892 and 1893, and the accompanying financial crisis, which reached a peak in 1893, were the most severe in Australia’s history. The overextension of the 1880s property boom and its unravelling led to an abrupt collapse of private investment in the pastoral industry and urban development and a sharp pullback in public infrastructure investment. A fall-off in capital inflow from Britain, adverse movements in the terms of trade and drought in 1895 accentuated and prolonged the depression.”

    So if it comes down to lunar “security of the people” then I guess they weren’t very.. secure at that point?

    High Noon Moon shining a double spotlight.

    (Sources : Wikipedia, reserve bank of Oz)

    1. My edit timed out. Can I add this bit.

      Apparently American farmers made a solid attempt at creating a “silver standard” which is sort of elementally interesting, as far as the sun and moon go

      also a feminist short story called “the dream of an hour ” by Kate Chopin was published on American Vogue, which looks like it attracted a lot of academic analysis too. She had to kill off her protagonist so that it could get published. (No good feminist concept goes unpunished?) The OED first included the word “feminism” in 1895 – the British government gave married and single women the right to vote in local elections in 1894. (The suffragettes work was still far from done of course)

      Sorry if this is all a bit long or prosaic it’s the only interesting thing on my train ride.. Although maybe themes like gold, who gets to create (and have) money, “the people” etc is sun-moon themed after all? )

      1. I love this – the thought flow, not the fact that US Vogue thought a short story would go better with the protagonist’s demise. That’s nuts! I always think if Thelma and Louise had been guys the movie wouldn’t have ended with them going over the cliff and Harvey Keitel emoting – sure they would have gone over but then it would cut to their secret exile hideaway where they were dancing around with Margaritas and Magic Mike types.

        And frankly if it had been a guy in the Alien movies, the series would not have ended with him killing his clone self or whatever it was- he’d have been getting the presidential medal with Ode to Joy playing and Marines saluting, rescued kids and cats around him, perhaps winking at a cute space commander to line up the next installation’s love interest.

        The silver standard is fascinating – I really want to get a coin press and make coins but pretty sure I’d manage to get molten copper into pesto or something.
        I’ve had a couple of super erudite clients – who don’t know one another – saying they think BRICS is going to pull some sort of over the top stunt, which is interesting as I think it’s just started.

        1. Oh wow I hadn’t even thought about the Thelma and Louise parallels (and others now I think about it)
          Subtext: “as long as they don’t get away with it (i.e. emancipation), we’ll support the story”

        2. Also brics – it’s not unlikely surely? I mean two of the biggest ones are next door neighbours. They’d at least be talking over the back fence by now..

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    Mmmm the clouds on Neptune are influenced by the solar cycle. Neptune is my ruling planet, have any fish folk noticed this? Sometimes I felt clouded over as opposed to fog, lol.
    This upcoming Pisces Full Moon will be on my Ascendant. 🙂
    And with Venus, Mercury and Ceres in Kataka I feel the moon. Also Gemini Sun 4th house.

    Interesting times !

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Dear quintile, thats alot of Pisces you have. I just got a mix of Bach flower remedies to prepare for this moon.

        How is life for you?

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    La Luna, isn’t she beautiful !

    Thanks for this post, I thought she was all over the place lately. Now I know why?

  8. Okay, my first thought for 1894 is Trilby, and Trilbymania, a major bestselling novel and accompanying marketing craze for everything from tie-in stockings to toothpaste. Trilby is a poor and ignorant but noble young Irish woman who works as an artist’s figure model in Bohemian Paris – and later becomes a world famous renowned beautiful (yet strangely troubled) singer, after she is taken under the scary, hypnotic tutelage of Svengali (the name is from that).

    George du Mairier, the novelist, who also made the popular accompanying illustrations, was (wouldn’t you know it) a Pisces, and must have been feeling the solar and lunar high tide as a big creative zap. He wrote the novel for serialization over the course of most of 1894 and it was his main, most popular, and best work of art.

  9. A respected astrologer told me my Venus is out of bounds natally (21 Sag, way ahead of my 5-degree Scorp sun). I’d love to know more about what that means, as it’s my ruling planet.

    1. Ah, fascinating—I have my Venus right by yours, at 23 Sagg (and loosely conj Saturn at 18 Sagg, very much in bounds, and Uranus at 25, characteristically out of them) and am interested in this too.

      1. FYI out of bounds actually refers to declination, which is similar to latitude where as comparing a 5 Scorpio Sun to a 21 Sagittarius Venus is referencing ecliptic longitude.

        Take Bjork for example – her Venus is at 15 Capricorn but it’s out of bounds as the declination is 25.49 South.

        Let’s say a person had their Venus at 1 Gemini, it would not make any major aspects to Bjork’s Venus BUT if it was Venus at 1Gemini and also 25.49 South or North it would be a parallel or a contraparallel – it’s similar to latitude and longitude but in space.

  10. FROM A WOMEN’S PERSPECTIVE: major victory and historical event September 1893 women achieved the right to vote in NZ. Then 18 December 1894 the South Australian Parliament passed the Constitutional Amendment (Adult Suffrage) Act. The topic had been in debate for a long time, but very heated debate for the decade prior. Australia and NZ were world leaders on the topic and it was not until 1928 that USA followed suit.

    From a stock market/ economy perspective. USA and Australia were in depression. Once again started in late 1893 but settled in 1894. In Australia resulted in housing crisis and huge social problems. Some of the events of this era coincided with the move to the Federation of Australia and the congress for the writing of the new Constitution. It all influenced certain concepts that were being baked into the Australian Constitution.

    1. if you want to see the parallels of banking collapse, environmental factors, immigration and balance of payment dysfunction in USA and UK in 1894 and the similarities with now, read this paper from the reserve bank. The paper was not written as a comparison with now, but the factors they raise seem very relevant with now. Thanks for drawing the links with 1894 very interesting

      1. Well actually there are other links between that era and now! If I have time I will check my notes but from memory, Neptune was conjunct Pluto in Gemini just before 1894. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto all activate that point in the next few years and it’s linked by an Eclipse cycle as well.

        I think I mentioned this in my turbulent times piece or one of the financial posts but The Land Boomers – about the Australian gold rush, property bubble and crash that followed but applies broadly to USA, Canada + NZ as well – is spooky as parts of read as if they could have been written now.

        1. Thank you for making those connections, I will have to go back and look at your post on the land boomers. It seems like history does have interesting patterns. Also if you are talking neptune pluto stuff Huxley was born that year. He always had that Neptunian element about him.

    2. Ah, fascinating! I didn’t know this about Australia and NZ’s history but am so glad to.
      Interestingly, in the US, it was Western states like Wyonming and Utah (late 1860s, early 1870s), and then Colorado and Idaho in the 1890s, that first legalized women’s right to vote. So even though the famous women suffrage conventions/writings originated out of Massachusetts and New York State, like Seneca Falls, it was these more frontiersy places that were the first ones to follow through on women’s voting rights; I’ve heard the theory that the frontier fostered more egalitarianism — and I also assume that the low population in these places (of white settlers, that is) made the ridiculousness of denying half of the population the right to vote more obvious than it may have seemed in the populated Eastern seaboard.

      Interesting stuff—and look forward to accompany tables and charts from the MM Astrology Lab Institute checking economic crashes, political breakthroughs, weird weather, and dramatic love affairs alongside the solar and lunar maximums.

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