There May Be 23 Sun Signs Not 12

Technically, there are 23 ‘Sun Signs’ – so hello, you may not be the sign you think you are.

The Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac use the classic 12 signs, divided into 30° increments. (For a more extensive explanation of zodiac methodology, see my Is There Really A 13th Sign of The Zodiac? post.)

But there are 11 other constellations bordering the ecliptic – aka path of the Sun – and yes the Sun moves through them at certain times of the year. So why aren’t they all used?

Well, I wouldn’t do 23 sign horoscopes so spare a prayer for ye olde astrologers who had to scritch out their findings in laboriously acquired ink on parchment. The Babylonians used 18 constellations but they were a magic-first society – they had astrology temples and metaphysical workers were tax-exempt.

So there is that but I think the 12 sign scenario is also geometrically and numerologically satisfying. It is an easier elemental and seasonal flow. If, instead of arbitrary boundaries, you go with the legit data of where the Sun is, it’s a less orderly picture. It’s also real, kind of funky and could help you scale up your  Sun sign banter.

So, what sign are you?

(March 19 to April 1)

The Sea Monster: Often ‘othered’ by society or looked at askance because of their powerful instinctive nature, Cetus people trust chaos more than order. They like mystery, primordial magic and undercurrents.

(April 1 to April 19)

The Twin Fish: Other-worldly and stagnation-averse, Pisceans have a naturally surreal consciousness. Just as there are people who ‘don’t believe in magic’ – Pisces people don’t believe in mundanity.

(April 20 to May 15)

The Ram: Aries people are forthright and heroic by nature. Their go-to response for most dilemmas is to speed up but it’s surprisingly effective. Their positivity makes up for any modesty deficits.

(May 15 to May 28)

The Seven Sisters: Technically a star cluster within Taurus, the Pleiades is a breakaway hit sensation – as well known as any consellation. Pleaides people are talented, well-connected and more complex than they let on.

(May 28 to June 8)

The Bull: Obstinate, sensual and tapped into the tree matrix, Taureans have hearty physical appetites. They would prefer to abide by an organic rhythm but, in the 21st Century, it’s harder to pick up on.

(June 8 to June 16)

The Charioteer: Auriga people are the kings and queens of DIY. They have a maker’s mindset and – often – innate engineering acumen. They loathe rote learning and can be stern with people they view as inept.

(June 16 to June 30)

The Magician: Orion people have a startling facility with words, information and cryptography. They’re fluid-minded, eloquent solutions divas who, nonetheless, have a very strange relationship with time.

(June 30 to July 21)

The Twins: Worldy and almost supernaturally well-informed, Geminis are renowned for their quick wit, less so their amorality. But it’s not personal – they flip between different mindsets and takes on things.

(July 21 to August 8)

The Scarab: Natural mystic visionaries with a knack for devising meaningful rituals, Cancerians are often misunderstood. They’re able to access deep memory banks, ancestral and so on, which can inspire odd quirks.

(August 8 to August 15)

The Sea Snake: Hydra people know magic and they’re not afraid to use it. Their serene self-composure can conceal sharp-edged secrets, a vengeful nature or any number of vendettas but they’re potent allies when onside.

(August 15 to August 31)

The Lion: Leos draw attention and have a penchant for drama, performance, design and big-story narratives. They can be pompous or exhaust less robust people but their glamor and generosity usually wins out.

(August 31 to September 10)

The Sextant: This sign has a special gift for measuring, assessing, coding and translating complex metrics. Usually benevolent characters, Sextans people can short-circuit in the face of illogical emotion.

(September 10 to Sept 30)

The Chalice: Crater people often have a particular asset that generates an abundance of whatever they want: they’re also good confidantes. This, along with self-delusion, can see them duped by unscrupulous types.

(September 30 to October 10)

The Raven: Whip-smart, psychic and distrustful of organized anything, Raven people prefer the periphery. Their prickly and aloof nature prevents over-familiarity and secures solitude or an extremely tight inner circle.

(October 10 to October 31)

The Virago: Virgos pride themselves on doing what is correct, regardless of who’s watching. Their virtue is not a signal – it’s a philosophy: they will fight for accuracy.  They can be exacting but mostly toward themselves.

(October 31 to November 22)

The Scales: Skilled diplomats, legal advisors and bringers of harmony in any realm, Librans strive for equilibrium. They routinely annoy those who want them to be more one-sided (less dispassionate) but their poise not a pose.

(November 22 to December 5)

The Scorpion: Scorpios are extremophiles who thrive in high-intensity situations and like to investigate the true nature of things or people. They’re human catalysts with an intense presence that can be confronting for some.

(December 5 to December 12)

The Shaman: Ophiuchus people are transcendental by nature, sometimes more aware of alt-dimensions than ‘normality.’ They often have healing abilities but can be naive regarding worldly demands or material comforts.

(December 12 to January 13)

The Centaur: Sagittarians are sagacious and candid: their aim is always true or at least, it aspires to be. Truly a dual sign, they can alternate between being incredibly high-minded and evasive party-animals.

(January 13 to January 23)

The Eagle: Sharp-minded and strategic yet sometimes ruthless, Aquila people are energized by goals and leadership responsibilities. Their love of high places inspires an interest in power and/or luxurious eyries.

(January 23 to February 17)

The Sea-Goat: Capricorns tap into old world magic and contemporary realism. Born frugal, they’re cash-canny and good at growing things. As they only trust time-tested wisdom, they can alienate flightier characters.

(February 17 to March 7)

The Water-Bearer: the ‘water’ in the Aquarian jug is more akin to promethean fire or lightning bolt infused pranic potion. Aquarius people live for invention and progressive concepts: they can be brusque with people they think are dull.

(March 7 to March 19)

The Winged Horse: Pegasus people are fabulists – they love art, beauty, pleasure and magic. Imaginative beyond belief, it’s vital that they have a well-delineated creative outlet. Without they can use their undeniable for charms for ill ends.

Note: the Moon and planets stray into far more constellations. The Galactic Reports I did recently revealed several cases of – for example – Pluto in Bootes (home to the iconic Arcturus) or Venus in Serpens. It adds a whole extra dimension to interpretations.

These have to be calculated individually but the Sun sweeps around same path year after year we can deduce your ‘sun sign’ by date alone. However, just to be absolutely clear, I’m not adding these in to Horoscopes. I find the Tropical zodiac brilliant for horoscoping, the Sidereal and Trop for analysis.

These are for interest only. So what do you think of your new Sun sign? 

33 thoughts on “There May Be 23 Sun Signs Not 12”

  1. Quick question. If my Sun is intercepted in Virgo, will it still be if it’s in a border sign (crater)? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. Also curious of your take on intercepted planets in general.

    1. Hi ELM,
      I found the MM – Astral Side DNA report (it moved my Sun and other planets about). Gave me a deeper and clearer understand of myself. As I’m perplexed at times by certain aspects in my natal chart.

      Curious by nature is always something to foster. Apologies for being able to directly astrologically answer your question.

  2. Cetus yes, iv always known that my sun fell in these stars, aswell as my Venus, and I love that primordial, subterranean vibe. Theres other things that I have in chart that synch with this deep ocean creature energy (Cetu & Medusa on ASC, Sirene conj moon opposite Sedna) and I love it, Otherwordly magic *
    thanx Mystic xx

  3. Who here is happy being a Crater? Thanks for dressing it up in “chalice” tho. I don’t feel like a simple-minded generator of wealth. 🤣

    1. Also it’s weird because I named a fictional character “the Kyrian” which was unintentionally related to Greek root for mixing vessel. And one of the stars in the constellation is named after a Mayan twin God and I dreamed of them back in August, with no conscious foreknowledge. Wheee!

  4. I’m a Pegasus. “it’s vital that they have a well-delineated creative outlet.” Makes so much sense. I am found this out the hard way.

  5. Yes! Cancer, the Scarab. Love a ritual, any moon will do, as long as it’s darkness over Gotham. 25th July 1 degree sun Leo, stellium Cancer.
    Glad we’ve evolved Mystic and you’re not writing on the old parchments with ink stains on your robes.

  6. Love it. So this usually Gemini Sun falls into the tree loving Bull.

    There is something more spacious and true about this system.

  7. Born frugal, they’re cash-canny and good at growing things. As they only trust time-tested wisdom, they can alienate flightier characters.”

    I’m sorry but this theory has just been debunked by my transaction history in my bank account 😆

  8. Brilliant! Being now a Libra in the 23 (Scorpio in 12) allows me to connect with my need for harmony. Amazing, well done!!

  9. With this, a Cancerian, which makes sense in lots of ways already.. my Leo Sun is always pulling to my Mercury/Venus/Saturn in Cancer stellium. My honey bear is now a Taurus according to this, which, fine. I love Taurean men on the screen if not real life (12th House is Taurus ruled). Kataka boy becomes Gem, which is a big no personality-wise, he is so Kataka as to taka the Ka outta Kancer. The Autie Cap becomes Aquila, he is a hedonist who loves luxury foods (tick), swings (tick to high places?) & cuddles. As an Aquilan he directs his power drive by using minimal language in asserting dominance through an admixture of charm, smiles, silence and movie scripts, p’raps!

  10. Definately real..I am an absolute maxed extremo especially with power and justice so yes both make complete sense The Scales and The Scorpion..Great Post MM..💚💚

  11. Watched my progressed moon join up with transit pluto this week in what I’m seeing is Sagittarius. There is no partying happening. Someone put me somewhere partyful.

  12. Ophiuchus does seem to connect but so does the Centaur in the duality aspect or did in the past when i would stop partying to read Alice Bailey.

  13. This may be your most important post this year (so far!!) Mystic! I’ve never felt comfortable with the Leo sign (12 Aug bday) because I’ve never leaned toward the big scene stealing, dramatic woman vibe with a huge mane (I do have that tho lol). It was an uncomfortable fit, like a pair of ill fitted shoes 👠….
    Magic is definitely the mode I operate out of, and as I’ve opened myself up to the universe the more it’s began to talk back to me and share her secrets. This year has been nothing short of magical.
    Hydra is my new sign and that’s just it! 

  14. Hyrda – makes sense . My brother is an Aries – nothing like a Taurus. My crab isn’t a crab he’s a Gemini – it fits!!!!

  15. The Lion & The Centaur

    Checking my sidereal scope gave me an identity crisis. I went from Triple Fire to Triple Water but IT MADE SO MUCH SENSE. I like to hide from view, I’m moody and paranoid. Well, Leos have rollercoaster emotions and like to guard their public image & Sagg Moons and Risings are known to spend long periods of time alone in nature. But if I’m really a Cancer with Moon & Asc in Scorpio this would just make so much more sense?

  16. I don’t know how to feel about this as a natal libra being foisted in virgo. While its correct HA! I still do an awful lot of sitting with my thoughts and indeed, weighing what feels best. I also rather flippantly wander the passion route as my rising is Aries.

  17. Mystic, this makes so much sense to me. This new information makes me a Sagittarius which I must say I identify with much more than being a Capricorn. My partner just yesterday said jokingly I was doing woo-woo “Capricorn” not the other (Where is your empire?) A friend of mine who moves to Aquila under this system is also so apt. She has established her Spa practice on a mountain top. And my mother a Scorpio? Well, of course, why would I ever doubt that! This may also explain why Pluto transits to the sun sign don’t “seem” to change the person in any noticeable way. This has always puzzled me.

  18. Interresting! I grew up in the North of norway next to mountains called the seven sisters ( my would be sun sign), and i love crows ( the closest i get to ravens here) ( my would be rising sign) Its description is spot on. There are a lot of crows here, i try to feed them on saturdays as they are the bord of Saturn ( Odins is the raven, so maybe i should feed them on wednesdays too) and a local artist is making very neat paintings of crows in odd places in the streets. I like that

  19. I love this! Adoring your amazing and insightful data!! This is eye opening and riveting to muse on. I am a Crater sun. I don’t discuss my assets (; as for the rest I take with a grain of salt and apply it to the wound of being elaborately gullible in the past, as needed. I, like Pisces, (Vedic moon and rising) do not believe in mundanity, yet as it were some things and some people are in fact not as change adept or mentally gymnastically fluid as I am. I am charming and easily charmed. I do get what I want, Spirit willing, yet opulence attracts friends of alll kinds . So I’m learning protective shielding techniques

  20. It is tickling me that the big love story of my life, between me, an Aquarius, and him, a Scorpio–fixed signs, stubborn, singular, he’s passionate, I’m breezy and emotionless until he enters the picture, we’re both independent and unknowable to anyone but each other, blah blah blah–is actually, by these measurements, a very inefficiently run Earth sign operation between the least-grounded Cap girl and Virgo man to ever exist <3

  21. This is fascinating, Mystic! I am 29 June – and there is nothing shown between 20 and 30 June. Should Orion extend until June 30, or is there a missing section?

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