Cosmic Interventions

Divine – or cosmic – intervention is more common than many people realize. How many times have you benefitted from a distinct prompt or warning that has no ‘logical’ explanation? We don’t talk about it as much as we probably should, perhaps because the “hearing of voices” has been associated with mental illness in the past and we don’t want to seem unstable?

Even so, this anecdote, my experiences and those recounted in the comments reflect a distinctly magical phenom. Even if we say it’s not at all out-there but a version of our intuition, shouldn’t society be doing more to develop these gifts in individuals?

Hello Mystic!

You’re my all time favourite astrologer, I have all your books and read your site every 10 mins lol. I wanted to share a story of what happened to me this afternoon. In Canada (Ontario) it is election day. I had decided to go and vote and found my district poll location. After voting I went to the parking lot to walk back to my car.

I noticed an older woman trying to back out of her spot and she was seeming to have some difficulty. She ended up hitting the brick wall behind her, then abruptly slam on the gas (which I presume she thought was the brake) and jolted like a bat out of hell thru the parking lot.

She hit the cars and then quickly squealed her tires. I was walking in front of her and was in her direction. I heard a “MOVE NOW” although the only other person in the parking lot would have been out of earshot. I quickly darted to the side narrowly missing being hit by this car by half an inch. She proceeded to continue revving and hit an knocked over an entire chain-link fence and drove into someone’s back yard.

My entire body froze; I’ve never been a witness to an accident. People ran out and called 911. Luckily she barely had a scratch, and I was still alive.

That voice, I believe, was my mother who had died 2 years ago and is hilariously present in my life (and my home lol) and the driver? Her husband had recently passed away. She was admittedly shaken up and didn’t even remember what had happened. We hugged and just said “touched by an angel!”

I should also mention I’m a practicing astrologer myself and was prepping for my class tonight teaching my students on the power of Full Moons + Merc Retro. Looks like I have my material already! Thought you’d appreciate this story.

Sending love + light.
With Gratitude, StephanieΒ 

Ps my Mars is in Sag, so naturally after my near death experience a lotus tattoo was a must.

WOW Stephanie – I love stories like this. You definitely have some excellent material for your class. And I have had this sort of thing happen a few times to me although I have NO idea whose voice it is.

Once I was picking up this massive saucepan full of boiling water and pasta, ready to walk across the kitchen with it and I heard this voice (like an African-American cop voice) say “cooking can be dangerous.”

I was SO startled I put the pot down and as I did, the handles came off it. It would have been a massive burn scenario,

The other time I was in this taxi for five seconds and we were proceeding at a crawl in heavy traffic so I had not put on the seatbelt and the same voice said “put on your seatbelt“. Like twice.

I have told this story before so short version: The driver was DRUNK and within a minute, he’d sped up and ripped through a red light at a major intersection, the car spinning around several times. There would have been severe consequences for me if I hadn’t put on the seatbelt

Who else gets these voices at opportune moments?

Image: Alan Davie – Cosmic Force, Red Wall

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  1. I’ve had this happen just the one time.

    I was living in Darlinghurst and was woken up by the sound of someone dragging something in the laneway outside. Half awake/sleep state, trying to work out what the noise was. Logical part of me had to get up to establish what exactly was going on when a voice in my head said “do not go to the window. Go back to sleep. Do not go to the window” so I went back to sleep.

    Woke up next morning to my neighbour knocking on the door to tell me the street outside had been closed & police everywhere, going in to the laneway. Unfortunately I happened to look out the window as her body was discovered wedged behind an abandoned fridge. I was quite traumatised to see that & know that I had heard what was most probably her body being left there. If it weren’t for that voice I would have seen & who knows what that could have lead to….

    Funnily enough, she was due to give evidence against a Kings Cross detective a week later. Hmm….

  2. Yep it happens to me, just a simple tap on the shoulder, feeling someone sit next to me, see them sitting in the drivers seat of my car – this has save my life twice driving home from work very late at night. They are there of and on all my life, sometimes i can see them, hear them or feel them.
    I always know when some one from my scatted family is in trouble or has passed away.

    And i always say thanks to them for their care and attention.

  3. Glad all are ok, great stories Yes. I have this weird LotR thing with dreams, clairaudience, etc. Years ago I clearly heard the Horn of Gondor in my basement. No tv, radio fan – quiet. Former husband (right next to me at the time) heard nothing, (I asked) looked at me with a ‘god you’re weird’ look….but then he couldn’t hear the Taos Hum either.

  4. I usually hear voices that say I should have been more careful. I don’t think this is clairvoyance, just normal interior dialogue.

    Hey BTW, this Full Moon is at perigee, it’s a Supermoon.

  5. Older/Wiser Virgo

    A few years ago I had decided I was going to give into the relentless, persuasive, sexy advances of a married co-worker. I knew it was wrong but didn’t care. I said to myself…out loud…I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to give in. As soon as the words were out of my mouth a fly hit me in the forehead like a kamikaze! It was indoors in the middle of January on the East coast. Not clairaudience, but clearly a sign from the Universe telling me to snap out of it.

  6. I have had clairaudience, dreams, etc… Most recently I was on plane to France with husband and was having anxiety when i heard “it will be fineee” in my deceased fathers voice…….also a few years ago the day after my MIL passed away i was pulling onto a highway waiting for truck to pass and started to pull out …yikes,there was a small car behind truck!! somehow, i don’t know how, we missed hitting each other…. shakily, i pulled over….then my phone rang. It was husband and he said ‘what do you need?’, I’m like “i didnt call you” and he said ‘yeah, you just called me’…..but i didnt. Someone was watching over me that day…..

    1. Me. I fell backwards 15 feet out of a tree. I heard a small voice say, β€œMove to the right.” It all happened so fast, I moved my body to the right and my head narrowly missed a broad, white pyramid shaped stone with a point.

      Owl is my animal helper, by the way. 1H Sadge Sun with Mercury, Uranus, and Ascendant in Scorpio. ?

  7. I’m awake. 2am here, woke at 1am. Full moon overhead, and it IS awesome. Woke up thinking about all the paintings I’ve been doing and deciding how to sign them. Lol. Channelling Venus into art action, big time!

  8. When I first moved to mackay after what can only be described as a ‘period of growth’ if I wanted to put a slant of positivity to the whole 8 years of bizarreness, I was deciding whether or not to go to a psychic fair. It came close to 2 o’clock and I had a tremendous urge to go, NOW. I was told if I left any later I’d miss out. I booked a card reading with a lady who has lead me on a beautiful journey of spiritual enlightenment with her meditation group held every week. I have lovely friendships, peace at heart and an inner stillness that I draw on regularly whilst trying to navigate my future with my disabled daughter. It’s really really difficult but I honestly believe that meeting her has had a profound effect on how I view myself and the world around me. The most precious gift of all is the eradication of mistrust. I was a broken soul when I left rockhampton. I am now in love with life and all that surrounds me (though there are still days I lose it). Meditations with crystals is better than any drug that I’ve partaken in, and I tried a few πŸ™‚

  9. Once I was driving a little too fast in an old Holden in a light drizzle of rain. I had to hit the brakes at the lights, and they failed, but instead of slamming into the cars in front, the steering wheel was Wrenched (not by me) really sharply to the left, so car cut across two lanes and plunged into the grassy verge, just missing a telegraph pole and a big bush.

    Never had clairaudience, but very occasionally get shown a written message just before I wake up, about the thing I need to know.

  10. I don’t voices more visions and I don’t get them all that often but when I do they are very big.

    4 years ago I went back to Australia and I had this burning (heh) urge to get my artwork and personal belongings packed out of my mothers house on the other side of the country. I flew back over to say hello and take them elsewhere. Whilst I was on her small property I went out on the driveway and looked up at 2 eagles flying over my head. When I looked back down all I could see was flames in the grass everywhere. I jolted and told my Ma there would be a massive bushfire and we need to start packing. She thought I was insane (despite the family witching and mediums) I took photos of all the area that evening knowing it would not be there soon. The next morning I was relentless about us going back to the city and said I would pay her etc if we could go. I took all my artwork out of the house, the dog (who I saw in the flames as she was ill) and anything of value and put it in the car. Mother still thinks I am nuts.

    That afternoon a massive bushfire came and took out the entire area and took out all the area. Her husband was trapped inside the house and had to be rescued by the fire brigade who were only just able to get in. When we were waiting to hear about his whereabouts I got a vision again and it showed me that the fire brigade would save the house but it would take out all the property around it and the water tank, I told her he will be ok and the line it would come up to on the house (ironically this room that was a bit melted was where my stuff was, being all my artwork and personal belongings) he was rescued (thank god) and it came up to the exact place I saw. Horrible situation. Took out all their neighbours houses and only just made it in time to save the house. There was a lot of damage but no deaths. Anything to do with my Mother I get visions but this was the strongest I have ever had. Scary blessings.

      1. Not yet but she’s kind of like that. I’m blood linked to protecting her ass. However it did give me awesome leverage for her to listen to me about all the stuff in Ireland I’ve sorted out for her in the last 2 years. I found the house and everything. Her birth father came to me in a dream and told me about the land. I found it. Now we have mended a huge hole in our bloodline and my Ma can pass knowing what she knows now. It’s probably one of my coolest achievements to date but nothing you can put on paper.

      2. i think this sort of thing is really important. the healing that arrives is immense for the querent / seeker .. i think. X

  11. With out getting too deeply into the story, once when my life was in mortal danger in hands of other people and didn’t know if I could escape it, “the voice” said “Go now, now, now!!!!” at the right moment, and away I went, and I am here to tell the tale, so I am grateful. πŸ™‚

    1. qualify, the voice was in my ear like another talking to me and not in my head….interesting experience to say the least!!!

  12. Apparently our bodies/subconscious pick up loads of signals all the time from the world around us. And voices or fear or a gut feeling are very important to listen to. I saw this personal safety guy on Oprah many years ago who talked about some interviews that were done in America with women who had been sexually assaulted by strangers and the majority of them said that they knew something was awry before they were attacked – eg, someone behaving strangely, or a door left ajar that was not normally; and that they had talked themselves out of thinking that something was wrong. The message this safety guy was giving was to always trust your gut – that it was a muscle that got stronger the more you listened to it. I have followed this advice ever since in lots and lots of ways.

    1. ImpoliteSociety

      Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker?
      Awesome book,.I’ve recommended it to friends and family. Clues about spotting ‘red flags’ and indicators of danger. Very insightful discussions about the nature of fear (and misguided anxiety) and intuitution as well.

      1. I think so. That sounds about right. It was quite a few years ago now. But what he had to say was incredible. I remember it clearly to this day.

  13. Yes, I do, and I can’t identify many of the voices. I’m in my own place now and had to get rid of a voice right near my head when sleeping. That one was more of a sound, but i’m aware that i have to watch the next room.

    But i actually popped on here to say i found another playing card right outside my house: 10 Clubs

    I am actually struggling under a mountain of work but it should be done soon. And i got a random phone call offering me more work today, which is contract project but interesting (?) and has more status/money connected and could be a good network opp. A buddy put my name forward, bless her xx

    Hear a lot of random voices, including unspoken thoughts, apparently, but no time to share any tales today, so sorry!

    1. Isn’t that strange? I’ve had white feathers appear out of nowhere quite a few times of late and the most recent after an infuriating phone call with my mother. After pacing a few rounds of the patio I sat at the kitchen bench and flung a magazine aside and there was a white feather! I’m figuring it was a reminder of the sentiment of her call rather than the disinterested comments that didn’t relate to my current circumstances. Anyway, I have no idea how it could have got there. Btw, when reading cards using an ordinary pack, ten of clubs means travel. Have fun!

      1. In a magazine! You know i was just thinking, maybe these things are the only way we “listen”. When other people try to tell us things, they may be delivering their message with less than true care for us, or in a manner we don’t want to hear. If we focus on something else, something “magical” or full of other possibility, we might become still or open enough to find the way.

        So indeed, the sentiment of her call. There is a lot of discussion of Qi Vamping here, and My Mother Is a Qi Vamp would be a hilarious novel or film title. But in reality we can’t just ditch the mother (i’m not talking extreme scenarios here), we have to find a way to love and honour the connection, the woman, the self. Good luck with that! It’s intense.

      2. This question if how far do we accept qi vamping from fam is a bit interesting to me atm. Topical. The thing I have been realising is my fam have take up loads of my qi without me appreciating it until I did disconnect. Quite unnerving. But disconnecting is a serious biz, so I am empathically speaking quite uncomfortable with it, but if it is looked at from a perspective of one is many lives then I can help this vamp to wake up to themselves by setting boundaries here & now. In the end no one is quite a winner either way, there’s just choices on how one wants to live. I think! Good luck feathery ones, xx.

  14. So many incidents, from where to park my car to doing remote energy healing/psychic stuff, it’s hard disentangle it all.
    Yet all I can think to share is the time I ignored the voice that told me to call my brother. At exactly around the moment he left his house to go to his local, then he died that night. What would have changed if I had called – instead of politely trying to listen to my friend over coffee? (While I felt like ants were crawling under my skin as I fought my impulse). Or when the next morning I heard, “sit down & meditate now!!”. Instead I fought it. Then an hour later the Police came knocking…

    I also think about nearly dying in childbirth, seeing my brother sitting meditatively under a stone archway covered in ivy & moss. I’ve had enough, I said, I’m going with you. (I was so excited, so over the pain.) He gave a small smile and shut his eyes and shook his head. Blocking my way like an obdurate blonde Buddha. πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know what to say πŸ™

      he understands now though …?

      there we are again: birth and death looking at each other over the same body.

      Pi xxx

      1. Thanks Sweet Pi! Dunno why I went there.. :-/ but it was awesome to see him, one if my fave things from the memory of the birth.

  15. I have crazy specific audio memory. Years after a conversation or say hearing a poem on the radio I will remember it verbatim with every nuance and intonation with precise clarity. If it interests me. If there is a practical application, directions for example – forget. I don’t even hear it the first time.
    I’ve never been aware of being clairaudient though. I do pick up people’s vibes usually and I “smell” them and feel their intent and or feelings about me / themselves although I suspect some of this is coloured by my own insecurities and paranoia. I used to have the most epic, virtually shamanic relationship to my dreams and that’s a relationship I’m trying to rebuild. For me it’s always been a struggle to get and stay grounded so I have often rejected voices and feelings I’ve heard and dismissed them as “crazy” because I find them difficult to process.
    I do just tend to “know things” like when I heard my mother was ill my first thought was “she’s toast”. The second was “I’m free”. Naturally these are kind of creepy things to think or hear.
    Hopefully with the NC process my soul is learning it’s ok to inhabit my body and gradually I feel I’m becoming more integrated and making better choices.
    Yesterday for example in the evening, rather than stay in and be depressed I changed my rut/ routine/ sense of being an outsider chained to my to do list and went to go and sit outside in a restaurant and watch the sun go down. This was an act of great courage for me even tho it might seem like the most natural thing in the world to most people.
    I sometimes hear lines of poetry or from a play or film which perfectly sum up a person’s attitude, dilemma or situation.
    Never my own tho Not yet anyway!

  16. Walking into work one evening, I had a voice in my head practically screaming MOVE YOUR CAR, but I dismissed it without thinking.
    When I left 4 hours later it had been broken into and would have been stolen if they had known what they were doing.
    Long story short, huge inconvenience & self-loathing, and reduced to climbing in through the boot/backseat if the car was locked. For 6 months.
    I listen hard now πŸ˜‰

  17. I was in the ER of a hospital, literally about to die, faced with a terrifying procedure and scared beyond the bounds of sanity….through my head started up something akin to gangsta rap (not usually in my top 5!) rapping, ‘I ain’t going out like this, I ain’t going out, uh ha, uh ha’. And I didn’t. Still here, and WELL.
    XX to the angels around us.

    1. Cypress hill!! Lolol. My mind develops playlists for situations but I never thought there could be a near-death one. That’s crazy, proserpine. Scary too eh. Only some CH could jolt you out of that maybe xx

  18. I don’t hear things so much, as I notice something just in the nick of time, so I either move out of the way or brake or put something down – whatever it is. It’s a ‘knowing’ rather than a voice.

  19. Jeez..
    thats interesting.

    that voice is Samuel.L.Jackson and I was just thinking of him when I wrote a comment on an earlier post this morning.

    some manifestation of him anyway.

    After working out that Barbie is in fact the Supreme Deity and that every doll probably has the blueprint to the universe encoded in the Hair…
    (my daughter still isn’t getting one..before it was just because of the off-gassing phalates and poor taste..but now its mainly a religious education issue )
    ..i recalled that Mr Jackson was SO good in Pulp Fiction that after the film he probably would ‘walk the earth’ and wotnot.

    preaching…the word of…(and now it seems clear) Barbie
    I guess. he was pretty convincing.

    Thats the only explanation I can think of anyway.
    It fits.
    Samuel.L.Jackson is awesome

    1. Pulp Fiction is the only flick I paid to see 20+ times. Non of that surround sound in the cinema either, it was big speakers on the walls.
      I might get on the Barbie bandwagon if she smoked Red Apples.

      1. You know S , I had only seen it the once,
        before reading its wiki the other day with a bunch of crits saying its the best film the US has ever made.

        So I watched it again the other night and yep,
        kept shaking my head with lots of “fuck he’s good’ s in reference to Tarantino.
        Is ‘red apples’ a ref to the film? πŸ™‚

        These solar flares are cracking some rippers..and Samuel.LJackson ,dangit popped up again..

        Its probably best described if I just copy and paste an instagram post I put up a few minutes ago…

        locosynchro !

        first off tho ,i should say after looking back at some of the comments on this post, that it might look like I’m taking the piss a bit before…theres lots of heartfelt experiences here obviously and as an Aqua sun with a crankload of Urania, I totally believe that totally ANYTHING is possible.

        heres that instagram post..
        its pretty easy to visualise the image.
        the salt bowl was obviously round: the snail on its rim πŸ™‚

        ‘that. Is the salt bowl full of Murray river natural salt and that is the cutest snail I’ve ever seen playing speedway on it . . I assume everyone knows what salt does to snails. I just walked into the kitchen to discover this and I farkin kid you not , 1/2 an hour ago the kids just watched ‘ Turbo’ the flashy #Dreamworks kids film with Samuel l Jackson and wotnot , about a supercharged magical snail who wins the #indy500 . Well here’s to an #organic kitchen and fuck you Monsanto and your peons . #timesatickin ??#saturn #solarflares #realfood #cleanfood #homefood ..I put that plucky guy out on the best broccoli plant in the garden. ????

        I don’t have time to look at Saturn much these days but heres a cheers πŸ™‚

      2. PS …those question marks in the quote were emoji,… the smiley faces a colon with a parenthesis . dang..I like the old school version .. : )

      3. Red Apples is the brand of cigarettes smoked in the film.
        No disrespect to Toy Story but the soundtrack on Pulp Fiction was the winner that Oscar year…it’s cinematically crafted into a perfect arrangement. Rio 2 is out soon…the inner child must go to the movies too. πŸ˜‰ The Incredibles with Samuel L Jackson as Frozone – that’s more my animation.

      4. Red apples? haha , thats gold.

        and actually the forbidden apple thing ties in with my earlier mucking about with that Barbie business.

        seriously, it came up via the guys earlier joking around about optic fibre hair.. and I thought of the iron-age imagery from where some of my ancestors lived….as you do.

        Kids then seem to have had stone fertility many have Barbies..( M, here, often refers to the feminine goddess’s banishment from western religion..eve/lilith chucked outa the garden and so forth )….

        perhaps Barbie is the earth mother contemporized ?
        the divine feminine with a serious pedicure clawing her way back now that we’re seriously trashing her Eden..?

        i dunno..its a bit of a minefield for a guy to comment on such matters and Ive already got a bunch of emu eggs in the air with empire building and the like:
        if I could rewind and edit, I probably would as there is always a good chance of major misinterpretation under ol retro Merc.
        and that little snail was probs a sign to tone it down a dash…

        So, Rio 2 eh?
        fantastic and good timing. it seriously is such a marvellous city and that first film was exceptionally well done.

      5. RIO: I thought so too!

        that’s an interesting take on it Bootes – we are still worshipping the feminine. So, it gets a little exploited these days, but there she is, still holding our collective imagination.

      6. well,
        if they were made of a durable BioPlastic,

        Didn’t proportionally translate to someone 18feet high,

        converted the Barbiemobile’s V8 over to natural gas..

        and had Astronaut suits sold separately ..

        I might let Stella have one..

        (hang on…tick,tick,tick)

        Filed for later use.
        (there isn’t a good durable bioplastic commercially available yet πŸ™

  20. I once heard a simple ‘knock knock’ on the boot of my car before accelerating into my green light at an intersection. The knocking caused me to look back momentarily before accelerating (to see who was knocking on my car) only to narrowly avoid someone speeding the red in front of me. If i hadn’t have turned, I would have accelerated straight into the oncoming car.

  21. I experience this from time to time – and often it is quite good humoured – but the most chilling was Christchurch in 2011, the day of the big earthquake. I was having lunch at a diner and was just about to leave when I heard a voice say “have another coffee”. At that point I was coffee’d out but, thank goodness, I nodded to the waitress walking by with the coffee pot. A few minutes later, just as I’d finished and was reaching for my handbag, the earthquake struck and I dived under my table as crockery went everywhere. Walking into the street afterwards it was total chaos with buildings down and people under piles of bricks. I had been planning on visiting a nearby bookstore after lunch and saw the completely collapsed building on TV a couple of days later with flowers placed on the ground outside. Don’t know who was talking to me that day but I am full of gratitude!

    1. Wow, that is fascinating, but a sad experience. Actually dire events like this and also the tsunamis have brought awareness of our abilities to the attention of many. A miracle cherry on a cake of horror I suppose. Glad you accepted the coffee!

  22. i don’t hear voices but have strong intuition and recently believe I have been saved from car accidents twice by unseen forces.

    The only voice I have ever clearly heard was my husbands who was (and is) alive at the time but in a hotel room fixing to suicide. I called him and he is still with us today. Yes, making our lives difficult, but still πŸ˜‰

    1. Dear CS – your strength and courage, never ceases to inspire me. x

      I hear my intuition.
      Can also hear other’s stories and know that’s my empathetic nature responding. That’s something I am learning to deal with. I’ve always had it.

      1. thank you lovely.

        that must be draining actually, and require some boundary erection. With Neptune on the DC that’s something I have struggled with too.

        xx to you

      2. I heard a very clear male’s voice say “Here goes Pop”. As I heard this a sweet older man walks up to me said “Your lovely”, I got up from my chair and asked if he want my seat. I’ve nicked named him Myer Mentos Pop because he was very cool and refreshing, like a Mentos. A fast walker and he was on a mission, a total sweetie. That was a few years ago now but I’ll never forget that day. I often wonder about him and send him my best wishes.

  23. ah….only a few times. I get FEELINGS>

    but at 19 I told my mother that no one understood me but AM(the girl born on the exact same day as me and yes she did) and J(my boyfriend).
    Immediately after saying it a voice said clearly….No he doesn’t.
    I paused. I went on to marry him, have kids, etc. Our marriage ended with us still friends eventually. He never understood me in 14 years of partnership.

  24. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Wow….I also love these kind of stories….

    Glad you and the driver are OK…and Mystics’ stories! Wow, too.

    I’ve been getting a weird tingling near my belly….it feels ridiculously weird and strange things seem to happen when I get it. Like synchronicity.

  25. Yes, I have heard these voices a few times. And I’ve not listened to them and paid the consequences. Once was when I was heading out to go cycle training, I was about 16 years of age. I heard a voice say “You will have an accident”. I ignored it, and sure enough, that day I was hit by a car.

    I have learned to ALWAYS listen to this voice. I think its intuition.

  26. Electric Eel Libran

    Great story! I never hear voices but I’ve had weird instincts that just kick in at the last moment…take a turn different in a route and saved from accident had I gone the regular old way. I’ve had sudden need to change places in seating and then suddenly a bird crapped in the previous seat. stuff like that.

  27. I don’t recall hearing voices. But I did get a headache on a camping trip and decided to go home early instead of stopping to setup camp at last stop. While listening to the radio on the way home, I heard a tornado had passed thru the campsite. The name of the campsite is related to a fixed constellation on my ascendant and also found out an ancestor was buried in a nearby cemetery. I found this out after the incident.

  28. Triple Air Gem

    Years ago, when living in a share house, I’d had premonitions for a month that I needed to get home and contents insurance. One day while dead bolting the doors before leaving, a voice said, “It will happen today”.
    I got home from Sunday lunch at the parental’s to surprise a burglar in the house. Because I was “prepared” I was able to camly confront him and then unlock the dead-bolted door to let him out.
    He was so freaked out about this tall, belligerent chick berating him in the hallway lol

      1. Triple Air Gem

        Thanks DG, however you should know that after I let him out I started shaking and then called the cops lol

  29. 😯

    Amazing! So glad everyone is ok!

    I’ve had this happen! I was travelling in car with a friend & her mum, I didn’t know my friend’s mum had been drinking heavily that day. My friend knew of her mum’s alcoholism & was used to her driving under the influence. I felt really uncomfortable being in the car, friend’s mum was being horrible to her & me & I asked to be let out of the car. We were travelling on a busy 4 lane highway & it was around 9pm. She pulled the car over & dared me to get out. I got out & crossed 1 lane, 2 lanes & while I was crossing the 3rd lane a car came flying around the bend – I hadn’t seen it at this point as the car’s light were very dim if not working at all. I could just hear this engine coming up right behind me, all i heard was ‘JUMP’ & i don’t know if it was force/fear of the car going 100km or what but I felt a shove as I jumped across the 4th lane into a gully next to the highway. There’s no way I could have jumped that far without some ‘assistance’. I lost both of my parents when I was a kid & have often wondered if it was them.

    1. That’s amazing! I get a pang in my heart when you talk about your parents, I love hearing of yr continuing connection with them, in your dreaming too.

      1. Yes me too b gem, I always feel sad for little b gemmy suddenly all alone back then xxxxx pi

  30. A lot of times I will get a clear very district voice upon waking up from a dream or coming out of a journeying meditation. One time coming out of a journey I got a visual message that I would be getting a new spirit animal protector, I even saw a place in the park that I love. I thought to myself well it’s certainly too late to go there now, so I didn’t. 2 days later I heard a very strong male voice say “Go Now” like it was someone right next to me, and I knew it was time. Somehow it perfectly lined up with my schedule too. I went (the whole time doubting, thinking I really lost it this time) to this particular place in the park. I walked out to the tree in my vision and said out loud “Mmmkk is this it?”. A red tail hawk perched itself nearby, I shit you not! Took that as a yes and looked down. Right next to my feet was the biggest snail shell I have ever seen. My new animal spirit was a snail? Wtf? Snails are all about home and protecting your emotional well being. Anyway..not to bore you with details of how and why this was so kizmit..but wanted to share one of the experiences I have with hearing audible voices, and how following them can lead you to many a beautiful thing.

    1. Very rarely I have heard somebody say my name, very quickly: “Jen!” sometimes when I’m in my room, sleeping or coming out of sleep. Once the morning after my pet cat died I heard a very clear, vibrant little “Meow!” near my head, where he would have normally been at that time of the morning to say hi to me; it was like he was saying “I’m ok; don’t worry mom!” I’ve never been able to figure out who calls out to me; it’s very sudden and confusing; like they are urging me to be at attention but I can’t figure out for what. All of these experiences have been very very positive though!

      1. My voice is a very distinct, ‘Alison!’ like someone familiar, sometimes awake, sometimes when sleeping, sometimes my mothers voice, just before she rings me. And my dog who passed used to nudge my leg and roll balls onto me. Was nice to know he was there.

  31. How weird … i just came back inside after a blustery walk round the lake, i was having a calm moment thanking the universe for various things (bit of a crazy day today, some heartache) and i realised the word ‘poppelwell’ was being repeated in my head again and again. I have no idea what it means!

  32. Wow ! I didn’t have voices I had a physical push that saved my life once. Chatting on the phone oblivious on the foot path of dominion road one of the busiest roads in Auckland. I stepped back onto the road from the footpath and felt this hand grab my shoulder and Push me with force back onto the foot path … As it happened I felt a huge rush of wind and a bus started an emergency stop. I basically was on target to be hit a bus if not for this shove which occurred with no one around … I think of it as my own hand of god !

    1. Hi Sarah, not sure if you are still on this wonderful site, but this happened to me too once. I lost my balance atop a 12 foot high concrete stormwater drain outlet at the beach (dry at the time) while trying to duck under branches to get across. I felt myself lose my balance, and an equally strong invisible force, like a hand, push me back roughly from sheer mid-air, on my shoulder. I guess I’m still saying thank you!! πŸ™‚ Hope you still all good. πŸ™‚

    1. Law of Attraction. A clear, powerful, profound desire (to live) will produce the most immediate reaction.

      But if you can make these wishes during pleasure, you can probably see similar result. Yes I am saying to recite your wishes during your next O and watch magic happen. πŸ˜‰

      1. It’s totally a thing. Good way to focus a lot of yummy energy and sent it to the person oops I mean wish that you desire.

      2. Yes sex is a huge opportunity to engage in the astral in a very safe and warm way!! Wishing isn’t half of it, more travelling, communicating with spirit friends and gathering divine vibrations like flowers in a living field of light! It’s the safest mode of interacting in alternate and distant fields of vibration. Go to it friends!

      3. Rebecca A. Watson

        Just tried that for the first time last night actually. I went to bed and realized that sadly I had forgotten to do a full moon ritual. It was late and the voice I hear/talk to all the time said to me, “Well, you could have a ritual with your husband…” So, I talked to him a little about it and yep! It was awesome πŸ™‚ I think this would be an excellent New Moon Challenge.

      4. Love this idea. Such a deep connection can be used for good not evil. The energy generated is enough to make anything happen. i sometmes have a kudalini thang.

  33. Oh I wish I was properly clairaudient! If I hear “the little voice” it is as words that sort of appear in my head, like I am remembering someone speak as opposed to hearing them. No NDE’s that I can speak of but lots of little things.

    1. But the voice is not really anyone’s voice. Maybe my dad’s sometimes, like when I was recently at the top of an extension ladder breaking into my own house wondering if i would meet an untimely end on the pavers below, his voice in my head: I’ve gotcha, you’re ok just keep going
      Or similar..

      1. Sorry to disappoint but I experience voices just as you say, sounds like your own.
        I am a bit of an airhead day to day *cue wind whistling through the ears* so if I hear my voice I know it’s not ‘my’ voice.. πŸ˜‰

      2. Hi Sphinx!

        Angels can ‘speak’ to us in so many ways. In this case, I was given an instruction that was not of my own consciousness. I wasn’t able to see what was going on so I wasn’t aware of the danger. Because Angels vibrate at such a high frequency their tone and pitch is not necessarily a voice perse, but a swift message guiding us out of the way. Because that is how I would have gotten the message, someone else may have felt a strong push or something kinaesthetic to ‘get the message’ hope that clarifies! πŸ™‚

      3. Most voices are generated by deep psyche, sub-con. Whatever your ‘thoughts’ think would work, will be the one you hear.

        NDE’s probably aren’t at all what you want anyway.

        If you can practice using you intuition on a daily basis, starting with Yes/No questions, symbolically via a pendulum, working up to ‘ghost writing’, it will soon be strong enough that you can have ‘whole conversations with God’.

      4. On some level all of what we experience is the result of personal interpretation by our electromagnetic field of the energy sea around us… But am not sure it is as neat at saying it’s mainly the subconscious at work. I guess I feel we are receivers and perceivers as much as creators so I tire of the idea that we generate everything ourselves, I mean it sounds exhausting!

      5. Yes, I understand that…I sort of see it as tuning. Earth bound frequency, plants, animals, land, then the non-corporeal entities and more… I think it is tricky with a busy environment… People I live with have tv blaring in the eve… Noisy suburb… No open ocean Vista without a small mission….. Pisces energy takes work in this energetically very crowded environment.

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