Daily Mystic For Weds Feb 9

Remember how Venus went into Capricorn on November 5 last year? Well, Venus is still in this lusty Earth element sign – the entire astro-passage will last 17 weeks! – and is about to be conjunct Mars for a month.

In early March, as the Venus-Mars conjunction peaks, they’re also both aligned with Pluto. So whatever was big in your December, essentially a nearly month long Venus-Pluto conjunction, is about to be extra-amped.

Mars sexes things up and makes them kind of obvious – hot in the ‘attracted’ or ‘inspired’ sense and (potentially) inflammatory or simply unsubtle. As an example of how this could work, say you sensed a new dynamic dawning in a relationship last December.

It would have been covert but incredibly intense within, at the psyche level. It does not need to be a relationship, as such: Venus-Pluto made many people aware of what they really desire – their authentic passion. It could have been an ambition, a pull toward a particular locale, the need to be out of a relationship or some form of spiritual awakening.

Or an over-the-top yet apparently impossible attraction. Whatever it was, it was psychically primordial but beneath the surface – like lava rivers that flow under ice. Now Mars and Venus converge – a month-long prelude to the Venus-Pluto finale in March – and nothing is subtle.

The good news? You can get what you want. The catch? Sustaining the passion/vision without imploding or being too scattered by the end-of-era weirdness to retain a clear instinctive connection with yourself/guides etc.


7 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Weds Feb 9”

  1. I woke up from a dream where I was being told that my slow burn connection from November with someone will move forward in March due to Venus.
    I check the daily Mystic & voila, confirmation!

  2. This is very interesting Mystic. It does feel very much like clinging just that little bit longer to the liferaft while being buffeted by outside forces greater than yourself. Land is getting closer, focus needs to be maintained and watchfulness for the rogue wave.

  3. I’m loving this transit! 💖
    If I may provide a quick update… The Cap messaged midnight Saturday and I replied the next morning, suggesting we go for coffee. He came over, we didn’t go for coffee but had a chat. I ended up crying and sharing more about my situation. He listened, genuinely feeling and frustrated for me. He talked, asked questions, shared some of his experiences. We had a few bumps in communication to smooth, mainly from my tendency to be automatically defensive. It was a living lesson for me in the value of responding, not reacting. Transformation in action. We hugged and he went on his way. I talked to my sister the next day and reframed this Cap interaction as a friendship. That really helped shift my approach, my trust, my openness to accept whatever is developing and also striving in my own life, not getting caught up in the distracting part of romance. To be patient. Anyway, later that night he messaged me this:
    Trust the process and it will take you to places you never knew you would go to.
    Now, I hate cliches and quotes and generalisations, but somehow I was able to take this for what it was, a genuine gesture. I have been beginning to understand what my “process” is, and that trust means patience and persistence.
    Anyway, I thought I’d share before I go about my day. Happy Venusian vibes to all!

    1. Dear white wave, I have been debating with myself as to whether to respond to your sharing of your experience with the Cap male. No one likes unsolicited advice. I would just like to say that the Cap’s message to you that evening in a cliche may be genuine as he may have wanted to offer you support and could only think of doing that with a cliched message. However, please take care. As a Cap woman, when I hear what sounds like Guru speak from a fellow Cappy, it puts me on alert. Once again, I may be completely mistaken. I was not there. My antenna just pinged to watchful mode when I read your sharing.

      1. Hi Brunnie, any observation is helpful! It’s a direct quote that he’s probably seen randomly and copied it and sent it to me. When you say Guru speak, do you mean Caps can appoint themselves as fonts of ultimate wisdom? What behaviour or tendency does it suggest to you? My brother is a Cap and we often clash/miscommunicate. (I’m Leo, and have looked into the Leo/Cap quincunx.)

        1. Hi white wave, I actually get on well with Leo’s. That, however, maybe my four placements in Sagittarius though. I have a Leo male colleague that I get on with like a house on fire and a good relationship with my Leo mother in law. I am mainly mutable. Anyone can appoint themselves as a font of ultimate wisdom, however it is unusual, in my experience, for a Cap male, across Mystics three types of Capricorn, to talk in platitudes unless something is up. If he is an inarticulate male that is not sure how to express himself then the use of a cliche is understandable. Capricorn men and women for that manner can consider themselves as an authority on any matter. I have a Capricorn aunt who fits that bill. What your Cap male said is how many males would express themselves in the spitual circles that I belonged to over a twenty year period. Some of the male teachers and students were genuine, and unfortunately many were less than truthful. It did not take me long to discern the difference. That is why I was put on alert by what you said. Your Cap male may be genuine or not. I do not know. What I do know is that if he is genuine, the cliches will hopefully stop and he will become an honest straight talking Cappy male whether friend or romantic partner.

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