Daily Mystic For Weds 16 February

Naturally, a Leo Full Moon can be expected to be a bit extra but this is ridiculous.

I’ve just spent the last hour trying to find an image that is empowering but not intense: the one I had was a moody, beautiful Full Moon but decided that it looked too foreboding.

If time allows, I will do a What The Astro-Fuq? update soon.

However, here is a succinct, need-to-know, day-tonic:

(1) The Full Moon is square the Moon’s Nodes so it is a crossroads, a good time to objectively consider your directions and settings.

(2) Being genuinely well-informed without being cynical or surrendering your humor and magic is not innate. It’s a talent you need to cultivate and even more so in accelerated times.

(3) Moon aside, the current fuqery is more the end of the Pluto in Capricorn era/Saturn-Pluto structure that started in the early Eighties.

(4) Venus and Mars conjunct in Capricorn is good – think robust sensuality, common sense (which is actually quite uncommon lol) grace during high-pressure transitions, and drawing on the sort of wisdom you went to some pains to establish, gradually and over time.


4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Weds 16 February”

  1. A crossroads is correct. The last time I was here, I completely changed my profession not knowing the next 18-20 year work cycle. I am here again. It’s slightly different this time, I am not taking a year off or going bush to find my next path but the direction will be made clear this year as to what work this Capricorn will be doing for the next 20 year cycle. I will allow myself to be surprised.

  2. Hi Mystic, THANKS for holding our hands through this. I think Leo full moons are up there with the most epic lunations!
    Am trying to focus on the high vibes, and ground the cosmobiologically intense factors (permitted word, lol – because duh computer-universe, it is the most apt description!) I think any high drama from this Leo FM is as much from the cosmo-bio (CB) element – take my gorgeous ginger tabby-cat (speaking of Leonine’s). Any C-class plus solar flare (at minimum), and/or any intense full moon, he is caterwauling at windows, running around at midnight with black eyes and – grossly – doing his toilet anywhere but the litter tray. Now, normally, being slightly neurotic, he only does this to get our attention if our whole family of four are out for the day. But during solar activity/FM’s, he has decided his Toilet is His Voice.
    He is a smart cat, too – my husband can actually place him in the laundry (where his litter tray is), point to the litter tray, and gently ask him to use it, and the Ginger Mister will USE IT on command! (I know – nuts – but also, cute).
    But not during CB times. So – wishing everyone a safe, grounded, and (because Leo) glam FM with lots of lurve from Venus/Mars duet… xoo

    1. My ginger cat friends are doing this too! Very smart & very vocal, more active than they have been all year, and they’ve changed their activity -snooze schedule.

  3. A much needed tonic! Adding to this wonderful astro scape I have Venus and Mars squaring my natal Pluto. Aiming for common sense and grace! 💖

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