Daily Mystic For Wednesday 30 March

As I write, there are about 60 more hours to go until the New Moon. Once that zaps in on Thurs/Fri, fuq-wittery will still exist, but you will be much more impervious. The Dark Moon genius is legit – this is such an insightful time – but it means you may be more sensitized to impositions on your space/time/consciousness.

So yes, you may be over-reacting to people’s tetchiness or disdain, chores, and tech glitches, whereas once the New Moon strikes, you’ll barely notice. You’ll snort in transient disbelief and swerve around them Road Runner style. But for now? Conserve vital vibe.

From now until April 2 also wafts in a heady and fragrant Venusian influence: Yes, Venus will be square the Lunar Nodes, but this works.  As you may have noticed, there is an excessive Mars energy in effect now and not so much the cool side of the Warrior God. So any extra Venus is helpful. In this case, it’s brilliant for elegantly appraising or feeling your way into a natural evolution of your creative process, personal style, and/or relationship strategies.

Some of you may be approaching fate-choreographed flashpoints in love and desire, but you’ll know as I’ll mention it/have mentioned it in the Horoscopes.

Image: Jon Ching