Daily Mystic For Thursday March 3

Happy New Moon for soon!  It is, as you know, in Pisces and conjunct Jupiter.

This is a Consciousness Alert: Aside from an array of tangible stress factors that I won’t bore you by relaying/re-relaying, many of us are experiencing some form of consciousness crisis. It’s not only the vortex of swirling information, propaganda, data and rules although that doesn’t help.

It’s the insidious pressure to say/do/be the ‘right thing’ or invite indignation/derision. Additionally, the pervasive angst of this turbulent era practically seems to conjure up old dank fears.

So this New Moon in Pisces is jovial – literally, it is conjunct Jupiter and “jovial” means “of or like Jupiter.”

It’s a fabulous moment to recommit to magic – your magical thinking, your connection to source, your sovereign consciousness and your expansive, upbeat values. One of the old names for Jupiter was Optimus Maximus – you do Optimus Maximus.

I know it is more difficult than usual at the moment but take back your magic or, to use the Ancient Kemetic word (loosely) for it – your Heka. That is the symbol on the cover of the Alchemy cards btw.

If certain types of people/scenes make you feel sub-optimal, fuq them. Seriously. They’re allowed their opinion or a narrow perspective and you’re allowed to optimus maximus out of their boring orb.

And by the way, you’re permitted to have empathy/compassion for people and creatures stuck in war zones or forced to fight and to be cynical about the quality of the some of the info that is being transmitted. They don’t cancel one another out. Narrowness is done.

Raise the volume, witch up your scene and max out your magic – today, now.


9 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Thursday March 3”

  1. Something about the mood in this image is captivating when viewed as a whole not piece by piece. Must be the balance.

    Yay for some Jupes vibes ☀️

  2. Raise up the Witch Volume and blow some speakers! This Moon & Jupiter is conjunct my Natal Jupiter – Optimus Maximus is the cry especially on his day! Even if the heavens are still pouring water down & the Piscean realm feels like it is indeed all around us.Thank you Mystic for always being on the pulse vibe.

  3. Node return for me today ( I keep writing North node but there’s the other one to consider too) Moon on Jupiter sounds delicious, yes a hungry Taurus. Love to all in this conflict and those impacted by the water XxXx

    1. Hope it’s grand but it may not be immediately gratifying. Had mine last year and too soon to call it.

  4. Cue Sagittarius rising laugh. I am going to raise the volume today. I bought a huge fat (are we allowed to say fat😊) golden candle for this New Moon. Optimus Maximus indeed. I used to wonder what is all the point in the “knowledge”, sensitivities and insights when most look at you as some sort of alien. So I learned to cloak, muffle and hide. However, boring is what life would be to live any other way. Once you see certain things you cannot unsee them. Once you experience certain things, you cannot un-experience them. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😊

    1. Yes, agree and lol, not sure if we can say fat anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️

      I still consider it pertinent from a self care perspective to cloak but I am a bit heavy in the 8th house and have a few singe scars that influence that view.. Sometimes the added benefit of cloaking is sudden reveal and if timed perfectly can be amusing to boot.

  5. Yes, Optimus Maximus and Heka! I actually felt myself relaxing as I read this today… conjunct the New Moon.
    Thank you;)

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