Daily Mystic For Thursday February 3

This Piscean Moon* is wonderful for multiple reasons and absolutely worth tuning into.

Fresh off a New Moon, it is waxing – ie: growing ‘Qi.’  It thus reflects the best of Pisces: imagination, extra-sensory perceptive genius, magical thinking, and brilliant, if unconventional, affinity between disparate people.

The supernatural component is amplified by Mercury being on the verge of turning Direct. It’s fantastic for lucid dreaming, intuitive mind-mapping, and house witchery.

This is also a fabulous chance to pick up hints/signals from the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction – they won’t be clunky and obvious but if you’re alert to subtle clues, you will notice them for sure. Water, wild animal, and numbers symbolism will be particularly potent.


*Moon in Pisces is from Wednesday 2 Feb at 10.59 Universal Time to Friday 4 Feb at 14.56 Universal Time.

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  1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    house witchery on the date that my Feng Shui consultant suggested putting cures in place, tres tres parfait.

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