Daily Mystic For Friday 18 – Sunday 20 Feb

Hands up who has/just had Leo Full Moon fatigue? This Virgo Moon is a good time to recalibrate tactics and the micro-granular approach can be healing in itself. Not narking off at yourself over tiny nuances – more tackling your presenting challenges one at a time, diligently working through them.

And let’s talk good – in fact, brilliant – astro. Jupiter in Pisces is about to be a trillion times more tangible. That equals new inspo, more options and regenerated relationships. But it’s main effect usually revolves around money and spirituality: a more abundant consciousness and a stronger connection with your own personal magic/alt-dimensional insights.

Quick reminder: Jupiter is the “old” ruler of Pisces and Neptune is the modern one: they are only conjunct once every 165 years.

Here are the relevant upcoming cool dates: Now until Feb 23 – Jupiter sextile Uranus: first you’re restless and furious at limitations or narrow people – then the ingenuity kicks in.

March 4 to 7: The Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces – big-thinking and audacity, hyperbolic paranormality and artistic maximum. There are other influences in play at the same time but this is a brilliant astro-phenom to align with. If your birthday falls in this zone, prepare for fabulous expansion.

April 4 to 12: Jupiter trine the South Node in Scorpio – this is a great chance to test whether the South Node manifests as past, future or some other dimension of time. It’s big, beneficial and metaphysically hyped.

April 7 to 18: Jupiter conjunct Neptune – the visionary, potentially prosperous expansive wonderful one. The March monthly horoscopes will have a lot on this and the Year Ahead report also shows the house/life area it will be radding up. If you have one already, do re-check the Jupiter/Neptune sections and if you don’t, remember that Mega Mystic members receive 50% off any of the astro reports

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3 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Friday 18 – Sunday 20 Feb”

  1. Both hands in the air.
    perhaps my avatar should be Desperately seeking Saturn
    The hard thing about hard things is how hard they are. I’m working on developing my character and embracing the suck. Seeking tutelage from the positive patriarch. Or the good Saturn aka untangling my negative father complex. The extreme tiredness and the aches are something right now. I’m looking at my life and being more honest with myself about how I could have done things better and where I failed because I failed to try or to work hard or to sacrifice ego or comfort for future rewards. It’s a lot. This moon was beautiful but ya. Bit draining emotionally innit.

  2. Yep, both hands up in the air! I think the currents of that full moon are still rippling, but waking to a Virgo moon was refreshing for this Virgo moon Leo. I’m going to be checking in here a bit as I navigate a major transition. The upcoming astro is encouraging. Having the personal horoscopes detail active transits is so helpful! I received a nice surprise yesterday that was being hinted at in the astro – an offer for a temporary job that will help fund my move. The job will help me have less time for ruminating and dream weed, something I also need to let go of as I make this move. Step by step.

  3. This Jupiter conjunct Neptune is conjunct my Vesta in Pisces. It is an almost exact conjunction. One degree.gap. Awaiting to see how it unfolds. I wonder? Do dreams come true?

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