Daily Mystic For Thursday 13 October

Librans are powerful at the moment, strengthened by Mars and Saturn in airy Gemini + Aquarius and their ruler Venus approaching a benevolent conjunction with the Apollo the Sun.

Eloquent Mercury and Eros + Psyche – the soulmate asteroids – are in Libra as well. They’ll be conjunct from October 31 until November 9. So for respite from Eclipse Season drama or unease, consider your Libran lover, friend, children, peers or companion animals as your go-to guides or allies.

If you know your birth chart houses, consider your Libra sector extra-promising and worth accentuating. If not, just go with the solar houses: For Aries, Libra represents partnerships of all types, Taureans feel Libran rebalancing benefits in their health sector and Geminis may found Libran symmetry ideas useful for creativity or dating tactics.

Cancerians have their solar 4th house – the Home Sector – in Libra, for Leos the sign of the Scales influences their communications zone and Virgoans have their $$$ sector in Libra. If you are a Libra, your image and persona are super-amped at the moment and Scorpios feel this harmony in their solar Soul Sector – mysteries and dreams.

Saggo people are pulling Libran friends, admirers and connections, Capricorns could successfully deploy this for business and career image or analysis, if Aquarians stay growth-focussed everything comes together and for Pisceans, Libra is their solar sector of sex, debt and power.

So as you can see, there is something there for everyone. Finally, with all this Libra in play, fragrance really is supernaturally potent. Don’t be surprised if you experience proustian scent moments or clairalience.


Image: Ernest Duku