Daily Mystic For Monday May 30

The New Moon at 9° Gemini* is a zinger of a lunar revamp: it is conjunct asteroids Eros and Hekate, for magical and/or primal sensuality subtones if you like that sort of thing. Mars + Jupiter are in sync to the Sun/Moon lending extra oomph for bold deeds or direction setting.

With Mercury still Retrograde for the rest of the week, declarations and direction setting are probably the best expression of this reinvigorated vibe. But if your venture is not strictly technical – eg: involving coding or gadgets you would have to buy – go for it. Ditto if you get the green-light for an already in play project.

This astro goes a long way toward counter-balancing the Mercury Retro influence and ultimately, only you can decide whether you could profitably leap at an opportunity or if it would be wiser to wait a few more days.


*Monday @ 11.30 Universal Time – see the Moon Calendar for the time in your locale!

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Penelope Darling

So excited for this new vibe!

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