Daily Mystic For Friday 5 – Sunday 7 August

As you know, the erratic Mars-Uranus hook-up is now moving into Mars square Saturn terrain – less jarring but more of a grind.

By Tuesday, things are less tightly-wound and Mars moves toward a transformative, regenerative (really) trine with Pluto.

For now be cool but on guard: don’t give certain types of people or scenes a chink with which to gain access. Don’t only minimize your contact with Vibe Vampires or adversaries, don’t give them your attention.

Think about them or the situation long enough to set your strategy and then stick to it. Helping: Mercury now in Virgo – precision scheming is you – and Venus trine Neptune, enhancing spiritual connectivity.

If possible, find some space – metaphysical, mental, literal, whatever – to re-center.


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