Daily Mystic For Thurs 14 – Tues 19 April

Happy Ostara-Mabon-Easter-Full-Moon Inc!

* I’d like to mention a relatively rare phenom that is in play the remainder of April: the Lunar Nodes are now being activated by Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. You could see this as making it easier to recognize opportunities, risk factors and genuinely spiritual scenarios or inklings.

Jupiter and Neptune are still conjunct and stay in orb over the next week: if you’re feeling inspired or suffused with cosmic awareness AND edgy because of the geopolitical landscape, it’s natural. You can’t banish some concerns with lotus incense and kind thoughts but you can recognize that it makes more sense to alter what is within your realm to control or aid.

* Helpful: This Thurs/Friday, Mars moves from Aquarius to Pisces in harmony with Lilith going from Gemini to Cancer. It’s a distinct Air to Water shift – less talk, more feeling. Mars trines Lilith till Monday, making the next few days fantastic for flipping off protocol or irrational internal mating and dating rules.

It’s got the feel of two vehemently independent souls who nonethless enjoy sparking off one another. And if you’re keen to pull off an Easter miracle of some sort, set the intention of intuition/synchronicity to help you manifest all the ingenuity you conjured up over Mars in Aquarius.

*See your scopes for more but the Mercury-Uranus set up over Easter is extraordinary for game-altering dialogue and invention. It’s not outshone by the Full Moon, as such. It’s more that in terms of relationships, it’s best to be circumspect until the lunar flashpoint is finished – Monday to be safe. It can be extraordinarily good for relationships – transformative, passionate, substantial development and co-operation etc – but it’s also the sort of celestial scene when poorly chosen words could land badly, rupturing an already fragile set-up.

So think eloquence, tact or silence. If in doubt just be elusive – Venus in Pisces is superb for the swift swim-away.


*This Daily Mystic covers an extended Easter weekend – Thursday 14 through until Tuesday 19.

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