When Your Progressed Ascendant Is Gemini

How can you tell if your Ascendant has Progressed into Gemini? The Progressed Ascendant is about as rare as Saturn Return and is often momentous. You rapidly evolve your whole stance to the world, image, and persona.

But depending on the form of progression technique you use, there are different dates that it can be said to occur. But in this case, I’m calling it as a “yes, totally” without even looking at the birth chart. Read on and you’ll see what I mean lol!

Hello Mystic,

Depending on whether we use Solar Arc or the other method, my Ascendant is either already progressed into Gemini or it is yet to happen. How will I know? Or am I already an honorary Gemini? I have nothing else in Gemini at all so it will be new to me. Or am I already here? I have been Taurus Rising my whole life.

Now I feel like I just woke up suddenly with superpowers like the origin story of that amazing wall-crawler. I’m new to the scene, but I imagine a Gemini’s life to be like waiting at an ATM with an old slow person who doesn’t know how to use it while you have fifty things on the agenda to take care of.

Hence the high strung vibe, I have multi tasking between bookkeeping to do while Skyping my best friend from Italy while we speak in a Sicilian dialect as we desk brew import Japanese Green Tea. It has to be at just the right temperature to extract all the Lecithins and natural goodness that will offset the wine later this evening as we plan our trip to Budapest, solo.

Progressed Ascendants Are Like A New Identity

It’s fashionable to be demeaning in a quickly witty way because, by the time they figure it out, I’ve gone to the Café on the corner. I’m completing my memoirs of old lovers and review the latest by that crime drama novel guy on my Blog.

Finger clicking to keep time must have been invented by a Gemini Rising – not to keep the rhythm but to add haute sass to a conversation all the while reminding everyone they are on borrowed time – namely mine.

However, I’m not so flighty as I really enjoy getting right in there in one-on-one conversations, feelings, emotions, philosophy of life and milestone destinations to prove all my trials and tribulations are worth something. I’ve gone before, now someone has to learn from it, right? Except, can you hurry up ‘coz I got shit to do and we both know I can do it better and faster.

Oh, and – I love my drama and gossip even more.

Have I transitioned all the way into Mercky Gem or am I still influenced by something else?


I’m calling it. You’re a Progressed Ascendant Gemini for sure.

Image:  Richard Ahnert

42 thoughts on “When Your Progressed Ascendant Is Gemini”

    1. Being made aware of the ZapZone transits by Mystic herself has allowed me to adapt and take the tools those zones have given me, and will continue to give me. Drugs-free, pure-power-processing.

      There are no short cuts to super-awesomeness, friend.

      1. If substances are not involved, then my tools are throwing up a totally different diagnosis to superawesome.
        Take care of yourself and save some fuel for the down-cycle, PW: don’t burn up too soon.

  1. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Sounds tres Gem, but don’t sagg people flit around doing many different things?
    I have Merc in Gem and I generally am juggling a million balls and somehow don’t drop any of them. The key is a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a good to-do list.

    1. I have a fair bit of fire in my chart regarding biz and activity.
      But, I can do a little bit of this and that, and still finish it all before home time. Juggling doesn’t come into play here, I’ve got telekenetic powers.

  2. I think it takes a bit of time to love the work of Saturn. Thank you PhoenixWolf for reminding me why I love the word “sass”.
    If your lucky you’ll get to be that old person at the ATM.

    1. I’m very lucky, but I’ll likely be doing it through my phone app that’s integrated directly into my brain. Hell, I could even go the full upgrade and shit money.

  3. Just looked at my progressed and it’s all airy!! Suddenly I’m a Gem rising and all the power play is in air. I’m so watery it must be my time to come up for air. I had the most bizarre sensation the other night about this being the final third of my life. A whole new story, whole new me, almost super powers as such. It was a weird moment but very very profound and deep. So here’s to the next 30.

  4. Domestic Triffid

    i have a stack of planets in my third House ( Ruler – Gemini) in Scorpio. This is how I feel all the time, UNLESS I am trying to “Take it easy”…. Whihc makes me ill. I’ve had an interesting insight over the last week or so, that I actually do better, the more I have on my plate.

    Got to have it all in the Google calender, with my phone cheeping to tell me where to be and who to be at, but when I’ve got it all flying it feels like a Jazz improvisation…. Of course I do get the occasional crumpled heap ( I don’t want to talk about last Friday….) but it really does seem that the more I pile on the workload, the easier it gets.

    My motto at the moment is, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it” 😀

    1. That would imply that this is all somehow to my detriment. Virgo, your cup is always half empty.
      Mine is half full with room for more liquid – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be water to start/end with.

  5. oh yes that is gemini, my, life to a tea!!! Im not always that cool, but that kind of energy is always pumping away, even when im sick!!!

    it really works well when there are people to network with, cafes to go to, and something to tap your fingers on and have them gleam in the sunlight with all their creative brilliiance!!!

    1. The natural cool could be my Aqua sun – I’m able to channel the Gem energy into a focal point and become a jack of all, master of all.

      I learned to be a better Asc. Gem by observing REAL Gem’s do their thing. They’re like Leos, only they run on electricity instead of fire and brimstone.

  6. This entire post is the most Gemini thing ever, down to the perfect artwork. As a first-degree Gem sun with Moon in Aries, woo, it’s like you just crawled inside my mind-tank! Enjoy the experience, PhoenixWolf. Just don’t forget to BREATHE. Meditation is the space-giving oxygen for body and soul that you as an honorary Gem will need otherwise the constant buzz will shriek up to fever pitch & slow you down… Just remember to stay connected to yourself!

    1. I did it all in one breath of about fifteen seconds. I’m totally Zen with Pranayamas breathing exercises and still overclocking at mercurial speeds. Pentium ain’t got nothing on me!

      Slowing down is not necessary because I’m not thinking, I’m running on pure intuitive instinct based on love of life and an acute awareness of everything while being completely calm. In this state of calm, I am non-resistant to the destiny unfolding before me in perfect timing. If I’m slow, then I need to rest, but as I am alert on a healthy lean & green vibe, I am survival, top-of-the-food-chain ready for anything and flow downstream – No, more like chasing the rapids.

      This is like Neo in the Matrix – my reality is in complete control.

      But thank you for your concern, you’re lovely. <3

      1. Downstream is the ocean, the great pool of universal un/ consciousness, Ein Sof. Will you stay in 5th gear and just cruise right in ? Can personality be maintained when one is at one ? Aries says yes, Gem says nah, I’ll just pull up and swim for a while.

  7. YES!! hahaha.

    re old person at ATM analogy, it could be the pisces in me – compassionate Gemini would step forward and help old person, with a key tidbit of info to help them on their way, maybe a joke about annoying technology, and a smile to brighten their morning. 🙂

  8. Yes, being gem asc and moon with merc in Aries I’m def getting a gem vibe there.
    The true test will be to go face to face with a haute super gem and see if you keep up. I find a good game to limber up the gem energy is the 6 degs of separation type thing. Nominate 6 totally different subjects then attempt to connect them all into an overarching life philosophy that sounds astoundingly apt or connect those dots into a new cool conspiracy theory that leaves them wondering if you know more than your letting on. Remember speed, tenuous connection and absolute refusal to go deeper.

    1. yep. if you find yourself looking for the “key points” sections of news articles, or skimming the introduction and concluding paragraphs of articles, this could also be a sign

      1. OH MY GOD is that why I always read the last page of the book first? I always figured I want to know if it’s worth bothering with. Maybe it’s just a mercurial thing?

    2. I find most Gemini’s can’t actually keep up. Aries and Sagittarians are the only ones to keep me on my toes so far.

    3. But I have found worthy subjects of going deeper, and I can go there. Just how deep, depends on how much I can trust that person, or how much connection I have built with them.

      Of course, however, it isn’t Scorpio deep*.
      (*3000km bottom of an iceberg in an Antarctic abyss)

    4. I like the corner smile that I’ve developed – like I have an in-joke or goss or info and am just letting everyone play it out while I get to watch and think: “This will make for a great story later.”

  9. Sun = Aquarius = Uranian, all my freaking life :p
    More so with Moon in Aries.
    Biz = $$$$$ more than ever, and I am the most important product-of-reality on the proverbial shelf 😀

      1. Oh yeah i agree. The impatience! (Said from my Merc in Aries, afflicted by being square the ungracious Mars and opposed by the get-with-the- program Uranus.) Gems may be be slicing but they do have charm.

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