Your Scorpio House

So your Scorpio House – the sector of your birth chart with the sign of Scorpio on the cusp aka border – is where you’ve got secrets people would not believe.

Scorpio in the 10th House people have or have had secret jobs and clandestine career identities. In the 7th house, they can have or had partners you never even heard about.

Third house Scorpio people don’t follow conspiracy theories because they are a conspiracy theory. The 4th house ones are hooked up with ancestor spirits. They only ever move or redecorate at the behest of one of them. Or, once they’ve connected with the land or house ghost/spirit.

NOT that you’re going to be sharing them anytime soon. It’s where you’ve died and rebirthed yourself.

Your Scorpio house is where you’re obsessive, no matter how much of a flake you might pretend to be about the affairs of that house.

The Scorpio House Is Where People Act Casual But They’re So Not

It’s also where you’re most likely perfectly happy to employ sexual wiles, power, connections and/or the occult to get your desires realized.

It’s kind of like where you’re Darth Vader. Or a Witch.  Whatever, you do what you need to do but retain perfect composure the whole way through.

Your Scorpio house is also where you have schemes going on (permanently) and a secret shit-list of people who will one day bear witness to your triumph.

It’s a bit like the 8th House and of course, it’s made even more potent if you’ve got the Sun, Moon or planets in there.

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129 thoughts on “Your Scorpio House”

  1. This post popped up for me as I was about to close my laptop and *damn* was it Quintessence in action. I recently have been in a state of Scorpio Midheaven terror over publicity stuff in my work in the arts and this post helped me to reorient and re-commit to my powerful gut instinct to retain my privacy at any cost. With Scorp Midheaven with Pluto in 10th house, directly opposite Taurus Mercury, and Scorp NN in a zero degree opposition to Taurus Sun close to the MC/IC axis too, and Cap Rising’s obsession about my reputation and being “respected” – you bet I’m only going to reveal exactly what I want to reveal, and everything I say I’ve been rehearsing for years. I will not bow to any pressure – I’m not even a boulder, I’m the earth under your feet and I cannot be compelled or influenced in any way.

    Talking this past weekend to my Scorpio Rising/5 planets in Aqua dad, encouraging me to “just do things,” to be permissionless and ruthlessly private instead of bowing to gross feminine socialization to please others – massively inspiring.

    Thank you Mystic for providing encouragement to my Plutonic public relations strategy always.

  2. I’m Scorpio Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in the 12th House and all in conjunct. My Mars in Scorpio in 15 degrees in 12th House opposition Taurus in Saturn in 15 degrees Retrograde in 6th House. These are said to be Avataric aspects. This aspect also forms a kite and a ‘T’ in my chart.

    I like it when munin said, it is most likely where you will employ sexual wiles and/or use the occult for satisfaction per se. The long shit-list of people who you cannot wait to get back at. Boy do I have one of those.

    Yes, I love sex, but unfortunately, rarely get satisfaction. I can’t seem to find someone on my level of passion and intensity and spiritual transformation. I know one thing for sure with my Rising in 0 degrees Sagittarius in Neptune in 1st house barely missing Scorpio by mere seconds, with Jupiter in Scorpio in 12th, in the near distance, I desire the martyr type, long-suffering man who is extremely sweet and compassionate underneath his mask of roughness, toughness, violent tendencies and thug life with Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th House!

  3. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Scorpio rules my first house as I’m Scorp rising. And I have Scorp’s old ruler Mars in my 8th too. Things people confide in me, I swear. And yes, as my naturopath said, I’ve chosen this rising sign to rebirth, rebirth, rebirth, re…sigh…..maybe that’s why I know I don’t want to biologically give birth. I’m too zonked already of rebirthing myself. 😆

    I’m Scorp rising; hear me…wait, you won’t.

    And Mystic, it’s not even about that list of “rubbing it in” – even when I was a wee gal I knew I just had to bide my time. It’s still astonishing what things I’ve seen come to peeps who have deliberately done/said/pick a verb things to me as a child. I realize karma (big K and lil k) doesn’t work that simply, but wow, still powerful. I didn’t even have to do anything.

    Oh, and with all that rebirthing, Hades and I are Tight. By last year, when I went into the underworld for the third time, Hades just stepped aside and asked if he could help with anything. 😉

  4. 11th house.

    Im not into very intense friendships, in fact, I pick my friends to escape the emotional tidalwaves. I like this area of life to be mor easygoing. But I do have to admit I have waaaayy more acquaintances than I do actual friends. Its hard to find people with the same interests as mine.

    1. me too!!! I have Merc in Scorp in 11th. If things get too intense I get claustrophobic (moon in Sagg in 11th) AND Uranus squares my moon. Very volatile. Moon in Sagg gives me that quality that everybody wants to be my friend but I don’t actually want to be friends with 98% of them. I make friends easily but when I get bored I just dump them. No issues at all with moving on.

      1. Mystics Scorpio Intern

        The easy way to know if there are intercepted signs in your chart is to look at the table of houses and whether there are two (opposite) signs missing.

        I’m still trying to figure out what it all means. Was actually concerned for a while that there would be nowhere for the energy of those signs to be expressed but I think having planets in those signs helps. Or it could be positive in that there are the benefits of two signs in a house but perhaps the intercepted one is a bit surpressed ??

        1. You might vibe the energu more stronly through the placement odf the ruler or the solar house…. I figure the energy goes somewhere.

  5. BlackStar Aries

    I think my Dad had this plascement…he moved 13 times by the time he was 13…..

    You must find your home inside then….deeeeep inside lol

  6. scorpio: death and rebirth, letting go.
    scorpio on my 4th house cusp conjunct my scorpio NN in 4th- obssesive about home…yes
    lived with two men romantically in adult life…both scorpios
    Moved multiple times as a child, remember two of them. Left everything I knew and loved. As a 19 year old moved with a backpack across the entire North american continent. Then 14 years later left the land I had lived on entire adult life and house I helped build. Just about killed me.
    witchy ways, why yes thank you. My house is filled with crystals, astrology books, books about spiritual meanings of animals, rocks, plants, etc. Solitary practioner at home of whatever floats my boat at the moment.
    Don’t really have secrets about childhood or my home, but am very selective about having people over. would rather you not. And the few times I do have someone over I prefer intimate transformative conversations.
    Neither of my folks seem scorpio to me….but my mom sure can manipulate with guilt. hmm.

    1. Yep. This is me AND mom is a Scorpio. I love your description of all the Scorp/witchy stuff you have (me too–but I hide it all just in case someone should get inside). Same with in-depth convos with guests (pple report never wanting to leave my house, my witchy plan exACTly…though, actually, no, I am happy when they leave!). And if a man comes over, sexual tension is high even if I don’t mean it to be or have no interest. I had one writer’s group that came over and all the men seemed under a spell. I think it was my house and not me. It was strange (it’s happened many times before, but I just so rarely have lone men over seeing as I was married for so long). Sometimes I like throwing parties (rarely) and have fun with it. And people really like being in my abode. My kids would agree about Darth Vader.

      1. lol….yes my kids would agree about Darth Vader too. I know what you mean about sexual tension is high even if you don’t want it to be. weird stuff there.

  7. I’m pretty sure my birth time is correct, so I’m probably a Scorpio rising. A scorpio rising that is in no way intimidating, ever.

  8. Scorpio is on the cusp on my 7th house. which, by the way, has uranus, mars and mercury, all in conjuction

    secrets people would not believe… check and double check

    NOT that you’re going to be sharing them anytime soon – of course not. unless i am totally trusting the person i share my secrets with or if i already have a plan. trust is vital.

    where you’re obsessive, no matter how much of a flake you might pretend to be about the affairs of that house – thank you for nailing that. my libra sun may appear airy, pleasant and rather detached but on one/one relationships i’m pure scorpio. just ask the last guy i slapped

    It’s also where you’re most likely perfectly happy to employ sexual wiles and/or the occult to get your desires realized. It’s kind of like where you’re Darth Vader. Or a Witch. Old-School – actually, someone called me Lucrezia Borgia for doing that. repeatedly. i’ve got the patience and stamina for actually waiting months, if not years to get my way. and i’m very creative about employing the above mentioned sexual wiles.

    You do what you need to do but retain perfect composure the whole way through (definitely a part of the whole “you would not believe my secrets” scenario)
    Your Scorpio house is also where you have schemes going on (permanently – YES) and a secret shit-list of people (which is long) to whom you will one day be ‘rubbing it in.’ It’s also where you’ve got the most seductive mystique going on.

  9. Scorpio in the 5th. I don’t enjoy playing games (cards, chess) with others as I find it too exposing of my inner nature. Though I don’t mind scrabble! I try to make a poem of all the words at the end and see it as an oracle.

    Sounds a fertile placement. I reckon if I’d met my hub earlier we’d have more kids. I guess I feel creative with energy. I meditate and play with chakra energy. That’s not witchy but it’s my version of scorpionic.

  10. 6th house

    something to do with work? I have moon + neptune in it. My secret is I sit at my desk fantasising about how it would all look if only I had some nitrous?

      1. BlackStar Aries

        Oh Gawd. All I have to say is I have Saturn in my 6th. I would loooove to have some of that nitrous…..

        But I am too busy nit-picking.

    1. isn’t the ancients take on the 6th house the house of alchemy? reason for it being such a tricky house between fantasy of the 5th and the relate of the 7th?
      Weird workplace sex issues. i bet you walked on every job due to power or sex issues x

  11. Neptune resides in my Scorpio 8th House:

    As I consider the secrets that I will either never or very rarely reveal, I find that they all do concern (a) sexual facts and fictions (b) death and the dead (c) altered states of consciousness (d) fantasies and visions (e)escape.

    I have never been secretive or dishonest about money, including taxes, legacies, and shared resources, but I can certainly be trusted with others’ secrets.

  12. Scorpios on my midheaven- what does that mean?
    9th, 10th?

    I know it means that everyone who talks to me starts telling me things that are secret to them…
    It might be a combo with my Pisces moon.
    Not necessarily confessions….just inner thoughts, they keep secret….
    I didn’t realize people were doing it, I just thought everyone talked about stuff like that, all the time.

    1. Hmm.
      I know I don’t like to tell people I am religious.
      Which I am not really, but I won’t tell people even the tiny bit I am…

      I hate answering questions about whether or not I am achieving stuff- that’s 10th right? Achievements, work and stuff?
      I guess that counts as “Personal Status” as Lauren said. Yes, I am ver private about my personal status.
      Does this mean I should be sleeping my way to the top?

      Maybe I am so secretive I am hiding it all from myself?

      1. Yep, I hate that too. It’s also why I secretly dread family functions or reunion type events, because those are always the kinds of questions asked and your answers are always compared to everyone else’s, making you feel insignificant if you haven’t achieved as much as other people or lived up to their standards.

        While Scorpio rules my 11th, my Sun is in the 10th, so I think there’s equal influence between the two. I wonder if I should also be sleeping my way to the top. Maybe there’s untapped potential there, lol. 😉

        1. I am getting a kick out of this as someone who has 10th ruled by scorp, and venus right on top of scorp mc.

          I too hate having to talk about my achievements at family gatherings and I have indeed gained my current comfortable “status” directly or indirectly through sex.

          Not proud of it. Would rather have success through more honorable means :/

          1. Well, it was in the stars, darling…. you mus’nt be hard on yourself……

            We 10th house SCorpions have to come up with out own tailormade ethics I think….

            All weekend I’ve been thinking- How wierd is it to feel intensly private about your public self. That is odd. A conflict or oxymoron or something….

            Glad I am not alone….

  13. Scorp rules my 11th and 12th houses… And I’m a Pluto-in-scorper, 11th house, so that intensifies it a bit. I’ve certainly had some intense friendships. Most of which came to an end when i decided it was no longer working out. I can just switch off.

    Right now I have hardly any social life cause I find everyone boring!! All the people i meet are just.. Take em or leave em. And I’m not lonely enough to hang with people who bore me all the time. For a while I did obsess over the fact that I had no social life.. So I had lunch a few times… Realized i wasn’t really missing out with these peeps.

    1. 11th for my scorpio as well. I have such a hard time keeping friends! I also get tired/bored of people, the friends I do have I don’t really obsess over talking to them all the time, just occasionally is good enough for me.

      1. I don’t know if I have a hard time keeping friends, as I’m super selective about devoting time to forming friendships to begin with. At any given time in my life I’ve probably only had 2 or 3 people that I would consider close friends, and I’m not even sure that I have a best friend at this point. I feel like I’ve outgrown a lot of the people I used to consider friends, yet part of me feels a bit guilty if I were to just cut them out of my life completely. It’s like abandoning an investment that I spent the last 10 years building. I can’t take it lightly.

        1. Oh, and the fact that I have Sagg Rising and always want to be traveling someplace new, so it’s not that I have no friends, it’s just that they’re now scattered over the globe, so staying connected is difficult.

  14. 8th over here. All my Scorpio planets are in the 8th too. I’m kind of at ease with all those ‘sex, death and taxes’ elements of Scorpio but I AM very secretive, my Aries rising fools people into thinking I’m telling them things about me (online + off) but actually it’s a sneaky front.

    I think I am obsessive about those 8th house things, very much so but it just seems kind of normal to me. I’ve spent the last 30 years traumatising my jolly Leo mother with my dark Scorpionic sense of humour!

  15. 8th house, with Venus & Pluto.

    “Kiss and tell” is probably the most appalling trait for me to witness in another person. My love life resides in a Swiss bank. And no, you’re never going to hear about my childhood.


    1. These are key themes for the 12th house: charity, sacrifice, volunteer work; institutions (prisons/hospitals/asylums); loss of self (to a relationship or God); past lives; occult knowledge; non-rational or intuitive ways of knowing; spirituality; poetry, film, photography, music; drugs and addictions; magic; escapism.

      So do you keep secrets in any of these areas? Do you have a secret obsession? For instance, I have Scorpio in the 12th house, and I usually don’t tell people that I am interested in astrology (non-rational way of knowing! 🙂 I also write poetry but never talk to people about my poems. I have been asked to read my poetry at those “open mic” events and it fills me with fear and loathing. I always refuse.

      1. Have it in my 12th, too. I do volunteer work in a children’s hospital and am often in prisons because I’m a crime researcher.

        *waves fist at stars*

  16. is this why I attract well nosey peeps in my affairs (present company excluded)
    darth vader mystique? leave the gasmask on?

      1. I am sure I “reshelved” gambling in some other fashion but the idea of loosing even 2 dollars is not fun on any level, she works hard for her money.

  17. Scorpio ascendant hence 1st house…

    I dont like secrets… never have, Im a gemini sun… i never used to know how to keep a secret… and realised also how dangerous secrets can be. But have learnt (once again at that hard turning point of life, saturn return) how to keep a secret, not to gossip and to keep my cards closer to my chest). However in saying that, all that time I thought I was completely transparent I realised that I was keeping secrets from myself… had effectively worked out how to be in complete denial about things like debts with institutions, about what I love, and probs some other stuff i cant remember.

    I love death… the way it makes me wake up and realise I am alive, also that it is a mystical transition into the unknown, the ultimate (speculatively) letting go, the melancholic tradgedy of loss…

    I love Sex… I love talking about it, i think about it all the time, I am devastated at the (death) of my sex life, and am in a state of mystical confusion about it, but undeniably desire it as much as freedom.

    Okay Ive just hit a wall, but Im gonna keep working on this…

  18. Scorpio isn’t on a cusp as such, but it is the plot of my 12th house : )
    an ongoing project to understand this – a very very private and at times, paranoid person who doesn’t admit to feeling this way – at odds with a saggi ascendant who is very open in one on one conversations – very private about my spirituality – very very private – it was a big step to admit to myself, the spirituality I am …

    1. Hey I have Sagg acsendant and Scorpio 12th house. Can someone help both of us?

      BTW FireyBovine I am super private too but I thought that was my 8th house sun placement!!!!

    2. year of the fox

      Interesting interp! I have Scorp in 12th as well and i was wondering what it would mean. Moon and mercury are also there but they are on extreme ends of it and not conjunct. I’ve always been super-private.

      1. and my moon is there too … but I have just discovered that scorpio is intercepted within this house … totally making up this language lol

        it is a doozy i think … moon/12th/scorp … to understand/describe. How to describe what is secret to even yourself?!

        and the saggo/scorp tension … the extreme annoyance with myself when I realise I have shared too much!!! argh.

        1. I once had a well-respected astrologer describe my 12th house Neptune in Scorpio “like having a fish eye lens” on reality. I see ’round the edges. Trouble is, my Venus squares my 12th house perception and I want to pretty-up the truth –too often at my own cost.

          I would venture to say if Scorpion rules your 12th (like it does mine) you are surprisingly secretive/shy/protective about anything that might get you karmically entwined with another. Ditto old family history –if you’re even aware of old family history.

          Awesome powers of spiritual regeneration, calling your own to you, can mind-fuq yourself or others w/out knowing what you’re doing. Important to keep the vibe high. Explains a lot of what drives Saggs/Sagg Risings –the curiosity of The Quest leaving no stone unturned.

          1. love this stuff weathergirl … and very very interesting old family history, have always felt that weight, altho i sought it out … i get a kick out of that delving stuff … karmic synchronicity also seems to follow me … will pay further attention to that mindfuq ability … and yes, ever the saggi quester … thanks so mcuh for these ideaas. fuq this keyboard. x

            1. 🙂 Thank you.

              That Venus retrograde through Scorpio last fall was a total trip, and not necessarily a nice one. Got to know my 12th house better, fer sure.

              And I’m wondering if the Sagg reputation for hit-and-run love has much to do with that 12 house backdoor fear of catching someone else’s karmic fingerprints.

              ‘Course does also matter where your Mars/Pluto are placed, too. But there’s a thought to play with…

              1. Mind-fuq= you can create the reality, so to speak. Think about what the classic Saggy professions were –preachers, teachers, persuasion people of all stripes, and lawyers too. Sagg power is less about verbal acrobatics a la Mercury/Gemini, but a passionate BELIEF in whatever they think is true. And the passion probably comes from that deep deep Scorpionic well.

                Another thought to play with. 🙂

  19. Not sure what the cusp is…

    But the 1st House? I have Scorpio Ascending, but also Pluto Scorp in the 12th House. Both very apt. I’m constantly recreating myself, and mostly through destruction, it seems like.

    1. I also have Scorpio Rising/Scorpio 1st House/Cusp.
      but my Pluto in Virgo 10th House.
      I am recreating/destroying myself through my work, career which is art and music.
      I need to mediate more on the Secrets of my Scorpio Cusp today.

  20. 5th House – Neptune, Moon, North Node, Vertex, all in Scorpio with Scorpio on the cusp. It’s supposed to mean that I’m quite creative, because it certainly isn’t serving any sexual needs. Although, I do relate to Darth Vader, Wizard, etc.

    When I get fed up with BS, I reach into my bag of tricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hehe I am 5th house too but sun/merc/uranus

      secrets? most people just don’t get shit so you need to prep or check their mind before you proceed. waste of oxygen otherwise. shit list? scheming? I like to think of it as brewing. My black book will be pretty interesting by time of death.

        1. lol
          most of my mind games stay in the bedroom or are fruit of creative practices. I try to give them as much as they need so they don’t take over other aspects. everything in its proper place x

  21. Scorpy Working Girl

    Scorp in 1st house, with Mercury and Uranus and also my Ascendant… Lovely Scorpio Intern, I’d allow a glimpse at my secrets, but I have no idea what this means… 😀

        1. Mystics Scorpio Intern

          Think protective exoskeleton of the symbolic Scorpion. Calm and controlled on the outside at least. A focused intensity, alluring.. Could be quite intuitive too.

      1. Mystics Scorpio Intern

        ‘Locked’ or intercepted in the 10th with Libra MC to smooth things over, but perhaps superficially? The relevance of this I am starting to see right now but shhh 😉 On a separate note, occult-related job right here!

  22. 8th house for me, with pluto and saturn both taking up residence. I like to pretend that part of my chart doesn’t exist 😀

  23. 1st house, scorpio is on ascendant. Is that right? Pluto conjuncts it. Pluto in the 12th. Dito 8thHouse SunMoonVenus often wonder similarly… sure hard to trust and as that story of the Bluebeard in the castle. One room always remains locked (or more then one).

    1. I also have Scorpio Rising and Scorpio Cusp on the 1st.
      Not sure if I have many secrets I am just a private person. lol!

  24. Curious Cancerian

    Scorp in the 5th house… Could explain a lot, but I’m too tired and merc retro-knackered to think about it too much!

  25. Equilibrium Girl

    2nd House. Money and possessions.

    Yeah, I’m very secretive about money but that’s very Cap, non? Tight with cash and playing my cards close to my chest? Mind you, I fly into a fury/ break out in panic if anyone looks at my bank statements or pay slips. That’s probably where the loopy Scorp vibe kicks in…

    1. It’s over a year with this blog but it caught my eye. Scorpio is in my 2nd house with Sagg playing a part. So, yes I keep my finances a secret. All of my family members are financial guru’s.. wouldn’t you think I would have caught on… nope! I think my Sagg is part of the problem with being care free with money.

  26. 8thHouse SunMoonVenus

    3 deg. Scorp Ascendant.
    Where’s my Scorpio cusp house – the 1st or the 12th? too sleepy to figure out, plz help

      1. 8thHouse SunMoonVenus

        Thanks! 🙂
        But… natal Pluto in the 12th, must be the same or close effect as that of a Scorp.

        It does explain a lot… You mean, not everyone’s like that? I often wonder if most people just put on a face, and are in fact dirty sick f*cks underneath it all.

    1. I’ve got the same thing, exact degree too.

      I think this is a very interesting read if you’re in the first house. Especially that witch bit, which (har) is accurate for me.

  27. I get so confused by the cusps and the houses. 😯

    Including my Sun I have 5 planets in Scorpio. My Sun is in the 10th house, while Merc, Mars, Venus and Uranus are in the 11th. So which cusp do I look towards, because both houses are occupy almost an equal half of Scorpio?

        1. Probably the 11th. If you have pie pieces of two houses in a sign, that sign rules the house mumber that has its beginning line in that sign.
          So I have the houses changing numbers at the end of each sign, so even though most of the segment of the house is in one sign, it is goverened by the previous sign as it was there right at the beginning.

          eg: My 6th house begins at Virgo 27ish I then have 4 libran planets in this house of six. But as it begins in late Virgo it is the house of Virgo. My 7th house begins in late Libra but runs through Scorpio.

          I think that is right, that is what I have picked up from here. 🙂

          1. when you look at your chart on astro, go and click the additional tables and it shows you the houses etc on teh right hand side.

            1. Thanks Sassy! That clears that up then, it is the 11th house. The 10th house/midheaven is ruled by Libra.

              @Hippychic: I get it now. I thought you meant the beginning of the sign, not the beginning of the house.

              Sooo…disregard my rant below, lol. I’ll have to just rework it as an 11th house rant instead. 😉

              1. Hey Lauren, discover anything? I’m 11th too. No idea if it’s beginning/end mind you, but it says Scorpio in 11th. I remember reading something once that said this aspect meant you needed t be wary of your friends, but STUFF THAT. Love my friends. HAHA

                1. Hey Girl, I don’t take it as being wary of your friends (though with Scorpio there is natural wariness with people in general I think), so much as being wary maybe of who you choose to be friends with. I have Merc/Mars/Venus/Uranus all in the 11th as well, so I guess I am wary and cautious and secretive of nearly all aspects in my life, lol.

                  The 11th house is tricky, as according to what I read on astrodienst “We’re told that the 11th symbolizes the social codes that bind a society and the revolutionary zeal that breaks it apart. It rules both astrologers and the legislators who would outlaw them. It describes what we have in common and what makes us different. It’s a future-oriented house, but its social web is often sticky with the past. We’re told the 11th is about warm and loving relationships and the ones about which we feel much less. Here we’re detached. And we subordinate ourselves to collective aims. Yet we’re also acknowledged. Astrologers like to say that the 5th is where we give love, and the 11th is where we receive it. Then there’s that most curious assignment, which says the 11th is the house of hopes and dreams. As if that weren’t enough, the 11th also rules airplanes, computers, varicose veins, electricity, galaxies, ballots, advisors, humanitarian causes, and unexpected gains.” It also mentions that in traditional astrology that the 11th house is a lucky and fortunate house, since astronomically it’s far enough away from the Ascendant to be seen clearly and symbolically beyond the hidden dangers that can lurk in the 12th house. Planetary power in the 11th can only go up!

                  But modern astrology doesn’t agree with all of this and the author of the article also mentions that despite people having well placed planets in their 11th, that many of them report having trouble fitting in with society or finding their place among humanity, being uncomfortable in group situations and feeling like an outsider at times. Having Scorpio there this is probably intensified, as it’s a sign of extremes and could make you either an ambitious outgoing leader of groups or a shy, introverted loner that feels misunderstood. Personally I’ve often longed for the former, yet end up being the later. So I’d say there is definitely some truth to that.

            2. Odette-in-Libra

              I followed your advice, Sassy, but according to the Houses (Plac.) chart, I don’t have any houses with Scorpio on the cusp – it skips right over from Libra 6th to Sag. Desc. (7th, I guess).

              Is that possible? Have I missed the entire intrigue of the Scorpio house? Bother.

              1. That means scorpio is intercepted in the 6th house. Google that and you will find info. Intercepted signs have a harder time expressing themselves. They do so through the sign on the cusp, in your instance libra. The opposite sign is also intercepted. Taurus in 12th for you.

                1. Odette-in-Libra

                  Thank you, fushiafairy! VERY helpful info. 🙂
                  I will be looking up intercepted signs now.

                2. ah … so that is what it is, I have the same … scorpio intercepted in the 12th … that sounds like a whole lot of secret blockages to me … and my poor moon is stuck in the middle of it

        2. “What you make of yourself is a 10th house matter. The 10th describes your career, your public reputation, your worldly status. It suggests your optimum contribution to society, the qualities for which you’d like to be admired and respected.”

          I just read this on astrodienst and I think it’s true in that this area of my life has been a major struggle. I changed my major in school three times, then dropped out to work full time, then went back with a completely different idea of what I’d do for my career. Now I’ve gotten my degree, but there’s no work in my field without an advanced degree in something more specific. So I’m getting ready to devote more time and money to grad school, somewhat desperate now to make a name for myself and make a difference in my career. With all this Scorpio influence I know I’m destined for greatness and serious ass-kicking, but it also means that failures along the way are taken very hard and are difficult to get over as a result.

    1. I’m 4th too. I am very very particular about who I invite to my home. I love my house with a passion and people who do visit feel intensely passionate about it, maybe they pick up on particularness.

      1. scorpio on 4th at 28 degrees. conjunct my NN in scorpio in 4th house. That expains it for me too. My house is my private sanctuary. No parties, no get togethers. Rarely have others over. When i do I like in depth transformative conversation. Most of scorpio falls in my third and no planets in scorpio.
        I go for scorpio men. sigh. The two men I have lived with(as mates) are scorpios.

    2. House 4 here too. Home is not for everyone and anyone to traipse through neither is my life. Didn’t do the flatmate thing but shared with my sisters when younger.

      Neighbours across the street are airing their Scorpio cusp sits in public, almost need popcorn. Trying not to listen bit it’s hard when their doing it on the front verandah, normally quiet people.

      Ex-friends think they KNOW all my secrets but HAH!

    3. Scorpio 4th cusp. Yes to privacy. I am guarded about private life and my house is not an open door or welcome mat to all.

  28. Hummmm…got asked not to RUB-IT-IN…today!
    Me Scorpio 9th cusp, scorpio moon in 8th ,chiron and Jupiter in scorp in 9th.
    Him Scorpio 7th cusp, saturn, sun,moon mercury scorp in 6th, he might as well be a virgo,picky, picky!
    I’m at least funny and he is getting off easier than he truely deserves…

  29. Scorp on the 9th house cusp, although all my Scorp planets but Mercury (So, the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto) are in the 8th.

    …Yeah, I’ve got four planets in Scorpio. A breezy delight, that’s me! 😉

    I’m certainly an obsessive knowledge-hoarder. I’m curious about everything, and I remember it all.

    1. Interesting. I’ve got all mine planets (Sun, Merc, Venus, Neptune in the 10th house but Scorpio itself is on the cusp in the 9th. Is that why I’m an obsessive FBer, Twitter, etc?? Lol!

  30. Have Scorp in 8th house, but too tired to think what it means.

    Ongoing 24/7 kitty diabetes checks, just pricked a paw, measured blood glucose. With this “every 2 hours check-BG” sleep schedule, I know now why new parents are catapulted into non-human category.

    Stay sane, stay detached Mystic and all erudite readers of this msg.

    1. I can empathize. Had a kitty who was diabetic and on twice daily insulin shots for1 1/2 years and then one day it went away. It happens! Have faith. It will get better.

      If I’m looking at my chart correctly I have Scorpio in the 10th but on the cusp w/ the ninth. I’ll have to process what that means 🙂

    2. 8th here too. Yes I think I like my scorpio power there and it is the home of my neptune.
      I need to paint a picture of this – how would one express Scorpio in the 8th with resident Neptune – Love it ….

      1. Neptune in Scorpio 8th. Acceptance and knowing.
        Blissfully trines my Pisces Asc, Venus & Chiron.
        Squares my Mars and Saturn – paranoia will destroy ya’!

  31. have scorpio on my descendant / 7th house….does that mean I have that particular intensity/secrecy around relationships?
    Kind of have lately – but not sure if that is always the case.
    Certainly where I look to have transcendental experiences via sex of course!

    1. I have the same placement! It’s difficult given Neptune opposes my Sun, Moon, Venus, AC in 1st house in Toro. Contradictory as hell. I’ve always been very private about lerve, sex, relationships. Resent the intrusive questions of others. Deflect and generalise which drives peeps batty! Sex is transcendental… I am learning to say “I love you”… finally. Troubled relationships? Oh yeah. The Dominant (Conservative, Procreative, Restrictive) Paradigm of Relationships just doesn’t work for me. Never has. I loathe it. I try to subvert, critique, and create my own. Positive aspects Neptune in Scorp in 7th … trine Saturn on cusp of 11th in Pisces (with Chiron) and sextile Pluto in 4th in Virgo (along with Mars and Uranus) – home = private sanctuary, couch, bed, and space where I am comfortable & free and self determining enough to get my Toro on in lerve,sex and sensuality… like finding my personal conjuction between Neptune and 1st house Sun, Moon, Venus and AC. Something like that anyway 🙂

      1. Cellophane Wrapped Neptune

        WHOA???!!! How did you know, whatevs? 😀 It’s been awhile since I’ve seen my neighbor(s)? He must ALSO have Scorpio in the 4th (works from home)…. That —or Cerberus got uh, — a hold of him?


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