Your Sagittarius House

Sagittarius is the Archer, the Centaur, the court jester who tells the truth, the wanderer and the party come to life. All that.

And the Sagittarius sector – or ‘house’ – of your natal birth chart is where you want to be absolutely free.

Yes, other houses in the chart lend themselves to rebellion and do-thy-own thing as well but your Saggo area is where you’ll take off out the back door when nobody is looking.Β  It’s where any obligation or expectation feels like blinkers, a bit and a bridle on wild-horse you and you’re not concerned with who you offend or what the rules are: one wrong vibe or any expectations and you’re out of there.

Your Saggo area is where freedom is non-negotiable. If circumstances constrict you, the effect is far more tangible than it would be for others.

The house with Sagittarius on the cusp is where you kind of have hippy values and heaven help the poor sod who attempts to impose another paradigm onto your easy-come-easy-go-just-loving-the-sun-on-my-skin-breeze-in-my-hair-living-in-the-now policy.

Sagittarius on the 11th House cusp, for example, has a laissez-faire approach to friendships and can be quite appalled to find that others see them as something to be tended to diligently and built upon over the years. Saggo on the 2nd house cusp is genuinely blase about money – when it’s there, it’s there.

The exception? If you have Saturn in Sagittarius – this would modify the free-wheeling jovial vibe somewhat.

So where is your Sagittarius sector and can you relate?

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  1. I have Sag on my midheaven. Cusp of 9th house: (Neptune in Pisces), and 10th house empty. I am a Pisces Rising.

    What does it all mean?

  2. frans rilea khaous

    nothing in sag, interestingly, ‘cept the 11th and 12th house cusps.. oi! makes perfect sense.

  3. sag rising, very hippy and free..but Mystic, it is at 27 degrees so allot of sag is in my 12th house..sometimes, I am not free, being consumed with obligations and what not.
    I cannot hold a bow well at all, I bet it is the 12th house stuff.

  4. Sagg sun in 5th, and what do you know I’m at art school…and rebelling against it, half the time πŸ˜› my stance right now is all about liberating creativity and education, and I’m teaching my little sister to think for herself. Haha. The only downside here I think is that my Venus is in 5th too, and that probably = major commitment issues…

  5. Oh no fun for you! Well you do if you use the whole house system πŸ˜‰ I have leo and aqua intercepted…. πŸ™

  6. year of the fox

    Saggo as my ASc but I’m not as bouncy and optimistic. Perhaps because it is opposed by Saturn?

    Also the chickie with the bow and arrow, her form is terrible. πŸ˜€

    1. scorpalicious robot

      yes, Saturn has a tendency to put the fire out! Saturn squares my Jupiter and my mercury and is opposite my mars PLUS I’m a Cap rising too.
      I really have to fight the pessimism at times. Having a Sagg moon is not always enough unfortunately but thank the Lord i have that to lighten things!! I would be a serious grumpy bum without it.

      1. year of the fox

        That is such good thinking SR! ah so it *does* matter! I’ve always wondered about that. The last astrologer I had got so mad at me she yelled at me one day and asked why I wasn’t chipper/extroverted/outgoing when she said my chart said I’m supposed to be with a Libra Sun and Saggo Asc. I originally blamed it on Scorp Moon in 12th but could be also Saturn sitting right there being boring cakes in the 7th opposing my asc.

        I would think a Sagg Moon would be delightful!

        1. scorpalicious robot

          oh that’s hilarious! If any astrologer yelled at me i’d demand my money back! If she was any good she would have seen your Scorp moon and the aspects to Saturn and the penny would have dropped.

          I actually know a few Saggos who are pretty quiet, don’t act like boisterous teenagers all the time and you wouldn’t pick their sign in a billion years! There’s more to Saggos than extroversion, as with most signs i guess.
          The influence of the moon is huge. Moon = emotions, the subconscious; how you react instinctively to things. It’s the part of ourselves that’s hard to control. Scorp moon would water down your air and fire.

          My sagg moon comes out at parties and i’ve danced on pool tables back in my partying days when Pluto was conjunct my moon for 12 years. As soon as Pluto entered Cap (I have Cap Asc) I became a hermit. Different stage of life too.

          yes, Sagg Moon is delightful! πŸ˜€

  7. I too have Saturn in Sag – in the 7th – and have a little trouble grasping it (Sag rules my 8th, though, with Scorpio on the descendant). One astrologer I like very much is always admonishing “do your Saturn!” and I’m never sure exactly how to do that w/ Sag in the 7th. Jupiter lives in Libra in the 6th, so you’d think I’d be all about working at relationships, and I am, except that the relationship well has been dry for, well, a very long time.

  8. Sagg moon and ascendant; 1st and 12th house in Sagg. But, my first house is also half in capricorn. Unlike Über Virgo, I’m really not all that optimistic.

    1. scorpalicious robot

      What sign are you Pon Pon? I would look at what planets Saturn is aspecting in your chart. He’s the culprit for mood dampening.

  9. Oh, just re-read scorpalicious and I’ve got the whole 11th house thing totally. I am the same. Worst night of my life was on a boat party. Never again. Just barely tolerate friends that want to see me each week. But I still can’t grasp saturn in sagg. Seems so contradictory. Except that my sagg mum has strength of character to burn. How can such a free wheeling sign be associated with self discipline ?

  10. Eek ! I have Saturn in Sagg. Isn’t that a contradiction in terms ? and in my 11th house. Is that bad ?

  11. scorpalicious robot

    Moon in Sagg (square Uranus) in 11th house. Absolutely must be free from obligations and expectations in friendships (including intimate relationships) and social situations.

    Hate group activities, dinner parties, boat parties (can’t get off), weddings, family get togethers, work xmas parties. Anything that I’m obligated to attend or expected to sit still for more than an 2 hours and i start planning my escape.

    I heard something years ago about the placement of one’s moon being an indication of where you have “phases” in your life. Interesting theory, I definitely go through phases with friends. Make friends easily (venus sextile moon) but they rarely last long. There’s always a falling out. Not that it bothers me though. I’m an Uber loner (Cap rising self sufficiency to boot) and my freedom is more important than ANYTHING!!!!

    Heaven help the poor sod who thinks our friendship is like a heavy relationship and I start feeling obligated to see them *shudder* – nothing worse. I feel trapped and suffocated if things get too intense. I like to keep it “easy-come-easy-go…”. Loyalty is not my strength. The friendship/relationship will only last if it’s fun, intellectually stimulating and there’s plenty of SPACE.

    At work i need to be able to move around a lot and chat to people or i’ll DIE of boredom. And no matter how busy i am, rain, hail or shine I MUST leave my desk for an hour at lunch time or things will get ugly.

    1. Cool! I am nothing like you, but I just love that you state your inclinations in such a crystal clear fashion.

      I adore intensity, thrive on loyalty and don’t mind certain people expecting things of me. That said, I have cut out most people in my life by just telling them where I am at and what I think. I have no regret there. I adore truth and change, few people I know who like those things are also easy-going and loyal!

      I will look into that Moon theory.

      1. scorpalicious robot

        well, you’re a Leo – they’re very loyal!! I’m not saying i can’t be. It’s just that I can’t stand being smothered and it’s interesting that the few people I am loyal to, are overseas or i don’t see that often. I also have venus in Libra and Cap rising, another two signs that don’t like intensity.

        1. You are a cool customer alright scorpalicious! Moon in Scorp and Merc/Venus/Saturn in Cancer aren’t making me any more breezy in attitude, though the Gem Asc helps.
          I didn’t assume you weren’t capable of loyalty btw, I sense you are, you just have a delicate sensibility?

          My multi-scorp ma wrinkles her nose at my bludgeoning the point home regularly, she also dislikes intensity. πŸ™‚ I tend to admire her for it and think of it as a refined quality, as I struggle to contain myself!

          Having Sagg in the 7th house is also about freedom in relationships and loyal as I am I leave if I feel caged.
          Anyway, I am probably not so different from you in that I make friends easily but not so many pass muster. It’s mainly because I find it really hard to be around crappy energy, even when they are really interesting. That makes me feel sad sometimes, but I can’t help it.

          1. scorpalicious robot

            delicate sensibility. I really like that. *nods* True. πŸ™‚

            Well of course you struggle to contain yourself with a Scorp moon!
            You have more planets in water than I do! Merc and Venus no less!
            Most of mine are in earth. Saturn is in Aqua but i never go further than Mars when having a quick look at someone’s chart and how their personality manifests. Saturn to me is right on the border of personal vs generational planets. I can’t say i’ve ever picked someone’s Saturn sign but i do often pick venus, mars or merc when the sun isn’t so obvious.
            I knew a Saggo guy who had Toro moon and a Scorp venus. He was scary intense!!!! Venus is very telling!

            I agree, not many peeps pass muster. I can’t handle being around crappy energy either! Venus in libra = need for harmony and balance.

  12. Sag Moon, Mars, Neptune all in the 9th and Sag in the 9th too! Commitment phobia, routine phobia, always going back to college, half of my friends live abroad, travel obsessed, etc etc

  13. Are you a fighter for animal rights, volunteer at homeless shelters et al?Very idealistic view of the world and friends..can feel what society the collective is going through (if that makes sense) btw have you ever been deceived by friends? Nice placement….big fighter for the underdog

  14. Uber, love your Sagg Ascendant. I think Saggables DO have the market cornered on optimism and bounce-ability. I have the 4th house in Sagg..hmm, always thought that had to do with my need to feel at home in the world, and I do truly mean, the world. The idea that I can only live in one set place or somewhere undiverse forever depresses me though like any self-respecting Kataka, home is where my heart is. I just need it to be..well, mixed with lots of culture and freedom. At least that’s how I interpret it…

  15. Sag on 9th/10th house, dogma/organized religion/repressions on souls (human or humane)/red tape loving bureaucrats makes me itchy.

  16. deathinyourface

    singleton sag sun in 8th house

    its a bit of a boundless feeling when it comes to sexuality, like rushing headlong into the ocean, and that ocean being other peoples’ bodies/psychic energy

    astro-therapy: sag sun/8th house
    “Boldly going where no one in their right mind would”
    “Jumping into black holes, those black holes being people”

    1. balancingformountaingoats

      I have 8th house in Sag too, along with Neptune hanging about there.
      ummmmm, I thought 8th was stuff to do with Death (your own). Also business.
      I am pretty bad at business, although I try, try, try (thanks virgo). Neptune indicates always giving others a better deal – all too true I am afraid.

      I am not sure about the being ‘free’ thing… I do feel the earning of money to be a great burden, I really hate it and dream up ‘get rich quick’ schemes all the time in my day dreams, none of which could I ever put into practice. truly i am happy with very little money. This post has got me thinking I should value my own financial worth more, try to hold myself and my work in greater esteem.

      any comments about the 8th learned ones?

      1. I’m an 8th house Leo…a key to understanding this house is in flowing with process & transformation, as a strategic way of experiencing our merging with anything & that the deeper meaning required comes from the self-awareness in deeply feeling our feelings….trust is a key issue ie; trust in the process of life, trust in ones instincts…

      2. leonine librarian

        I have Sagg in my 8th house too. I’ve read somewhere sometime that this assists me in business by being able to create something out of what may be considered a ‘dead’ idea. I’m not sure if I’d say this is happening in a business sense, but it does underpin a lot of my research and study the ability to breath fresh life into something ( I’d love to claim sole ownership of this concept but I think this is true for most people’s study, it is often an extension or rejection of someone else’s work)

        Freedom wise in the last 12 months or so I’ve had some family money help me gain scads more freedom of choice. I would paraphrase or echo comments above that to me lack of choice feels like death to me. It was only after I remembered or relearnt in an active sense that my own mind generates choices…that the money situation expanded in this area. So yes Starstrokes when I understood/accepted my connectedness and trusted myself more, more freedom… less feeling constrained.

        I think one of the things that I’ve had the most resistance to especially as a child was other people’s restrictions in regards to religion…thinking that it could only be one way. I used to turn myself into knots trying to work out how to argue that faith could be flexible and not impose my belief onto people that desired only one way…

      3. balancingformountaingoats

        thanks Sassy – of course there would be an excellent MM post on the subject…

        I am thinking of the merging/sharing aspect Uber; that definately resonates with me – I am very supportive and generous, BUT start to feel very caged when a friend or lover exhibits controlling behaviour. I particularly dislike people wrenching me away from my own thoughts/reading/making with demands to “listen to them”. Must be frustrating for needy others but I just need space in the way I give attention.

        I also have aries sun and kataka moon – very interested and engaged in my friends/lovers causes and problems BUT phew i need to expend energy on it on my terms…

    2. Im also sagg sun in the 8th house- conjunct neptune too!

      i like sass’s description:

      “throw in saggi 8th house then you are wild and carefree with sex, you follow your own religion, ideal, philosphy on life, wont be caged into anything remotely strict.. ”

      yes. it manifests fr me as intense need to create my own ideas on life, that are far more deep/dark (??) than the usual saggi. it means i am inti lots of different esoteric things and fascinated with ideas of sexuality (wrote my thesis on it). and yes, very committed to rejecting any restrictions with sex.

      def not commitment phobic, but need my space to think/experience/wander too.

  17. ‘KEN OATH!!

    Don’t fence me in or try and make me subscribe to bourgeois ideals about relationships or try and tell me how I can act/behave/speak or what my emotional priorities should be and if you tell me I’m too loud/forthright/honest I’ll just get FUQING LOUDER … Sagg Moon in the 7th

    Oh and by the way if you try and turn me into a “bum on a seat” at work and expect me to keep still and don’t value my dreams, aspirations and creativity then you can go stick yer job up yer jumper!!! Double for anyone dicatating “spirituality” particularly if you don’t walk your own talk and a miserable fuqer! … Neptune in Sag conjunct Jupiter both in the 6th

    I like naughty men … especially if they are hairy … Dsc in Sagg

    1. My partner is an 8th house Sag, my daughter a 1st house Sag, I’m a tres tolerant Leo. There is no telling anybody anything around here! Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate…

  18. Oh wow! Spot on Sassy. I LOATHE chit chat and figure it is one of the reasons I feel lonely in a town that only talks gossip and not issues (of ANY kind).

    Minute details though I can get bogged down in, which is why I now steer clear of bookkeeping. I drive myself around the bend.

  19. Hmmm. No planets in sagg but I have sagg in the sixth house.

    I have a many a time said “shove it” and left a train wreck behind me of people who have pissed me off at work. And I don’t think there is a shred of regret in any of my exits yet. Maybe to have done it with less sting perhaps and I have missed some colleagues or the work from some jobs but never the bosses I’ve flung bombs at.

    Apparently it is also related to daily routine. I must say being a housewife sends me around the bend and as I am studying currently its my day to day life. I practically scheme about when I finish this degree and get back into being a productive person in society!

    The only other part of sagg in my chart is as the south node. I’m just not sure how to decipher that.

    1. South node-past life, so you are quite used to the care free, running with the horses type saggi energy. It means that you must learn to focus on minute details and learn the art of chit chat (you are into phiosophy and great at seeing the bigger picture i assume) but this life time need to focus on the qualities of gemini. My south node in saggi too.

      1. I leave a trail of unsuitable jobs in my wake.. People asking me ” What are you DOING here??!” was frequent, unfortunately they were right too.

  20. If I am not mistaken I have Sagg in the 6th and 7th.

    NN is in Sagg 7th house. Relationships are fun and a great way to learn especially if you are on the Orient Express at the time!?

    Neptune in Sagg in the 6th. Meditating is fun even while you work and can free you mentally!?

      1. I never thought of it like that and yes it does sound nice when you put it like that. πŸ˜› Still nearly had to die of a broken heart along the way though! Hopefully my hubby and I will get to travel together one day as we have never had the opportunity.

    1. I also have Sagg in 5th with Neptune conjunct Sth Node. That’s right about ‘house of play’. Creativity and being around kids is easy on the one hand but being committed to anything is a bit scary. Perhaps there’s a tendency to dream a lot too and balancing that with practical stuff/ being productive is tricky sometimes. Self-expression constantly feels like a challenge.

  21. Saggo area is in 9th house with Neptune at 21 & the 10th house with MC at 22

    Have definitely been aiming for freedom in these areas but with Neptune opposing Gem Sun, Moon & Venus + Sq Saturn & Mars & the same with MC opposing Gem Sun, Moon & Venus + Sq Saturn & Mars I am still working at it but at least know my calling, heard it loud & clear…..

  22. Yes, my home life needs to be foot loose and fancy free πŸ˜€ Sag/4th with Neptune in Sag there too.

  23. Libra w Aqua Moon

    Sag rising with Saturn. I’ve had to struggle for my freedom (birthright), but at last its finally here and i deserve every ounce of it. Yes, and unstoppable optimism.

    1. I’m a Sag rising with Saturn too. Cap sun. I’m still fighting my family duties, but one day (SOON!) I will get the hell out. I need to breathe.

  24. sagg & jupiter in 3rd house.

    so i like to talk a lot. *grin* but also i expect freedom of dialogue. apparently this also means i take notes… and refer to them. the one thing i absolutely agree with and probably would not do well without… is intuition. i know cause i know and it’s rarely wrong.

    did that sound overly confident?

    1. Andrew – I have Sagg in third house too. I also like to talk alot and expect freedom of dialogue also.

      I am ruled by Mercury (4 planets in Virgo, including Sun, asc Virgo and MH in Gemini) – so am hugely into communication already … Guess Sagg in 3rd House might exascerbate it.

      1. Did I mention that I hate rules in communication – I need it to be totally free and easy.

        Sometimes I just don’t seem to be able to draw a line when communicating with people. I get into the bad habit of finding reasons to communicate with people every day instead of giving them space … But am working on it … slowly

        1. That may be a Virgo thing too Herby … I’ve noted that all my Virgo friends like to do the “rounds” and spot check on the latest happenings even if it’s just for 10 mins .. altho it rarely lasts just 10 mins since once me and a Virgo get gassbagging the next thing you know 2 hours have gone by …

  25. Sun/Venus/Mars/Mercury in Sagg in 10th house (public standing, career, etc). I s’pose it means that I don’t have to worry about getting a job but I do hate being micromanaged. Of course 10th house is about more than career…..

  26. Equilibrium Girl (nee Stress Princess)

    I have Sagg 2nd house. Mars is conjunct Neptune there.

    As a Cap (Sun, Merc, Venus), it seems at odds that I’ve got the “don’t tie me down” attitude towards everything (bar sex) – complete commitment phobia. Hate being stuck in a job, hence I avoid long-term jobs like the plague and prefer a make it up as I go approach to work. Even though I’m very status conscious, I find I’m turning more hippy and “fuq society’s obsession with money” as I get older. I won’t get into things unless there are at least 3 escape routes, relationships included.

    Don’t really get how Mars, Neptune, Sagg, 2nd house all come together but it really throws any Capricorn stereotypes into disarray.

    1. 2nd house is values not just money so makes sense you choose to value your freedom in values over possessions/whitegoods πŸ˜‰

  27. πŸ™ I’m obviously am not doing well with my sun saggo in 10th house! I might still have some Pluto residues left.

    1. I know that some astrologers say that the natal sun in the 10th house is about the hero’s journey which is difficult. Often it’s not about the self but serving others – Joseph Campbell wrote about this. It’s tough because the Sagg goes on telling the truth and no-one want to listen and it’s about learning how to inspire others and often not getting personal recognition but learning how to be a path-finder without needing to pander to the ego. Y’know Parsifal going to search for the Grail without proper armour, etc. having to go through trials before getting another chance to enter the Grail castle. I don’t think a tenth house sun is easy. I’m not an expert – these are just bits and pieces from my own experience and from what some astrologers have written.

      1. I’ll buy that.
        I’m sun in sagg in 10th house too along with neptune and mercury. For me it works out like this: work is very important to me – I will not do work I don’t like and enjoy. I cannot work for a boss I don’t respect. I will quit a job no matter how good, well paid or whatever as soon as I am bored or feel like I’m not being challenged. I hate to be overruled by a boss but I am more than happy to be overruled by a better idea no matter who or where it comes from.

        Fortunately I am quite good at what I do so this rarely causes a big problem…

        1. travelling wanderlust

          sun sagg in 10th house also…

          as well as mercury in sagg in 9th, neptune in sagg in 10th and a sagg MC.

          only recently starting to turn thingsa round to being exactly who i am without guilt tripping or compromise…

        2. That fits me (Sun sagg in 10th house) as well except I have a fixed cross/fixed matter (?) in my chart and so security is important to me and so I experience the conflict between the feelings re work that you describe so well and my needing financial security and so I envy your impetus to quit, so readily, a dysfunctional work setting.

          1. I wouldn’t envy too much – it’s got me into as much trouble as it’s got me out of…
            I’d love to be able to summon the same impetus to quit dysfunctional relationships and friendships though – that’s where I experience the needing security you describe

        3. sun in the tenthhere. After being screwed around in my mid 20’s in corporate life, went out on my own…still doing my own thing 25 years later.

          1. Funny – I think I’m about to do the opposite…after being screwed around in small business for the past 10 odd years I’m looking to go corporate.
            Maybe I should be rethinking that?

      2. my watch is called Parsifal. I love Joseph Campbell. The myth of the hero. Got my son into him. It did wonders.

    1. that just coined it!

      ‘no freedom = death’

      I have uranus sun merc so I feel you but not saggi and in 5th which is why my speech above is so sun centric x

      1. Well, I had to put a scorpio spin on it by adding death.. heh the drama!
        I have also a 11th house stellium with merc sitting there, so I understand eccentric speech πŸ˜€ Nice to meet you. Plus Aqua on 3rd house cusp(communication) with Mars.

  28. God yes.

    as a moon/venus/neptune saggi all of which are highly aspected I absolutely loathe repression and restriction- esp love, friends, emotions, creativity. (what’s left?)

    I don’t do obligations of things I don’t believe in. if there is no door I will make one. I suffer the highs and lows at extremes just so I can breathe and feel some kind of life in my veins. Freedom has a price but it’s not even a question if the commitments you make bind you to obligations that restrict you.

    Sounds immature but done in the right way its much more about honouring your passion than avoiding commitment and responsibility. its taken me this long to get the feel of it but god bless maturity and insight that I feel is at my disposal now

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